La Tenue Parfaite ♥

Yes, the Perfect Outfit!!I simply adore this outfit! So, here they are, the pictures of my look of the day! Since I'm in Qatar with family friends i haven't been taking outfit photo, Anda (the teenager - she's lovely) wanted to take pictures of me & for me to take pictures of her also, so here they are. All the times i have been out with Omar, Zaid, Anda & their parents I've taken pictures of them and with! I loved what i was wearing, so casual, chic and simple! The Louis purse & the Gucci shoes make the outfit stand out!

On Sunday (the 26th June) I have a flight back to Dubai, i'm very excited to see my family & my baby (Dog)- I miss everyone a lot! Anyways Enjoy the pictures & in the next post i will be back in my "HOME SWEET HOME!" - Can't wait!
Wishing you an amazing Sunday!

(This last picture, i edited)
I was Wearing:
- Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag
- H&M Jeggings
- Salmon colour top from Forever XXI
- Chanel earings
- Gucci shoes ( I adore them! )


  1. i love the LV bag!!! =D xoxo
    if you want take a look at my blog...i'd really appreciate it!

  2. Thank you so much!
    I will for sure!