All Caught Up!

VLOGMAS VIBESSaturday today! I woke up a bit earlier today, went downstairs to have breakfast, ordered a bunch of Christmas gifts (which I’m suuuuupeer excited about) and thennnn I finally found and made the time to edit my Vlogmas Intro as well as all the Vlogmas days that have been filmed but not edited thanks to me being exhausted after work. 


HASHTAG CAPTURE KARAMA: Hello loves, It's currently 12:24am and I have no idea why I'm still awake when I've got a very very busy day ahead of me tomorrow but anyways, this is the only time I'll have free to write this post so i'm doing it now. This post is scheduled for tomorrow morning so we're all good

All Of These Lights

YOGA&SUN: When our friend Laura was here in Dubai, we ended up going on a lot of adventures so that we could a) have fun together b) take pictures together. B definitely failed because we only ended up taking photos together on our road trip to Hatta but we did have tons of fun together on all the adventures we went on. This one was to take really cool photos also because we like to go on adventures at different timings as well. So this time we arrived at the bridge at around 4:40pm, and we managed to take some really cool photos with the lights and of course Burj Khalifa which you can't really miss. It was a very good adventure we went on, I'm really happy with the photos we managed to shoot. I hope you guys like them too. I hope you guys all have amazing things planned for today. I have a very very busy day hence why I need to go get ready now but I shall be back on here and tell you all about today on another post!!
P.s. I managed to publish a vlog as well, so don't forget to check in out HERE. I can't believe I started vlogging again! I've missed it!
Have an amazing day!

Maydan, You Beauty!

MAYDAN: A post dedicated to another adventure we went on. I've been wanting to go to the Maydan Bridge for the longest time. Finally a couple of weeks ago, we managed to go. It was so so much fun! Took tons of photographs, had fun playing with the settings on my new Nikon. It was literally amazing. Here are the photos I picked up, obviously there were more but these are definitely my favourite. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, i've been posting a lot of good content on there! There's tons of posts coming up and i'm slowly publishing my older adventures too which you might have missed so stay tuned!

Road Trip To Hatta

Hi guys! Happy Monday, hope you’re having a wonderful morning! Today I’ll be sharing some photos that I haven’t had the chance to publish yet! Now is the time ๐Ÿ˜‘
This year, almost around the same time, the Bermuda Triangle split. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ’”
The other day, okay more like a couple of weeks ago, my friend Laura came to Dubai, to visit us! 
It was in August that she told me she had some days of from work so she could try come visit. From the moment she told me I was SUPER excited!! I couldn’t wait to see her. 
I went to pick her up from Abu Dhabi airport and made it a little fun road trip singing my lungs out in the car to Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Shakira, and so many more!!
On the way home, she showed me one of the things she had brought me. A gift that weighed 6KG. It was absolutely insane.
Can you guys what it was? (i'll be mentioning what it is in another post)
Anyways, unfortunately the only photos we took together when she was here were in Hatta, so I’m going to be sharing those with you!
We had a lot of fun, we went to a bunch of different adventures, went on a little road trip, and so much more. 
So today, I’m finally showing you the photos from the little road trip we took. On a side note, my sister’s friend from the UK was also here in Dubai for a holiday, so it ended up being a bunch of us and it was tons of fun!

& It Feels So Damn Good

TO BE BACK: Hey guys, So today I wanted to start with a post I literally finished writing 15 minutes ago. I know I said i’m going to publish everyday but my scheduele kept changing, things changed and timings got tight. My friend Laura came to town and I literally used my computer one out of all the days she was here, just to watch movies on the day i was sick in bed.
So here we are with a list of things i’m super excited about. 
There are so many things I'm super excited about! Let me tell you guys some of them today! 

Today’s the 15th October already but honestly, so far this year has been super amazing and filled with adventures and the first thing i’m going to be listing is that i’m super excited for what’s coming up, more adventure. I absolutely love it, always have and always will. I’m always excited about taking new photos, exploring new places, trying new roads. I just literally got addicted to it this year and there are so many more coming up.

Pixels Thoughts & Words' 7th Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIXELSTHOUGHTSANDWORDS: 7 years ago, approximately at this time of the day, perhaps a bit later I wrote my first blog post. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I'm so happy I did though. I published my first article without knowing how much time i would keep it up for, without knowing how well it would go!