Love this. Nothing more to add. ♡

Turtle Neck ♡

I bought this shirt not too long ago and it has been worn by me a lot of times already, I’m in complete love with it because it’s just so comfortable and it pretty much goes with everything,

New Look. ♡

I chopped a chunk of my hair off, and I don’t regret it. Ever since I started dying it back in 2013, it has been constantly dyed every now and then.

The Tree

Just enjoy the photos.

Messing Around. ♡

Fun times with this lady ♡. The other day before going into our class, okay we reached uni pretty early, messing around and listening to arabic songs with this one is pretty fun!

So Cozy.

So, if you know me personally, you know i’m not the most organised person out there. Okay yes, i can be very very picky. Sometimes my room is a mess because one reason or the other.


It’s that time of year again. All I want to do right now is do something new to my hair. Not necessarily cut it but do some cool color. or have some highlights or something.