Food Diary: Summer Holiday

 Chocolate Croissant & Hot chocolate for another breakfast! {in London!} =)

So here they are, all the pictures i took of almost every meal i ate on my holiday or thought that it looked delicious. If you see the meals with meat they're my dad's meal...because i am a vegetarian!
Later on i will write down each location and name of restaurant of each dish. 
Enjoy the pictures my loves!

Kinder Delice!!! {in Italy!}
Esta The - Best Ice Tea in the World {in Italy!}
Tiny Oreos {On my way to London!}
{In Italy}
 Croissant {in Inveness!}

{In London}
 Chocolate Croissant & Hot Chocolate
Pan di Stelle {in Italy!}
Delicious Italian Pizza!! {in London!}
 Eggs & Orange Juice in London! =)
Gocciole! J'adore! {in Italy!}
 Beans on bread for one of my breakfast days! {in London!}
Pavesini!! {in Italy!}
 Jacket potato with Tuna =) {O'Neill, in London!}
Tomato Soap that i had another day =) {O'Neillin London!}
My dad's plate, Ramp Steak that he got one of the nights on our holiday. It looks yumm! {O'Neillin London!}
More delicious biscuits!! {in Italy!}
Chocolate Declaire {in Glasgow!}
{In the Scottish Highlands}
{In Inverness}
{In London}
{In Inverness}
{In Italy}


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