My Sister in Town!!!

Guess what guys? Both my sister and Nick are HEREEEEEEE!!! they got here this morning, super early My sister brought me so many gifts, it's inane! I'm super happy though! I cant wait to show you all everything she brought me. Also, I LOVE MY AMAZING NEW PURSE, I added photographs from today! We went out all together for shisha. Now we're going to have an amazing BBQ, My dad's the best in cooking with our bbq! 
Enjoy the new pictures =)

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Thanks guys!

Purses I Adore!

& it feels like Spring!

The outfits I chose today was simple and my shoes, purse and t-shirt were the same color black pants and a black jacket. A day to remember! I'll talk to you about it soon, I promise!

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Il outfit che ho scelto per la giornata di oggi, era molto semplice e le mie scarpe, borsetta e maglieta sono lo stesso colore, invese ho i pantaloni neri e una jackina nera anche. Oggi è stata una giornata bellissima! Una girnata da ricordarsi! Ve ne parlerò presto, promesso!

EXCLUSIVE - South African Pannekoek

Shares her secret recipes

Sundays like these.....

First 4 hours I was studying MATH (I hate it), and then Espanol and lastly BIOLOGY! such fun times ey? So in the morning, I got my lovely Caramel Macchiato, which was heaven! and my croissant for breakfast, apart from that, I guess the only really awesome part was I spoke to a friend in Australia, and he was helping me out with the photography school I want to attend. He gave me some useful information since he lives there.
Well, as you probably saw from the first photograph, Sunday was an old boring day, full on studying for Finals! YEEY TIMES (NOT!!!!)

oh, Saturday!

So this morning was an interesting morning, I went to the pool for a bit (it's getting really insanly hot to even go outside the house), I tried to tan for a bit, but the sun kept leaving behind the clouds. It was very very annoying. Then, when I came home, I had one of those really long showers with really loud music and after that I didn't do much since I just watched movies and the usual stuff at home. In the afternoon, I went for a walk with my baby (Niki). This time she saw a cat, and once again, thank God he ran off. Niki was already going crazy from miles away from him.

Hey! It's FRIDAY!

You can start feeling the heat in Dubai! It's getting ridiculously hot! Today is Friday and I had some awesome Friday Activities to get done. So today, it was a pretty good day! First, since I bought myself 4 new pairs of shoes, and a new purse I decided to take pictures of all of that, then I  cleaned up my room and my closets and finally finished printing all the pictures for the frame (filled with photographs) above my bed. Then I took Niki (My dog) for a long walk! Later on in the afternoon, I went for a walk around and about and I also wore my NEW PURSE and the NEW HEELS I bought the other day.


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Spring Break is here!

Finally holidaying!
So for those of you for who are going to school, work or have a really busy day ahead, hope you all have an amazing day!
Yesterday I was already home at 12, it was perfect to have a lazy day and rest, I was really tired. Today I will be taking a lot of photographs, including: Look of the day, some photographs of random things that inspire me and I will talk to you about some new style tips and show you my new haircut! =) I didn't change it a lot, also because for Prom I want my hair long in length.
Today is officially the first (and last - since I'm never going back to high school after I graduate) day of my holiday!
Alright guys, keep checking back for updates!

Thursday's Post

Hey lovely ones, hope you're all having a great day!
Sorry I didn't have time to post much but today I was really busy.

I'm a Busy Bee

Heyy guys!
Hope you're all having an amazing Tuesday! I've been super busy this week, from Thursday last week, its been a little hectic. Hope you enjoy my blog!
Stay updated & Keep checking back for updates! 

Just an obsession!

Hello guys, these photographs are just some experiments if you will when I'm in the mood for photography. Random photographs of a Lemon seemed perfect! 

My Personal Style Tips

Style: My style depends on my mood, Sometimes in the mood for bright colors and other times for long shirts and legginngs. I do love being simple,i love simple clothe and I adore jeans.
Style Icons (from Hollywood): Blake Lively, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Sophia Bush

Make up Must-haves: Rimmel 300 Sand foundation, Rimmel blush, maybeline mascara , liquid eyeliner, and normal pencil eyeliner, Bobby Brown liquid eye liner, mac eyeshadow.

Favorite Make Up Product: Eye liner!

Signature Fragrance: Daytime, Dolce & Gabbana - light blue and Evening - Gucci Rush 2

Lips or Eyes: I always like a lot of Mascara!

My Amazing Saturday!

Hey guys, Having an amazing Saturday? well, I've been having an amazing one! This weekend I was busy all 3 days so it was beautiful!

International Day & Happy Birthday Italy!

 International Day & Happy Birthday Italy!
Hey guys, hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! Yesterday Thursday 17th March 2011 it was the 150th Anniversary of Italy, so for that Happy Birthday Italy! =)
As i told you in yesterday's was International day at my old school, so in the afternoon at around 4:30i went there and saw all my beautiful girlies! it was LOVELY to see all of them!! =)

No time!

Hey guys, hope you're all doing fine and had a great week. I haven't been able to post anything on my blog because I've been really busy with school work and some projects. This weekend i'll be posting new pictures from various events.

Photography Photography Photography!

Photo captured by John Mills (Click HERE to See More From John Mills)
These photographs are beautiful! They're probably taken with a fantastic camera, but that is definatly not the reason why these photographs are so amazing. It's only because the photographer has done so much and put in effort to make the photograph beautiful.

Night Photography!

These photographs were taken at night, it was also very dark.I've been wanting to try and "experiment" with Night Photography for a while now, THIS video inspired me.

A Touch Of Pink

Hey guys,  hope you had a fantastic Saturday, sorry about this post being super late, but I was busy the entire day. I woke up pretty early today, did work, from the morning until 1.
Then a friend of mine (Family friend) asked if I was available to babysit her babygirl Maisie  (remember her from THIS (second picture after the paragraph)) So yeh, did some babysitting from then until 3pm and after that I went to out, and finally after that i went to get my delicious Starbucks, Caramel Macchiato!!! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!
Tell me what you guys did!
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Thanks guys!


Hey Guys, hope you're all doing good! Here are some pictures I shot today . I went shopping. My dad bought me a photography book. I thought it was really sweet of him! 
Today was all about shopping. I went crazy on these little things I literally fell in love with.  From tshirts, Jackets, cardigans, purses, rings and necklesses! It was a good day for shopping. I adore the things I bought, I also cannot wait to show you how they look on me! After a few hours of shopping, we stopped for a coffee, obviously at Starbucks, as you know I'm a starbucks addict, so yes. I love shopping with my mom because she buys me pretty things! She's lovely! Hope you guys enjoy the photographs!
Enjoy the rest of your day! 

It's Wednesday!

Good Morning to you all, hope you're all having an awesome week.

Baby, i was born this way

Good Morning to you all, hope you're all having an awesome week.Yesterday afternoon I had the longest shower ever. I love listening to music when getting ready or I'm dressing up and when I'm in the shower. So my laptop stayed by my side during all the time in the  bathroom, looking at me singing and dancing like a fool.

Make Up Products I Love!

What I wanted to tell you about was make up products, I love Nicole Ricchie's hair and make up and Kim kardashian's make up - it's always just so perfect!


The other day, I went out around the mall, and as I was walking around, I went to H&M and I saw these shoes, I fell in love

My Sunday Short Posts

Hey guys, its Sunday again, (which sucks for me). In most of parts of the world, you guys are having a wonderful weekend and the rest are at school, or work. For those of you who are having a wonderful weekend, I ENVY YOU!!!

A Must-Watch Video

Night Photography is AMAZING!

A Touch Of Purple

Hello guys, Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! 
Today I woke up, had breakfast and studied! 
These another few pictures I was able to take in my Study breaks!
Tomorrow, another Sunday (Sad times), hopefully this week will pass by very quickly.
I cant wait till my spring break, only for the reason that I dont have to wake up at 6am, the other reason is because I will be spending time with my Sister, Alex (remember her from THIS) & as well as Nick, my sister's boyfriend from almost 8 years I think it is. Nick, he's like a brother to me. We met when I was pretty young. Also, we get along at times, but we also brothers and sisters! Nick & Alex are like ONE person now, they're like,Brangelina...they're together from forever! Oh, and when they'll get married, I'm their Bride's maid AND MAID OF HONOUR! (Hopefully Nalex wont read this post!)
Alright well, here are some pictures Enjoy and keep checking back for new photographs I shall take today. I might be going to the desert, but it's bad weather so maybe not today. Maybe I'll end up going shopping! I really dont mind!

Ciao ragazzi, Spero che stiate tutti avendo un bellissimo weekend!
Oggi mi sono svegliato, fatto colazione e studiato!
Queste fotohrafie le ho scattate quando avevo una pausa da studiare.
Domani e Domenica dinuovo, speriamo in questa settimana passera molto in                   fretta.
Non vedo l'ora per la mia vacanza di primavera, solo per la ragione che io non devo svegliare alle 6 del mattino, l'altro motivo è perché passero il  tempo con mia sorella, Alex (vi ricordate di lei da QUI) e così come Nick, il fidanzato di mia sorella da quasi 8 anni credo che sia. Nick, lui è come un fratello per me. Ci siamo incontrati quando ero molto piccola e giovane. Inoltre, andiamo d'accordo, a volte litighiamo... come fratelli e sorelle! Nick & Alex sono come una persona adesso, sono come, Brad e Angelina ... sono insieme da sempre! Oh, e quando si sposeranno, Io sono la loro sposa cameriera e damigella d'onore(Speriamo che Nalex abitudine di leggere questo post!)
Ti adoro entrambi!
Bene bene, ecco alcune fotografie  Potrei andare al deserto, ma è brutto tempo, percio forse andro un giorno di sole Forse finirò col fare shopping! Io davvero non mi dispiacerebbe.

Dubai Style

Today was one of those days of basically staying a home and studying deeply for these evil B exams. Like I've said in one of my privious posts, these days are dedicated to a crazy and desperate studying but I managed to take some photos this afternoon with my family.
I got my final exams starting at the beginning of may, but it is needed to study this much. It's IB!The studying takes most of my time. Although, I did to take some pictures today only because i took a little time off studying to ggo out.
For Today's outfit I was able to wear the dark jeans. One of my favoutrite pairs. With a nice  pink shirt and with my flats and my  Louis Vuitton that I adore. Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mother to buy some new things. Hopefully Ill find some pretty things to buy. I really need to go shopping tomorrow, because honestly I've got quite a bit to do and there is really no other time to go shopping.
Last night (Thursday), I went to a friend's house. I had a great time! They are a lovely person!
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Oggi era una di quelle giornate bellissime, ma tu dovevi stare in casa a studiare come una pazza pergli esami finali di IB. Como avevo gia mentionato in uno dei miei post, questi giorni sono dedicati a un pazzo e disperato studio. Pero, sono riuscita a scattare alcune fotografie oggi pomeriggio solamente perche sono uscita con la mia famiglia per fare una pausa di studiare.Per outfit di oggi sono stata inpirata di indossare i jeans scuri, che sono il paio preferito. con una bella maglietta rosa e con le mia ballerina. La mia borsa Louis Vuitton che amo. Domani, vado a fare un po di shopping con mia mamma. Spero che trovo qualcosa di bello da comprare. Domani devo veramente andare a far shopping perche veramente, in questo momento davvero non ho tempo di fare shopping purtroppo.
Giovedi sera sono andata a casa di amici, sono simpaticissimi. Li adoro.
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The Yellow Bag

Today was one of those days. I was in a super good mood the entire day, I had 4 free classes and as soon as i got home I got ready to go out. After I was ready, I got some photographs taken, they turned out good.
I went to a special friend's house. She's awesome, we had fun tonight. Tomorrow is friday, that means I will probbably studying all morning, then going out, and i might be going to a Boat Show, if I do, I will ofcourse upload the awesome photographs. Saturday, I will again spending the entire morning doing a presentation for spanish class and then studying math, fun times, NOT! Math cant get any worse. I dislike it way too much! Alright guys, dont forget to:Follow me & Ask me questions on HERE!Thanks for following me on BLOGLOVIN'!
Enjoy the photographs guys, and dont forget to comment!
Keep checking back for new posts.

Oggi è stata una di quelle giornate belle. Ero in uno stato d'animo super bene tutta la giornata, ho avuto 4 lezionisenza la maestra e appena sono arrivata a casa mi sono preparata per uscire. Dopo che ero pronto, ho avuto alcune fotografie scattate, che si è rivelatobuono.Sono andata a casa di una amica speciale. .Stasera ci siamo divertite molto!. Domani è venerdì, significa che io probbabilmente studiero' tutta la mattina, andremo fuori, e potrei andare ad un Show di yacht, se lo faccio, io di certo metto le fotografie bella qui. Sabato, avrò di nuovo da studiare tutta la mattina, facendo una presentazione per la classe di spagnolo e poi studiare la matematica. La matematica non mi piace troppo.
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