What happened in Doha!

Tuesday 14th : arrived in Doha at around 8 pm, the driver brought us to the house, i said hi to all of the family.

Wednesday 15th: Went to school with Omar and met his IB friends - went out with Omar & Abdulla (one of his IB friends) + Watched Pirates of the Caribbean! (Captain Jack Sparrow / Johnny Depp looks soooo good all the time!

African Cats!

Speed Bump ♥

Hello dolls, how are you all doing? Hope all of you are having a fantastic day! Yesterday morning first thing i did after my first breakfast,  after i got to Dubai on Sunday is went to the pool with my sister and soaked up some Dubai sunshine! It was super hot but so nice to be back to get some color again!

I Drove a Ferrari! ♥


Happy 8 Years Nalex! ♥

OMG 8 YEARS together!! I can't believe it!!! It's just incredible!

Keepin' it Simple

Here are the pictures for today's look of the day! A perfect colorful long dress for this summer with a light jeans jacket, nude color shoes, over sized sunnies and black Longchamp is simple & perfect!

Home Sweet Home! ♥

I'm back in Dubai and i just wanted to remind you, if you haven't seen or read, i was in Doha (Qatar) to see family friends, i spent 11 days there and i had a lot of fun with everyone!

Back in DXB! ♥

Hello Dubai! I'm home! Back in the Dubai Summer heat! Oh yeey! The flight was short and i got home & everything went fine! I've missed my house & my family!

Goodbye Doha, Hello Dubai!

Hello my loves, as we speak, I am probably on my plane on the way to Dubai!!

Perfect Morning Video! ♥

Good Morning Everyone!
Hope you all have an amazing Sunday!


Soon In Dubai!

The countdown begins now...!
TOMORROW I'm in Dubai , in 10 Days I'm in Italy , 17 days I'm in Glasgow, In 23 I'm in London!

Happy Birthday Livia! ♥

Happy Birthday Livi!!! 

La Tenue Parfaite ♥

Yes, the Perfect Outfit!!I simply adore this outfit! So, here they are, the pictures of my look of the day! Since I'm in Qatar with family friends i haven't been taking outfit photo, Anda (the teenager - she's lovely) wanted to take pictures of me & for me to take pictures of her also, so here they are. All the times i have been out with Omar, Zaid, Anda & their parents I've taken pictures of them and with! I loved what i was wearing, so casual, chic and simple! The Louis purse & the Gucci shoes make the outfit stand out!

Armani Campaign ♥

Obsessing Over: Jumpsuits!

Jumpsuits the pink one you can purchase from HERE.
Which one's your favourite?

More of Doha!

Good Morning to all, Hope you're having an amazing week! Yesterday we went around Doha and i bought myself a new phone cover & one for my amazing sister, who i miss very much!

My Favourite Books!

Dont you just wanna spend your summer on a beach chair tanning and reading your favorite books?!? I do & i will!

Anda & I

Here are the pictures of Anda & I being silly with the computer camera on this website called Seenly. You can take pictures to the infinity! Don't forget to save them though or you will lose all of them! Enjoy the pictures!
Have a great Wednesday!

Happy Birthday Tamara!


This little girl turns 2 years old today (Saturday 18th) ! She doesn't really act 2, she knows how to eat, drink and change herself and when me and her brothers bring her for a walk, she wants to walk alone! She’s a little star! WE LOVE YOU TAM TAM!

Bestfriends, More like Sisters!

Here they are my loves, the pictures i took with Ana the day we met up before her leaving for Portugal!

If I Was You ♥

Days in Doha!

So here are a few more pictures from Doha these days, there are some taken with my phone, and finally a picture of Omar, since I didn’t have one….soon I’ll take one with him!
On Thursday, Tamara’s Birthday party, on Friday we went to the Doha Waif  Souk – it was awesome I had a lot of fun with the family!

Thursday around Doha!

 So here they are, a few pictures of Zaid, Anda & I on our trip to go to the mall called Landmark Mall.

Wednesday in Doha!

Hello sunshines! hope you're all having an amazing Thursday! What i wanted to talk to you all about is yesterday! 
So as i told you in the previous post, yesterday morning i had to get up and be ready at 9am, the driver came to pick me up and bring me to Omar's school - when i got there, i went up to their common room and basically i met all Omar's classmates - they were all really really nice!

My Favourite Magazines!

So here are a few pictures of the covers of my favourite magazines i'm currently obsessed with!
What do you think about them?

Arrived in Doha!

I arrived in Doha last night, I'm staying with family friends for 11 days! They're lovely, so far i'm having a really good time and I'm pretty sure by the end of my trip i'll want to stay longer!!! =)

On My Way

So you all know i love traveling! so here all ready with my packed suit case, my laptop case & my Louis Vuitton - aka My baby!

& More Summer Dresses

It's summer time now and all of us are either desperate to go to the beach and the pool or already loving the soft sand and the summer atmosphere.
Here are some dresses I'm in love for this summer!

Have a good Monday!

Good Morning guys! How are all of my readers doing? Here are the pictures i took of my look of the day last Thursday!

My Summer Holiday!

On Tuesday the 14th June I'm going to Qatar in Doha to see some family friends, I'm staying in Doha for around 11 days then coming back to Dubai and after a week leaving for my summer holiday with my family. -  The days i'm in Qatar i won't be uploading too many pictures as i don't know if i will have my laptop with me, but after i come back to Dubai i will definatly have many pictures to show you!

Me encanta este equipo ♥

Hello Lovelies! How are all my readers doing? Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! I definatly am!

If You Say So

Hey Sunshines! How are you all my readers doing? Hope you're all doing great! Ready for the weekened??



New Stuff!

Here is some of the pretty new things i bought the today! Soon pictures of my  new heels too!
enjoy lovelies!
wishing you an amazing Wednesday!

Missing You ♥

My Birthday Look!

& Here's my birthday look!
Enjoy the pictures guys & Please don't forget to follow me on my twitter!
Thanks guys!

My Birthday!

So on Friday the 3rd June, as you probably know from the post I published here & over here, was my 19th birthday! It felt weird turning 19! I had an amazing day, spent the entire day with my family having fun with different activities done during the day!

In the late afternoon my sister & my mum went to buy a few birthday presents for me! (Very exciting moments right there) Anyways Here are a few pictures of me opening 2 presents, the rest i didn’t get photographed because It was during the night and wasn’t the right mood for a million pictures at that time. So I’ll make a list of the things that I got for my birthday, also, soon I’ll take pictures of each gift so you can see them! My birthday celebration isn’t quite finished because it usually lasts a week! On that night we went to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants which some of you may know is one that is Mexican food. It was delicious…as usual! Also, later that same night as a tradition with my sister & I is to watch our favorite movie on my birthday night.
Later this week I will be going to another amazing restaurant this time serving Lebanese and Arabic food but I will be including shisha! I will be publishing more posts from this week, I promise. I’ve been super busy with my birthday, gifts ect!
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Thank you so much!
P.S.S. Here are some pictures of me & the rest are of random things i took pictures of in the mall i was shopping at!
Enjoy the pictures!
Have a wonderful day!

Birthday Presents!

Here are a few pictures of me opening only two of my birthday presents!

Birthday Dinner!

Here aare some pictures of my birthday dinner! Sorry, didnt take many, was super busy having fun!
Enjoy the ones that were taken!
Have a wonderful day!

Birthday Girl!

I’m in a rush so I can’t write much but I will show you what I did today with photos and videos very soon!


Catch Me If You Can

As I showed you some pictures of my Graduation night as well as my Prom Night over here, and told you both of those nights were really special and my Grad was really emotional, it's so crazy I finished high school. It did NOT hit me yet!!! Done?? forever ?? with high school?? Does not make sense!! My Prom night is one of those nights i will never forget! Here are some pictures of my dress for prom! (enjoy) 

California King Bed