The Start.

LET'S GO: And I'm ready, I've been preparing articles ever since I left Dubai for my trip so almost all of my articles are already ready and proof-read. It's time to start publishing so we're going to go back in time and I'm going to be publishing photos from when I was still in Dubai, then flying to Greece, then flying to Italy and then my entire trip in Italy. So tonight will be the first article, you might find it weird because it might not be related to my trips and all but that's okay, it might be a forgotten article I was suppose to publish.
So stay tuned because after this one i'll be posting lots and lots of articles so you can see how amazing my trip was.
So from tonight’s article onwards, i’ll be finally starting to share my articles and photos from my Summer holiday. I’ll be talking to you about each day and what we did and all. I’m super excited to share it all with you so stay tuned.
ALSO: Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel so you can watch all of my Travel Vlogs and get to feel like you’re on holiday with me.
I hope you guys enjoy all the articles, pictures and vlogs too!!!
Comment on my latest instagram photo to tell me about the feedback!!!
Thanks for being patient!!!

Honey, I'm Home!

BACK IN DXB: I'M BACK IN THE SANDBOX!! So I arrived last night, I got home at about 2am and by the time I said to my puppies and like chilled a bit and everything and then had a really nice cold shower it was likee 3:30am but I STILL managed to wake up super duper early and bring my Bro-In-Law to work. Yeah, I can't believe it either.
ANYWAYS, you guys have no idea how many photos I have to show you. Between Greece and Italy with the family and then after my family left and I continued my holiday but with friends. I'm so damn happy I stayed longer and took all those photos and videos. ALTHOUGH, it's going to be insane trying to edit everything as quickly as possible since I can't exactly publish pictures that were taken in July and only publish them in like October. So long story short, I need to hurry the eff up and like publish everything as soon as possible.
It's all good, i'm super excited to show you everything since every picture I took is absolutely stunning.
I also vlogged every single day in both Greece and Italy. I started uploading all of those a little while ago when I was still on holiday but then I decided to take a little break from the blog, my youtube channel and just in general so that's why i'm only writing this post now.
I hope you guys are having an incredible Summer holiday or even not holiday.
I seriously can't wait to show you everything, please be patient, i promise it'll be worth it.

P.S. Do you like my new blonde hair? ;)

Update: Italy '16

UPDATE TIME: HELLO PEOPLE! I'm currently in Italy, hope you're all having the most amazing day! So far my holidays have been absolutely insane. I don't even know how to describe them. I wanted to tell you and update you  on a few things since I haven't and won't be uploading anything on youtube or on here for a little while. The reason for this update is because I've decided to take a little break and just back off from uploading for a little while.I just honestly want to take some time away from uploading and I'm glad I have been for the past week or so but I decided to take a few more days...
From now until I get back to Dubai which unfortunately isn't in too long, It'll be my "time away from uploading articles and vlogs". BUT I promise, when I get back, i'll be uploading all of my pictures and TONS of editing to do for the vlogs, but i'll try publish as often as possible. 

Also, I wanted to show you a little sneak peak of what's been going on here and maybe talk to you guys about it a bit. Well, I stayed here for about a week with my family but as you all know I'm staying longer with my best friend and her boyfriend. Every day since I landed in Italy has been absolutely amazing.
I'll tell you all about each day in details when I start publishing the articles.
For now, I hope you have an amazing day and evening. If you're traveling, have a safe trip anywhere you go. Explore and have the most amazing time!
I'll talk to you guys all when I'm back in Dubai!
LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you always for your support and patients.

I'm Ready.

I'M SO READY TO BE HOME: The past couple of times that I left to go on a trip, i've had this tradition to take a photo before I go inside the airport. I don't have a new one at the moment, while you're reading this i'll probably be on a flight. Therefore, I decided to re-publish this photo of me before going on my trip to Thailand. I'm actually on my way to Italy right now, I'm so so so so excited! My holiday has been AMAZEBALLS so far and I can't wait for the upcoming things.

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotions Review

HAWAIIAN TROPIC: My other obsession right now are lotions, I've always had a huge love for tanning oils or lotions and you guys already know i'm obsessed with coconut. These lotions are perfect. They're the best brand. After trying so many and researching a bunch, i've really come to a conclusion that i'm in love with Hawaiian Tropic, they smell amazing and they actually work.

Ready For My Summer'16.

SUMMER TRIP READY: This is the official post on my blog, to announce that i'm officially ready for my Summer 2016 trip. I'm beyond excited for so many things, I've packed, I've got a bunch of filming and camera equipment ready for taking a bunch of photos and tons of vlogs on my trip! SO excited for you guys to come on this adventure with me.
Suit cases are packed, i'm pretty much ready to go.
Hope you guys all follow me through this adventure.


STRIPES: Hello beautiful people! Hope you're having the most amazing morning!
The pictures are not new, obviously. I'm going to start uploading pictures from trip on here later on, for now you get to enjoy these ones. My makeup was so perfect that day!
Hope you guys are loving your summer!
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