J'adore Camden Town! ♥

These are the pictures when we took the underground to arrive at Camden Town, I think this is one of my favourite place in London! =)  Not too many people, full of shops, bars & restaurants. Everyone super friendly! The town seems just so perfect & amazing! We got a lot of photos taken, especially my sister & I! =)
We bought such awesome stuff, & pretty things, can't wait to show you!
Hope you like them!
Wishing you all a fantastic day!

Getting Banana & Strawberry Smoothie!

It looks yum right? It was delicious!
Vintage stores!

Bubble Tea My sister & I tried out!
Vintage Market

Walking around Camden Town! =)
Snack time! {This was around 12pm} =)

Look how many belly piercing choices they had!!! AMAZING!
Yum Pizza!! =) {5 hours later - I'm hungry again!}

My sister & I =)
Proud to hold an English Flag!
Me posing with the gazillion belly rings!

Bye Camden Town - We Love you!


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