Morning Coffee Love.

NEW CHAPTER OF MY LIFE: HELLO PEOPLE! ALOHA! GOOD MORNING! It's Sunday today, second week of no classes. It still feels surreal to not be going to Uni for my Sunday class, or going to grab coffee with Laura before heading to Uni for class. Bleh! 

Took A Little Break.

WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON: As you probably know from my snapchat, Instagram and YouTube videos, if you guys follow me, I'm done with University classes. I'm still busy working on my last two assignments but a big fat huge chunk is completely gone. That's the main reason why I decided to go on a little break and step away from my blog (which is still my baby by the way). Also, second reason is because I've been like "Spring-Cleaning", hahaha. For the past two weeks or so, I've been cleaning up, re-organinzing as well as spending a lot of quality time with my Laura Bear (you'll see on my videos). My last week of Uni, I pretty much had presentations every single day, oh and I had no transportation but since I was staying with Laura-Bear and she has to go "that side of town" almost everyday, we managed to carpool and make it really fun every trip. Also, ever since I started VLOGGING, it's almost like i'm addicted to Final Cut Pro and editing my videos. It has taken over my life.
Today's Tuesday and i'm finally done with most of the things I thought I'd be done by the end of April, so that's REALLY good. Tomorrow, i'll be concentrating and trying to finish up my two assignments so that I can submit early and get rid of the thought of "not being completely done with Uni". 
I've always told myself, even for like my winter holidays, I wasn't really on Vacation until I submitted ALL of my assignments. Anyways, I think it's like 3 weeks until submissions and then BOOM. The new chapter begins. 
Hope you guys had a fantastic day!
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love you all so so much!
P.S. Promise, i'll be updating much more on the blog too! Thanks for being patient! :)

Rollerblading. ♡

NEW LOVE: A The other day, the girls and I were having watermelon juice by the beach and one of them pointed out a lady who was rollerblading so we started talking about it. That's where it all began, we went to have the day after and I casually went to Declathon to check out the price and walked out with rollerblades. My new babies haha, no but seriously. Ever since I bought them, I can't stop. Okay, i did fall on my ass a couple of times but it's just so much fun, i love it love it love it!
I've been going everyday, for an hour - sometimes two. 
A couple of times I met up with Laura or Ana or even Diana and we went together.
So, enjoy the pictures for now guys, i shall come back here soon.

YouTube Channel

ABOUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: A quick post to tell you about something i've been working on for a pretty long time now. One of the reasons why i've been absent from the blog for a while is because i've been going out and exploring and going on different adventures with friends. I finally got in contact with a bunch of friends from school so we now had a couple reunions. I've also been drowning in Uni work...these are the last couple of weeks to keep pushing and working hard because then I'm DONE which is pretty exciting.

Being Silly On Snapchat

SNAPCHAT FUN: Hello loves, so I doubt i'm the only one out there, but i'm in love with the new Snapchat filters. I find them all so entertaining, i could stay there for hours. haha.
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Desert Fun. ♡

ADVENTURES WITH THE GIRLS: Better late than never right?? Finally, here are the most awesome picture of when we went to the desert. It was so much fun, we brought a bbq, food to cook, drinks, fake champagne and so on. Spent the day chilling, cooking, eating, taking pictures and videos and of course watched the sunset. It was gorgeous. I love spending quality time with my closest friends and doing something different than just going to a mall or meeting up for coffee. Another fun part is the fact that I finally got myself Final Cut Pro X. I love editing and that’s why i loved my uni course, because it was required to have Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and so on, and I’ve loved iMovie since day 1 of buying my Mac, but omg….Final Cut Pro is so much better, and it’s so much fun to edit.
I can’t wait to show you some stuff, although it might take me a while to get all of the projects finished.
Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, I obviously edited a lot of them by adding cool filters and stuff….
P.S. We’ll be doing this again pretty damn soon.
P.S.S. HOW COOL IS THE PICTURE OF LAURA JUMPING? & the one of the bridges of both Ana & Laura...
Love you guys!

Clubbing Night

VII BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: And here we are, the pictures from last night, celebrating Chris' Birthday at VII which is on Sheik Zayed Road. Such a fun night, drinking laughing and dancing with such amazing people. Loved every minute of it.