My Hotel Room In London!

Here they are, the pictures I took of my room , in the hotel I was staying at in London!
It was nothing huge, it was big enough for me, perfect and comfortable double bed, a desk, a TV and a cute bathroom! =)

I loved sleeping in that bed, every morning I had to get up early because i needed to visit places in London, if i could have, in that comfy bed, I would have probably slept for 10 hours straight!
Alright, wishing you an amazing day! Enjoy!

Blurry picture of the bathroom! - sorry i was in a hurry when i took these pictures!
My bed!
My view from the window.
  Desk =)
TV, Heater & Door..
Again, view from the window
My comfy bed with my stuff on it!
Window, TV, desk & Bed.


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