Sunset Lovin'.

I LOVE SUNSETS: Ahhhhhh isn't this sunset just GORGEOUS! I took this picture a while ago and I don't know why I never got the chance to publish it on here.

Good Night People!

SLEEP TIME:  Hello people, it's currently 11:20pm and i'm just about to go sleep. I'm really hoping you're all loving the new PTW! I promise to post a lot more frequently now and give you updates every time I can..
I shall write again in the morning!
Love you all!
P.S. In the next coming days, there are going to be a couple of special posts regarding the new PTW, as well as things happening in the next coming weeks AND also a few product review posts that have been on request.
I love you guys all so so much!

Here I Am.

A FRESH START: Good morning everyone! Rise & Shine! Hope you’re all having a great morning so far, I’m sitting here in Sri Lanka and to be completely honest I’ve been thinking of new ideas for my blog, it needed a new something but I couldn’t figure out what it was until i woke up this morning. The first thing i thought about this morning was a some sort of link to my health and fitness side of me on my blog. So i decided to write a few things down and the reasons why i wanted this was because my passion for health and fitness grew a long time ago, i’ll tell you all about that later. I decided to make a link through my personal blog which i’m hoping you’ve all seen and one where I can write about my experience with health and fitness. So here I am, sitting here with this gorgeous view all ready to start. Are you ready to take this adventure with me? I’m going to be blogging about Health & Fitness. I will post motivational quotes, pictures and a bunch of other things, but you’re going to have to wait and see.

Welcome To The New PTW.

WELCOME:  Hello everybody, hope you're all having a wonderful Friday! Today I'll be sharing with you a very important project i've been working on for several months now.
It's very exciting to finally be able to share it with you all! I do admit, it's been difficult keeping it a secret but now the secret is out, at least one of them! A new layout, a bunch of new features and so much more coming to you in the near future. It was about time I did something new to this baby (the blog). Soon, (in September) It'll be 6 years since I wrote my first post which is CRAZY!. Since my blog has become a daily thing once again and i'm not planing to stop any time soon. I thought I'd start working on some new features (not too long ago) and launch it before I travel but I finished all this early.
I just wanted to update you on the features I already changed.
Since I post about pretty much everything, I decided it was about time to cut it down a bit. I picked my main categories and stuck to those which are FASHION, BEAUTY, TRAVEL and HEALTH & FITNESS. Those are my main things I want to focus on the blog from this day onwards. I changed the font, and soon there will also be a new look to the blog itself.
In the FASHION section, I'll be posting everything and anything related to Fashion. Starting from Outfits of the day, bags I love, looks I got inspired by for my looks, celebrities wearing awesome outfits and so on.
In the BEAUTY section, I'll be posting beauty products including hair, makeup, nails, and so on. New products I buy such as new makeup will also go under BEAUTY.
The TRAVEL Section will be all about traveling, inspiration and the posts I'll be writing when I'm in a different country.
The HEALTH & FITNESS will be everything even motivation pictures, workouts I try out, workout I do, healthy food I eat and photograph and so on.
I find it easier to update my blog now that i'm on Summer Vacation but it'll be different in a couple of months.
I also wanted to update you on one more thing, the reason why I chose those 4 main categories is because, my passion for Health & Fitness as well as Travel grew a long time ago and I actually had a thought of launching a new website only for my health and fitness related articles, then I decided it would be easier and make more sense If i dedicate an entire session on PTW, so that's what I did.
I hope you guys all love the new things I've been working on. I find it a lot more organised and clean.
I love you guys so so much.

Motivation 101.

FRESH AND NEW:  Hello! Hope you're all having a beautiful day! 
Today I want to share some super motivational pictures with you all! 

Motivation Posts.
Enjoy my loves!

Morning Walks

GET YOUR BODY MOVING: Moving your body is extremely important. The easiest workout that one could think of are morning fat-burning walks. Every single weekend, my family and I go for a long walk with the dogs. I love morning walks, that have so many benefits. Not only you're getting some Vitamin E, you're also sweating and getting a fat-burning workout in (unless one eats before their workout). Usually I wake up super early, start a quick home workout then go out for our weekend walk and finally come home have loads of water and then breaky.
Walking is so good for us, not only for our bodies but just to get your body moving, to have some alone time and to get some sun.
Even when it's 40*C outside, I love walks, jogs & runs.

Julez Goes To Bangkok.

MAJOR THROWBACK: Yes, I know I'm extremely late with these posts but as you know I was on a sort of break from the blog! Better late then never right???
Here are some gorgeous photos of my trip to Bangkok! Such a different city from everywhere else I've been. Also a never-sleeping one. I did so much shopping over there, it was insane! Oh and I went tanning every single morning because it was such nice weather and you wouldn't sweat after 2.5 seconds.
Tuk-Tuk rides were definitely my favourite! If you have the chance, i would definitely recommend it! At least once, mostly for the experience.