Girl's Night In

So, as  you probably already know.......when Laura & I hang out, we usually take tons of pictures! Regardless what we're doing or where we are. Last time, we had a girl's night in and spent a good hour just messing around and taking photos, also ate a bit of sweets and junk food. Later on at night we went to dinner and then just drove up and down beach road listening to really loud music and following G-Class cars. Our thing when we hang out. HAHAHA Enjoy the photos guys!

Simple. As Always.

A quick super casual outfit, this is what I looked like this morning, today i changed so many times already. I've been running errands all day! 
Hope you're having an amazing day my dolls! KISSES!

Burj Khalifa ♥.


And Burj Khalifa looking stunning. Too pretty to be true. 


My favorite ever. I love chicken breast, and I have an obsession for broccoli so It's just the perfect healthy dinner, I can never get enough. Don't forget to always eat your veggies.

Hello August 2015.

I can't even. It's not possible that it's already August. This year is going by WAY too quickly! 
I'm super excited though, because there are SO many things coming my way! I can't way to share every single one of them with you guys! 
Hope you guys have the most amazing first day of August! Go crazy & Wild!

Missing South Africa

Last Summer, I traveled to Joburg, South Africa to go visit my best friend and her family. I fell in love with the place. I can't wait to go back. Miss that gorgeous place so much.


How beautiful is this picture. It was taken a while ago, my mum and I went for a run on the beach from 5am onwards. I LOVE WINTER in Dubai!!!!!