Last few days...

 Heyy guys! here are some pictures i took while i was studying, it is so distracting when it comes to coloring or being silly!
I might have some more time to upload some pictures tomorrow!
As you know, these are my last few days, then i have my Final IB Exams.
So, wish me luck...ill try to upload some pictures tomorrow but hope you understand i wont be uploading propper looks of the day until May 20th! 
Enjoy the pictures!

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton
29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Mess it up ♥

Hey Dolls, hope you're all having a fantastic day! Here's what i chose for it to be my outfit today!
Here are some pictures of the outfit and also some of me being silly!
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It's all there in your head...

Heyy guys, sorry about not posting on Monday, right now I’m filled with books, there are books and notes everywhere in my room. My desk, the first half of every day is filled with Biology and then in the afternoon it’s filled either math books or Business and at night Spanish and English. In my break that i took, after studying for 5 hours non-stop, I watched this AMAZING show called NIKITA, a friend of mine was watching it a while ago and i took the name down, and so while I was looking for something to watch during my free time...

Somewhere in Dubai ♥

Here are some pictures i took today, my mum's beautiful photography! Thank you Mum! I love you! Today i didnt do much except loads of studying, from 2:30 until 3:40 i was at school for Biology studying with my teacher and half my class. and the entire day was just studying. In the late afternoon, i went on Skype with my BFF in Italy, also named Giulia..she's lovely HERE is a picture of me and her last summer in Italy. Once again for today's outfit pictures, i was able to take them only because i went to have a coffee with my mum! Love you Mum!

Love the Bag!

Good Morning Sweet Hearts! Hope you're all having a fantastic Easter! Today I had time to take some outfit pictures because I went out with my mom, in between my studying that was. So, Today is another day dedicated to crazy and desperate studying.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Baby Photographs

This photograph was taken just 2 months before we left to Dubai!

Friday at RAK!

Hey lovelies, Friday I spent it at Ras Al Khaimah with my dad flying Microlights, below are some amazing pictures. Please Enjoy & Comment!
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Thanks guys!


Good morning Sunshines!
Hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!! Here are some stuff which I own and wanted to

This is just the Beginning...

Hello Dolls, hope you’re all having a fantastic Thursday! Yesterday was officially my LAST day of school, On Tuesday it was our last day of classes, last Math lesson, last lunch time and so on. Yesterday it was our Senior Farewell Assembly if you will; we were all sitting on the stage thing and some people made speeches for different teachers. We all wore formal clothes and everyone looked splendid! I unfortunately don’t have any photographs but hopefully my friends will upload them soon on Facebook.

Celebreties Shoot for ELLE!

Here's the video of different shoots for ELLE!

It's the Shoes that make the Outfit!

Hello Everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday! Today was officially my LAST day of proper school, last Tuesday, last Math lesson and so on. Tomorrow is our Senior Farewell Assembly if you will, we will be taking part in a sort of thing, and some people will make speeches for different teachers. Tomorrow every Senior student has to wear formal clothes and everyone will look splendid! 

Macbook or Macbook Pro?

Macbook Pro or Macbook?
That is the question!

So as you probably know already in September I will be going to University (Finally) and right now i have an amazing Dell Laptop which works with no problems at all but since I've always wanted a mac but then i kept getting Windows as a first choice I decided that I'll get my first proper own Mac...either Macbook Pro or Macbook! So, It's time to decided and you guys need to help me, for those of you who have a mac, either a Macbook or Pro which one is better? By the way......Not as in faster and better quality but which fits you better, which one would you advise ME to get!
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Thanks for the ones who actually help me! 
Enjoyy! xx

Shisha Time with Nick & Alex! ♥

So on Saturday, as soon as I got up, i studied and then at around 2 I helped my mom made a cake, it's very yummy, I got to try it too! Then later on, we all went to Shisha Nick, Alex, My mom & I. It was really good chilling with them but very sad because it's their last weekend in Dubai! We chilled there for a bit and then went house-hunting saw some beautiful houses! It was lovely!
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Dolce Far Niente ♥

This weekend was awesome! Thursday as I told you about it HERE, I went to the mall with one of my best friends Olivia. Then, later that night my family and I went to my favourite Restaurant with my favourite food which is Mexican. On Friday, I woke up a little late than usual, towards 11am we went to get some supplies for food and then we went to the beach. Later that night, we had an amazing dinner with BBQ and some delicious wine. Finally, on Saturday morning, I went tanning with both Alex & Nick, it was really really hot stay there by the pool, so every 5 minutes I would have take a dip in the water to be fresh. Anyways, later at night I watched Grey's Anatomy (My favourite TV-Show). Such an amazing show! then, at night I went to sleep early cuz I was super tired!
Then, this passed Friday (the 16th April) My family & I went to the beach!
Tell me what you think!
Take care!
Here are 4 of my favouritte tracks!

Isn't he cute? ♥

When the Sun is not Shining!

Hey guys, hope you're all having an amazing weekend! Thursday was a beautiful day, spent most of my afternoon with one of my best friend Olivia and the night spent at the amazing Mexican Restaurant Maria Bonita!

Studying with Shisha!

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a great Wednesday! Today was another one of 
those days of intense studying days. I woke up early, showered with my awesome loud music.... and then studied the entire time. The only break I took was to eat lunch (which was fresh salad). Later on in the afternoon, Alex, Nick & I went to Reems Al Bawadi to have some Shisha and continue with studying

The Look

The Look


Senior Prank Day!

Hey guys! Guess what it was today? Our Senior Prank day! Today at 7pm until 11:30 I went to my school with my senior year class and we completely changed it around. It was a lot of fun! We started by putting toilet paper down the staircases, all around the school. Then we laid the lockers on top of each other so we made it into a pattern so the people would have to walk in a pattern to get from point A to point B. After that we put sellotape from wall to wall (like lots of it). Also, we bought 3,250 plastic cups which we filled with water and put on our third floor. After that, some idiots from our senior class decided to spray paint the walls, boards and lockers (BIG MISTAKE)!!!! And another big mistake was that people thew EGGS at some classes (on the doors, lockers and walls) Lastly, some other people brought 3 CHICKENS to our school and made a “cage” of lockers, if you will and put them there and wrote “SCHOOL'S ZOO” on top. (VERY STUPID IDEA + Animal cruelty, the poor chickens arrived at school in the tiniest box). Anyway, apart from the last two things I told you about. The rest (which were the lockers, cups and the sellotape) were REALLY fun.
The morning after, which we had water guns and about 20 cans of shaving cream that we put on the lower grade people, we had to spend our day cleaning everything. The worst parts was to clean all the eggs…also because they were DRY. It was bad. Then, next to my biology class, someone SPRAY PAINTED on a lower grades posters. Me and 2 of my friends had to re-type everything and re-make the posters.
In the end, we don’t regret any of this, we all had a lot of fun! Although, I do think the people who brought the chickens are cruel.

Make Up Tip with Lauren Conrad

Spring Colours are here!

Essie Nail Lacquers: Playa del Platinum, Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise & Caicos, Splash of Grenadine

The Colour of Spring!

Hey lovely ones! Hope your're all having an amazing Saturday! Today's my amazing Dad's birthday!! We are all very excited! Alex, Nick & I are going to drive them to a special place for dinner! yeey!

Hello Sunshine!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? Today has been lots of fun but very busy too! Since it was my Mom's birthday yesterday and my Dad's birthday tomorrow, Nick, Alex and I decided to do something special for them - we cooked a three course meal and even had three different types of desserts!

Flowy & Floral

Heyy guys! Hope you're all doing amazing! So today is my beautiful Mommy's birthday! In the morning, my sister, her boyfriend Nick and I all went to get her birthday presents..which are all so pretty!

Marvels of Dubai! ♥

Today I went for some wild shopping at the Dubai Mall, really big shopping mall for those of you who dont know. I bought some stuff also my new bag from Longchamp, it's simply beautiful!
Here are some the photographs I took of at Dubai Mall. Tell me you like them!
HERE's a video of the Dancing Fountains at the Dubai Mall!
Enjoy watching it! - It's worth it!

My Graduation Photographs!

& HERE THEY ARE..................


 Graduation Photographs day, spent 3 lessons =) First our individuals and then the entire year! Here are some awesome ones!

Skirts & Shorts

Hey guys! Today's post is all about skirts & shorts I like or that attracted me when I was looking through the sources! Hope you all like them!
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Please comment below! =)
Thanks darlings.

Questions & Answers!

Here are some Questions I received from my readers! 

What's your favourite purse?
My favourite purse is the CHANEL. It fits with everything. It looks good with anything. THIS is my favourite outfit with my purse.

I Love Shoes!

My Chanel ♥

CHANEL Ligne cambon tote Handbag!
This post is dedicated to my amazing Chanel! I adore it! ♥

Dresses for Spring

Lauren Conrad