Uni With Friends

Hey guys, so I wanted to show you some the pictures I've been taking over the few weeks...We're in week 9 & I'm loving Uni!

Azeen, Leslie, Roxanne, Roisin, Sabrina & so many other people make my days so much brighter!
I love you guys! Hope you like the pictures & Please don't forget to follow me on Twitter!

 Roisin casually playing guitar at Uni! Adore this girl! 
 My many books and bag at Uni... :)
All pictures from here & down are taken by Roxanne with a Nikon D50
On our way to Uni

At Uni

Roisin playing guitar again - taken by me!

Taken with blackberry - sorry for the bad quality.
My lovelies! - Leslie & Roxanne
Thinking... :)


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