Be Careful.

This post doesn't deserve any text in it...just read these...each one of them and think about it. Be careful who you trust & who you're friends with.


I do admit, I'm a bit red....actually very red, only on my face though. My body is getting tanned, which is really good. haha I really really wanna be really really tanned.
I can't wait for my sister's wedding! My tan will look SUPER nice with the MAID OF HONOUR dress. OH MY GOSH i'm SO excited!
Hope you're all having an amazing day!
Speak to you soon!

Feels Good To Be Home.

We got home on Wednesday really early morning / Tuesday late night....I've haven't been sleeping much but I already saw some of my closest friends. ANA & her mummy came to surprise us at the airport when my dad came to pick us up!!!!! Best surprise so far!!!! I was SUPER happy when I called my dad to tell him we're almost outside and he "passed me the phone to our surprise" hehehehe. Ana & her family are MY extended family. Ana & I met in like grade 4-5 so we've known each other for years and i just ADORE them. Each and every one of the family members.
Anyways, we got home and got greeted by our babies and well, i tried going to sleep after i took a shower but it was 3:30 am in Dubai so honestly i DID NOT sleep much....but there's time....theres always the day after.
Anyways, ever since Thursday, I've been meeting up with my friends and spending A LOT of time at the beach or my pool tanning. I've been in Dubai for 6 days now, i've been in the sun for 4 out of those 6 days....and now, i need to go get ready because, guess where i'm going????? TO THE BEACH! 
See ya later :)

My Thoughts Exactly.

It's like 5am, i'm going for a run even though i'm SUPER tired!
Speak to you soon! Have an amazing day!!

Beach With Slurpy.

I haven't put the pictures of Slurps & I on my laptop yet so for now, enjoy these ones! 
Speak to you soon, have an amazing day guys!

Beach Date With Pookie.

Enjoy the pictures me and Pookie took before, during and after our beach date!
Love you my poookieeee!!!

Back Home We Go.

I couldn't publish this article at the airport, there was something wrong with my internet, i don't even know! I loved our trip, but I can't wait to go back to my normal daily routine and to see my babies and my sister and all my friends who I already have plans to meet up with! I'm the happiest girl in the world right now! SUPER DUPER happy!