Today's Gym Look

HELLO LOVES!!!! So happy to be back and updating my blog like crazyyyyy!!!!!
It's almost 3pm so I need to go get ready soon but I wanted to show you my cool outfit for the gym that I wore this morning. I've always loved working out but thanks to my best friend who told me about VivaFit, I've been obsessed. I love going there so much, it brings out so much positive energy. I can't wait for you guys to read all the recent articles I've been writing and show you all the pictures I've been taking.
Don't you just love my Gym outfit? haha Also, who could have thought I'd love this gym so much. Usually after a few months of going to the same gym i'd get demotivated and stuff and not want to go back and I'd do my own workouts at home but with VivaFit it's just different.
I have to tell you guys so much, I just can't wait!
I'm super excited about my trip, can you guys guess where I'm off to?

Booked My Next Trip!

I BOOKED MY NEXT TRIP! I'm so freakin excited about it! haha
I've been seriously researching even though I've already been to this place. I saved photos, information, prices, shops I want to go to etc.

Panic Mode.

AHHHHHHHH: The exact way I feel right now, i took this picture before leaving to Greece & Italy but right now, in exactly an hour, I have 2 hours of gym 4 back to back classes and I also need to finish a bunch of articles to publish for the blog as well as a bunch of videos for my youtube channel. I feel like it's never going to end because i'm so far behind. bleh!

Clean Eating & Meal Prep.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: I've seen and heard this so many times. "Eating clean or healthy is so expensive". Bullshit, once again. Eating clean means not eating CRAP.
Chicken fillets, salmon fillet, turkey fillet and tons of veggies is not expensive.
If one wants it bad enough, there needs to be dedication. They will need to get up and cook instead of being lazy and ordering take out. Chicken and veggies is my favourite healthy and clean meal. And trust me, it's inexpensive and so delicious. Before one says something like that, they should try buying clean food and see it's it's actually delicious like 3/4 of the world say.

Keep Calm & Go To Greece ♡

One of the many best holidays spent with my family. I had such an amazing time. So many memories have been made. Forever I'll be in love with Greece.

Our Saddest Day! ♡

Good morning people, unfortunately today is the last day in Santorini. I can’t believe it went by so quickly. They always say when you’re having fun or enjoying something, time flies by and BOOM it’s time to fly home. Greece stole my heart, I don’t actually want to leave. I wish we had more time here, this holiday was absolutely amazing. Honestly, Santorini has been amazing. 
It’s almost time to go to the airport now, not happy about leaving but happy about going to Italy! Such a weird feeling….i must admit. I completely fell in love with Greece, but also super excited to go to Italy and see my friends and family.
I shall talk to you all when I land, or maybe tomorrow morning when I go downstairs for breakfast.
In this post you get to see all the photos from the last few hours in Santorini.

Visiting Oia ♡

Today we’re went to Oia, we decided that the best, easiest and fastest way to not get lost and being able to come back whenever, would be catching a bus, but my sister and I made the bus ride pretty damn entertaining. I had so much fun. OMG. We went around Oia, took a million photos, went to see the famous Donkeys, we were going to go for a ride with the donkeys but we felt really bad and then we read some articles of how bad it is to do something touristy with animals in all these different countries and we were certain that we had taken the correct decision.
We walked all around the town, took more photos, went to find the perfect spot for the beautiful Oia Sunset and when we had found it, chilled a bit and I vlogged and then took a lot more photos than I thought I would take.
Oia was absolutely amazing, such a beautiful island. Defiantly worth visiting that part of Santorini.