Days in Doha!

So here are a few more pictures from Doha these days, there are some taken with my phone, and finally a picture of Omar, since I didn’t have one….soon I’ll take one with him!
On Thursday, Tamara’s Birthday party, on Friday we went to the Doha Waif  Souk – it was awesome I had a lot of fun with the family!
After that, before heading home we went for a walk at the Cornish! – I had a great time!

I will add more pictures soon, sorry about the inconvenience but blogger has been very slow and annoying these past few days, that’s why I haven’t been updating much!
Thank you for being patient my lovelies! & thank you so much for the amazing emails! It means a lot!
Thank you for your comments! You are amazing!
Enjoy, Giulia

Tamara! little babyyyy!
Mummy & Daughter!
Mother & Daughter!
Anda & I!  Like a Sister to me!
Arab & I
Us & Tamara!

the Souk!



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