Pixels Thoughts & Words' 7th Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIXELSTHOUGHTSANDWORDS: 7 years ago, approximately at this time of the day, perhaps a bit later I wrote my first blog post. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I'm so happy I did though. I published my first article without knowing how much time i would keep it up for, without knowing how well it would go!

Circle Of Lights

LIGHT ADVENTURE: Ahhhhhhhh you guys this is such an exciting week!
First of all, happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're all having a great start of the week!
I've been working on a bunch of things these past few months and things are slowly coming together.
Do any of you know what tomorrow is??? Monday 18th September 2017, that means PTW turns 7 years old! YES, you read that correctly! My baby is turning 7!!!!! I cannot believe i've been blogging for 7 years. I know my blog game has been off this year but it's been incredible and i'm slowly publishing all the articles just a tad late! 
My friends and I have planned two full weeks, FILLED with new adventures and i'm so so so excited to show you guys the photos as we go on new ones! 
Today i'll just be showing you the photos we took the other day when we went to an adventure. We went somewhere in the desert where there was no one to try cool things out. Click "See more" and scroll down to see the rest of the photos!
Talk to you all super soon! 

5th Ink.

NEW TATTOO: Ahhhhhhhhhh YES YES YES! You guessed it! I got another tattoo done! My 5th ink and i'm the happiest with it! I've wanted this one for the longest time. I actually made a list of the ones I have and the ones i want to get done. Yes, i know some of you will probably think "you're crazy" but that's okay. I love small tattoos, and to be more specific, i love ones that have a lot of meaning to a person. I just feel like it makes it a lot better to have them if they have meaning, but that's just my opinion.

It Wasn't For Too Long!

JULEZ IS BACK: Ahhhhhhhh! Hi guys!!!! So this is Technically my first post since I've been back! I apologize but I've honestly been extremely busy going on adventures and taking new photos and new content for both my blog, my Instagram and my YouTube channel. So it was all for a good cause that I've been MIA on the blog!
But thankfully I've got TONS to show you now.
I'm gonna start with my London trip and all the W's for that trip! I'm so excited to be writing again! I've missed it! 
In all honesty though, I might take out the blog articles I wrote when I was in London and add to them!
Are you guys excited about all the new photos? 
I promise I'll be uploading onto my YouTube channel soon too! Baby steps! 😁
Love you guys!
P.s I'm currently out and for some really strange reason it's not letting me upload photos so I'll add them when I'm on my laptop!
Update: here are the photos! 

Birthday Trip Update

SUM-UP: A quick post just for a quick update! I'm currently not in Dubai, haven't been since the 28th of May. I'm back in London now, but I also got to go to PARIS!!!!!! YES PARIS! for my 25th Birthday!!! Which is why i'm publishing this article today because there are going to be tons and tons of posts after I go back to Dubai!
I have crazy amounts of pictures to show you! Between the trip to London, my 25th birthday, me going to the Ashy Bines Event as well as meeting her randomly at Top Shop and then just my birthday gift being a ticket to Paris as well as a beautiful pink flamingo! I literally cannot begin to explain how many photos i have to publish.
So just warning you guys, I kinda took a little break away from my blog for this beautiful holiday of mine but I'll be publishing tons when I get back home.
I hope you guys are all prepared and don't forget to follow me on Instagram for now since I never stop publishing there.
In today's post I'm giving you a little sneak peak with 5 photos of my trips, but trust me, this is nothing compared to what I have to show you! There's TONS more!

Have an amazing Monday guys!! Lots of love from London!

I'm In London!

I've arrived safe and sound and I'm so excited about going home (to my sisters house) and just chilling and maybe taking a little nap and spending quality time with my sister! Ahhhhh I'm so so happy I'm here! 


Currently sitting in Laura's car, we're going on an adventure again! We're going to Ace Hardware to buy more boxes for her move!
Something super exciting happened yesterday! Actually more than just one thing! Yesterday we borrowed the Skydive Dubai runway to take pictures of Laura's car and then it turned into a fun photoshoot! We took such awesome photos so I'll publish them on here!
Another super exciting thing that happened is Laura Bear got a drone, so this morning she set it up and we were gonna go to the desert and fly with it today BUT then we realized it's too hot...so we'll be going on an adventure in the next couple of days! That's going to be a fun one!