I'm Ready.

I'M SO READY TO BE HOME: The past couple of times that I left to go on a trip, i've had this tradition to take a photo before I go inside the airport. I don't have a new one at the moment, while you're reading this i'll probably be on a flight. Therefore, I decided to re-publish this photo of me before going on my trip to Thailand. I'm actually on my way to Italy right now, I'm so so so so excited! My holiday has been AMAZEBALLS so far and I can't wait for the upcoming things.

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotions Review

HAWAIIAN TROPIC: My other obsession right now are lotions, I've always had a huge love for tanning oils or lotions and you guys already know i'm obsessed with coconut. These lotions are perfect. They're the best brand. After trying so many and researching a bunch, i've really come to a conclusion that i'm in love with Hawaiian Tropic, they smell amazing and they actually work.

Ready For My Summer'16.

SUMMER TRIP READY: This is the official post on my blog, to announce that i'm officially ready for my Summer 2016 trip. I'm beyond excited for so many things, I've packed, I've got a bunch of filming and camera equipment ready for taking a bunch of photos and tons of vlogs on my trip! SO excited for you guys to come on this adventure with me.
Suit cases are packed, i'm pretty much ready to go.
Hope you guys all follow me through this adventure.


STRIPES: Hello beautiful people! Hope you're having the most amazing morning!
The pictures are not new, obviously. I'm going to start uploading pictures from trip on here later on, for now you get to enjoy these ones. My makeup was so perfect that day!
Hope you guys are loving your summer!
P.S. Don't forget to follow me on my YouTube Channel, I upload vlogs really daily!


HEAVEN IN A JAR: Okay, no but OMG this was delicious. Best dessert I've had in a while.
Thank you Bubus, for bringing me and blind folding me to not show me where it is.
P.S. I know I always stress on eating clean and as healthy as possible,,,,but I believe in BALANCE. I'm not going to stop eating desserts just because I'm on a journey. Sometimes, you need a cheat meal. AND whenever you do have a cheat meal and maybe feel bad after, just drink TONS....and I mean TONS of water afterwards, I promise it'll help.

Cuddles And Afternoon Tea.

SUPER ADORABLE: My I usually have like 2-3 cups of tea a day, and the other day I went upstairs and brought up my tea & some bisciuts, so both the puppies followed me and were being super cute since I had cookies in the tray next to me! haha
love them so much.

Chosen Nail Color.

SO PRETTY: The nail color I chose. This is it, the one called "Bikini So Teeny" by Essie. Love this color, it looks amazing.