Fun Photoshoot On The Beach

Every single day was amazing when we were in Sri Lanka. Every day was different, but wow I loved every moment since the minute we landed. This day, was a couple of days before the wedding. My dad always has the camera ready when I say can we take some cute photos. I thought some Daughter-dad kisses were necessary. I love these photos.

1 Year Ago.

It was May last year when I had a mini vacation in Thailand. Here are some forgotten pictures that I never actually published....I feel like I'm finding a lot of these pictures now a days! 
I hope you guys love them all!


Literally took this photo about an hour ago, I had to drop my sister off somewhere so I didn't have time to upload it on here until now.
Happy Friday by the way! 1 week left till I turn 24. I hope you're having an incredible day!
Love you guys loads.
P.s. Don't you just L O V E this photo of my baby and i??
I'm obsessed.


Induruwa Sea Turtle Conservation Project, Sri Lanka

Another super duper throw back!!! I know, these were totally taken before the actual wedding day but I don't even remember why, i never actually got to publish them. These photos are all so so so so cute!
The turtles were SOOOOO adorable. I still can't get over it!
I can't wait to go back to Sri Lanka! Best holiday so far.
Hope you guys love these photos as much as I do!!


Hello people, it's currently 00:17 in the freaking night....usually i'm asleep WAY earlier than this, also because I usually workout every morning so i'm suppose to be up in 5 hours. Let's see if I manage! 
ANYWAYS, for the past two hours and a bit, don't ask why - but I've been going through my hard drives, and OH MY GOODNESS, I found more than THREE HUNDRED videos....and this is just ONE of the 4 hard drives I own.

Mornings In Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is another place which i completely fell in love with. Spending the morning around the hotel after having a huge breakfast every morning was just insane. Here are some photos taken in the morning before & after breakfast! I can't wait to go back by the way.