Falls of Foyers! ♥

We also went to visit the beautiful waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands, The Falls of Foyers & we took some pictures while walking towards them. The waterfall was beautiful & where we took the pictures we had an amazing view.
Enjoy them & hope you have a great day ahead!

From London, with Love! ♥

Hi to all of you beauties from London, .....it continues from Wednesday i think it was..we went to visit the beautiful London Bridge!
Looking fabulous as always, we took a bunch of pictures posing with it, in front of it, holding the bridge and so on.
Enjoy your day! & Have an amazing weekend!

Carnaby Street ♥

Carnaby Street, another beautiful "thing" we visited, It looks so pretty all the time, even when it's raining a lot and there are a bunch of people walking & you get lost so many times. =) I just basically love London & everything about it! =)

This is London! ♥

Here are a few pictures of us & the Big Ben! =)

Around London! ♥

Some of the pictures i took when we were walking around Oxford Street & other streets in London! Full of people, loads and loads of shops and cars everywhere.

London, you are Beautiful! ♥

Here are some pictures we took in the Trafalgar Square, here we took a few of me & some of my sister & I. Teehee it was super fun in London.

London is Magic! ♥

Hello my dolls, hope you're all fresh and having a fantastic day!
So, the day we arrived in London, unfortunately we didn't do a lot of touring also because it was late in the afternoon and we were all really tired from hoping on trains, buses, airplanes and so on. The morning after we all woke up really early and went out immediately, first out to breakfast and soon after, to start visiting the magical city of London!! =) And finally that's where the beginning of capturing more than 1000 pictures in this city started!

My Hotel Room In London!

Here they are, the pictures I took of my room , in the hotel I was staying at in London!
It was nothing huge, it was big enough for me, perfect and comfortable double bed, a desk, a TV and a cute bathroom! =)

Last few days in Italy!

Here are the last few pictures of the last nights we were there! 

The Harry Potter Bridge!

For all the Harry Potter fans out there! Here are the pictures we ended up taking in front of the bridge which is scene in the Harry Potter movies!

Scottish Highlands!

In the Scottish Highlands! Such amazing & beautiful places!

Sheep In The Scottish Highlands!

Sheep are cute! I've always loved animals, but driving around the highlands and stopping to see and touch sheep was adorable! & here are the pictures we managed to take!
Enjoy them & have a great day!

Loch Ness Lake

Here are some of the pictures from the "Loch Ness", a lake in Northern Scotland. People believe there's actually a Monster, and they named it Nessy. I honestly believe its a huge sea creature a sort of like fish that looks like a monster, but it's not. 
Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday! Enjoy the pictures! Loads more to come!

Summer Days in Italy! ♥

Hello guys! Hope you’re all doing great! Well as you know, I haven’t been uploading the pictures on to the blog because I've been on holiday, super busy visiting different places! & if you follow me on my Twitter Profile or on my Facebook Page you would have read that I have taken over 3800 pictures in my entire holiday….and summer is not over yet!

I Can't Wait To See You!

I can't wait to be in Dubai, only because i miss home, & my amazing baby-girl Niki but I've had the BEST time in my Summer holiday in Europe!!

I'm in LONDON!

Hello guys! hope you're all having an amazing Tuesday!!! =)

I'm in LONDON!!! I've only been here one day and we've done so much and seen so many things in this beautiful city!

On The Way to London!

As you’re reading this, I’m taking the 8 hour bus to London town! It’s going to be a long day, hard staying awake, but so worth it!
Soon, I promise I’ll publish some new photos in the next post!
Wishing you an amazing Monday!

2209 photographs shot & I haven’t even reached London

So have you ever wondered how many pictures you take with your camera during the Summer Holidays? Well since I was in the car…on our road trip, after I finished reading some of my novel, the one I’m currently reading now, an Italian one I decided to count up how many pictures I took this summer. Yes, so many!! Starting from last few days in May, when my summer started after my final exams, Dubai and from that day – Friday 20th May I took exactly 132. Then in June I went to see family friends in Qatar and in Doha I took 579 pictures! I find that pretty awesome because when you look back into your 2tb (810,000) of space and you go through the pictures its amazing to see all those amazing memories.

Inverness, You're Beautiful!

Hey guys! hope you're all having an amazing Sunday! I'm kinda in a hurry because this morning is the day we leave Inverness to go back to Glasgow only for one night & then tomorrow we will be traveling to London!

Road Trip to Inverness!

So here they are, a few pictures i took during our road trip from Glasgow to Inverness! =)
We went to loads of different places along the way which have impossible Scottish name i can't pronounce and one of the places had the cutest horses, which I obviously went next to and fed & took pictures with them! They were freaking ADORABLE!
Enjoy the pictures guys!
Hope you're all having an amazing Summer!

Inverness Here i come!!

I'm on my road- trip to Inverness! I will be taking many many pictures from today onwards! I can't wait to show you all!
I'll write again when i get there!!
Wishing you all an amazing Friday!
What are you guys all doing today?

She Graduated from University!

My sister, Alex, has officially graduated from The University of Strathclyde! Yesterday was her Graduation day! It was fantastic! Scottish people are the best! They’re all so sweet! Firstly, the principle made a speech, then when they called the graduating class one by one and ofcourse then when my sister was about to go on stage, I took may many pictures of her…=) She looked gorgeous! I’m such a proud sister!!

Hehe! My day was amazing yesterday! In total I took 304 pictures!! Yes I know, I am a little crazy, but I couldn't help it! It was a beautiful day here in Glasgow, and my sister looks stunningly gorgeous so I had to take loads! Plus, I adore looking at all the amazing memories from that day! =)
Enjoy the beautiful pictures!

Love, from Glasgow!

Loving Glasgow!

Today is my first full day in Glasgow, I've loved this place since the plane landed, the nice cold weather, the streets, the people & the beauty of Glasgow!

Now i'm in our apartment but today i'll be going to my sister's Graduation ceremony! =)

Day At The Lake!

Here are another set of pictures, shot in another location, again beautiful places, i just love Italy! Here are the pictures! 
Enjoy your Wednesday!

Goodbye Italy, Hello Scotland!

I've had a lot of fun in Italy!! Like i told you guys earlier i went out with friends, family, saw old family friends, went to eat the best croissant in my town at the restaurant called Tre Amici! & ate the best Gelato in Italy at the place next to my old school.  Here are some pictures of Italy & of some amazing places i went to! It was lovely to see all of the people I saw & met up with! Really had an amazing time with all of them!

The Beautiful Castle!

Wishing you all an amazing Tuesday!

Under The Italian Sun!

Hey lovelies, once again, like I've said this earlier, I've been loving Italy. I've been super busy with seeing friends & family. Went out almost everyday with either friends or family and the other day i took these photos when i went for a walk in this little forest like thing. It was beautiful, full of trees and just beautiful!

Street Party in Italy!

Here are the pictures we took when me and some close friends here in Italy took when we went to the Street Party i mentioned in an earlier post!

In The Fields

Hello Sunshines! How are you all doing? Hope you all had an amazing Saturday! Sorry for the lack of posting, yesterday i only got internet for about an hour and i was super busy but had an amazing time!

Best Croissants Ever

These are simply the best croissants in the world!

I'm Loving Italy!

  Hey Lovelies! How are you all doing? I'm having the best time here in Italy, last night we went to this beach club with a group of friends, i also met these friends i had not seen in a super long time! It was nice seeing them after ages! Anyways here are the few pictures i took the night before when i saw my best friend after 2 years! Many more photos to come soon! I've been a bit busy & didn't have internet everyday so please try to be patient! Tonight, i'll be going out with the same group of people once again, at a different club this time! I promise i'll take pictures!

Ti Amo Italia! ♥

Hey guys! Hope you’re all having an amazing Thursday!!! Yesterday, I went to get my haircut at this amazing salon here in Italy.

Italy! ♥

Heyy guys! How are you all doing?
Italy has been amazing since I got here; I spent most of my time with my aunt & grandma here where I am now. I’ve taken a few pictures in Italy, but obviously today’s my first official day here so I’ll publish them either tomorrow or some other day. Sorry about the lack of posting here in Italy I’ve only got internet on some places like internet cafes and my best friends house.

Italy, I’ve missed you!

I’m in Italy! I’m not going to have internet until the 7th of July when I go to my best friend’s house or later this week I might go to an internet café!

I'm in Italy!

Good Morning loves! So here I am, after waking up at 4am this morning and going to sleep at 2 am (Yes I know I only got to actually sleep for 2 freaking hours!!!!) a couple of flights, a few trains and buses we managed to arrive in Italy. Since our flight was changed, we were suppose to leave at around 8 am and stop in Amsterdam for like an hour (so just the time to go to drink / eat a snack and then leave again to fly to Italy.

iAmsterdam! ♥

I had the BEST time in Amsterdam, even though I only spent a few hours there, I really had a great time going around the city, taking pictures, buying funny Amsterdam souvenirs, & ofcourse having the awesome waffles they make in that city! I loved all the canals, everyone was extremely friendly. It was such a good day, everyone was out chilling in their boat or around the city sitting in a bar with music, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere!

Europe here I come!

As you’re reading this I’m on my way to my small sort of euro trip! I LOVE Europe! I’m super excited for this holiday!

I'll see you in a bit, Dubai!

I’m on my way to Italy but I will be stopping in Amsterdam for a few hours!
I’ll be taking A LOT A LOT of pictures! =)

My Other Half & I

So here are some picture my sister & I took in front of the mirror!

Networked Blogs!

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Do You Mind?

Here's my look of the day i got shot on Saturday, a beautiful day in Dubai out with my loves at the Dubai walk! =) Love the shisha there! Wednesday i went out with one of my really close friends from one of the schools i went to here in Dubai. We have always kept in touch but it was time to meet and catch up with important things in our lives that have been happening! I've been having a really great 4 day weekend.


WOOP WOOP! This is my 200th POST! =)
After 200 posts, my blog has: 51,276 views in total!

Out with my loves!

So, here they are, the pictures from when i went out to this awesome club / bar with my sister and a group of her friends!

Classy & Comfortable

It’s Saturday and it’s been a 3-day weekend in Dubai! Yeey! =) All the people who were working last week – hope you enjoyyyyed this weekend! Since the other night I went out with my sister, & a group of friends, I’ll be showing you the pictures I took there & hopefully some pictures that will be shot today! I shall let you know!

J'adore ♥

Designing new fashion pieces! I love art! I love designing shoes & dresses & tattoo designs!