In Between

Hello my dolls, how are you all doing? Yesterday was such a good day. We woke up in the morning and my sister & I went to the pool to try and soak up some sun – (it was so hot! We were about to melt!) Then we came home obviously showered, then quickly got dressed and went out with my family.

I Love Mr.Dude!

So here they are, the pictures my sister and i took after we came home from Graduation! My parents and my sister got me flowers, cake, Champagne, and Mr.Dude!( He's the one in the middle - lol!)! He is lovely and i adore him! Here are some awesome pictures we took with my sister Macbook Pro - Photobooth.
Enjoy! xx

Prom Look!

Here are the photographs i took of my dress, makeup, hair, purse & shoes...what i wore to prom! The night was amazing - i will never forget it!
Thanks to my amazing friends! Especially a few of them - you know who you are!
Enjoy the photographs!
P.S.Thanks to my amazing sister for the makeup, hair, as well as helping me chose both the dress, the shoes and nail polish on both hands and toes!
I love you! - Thank you for your lovely comments everyone!
I wish you an amazing Monday! xx

Prom Night!

Thanks to Oliva, Naomi, Yoonhee, Luca, AbhiJosephine,  Yasmine S, Yasmine A, & Joana for one of those amazing nights like this one! Prom this year was unforgettable! It was wonderful to be with you guys for this special night! I love you all! You girls in your dresses looked like movie stars! and the guys looked so formal! Thank you everyone!
The night was one to never forget! Please take some time to look at these photos i took during the night. First in our limo! then outside the limo when we got to the hotel, and finally at prom!
P.S. A speacial thanks to my sister who did both my hair & makeup. Used 1lt of Hair spray to make my curls stay curly more than an hour, and helped me pick out my gorgeous prom shoes! Thank you!
Enjoy the pictures you guys!
Love, Giulia

Graduation! ♥


Time Of Your Life ♥

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

Give Me Everything ♥

Leather & Stripes

Here are the pictures for today's look of the day!
I'm in a hurry because like i was telling you about it here, tonight is my Graduation Ceremony so i'm busy preparing everything and getting ready!
I will try to publish most of the pictures i take tonight tomorrow afternoon!
Thank you for your lovely comments beauties!
Enjoy your Thursday wherever you are!
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Giulia - xx

Save The World!

Lace Details

Hello there my dolls! Hope you’re all having a super fantastic Wednesday! 
Yesterday I went out with both my mum & my sister; It was such a beautiful day! We spent the entire day together. We went to a shopping mall in Dubai and then took some awesome pictures. It was a perfect day to take some outdoor pictures but with some insane heat.Today i had my Graduation rehearsal at school, from 8 am until 11:30 practicing to walk, sit stand like we need to do the night of Graduation. Tomorrow i'm busy the entire day as it is also my GRADUATION at night. From 8 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon i am super busy with Graduation Dress Rehearsal and after that i need to get ready for the night! I still can't believe I'm graduating! So super excited but guaranteed a few tears are going to drop down...I will tell you all about the graduation night on Friday morning! =)
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Here they are, please enjoy!


So Monday the 23rd May – since I follow Paris Hilton on twitter I saw her tweet saying “Hey Dubai! Looking forward to seeing you all tonight at 6pm at my handbag store at The Ibn Battuta Mall on Shaikh Zayed Road. See you soon!”
I immediately told my sister if she could drive me to Ibn Batuta Mall to see her, and guess what? She did!!!

Play It Cool!

Hello Dolls! Having a great Monday? I defiantly am! Today's look of the day is simple, I chose to wear beige jeggings from H&M - I think they're perfect for s/s as they're such a nice & neutral colour and so comfortable to wear!  For the top, I had a very cool pink shirt from Primark that my sister got me from Glasgow. It's so incredibly light and great for this insane Dubai summer heat! Matching it all with black shoes from New Look & black Balenciaga! I'm going to keep this brief because I'm off to go to the salon and then straight off to Lunch with my mum and sister, oh how I've missed this! :)


Hello lovelies! Hope you all had a lovely Sunday! Today was a very exciting day but also a very tiring one! My sister got here late last night and we stayed up chatting and catching up with my family until about 4:30 sleepy! When I helped my sister unpack, she showed me all the pretty shoes that she recently bought....I think she might have a serious problem (LOL) - Five pairs of shoes in three days!!! These are the times that it really sucks having a way bigger shoe size than her because it means that I can't borrow / steal her amazing new shoes! 
Today I'll be having an early night as I am waking up early tomorrow to have a girls day out with both my mum and my sister - first to the salon and then out to lunch!! So excited!!
(I love school being over and having nothing to do all the time!...LOL)
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I'm Walking on Sunshine! ♥

Hey guys!! I'm FINALLY back for real!! As you know I had my LAST exams yesterday! It was very exciting! My best friend Olivia, brought me beautiful flowers when she finished her business exam! She's super sweet!

& there went high school...

Here are all the books I needed to pile up and get ready to give back to my school!

The Edge Of Glory ♥

There ain't no reason you and me should be alone
Tonight, yeah baby
Tonight, yeah baby
I got a reason that you're who should take me home tonight

Guess What? ♥


& I Love My Polka Dots Headband! ♥

Here's the Look of the day for today! Today is my Second last day of exams! TOMORROW IS MY LAST EXAM!!! I'm SO SO happy!!! 
Thank you for being patient and waiting, on Friday MANY MANY pictures to come!
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I really appreciate your comments & emails! Thank you guys!
Enjoy your beautiful Thursday!
P.S. Sorry once again for the lack of posting, and for the bad quality pictures!

I Don't Usually Do This

The List.....

I made a list of the 20 favorite things i prefer most in this world....

1.My Dog (Nike)
2.My sister

He IS Cute Right?



How to make Cheesecake!

In English

Exams Are Almost Over!

Here's today's look of the day!
From Wednesday 18th May until Friday 20th May I will only post either random things or old pictures that i've found on my phone.
Thank you for being patient!
Enjoy your day!

Niki - My Dog

My Dog - Niki
She's adorable right??
I just love her!

Electric Blue top!♥

Have an amazing Monday!
P.s. sorry for the lack of outfit photos, i promise there will be loads and loads more from the 20th of May!

Another Brick in the Wall!♥

We don't need no education 
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

My Recent Purchases!

Hello Dolls, So today I want to show you all of my purchases that I got on Friday! Like I said HERE, my purchases were a new Chanel purse, 2 pairs of Chanel earings, 2 pairs of “put on eyelashes”, 3 different colours of nail polishes, and a new watch. Here are the pictures I took of all of the above! Enjoy and tell me what you think!
Have an amazing Sunday!
Thanks for your lovely comments!

What are you waiting for?

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all having a fabulous Saturday! Today i would like to show you the photographs i took last night  of the beautiful Burj Al Arab! and of course my look of the day! Also, today is not very exciting as it is another day dedicated to studying, so i need to stay home and only study for the last few exams.

Here Comes The Sun! ♥

Hello guys! Hope you all had an amazing Friday! Such a beautiful day for me!
Today was one of those days I wore the outfit I planned for days therefore it was super simple to pick both the shoes and purse I wanted to wear with that same outfit. My outfit always depends on my mood. Usually I would choose the outfit just before going out but for this one I chose it the other night.

Healthy Snacks for us Vegetarians!

Healthy Snacks for us Vegetarians

1. Hummus

Often served with pita bread, hummus is a middle-eastern dish that’s used as a dip or a spread. It’s often made with chickpeas, olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon. You can find other ways to zest up your recipe by adding other spices like cumin powder. The chickpeas make this dish very rich in protein and good dietary fibers. You can also accompany this with crackers, wheat bread, and even raw vegetables.

2. Breakfast Cereals

Anyone would agree that cereals aren’t strictly for breakfast only. These tasty flakes of healthy grain are great anytime of the day. If mixed up with some nuts and dried fruit, they’re not only tasty, but they provide much needed nutrition too. Vegans are often missing out on Vitamin B12, commonly found in meat and dairy. Most packaged cereals now are fortified with Vitamin B12, so it’s actually advisable to snack on them throughout the day.

The Pony Tail

Hello Dolls, hope you're all having an amazing Wednesday! Today is the day to start my super crazy intense studying Spanish, Biology & Business. After my studying i will be going out with my family hopefully take a lot of pictures too! 
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Erin Heatherton in Victoria's Secret Swimwear Spring 2011

 Erin Heatherton Light Blue Rose Printed Swimsuit

Happy Mother's Day!♥

Here are some pictures i took today!
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To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Summer Time: Beauty Tips

It's time to get chic for the summer.  Time to put on that sexy summer clothes and hit the outdoors, especially the beach.  But before having too much fun in the sun, let's make sure that we are SUN proof.  And what better than to start with our makeup.  Let's take a look at some helpful tips that will help our makeup look its best while making sure our skin stays nice and glowing.

May oh May!

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all having an amazing Thursday afternoon!

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Enjoy the pictures!

Summer Dresses!

Here are some awesome Summer dresses!
Make your ideas and dreams come true this Summer!

Don't Stop Me Now! ♥

New videos coming soon!
Please be patient and enjoyyy!

Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive
And the world, I'll turn it inside out yeah
I'm floating around in ecstasy
So don't stop me now
Don't stop me
'cause I'm having a good time
Having a good time

I Can Hardly Wait!

Hey guys, sorry i didn't really post anything...for the past two days, as i told you i start my exams tomorrow and finish on the 20th of May, so for a while i will be posting random photographs i took at different times..but i dont think i will have time to post any new ones at this stage.
Wish me luck! & Can't wait to show you new pictures from the 20th of may! On the 26th May in the late afternoon, my Graduation is taking place and on the 27th finally my Prom!
P.S. On may 28th i OFFICIALLY start my summer! I'm so so so excited!
What are you doing this summer?
where are you going?
Let me know!
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Enjoy the photographs!

Mess it up ♥ - The Video

Here's the video of the post from the other day, if you havent seen it you can click HERE! I was being silly and crazy! Enjoy the video and please comment!
Thank you!