In My Head

Hello my lovelies! So as you're reading this, I'm probably on a bus somewhere in Sri Lanka, we got here and we've been going around site seeing, so far it has been beautiful! Soon, I'll start publishing pictures I took over here but first, I wanted to show you this outfit post, I took the other day when I was in Dubai still. Super casual and simple, how i like it. Everything from H&M except my sunnies & purse.
Hope you're all having an amazing day! Kisses from Sri Lanka!

Just Arrived!

Some of you already know, some of you guessed right! We're in Sri Lanka! :) We're here for my sister's and her fiancé's wedding. I can't believe they're getting married, and I also can\t believe i'm here!!!!!! SO EXCITED!

Happier Than Ever.

Hello loves, this outfit is one I wore the other day, it actually started out randomly by taking a selfie in the car and then eventually when I went by my sister's house, i took some outfit photos infront of the mirror. I really like this outfit, it's so simple and i love wearing simple so it's perfect! Hope you're all having an amazing day my loves! :)
Kisses from here! Don't forget to follow my journey on snapchat and instagram too! :)

Ready, Set. GO!

As you're reading this, I'm sitting in my seat, ready to take off. I can't wait to land in Sri Lanka! It hasn't been too long since I travelled but this trip is even more exciting because my Sister, or more like other half is getting married. There's a week left to her wedding but we've got so many things planned until then. Hope you guys have an amazing time. Speak soon!

Guess Where To Next?

White, Pink & Blue.

Hey dolls, Good morning!!! How are you guys all doing? I'm still freaking out about firstly, being August already!!!!!! Second, the wedding being SUPER SOON! Third, the amount of excitement  I have right now. GEEEEEEZE!
Today I decided to publish an outfit post and start this month off well. I'll be taking crazy amounts of pictures during my trip so i'll be showing you loads of them. Here's finally an outfit post, fresh and new! I love this combination, this outfit is awesome....well, i love it.

Girl's Night In

So, as  you probably already know.......when Laura & I hang out, we usually take tons of pictures! Regardless what we're doing or where we are. Last time, we had a girl's night in and spent a good hour just messing around and taking photos, also ate a bit of sweets and junk food. Later on at night we went to dinner and then just drove up and down beach road listening to really loud music and following G-Class cars. Our thing when we hang out. HAHAHA Enjoy the photos guys!