It Wasn't For Too Long!

JULEZ IS BACK: Ahhhhhhhh! Hi guys!!!! So this is Technically my first post since I've been back! I apologize but I've honestly been extremely busy going on adventures and taking new photos and new content for both my blog, my Instagram and my YouTube channel. So it was all for a good cause that I've been MIA on the blog!
But thankfully I've got TONS to show you now.
I'm gonna start with my London trip and all the W's for that trip! I'm so excited to be writing again! I've missed it! 
In all honesty though, I might take out the blog articles I wrote when I was in London and add to them!
Are you guys excited about all the new photos? 
I promise I'll be uploading onto my YouTube channel soon too! Baby steps! 😁
Love you guys!
P.s I'm currently out and for some really strange reason it's not letting me upload photos so I'll add them when I'm on my laptop!
Update: here are the photos! 

Birthday Trip Update

SUM-UP: A quick post just for a quick update! I'm currently not in Dubai, haven't been since the 28th of May. I'm back in London now, but I also got to go to PARIS!!!!!! YES PARIS! for my 25th Birthday!!! Which is why i'm publishing this article today because there are going to be tons and tons of posts after I go back to Dubai!
I have crazy amounts of pictures to show you! Between the trip to London, my 25th birthday, me going to the Ashy Bines Event as well as meeting her randomly at Top Shop and then just my birthday gift being a ticket to Paris as well as a beautiful pink flamingo! I literally cannot begin to explain how many photos i have to publish.
So just warning you guys, I kinda took a little break away from my blog for this beautiful holiday of mine but I'll be publishing tons when I get back home.
I hope you guys are all prepared and don't forget to follow me on Instagram for now since I never stop publishing there.
In today's post I'm giving you a little sneak peak with 5 photos of my trips, but trust me, this is nothing compared to what I have to show you! There's TONS more!

Have an amazing Monday guys!! Lots of love from London!


Currently sitting in Laura's car, we're going on an adventure again! We're going to Ace Hardware to buy more boxes for her move!
Something super exciting happened yesterday! Actually more than just one thing! Yesterday we borrowed the Skydive Dubai runway to take pictures of Laura's car and then it turned into a fun photoshoot! We took such awesome photos so I'll publish them on here!
Another super exciting thing that happened is Laura Bear got a drone, so this morning she set it up and we were gonna go to the desert and fly with it today BUT then we realized it's too we'll be going on an adventure in the next couple of days! That's going to be a fun one! 


//Damn! It was slightly harder than other days to get up this morning, I woke up randomly at 4:08 am, maybe that's why.
I've been watching random episodes of KUWTK recently, because i'm actually up to date and I love them and last night i decided to watch episode 1 of season 1 and OMG everyone looked so different, both Kendal & Kylie are SO TINY. Time FLIES by. AND speaking of that, i cannot believe it's MAY! That's SERIOUSLY insane.
Can you guess where i'm going by the way? I won't tell you just yet, but i can tell you i'm going for an event! It's so exciting not only because I get to travel but also because I'm going to such an exciting place!! haha ALSO, it's my BIRTHDAY TRIP! Which makes everything so much more exciting!
I haven't been publishing on here, BUT if you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen i've been uploading tons since I found an app that I don't need to physically publish myself and it's like scheduled. I've also been busy with other things and working on some fun exciting projects. However! I finally booked my ticket!!!! I'm SO SO SO SO excited but i'm going to have to keep it a secret for a while longer. 


Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? I recently got back from work. Work? YES! That's right, found something new and maybe in the near future i'll tell you more about it, not just yet though. 
I'll tell you what else i've been up to though. So i've been doing freelance since Mid-February and it was fantastic. Also, ever since Laura's been here, we've been having so much fun! Having photoshoots all the time, going shopping, filming for my YouTube Channel which omg, by the way - I have SO SO SO many new videos I actually need to publish, i've been uploading them for the last couple of days and now I just need to finish working on my thumbnails. The last month and a bit has been very fun! I do love freelance-life. Get to work from anywhere, you get to be your own boss and you can literally split your shift however you like.

Little Update!

How are you all you beautiful people doing today? I hope you had an amazing morning,
In the past couple of weeks, there has been tons of changes, a lot of things happening. I've been over the moon with pretty much everything! The other day I went to a couple of meetings, soon - I might tell you all about them. Also, I'm working on giving the blog a new look, it's been a while since I gave it a new look so why not? It's also been raining TONS here in Dubai! It's cray cray! 
This morning, Laura and I got up & went to meet Ana so we could to on a road trip together, little adventures here and there. I've also been working on videos, and planning out new ones. I'm very excited to be honest! 
Also, for TV shows, I re-watched The O.C - from season 1, obviously i stopped after the finale of season 3 because, well, i really don't appreciate season 4.
I also started watching Lucifer, not too long ago - apparently it's freaking AMAZING but - I don't like watching new shows, I need to be able to have the option to have the next episode.
I also, ALMOST finished reading my book. I hate finishing books, especially if they're THAT good and well, it was definitely THAT good! It was amazing! Now i'm about to go out with Laura on a date.  I will talk to all you beautiful people tomorrow.
P.s.tomorrow we're filming ALL day! & I'm also going to be publishing a couple of new videos in the next upcoming days!

Happy Dad's Day

Yes, I know all over Dubai it’s like “happy Mother’s day” but Italian Mother’s day is not until May… i aint celebrating it until then.
It’s like 11am right now, I have 4 meetings lined up today. In the next couple of posts I might be able to tell you how they all went ;)
I’m going to write this post and then start showering and getting ready and all. I’m really excited about everything happening. Sometimes life is a little cray cray but everything happens for a reason right? Sometimes, things can get pretty amazing without even realising it at first.
I really need to go, but I wish you all an amazing day!
Dad, Happy Dad's Day, I love you!
Speak to you super soon! xx