Goodbye November

I cannot believe this year is almost over. November has been a really great month. Full of magic and unbelievable days! Hope it was a really amazing month for you too!
Now it's goodbye November & Hello December!
Hope next month will be full of amazing surprises, fun memories & laughter!

Kate Moss Lipstick Collection | Rimmel London

How amazing is the Lipstick Collection Kate Moss launched for Rimmel London?
I'm in love with each and every colour. I want to own ALL of them!

Drop Dead

I can't get over this song.
My new obsession
Enjoy guys!!

Casual Day

Another week has gone by and i'm surrounded by my design books and studying for business. Like I told you in the previous posts, I've been busy working on my "Re-Design" project, once it's fully completed I will definatly show you what I've been doing.
Yesterday afternoon, after working on my design project for hours, I decided it was time for a small break and decided to take some outfit photos. So here is the outfit I chose; River Island skinny jeans, my new H&M wedges, my black Balenciaga, and a simple blue top bought in Glasgow this past summer, adding a simple black cardigan as to be honest, it wasn't too warm outside while I was shooting the pictures.

My New Wedges

Preview of my look of the day for tomorrow! Do you like them?

Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 2!

I am so so so so so so excited about this season!
I've been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians since ages. From the very first episode of the very first season I've been in love with the family! It's my favourite Reality-TV-Show. I also love watching this show because it almost feels like you're right there in the scene. I just love it! & as you probably  know last month (October) I got to meet one of my favourite Kardashian girls! Kim Kardashian! =) 

Paint It Black

I've always loved listening to music, even when I was a toddler I remember dancing with my grandma to really old songs! When I do any type of homework I always sit down with either my iPod or my iTunes on. Since I've been doing this mega project I can't stop listening to music. Here I showed you & told you what i'm working on.

Dubai Air Show: Day Five!

Hey babies, how are you all doing today? Thursday was a pretty good day! I finished one of the many drawings I have to do for my Re-Design Project which is very exciting! =) Remember the first day that I went to the Dubai Air Show (Day 1)?
Here are the pictures I took last Thursday on the last day of the Dubai Air Show.

Weekends Like These...

 Another new purchase, the Blackberry Bunny case! It's so cute right? I love it! 
From Monday (21st Nov) I've been working on a kinda-huge project for Uni for my Design class. It's awesome, we chose any fashion-related object and we Re-Design it ourselves!
I chose Corsets (Soon there will be on the corsets that I got inspired by). It's such a fantastic project because I also get to chose my own material and how I re-design my new corset.

Animal Action-Abu Dhabi 102

This beautiful dog's name is Robin! He was found in the desert tied to a tree.

Remember how I told you about my new project with a friend of mine Joann over here?
Well, here's the next post.
Hope to get many many requests for these dogs that need a home!

Walk This Way

Hello lovelies! If you follow me on Twitter or you "like" my Facebook Page you probably know it was my sister's birthday on Tuesday. I had one of the most amazing days. Soon enough I can share the exciting news with you! For this look of the day i chose to wear simple and plain white shirt from H&M, my River Island jeans, my beautiful new Alexander McQueen scarf and my new Tory Burch clutch. For the shoes, I chose to wear my Forever XXI cream / nude heels. They're so comfortable, I love them!

Animal Action-Abu Dhabi 101

He is 7 months old
Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped.
Extremely loving and and affectionate dog
Walks well on the leash
Doesn't seem to like other cats or dogs, so just to be on the safe side, good as an only pet.

Hello all, this will be one of the most important posts on my blog. As you all know I really love dogs & all types of animals in general. One of my best friends contacted me the other day and said if I wanted to help out a friend of her as she volunteers in a kennel. 
The name of the organization is Animal Action-Abu Dhabi. 

Happy Birthday To My Other Half ♥

Alex, you're the most amazing sister in this universe. I love you so so much! Thank you for EVERYTHING, and when i say that i mean it! Thank you for being my Sister, My other-half, my photographer, my assistant at Fashion Shows, my makeup artist, my stylist and my inspiration. I wouldn't have done any of this without you!
Thanks for everything. I LOVE YOU MY OTHER HALF!

Happy Birthday Azeen!

Thanks for being such a darling! Hope you have the best birthday ever! Love you daughter ;) ;)

This Is It! ♥

Hey guys! how are you? Hope all of you guys are doing amazing! So here's another look of the day! I choose to wear simple skinny jeans from River Island, a light purple top, a white short cardigan, black and white flats from New Look and my new Louis Vuitton Demier Speedy. I also added one of my favourite necklaces because i thought it looked quite cute with this outfit! I love outfits which are this simple & just so comfortable!

Sunday Shoe Love: Kandee Shoes

Blueberryade at 199 Pounds shop by clicking here

I'm in love with KANDEE Shoes! They're just so awesome & they're a bit over-priced for shoes in general. Kandee Shoes have a gorgeous collection. Check it out by clicking HERE.

Cheers to the freaking weekend!

Hello dolls! How are you all doing? Hope everyone had the most fantastic weekend! I've been quite busy with Uni work that's the reason i haven't been updating my blog a lot. The other day i also went to the Dubai Air Show once again to take some more pictures. I promise i'll publish them very soon. This weekend was really good!

My New Purchases

Here are some of my recent purchases adding them to my Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy & my Alexander McQueen scarf. Here are the rest of the things I recently bought.
Hope you love all the purchases as much as I do! Which one's your favourite?

Dubai Air Show: Day One!

What an amazing show! The Dubai Air Show only occurs every 2 years. The last one was fantastic and so perfect. Thanks to my dad, I'm lucky enough to get to go in with a VIP pass =)

Versace for HandM

Have you made your versace for H&M selection yet?

We have all been waiting for this day... and lets just say its about time!

Tuesday Top Ten: November

24 Hours in DXB ♥

This is breathtaking.
♥ Dubai!

Britney Spears Baby!

Man, the concert was just so incredible! It was simply amazing. There was only one bad part, it felt like it was really short but I enjoyed every tiny moment of it! I had the most amazing time with my best friend Ana & my amazing sister that night.

Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy ♥

So I’ve been wanting a Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 35 Satchel for a really long time because since I’ve got the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 35 that I wore here  and here. I wanted that bag for a super long time and was never able to get it until tonight. Now I’ve got the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Alma in Rose Florentin & my other two babies! My favourite in my closet right now. My new Louis also  known as My baby!!

End Of Eid Holidays!

Hey dolls! It’s Sunday again, another amazing week has gone by and our holiday has (sadly) finished. I had the best holiday! It was great spending some time with my family & with my friends too. Went to shisha a few times, went clubbing some days & the rest of the time, my mom & I went House-Hunting. Uni has been awesome so far.

This is such a cute baby!

This has nothing to do with my fashion blog, someone sent me this video and i thought it was adorable so here it is. 
Enjoyy :)
Hope you had an amazing 11.11.11


So today, so far has been amazing & it makes it even more amazing because I'm getting ready to go to Abu Dhabi for the Britney Spears Concert! Remember this? After I got my tickets for Britney Spears, just 2 days before the concert I got extremely excited!

Designer Day: John Galliano

 -  Who are they? John Galliano
-          What do they do? British Fashion Designer
-          What type of work are they known for?  couture and ready to wear

It's Britney B***h! ♥


From Dubai with Love!

A beautiful day in Dubai, it was worth taking some shots of this beautiful scenery.
A perfect day to have lunch with my sister in this beautiful weather!

Little Black Dress

Hello dolls! :) Here's another look of the day, I wore this little black dress the other day that I went out with my sister! For my outfit I wore the dress which I bought not too long ago from Foever XXI, my heels are also from there but I bought them early this year. and my Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis, I love her.

My Busy Mornings!

A perfect snack in the middle of the day!
Tomorrow more outfit photos! :) Today's also a really busy day!

Rainy Morning In Dubai

Woke up to this view outside my house! It was raining so much, i loved it!
Dubai readers, did you see it too?
Sorry for the bad quality, taken with my phone.

Aye Aye Captain

Hello beauties!
Hope you're all having a fantastic day so far! A beautiful start to my day with a RAINY morning in Dubai! I'm loving it! For all those who celebrated, hope you had an amazing Eid! Today is another day full of work for University. I need to try and finish as much as I can because i'm going out with friends tomorrow night and I'm probably not coming home early!

For today's look of the day i chose to wear simple jeans shorts by American Eagle Outfitters, combining them with my stripy shirt from H&M & my purse from Nine West and adding one of my favourite heels to the outfit which are my Bershka Salmon Pink heels. I think this outfit is very simple but can be perfect for a night out. I added the red lipstick to make it stand out but i think the main item of the outfit are the shoes. I love them!

Smart Casual

Hello lovelies!
Sunday, a day full of work for University! Hope you all have a great Sunday & an amazing start of the week!
For my outfit I chose to wear a simple white dress from Bershka, a perfect purple blazer from Stradiverious, my heels from Bershka & my bag by Balenciaga! What's your favourite item? I love this look a lot!

Brights & Basics

Hello Beauties! How are you guys all doing? I'm doing great. Yesterday was a really good day, I can't tell you why yet but I promise as soon as I can share it with you all I will!
Today was a chilled day as well.
For my outfit I chose to wear simple jeans shorts from American Eagle Outfitters, a white shirt I bought from Forever XXI, my heels are also from Forever XXI, my blazer from Cotton On & my clutch from Primark (bought a while ago in the UK).

Leather & Studs

Happy Friday Everyone!
Today was a chilled day after a crazy night on Thursday out with my friends after spending the entire day with my babe Azeen! :)
Thursday was awesome, met some new cool people too! It was great!
Friday was good because I spent the day with my family and had such an awesome time! :)
Here are the pictures of my outfit. On Friday I chose to wear simple Jeans Shorts bought a while ago from H&M, a plain white shirt & a lovely blazer that i recently got that I'm totally in love with. Simple black shoes & my black Balenciaga for my bag.

A Day With Azeen!

A day spent with Azeen, one of my best friends. Love you babes!

Sneak Peek Of My New Haircut! :)

Here's a picture of my new haircut!
Do you guys like it?

Happy Birthday Ana! :)

Happy Birthday to my babygirl, one of my bestest friends!
Hope you have the most amazing birthday ever!
TAT my bitch, slut, whore face! :)

Hello November! :)

(picture taken Summer 2011 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

I'm super excited because first of all from today (1st November) I don't have University until the 12th November which means I get 12 days off! how exciting! :)