Hi! I'm Giulia Zampieri and Pixels Thought & Words is my daily fashion diary.

Opened Sunday 18th September 2010, my blog is the "Pixels Thought & Words of my life": it talks about my daily outfits, photography, travels and shopping tips. music i love & videos.

After a few months, thanks to my wonderful followers, my blog collects more than 3,500 visits each day and more than 35,000 pageviews per month :)

If you have any questions or suggestions contact me  at: zampieri.giulia@live.com

Thanks for reading and share the love! - Giulia xx

This is my Life

Here I Am!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my 'Pixels Thoughts & Words'! This is officially my first post on my new blog & I really hope you enjoy reading it!  I'm new to the whole Blogging world...so please be patient!