Happy Dad's Day

Yes, I know all over Dubai it’s like “happy Mother’s day” but Italian Mother’s day is not until May…..so i aint celebrating it until then.
It’s like 11am right now, I have 4 meetings lined up today. In the next couple of posts I might be able to tell you how they all went ;)
I’m going to write this post and then start showering and getting ready and all. I’m really excited about everything happening. Sometimes life is a little cray cray but everything happens for a reason right? Sometimes, things can get pretty amazing without even realising it at first.
I really need to go, but I wish you all an amazing day!
Dad, Happy Dad's Day, I love you!
Speak to you super soon! xx

Bubble Love ♡

Hello early birds on a Saturday morning,
How’s it going? It’s currently 4:45am, I’m still in bed writing this but I woke up early to go for a quick morning run before work starts.
I’m excited to be publishing the photos Laura & I took last Thursday. We have so much fun together since we share a lot of similar passions. We took about 465 photos, obviously i’m not going to publish all of them on here but it was super duper fun and I’m excited to be showing you the photos. That blue eyeliner and mascara and ColorPop liquid lipstick is just amazeballs. I’ve been stealing it from Laura for the past two weeks, casually go in her room and use the TONS of different makeup she owns while she’s at uni, no i’m kidding. I finally bought my own though, that wont happen anymore! ;)
I know you’re probably reading this haha!
Also, Shank & Lilus’ Birthday party went really well, I’ll share the photos in another post maybe tomorrow!
I’m off to train, shower and start my day and later on, in the evening I have PT.
Hope you’re all having an amazing Saturday.

Life Is Cray Cray.

Hey guys! Wow life is crazy sometimes, I haven’t been able to do any blog posts recently since there has been a lot going on. I LOVE when life gets busy and there’s always something to do but it can get a little hectic sometimes. Between life getting a little crazy, vlogging, filming for my YouTube Channel, going out with friends, and getting back into a new routine was a little insane. I promised i’ll be published a lot of articles and since then I have been. I’ve also been reorganising a lot of pictures from different trips I went to and rearranging things just in general too. There has been A LOT going on. 
Updates about my social networks, I used to have an instagram account for each thing, like one for the blog, one for my YouTube channel and so on, but i’ve been getting some professional help on that and I made the decision of having just one public Instagram account for my YouTube Channel as well as my blog so when I post something new on either of them, it’ll be there. The instagram name is “Julezlicious”. Don’t forget to follow me ;)

Apart from that, I’ve also been working on something new for the blog, hint hint…. it’s getting a little makeover and a fresh new look.

Oh I’ve also gone on a few adventures with some friends and I’ve also taken some time to take a bunch of photoshoots. It was so much fun, i love taking out my camera and shooting for hours on end.
In the next couple of weeks, i’ll be publishing a bunch of articles and a bunch of pictures that have been sitting here. I’ll also be publishing the most recent ones we took aswell.

I’m actually really excited to show you guys everything i’ve been working on.

Yesterday, I sat on my desk chair for a good 2.5 hours writing up articles for the blog and went for another adventure at night. Off roading, road tripping, bon-fire, good friends, good music and a lot of laughter. We left the house a little bit late but geezeeeee so much fun!!!
Today’s Friday, my best friends are sitting here with me finishing off their dissertation and tonight we’re celebrating Shank & Lilu’s Birthday party with friends.

I promise after I publish this post, there will be a new one up tomorrow morning!

Have a great weekend everyone!

About Last Weekend.

I’m back! I know I know it’s been freakin FOREVER! It’s actually been since November! Although I’ve been working on both the blog as well as my YouTube Channel. I’ve decided that I’m going to publish a bunch of articles over the next few days. I already started catching up with my YouTube channel now I just need to publish a bunch of articles on here I’m going to be starting with the daily articles like It used to be before I started working in one place (in November). I’ve decided to do it a bit differently now, I did a lot of research over these past few months, I’ll be talking to you all about it as we go.
FIRSTLY, how are you all doing? I’ve missed writing on my blog!!!!!!
Actually, I never actually stopped writing articles, I just stopped publishing them on here for a while because of a few reasons that I can’t really share with you all.
BUT i’m SO SO happy to be back, and FOR GOOD!

Ready To Graduate!

Yes, I'm actually wearing my pjs right now but i'm super excited to be graduating SUPER soon!!!! I can't believe how quickly time has passed!!! Oh my gosh time is passing by extremely quickly! I can't describe it in words but WOW, University has been a blast and I wouldn't change anything about these past 4 years. Loved every bit of it.
Let's make it an amazing Grad!
Hope you're all having an amazing Saturday!

Currently: In London

HELLO LOVES! A lot has been happening over the last couple of weeks starting from the last week of October with a bunch of events happening at fitness centre I go to. Going to the fitness centre every single morning, planning my trip, buying things for the trip, packing and planning my Slurpy's surprise birthday with Laura Bear. 
The events at the fitness centre VivaFit were absolutely amazing. It all started on the 16th of October and ended the 31st. VivaFit launched the new choreography to Sh'Bam, Body Balance, BodyVive, Strength and Sbarre. On the 26th of October they had a class with a mixture of classes including Zumba and Sh'Bam and honestly Dancing With The Stars was the PERFECT title to the event. The trainers at VivaFit Dubai are honestly amazing. I had so so much fun with that class. 
The 29th there was a class of SBarre and BodyBalance masterclass held at the Barsha Park and a lot of people attended. It was a very successful event.
The 31st October, VivaFit made a Halloween Challenge at the end of all the classes. Since I love challenges, it was really really good and really challenging which is absolutely awesome.
I honestly love challenges and VivaFit so honestly changing and practicing the new choreography was absolutely amazing. 
THAT'S NOT ALL, on the 1st of November, VivaFit released the new scheduele and i'm absolutely in love with it. The fact that there is a class all the time just makes it easier for all humans who have a busy day which is usually an excuse for a lot of us, but not with VivaFit because honestly, you have no excuses with them.
Now, I'm in London and i'm absolutely loving it, I will share all the pictures super soon, work is piling up and there just aren't enough hours in a day. I really need to start waking up even earlier than I already do.
I can't wait to share a few things with you that I still need to keep to myself for a little longer!!!
I'm actually trying to work really really quickly on all the articles, all the things i'm working on and everything. SUPER excited to share it all with you all.
I hope you all of you are having a super amazing day!
Sending you all lots of love from London.

Off On A Jet Plane!

Currently at the airport now, here’s a typical airport photo, I take one everytime I travel. It’s kind of a tradition now, I’m super excited about this trip though, not so much for the flight but once I land I’ll be over the moon filled with excitement. It’s one of my favourite cities, can you guys guess where I’m going?
I’ll speak to you soon after I land!