New Summer Look.


For the past few days, okay maybe just over a week, i was thinking of dying my hair a little, just a tiny bit darker as after I had dyed it once in Jan I think it was, it was turning out a bit orange and i really didn't like it. I went for "Chocolate Brown" & this is the result. I'm extremely happy with this hair colour. Love it love it love it!

Weekend Song: Cheerleader.

WEEKEND SONG! After MONTHS, I didn't really think of publishing one of these posts in AGES. But, now I won't make weeks or months pass by before I publish the next weekend song.
Enjoy it! I love love love love it!

Bon Jovi Concert In October.

I CAN FINALLY PUBLISH IT! We're going to Bon Jovi Concert in October at Yas Island in AD. 
AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Guess what???? We already bought our tickets!!!! We bought them super early because the people I'm going with are probably the biggest Bon Jovi fans in the UAE. My sister, whose been obsessed with him for as long as I can remember and Slurpy, my other sister from my extended family. I'm beyond excited because I'm going to the concert, driving back home, packing and leaving to one of my favourite cities in the world. SO EXCITING!!!!

Workout Video: Bicycle Crunches

This has got to be one of my favourite exercises. Apart from squats, lunges, planks, and butt kicks...okay no, i have A LOT of favourite ones butttttt this one is just amazing. Maybe i love this one so much because no matter how many times I do it each day, I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the burn afterwards. Especially the day after. Anyways, finally a video which I've been wanting to record for God knows how long.
P.S. One day, soon enough - I will publish my before and after picture...before I started working out and the day I publish it. Soon soon, i promise.

Gym Monday

Some pictures I took the other day at the Gym. I have this habit of taking a million pictures before during & after my workouts. Maybe because i love workout clothes, and i have an obsession with working out you all know so ya.
Have an awesome day guys! Speak to you soon!


Good morning my dolls, hope you all slept well. Today, I'm probably going to the pool for a bit, my tan is slowly leaving me and I need to get it back. Oh & I also really wanna take outfit photos wit my tripod and show you how they turn out. What are you guys all doing today?
Love, Julez.

New Bedroom Look.

New look for my bedroom, SUPER happy with the way it looks. I love my bedroom even more now.