My New Babies!

Here's my latest purchase which I do have a picture of! Yesterday was a busy day, woke up, went out with one of my best friends and then came home, painted for about an hour, and then went shopping with my family. Came home, we had dinner, we got ready and we went out to a bar!
Today I'm going to the beach with my family! 

A Mix from the Scottish Highlands

I know these pictures are almost "old" now, but emm, here's a mixture of a bunch of them from the beautiful Scottish Highlands!
My sister & I were having fun posing in front of this beautiful place =)

Enjoy the pictures guys! & Hope you're having an amazing Monday! Stay tuned!! 

I Want You In My Closet! Alexander McQueen Faithful Spike

 Alexander McQueen - Black Faithful Spiked Shoes!

The Blue Top!

Here's today's look of the day! Jeans shorts, blue shirt, black Balenciaga (AKA My baby) & Black wedges!
Simple & Summery is all i needed!
Have an amazing Saturday!

We're on a Sailing Boat, Bitch!

So as you know, on Tuesday, our close friend Wren took us on a beautiful Sailing boat! It was a lot of fun! We sailed around from Dubai, went to this awesome island, swam around, drank a few drinks, took a lot of pictures, some of them from my digital camera, some from Nick's one, some from Anika's blackberry & some of them from Pema's iPhone 4.
Thank you Wren, for bringing us, I personally had an amazing Tuesday on the boat!!! :)

& It's Friday!

My new baby, added to my purse collection just on Wednesday the 24th August!- City Black Balenciaga - I adore it! Anyways now that My Balenciaga is in my closet - my outfit for today's look was that I wore White shorts, a pink top and white flats, my new baby was just perfect for this outfit!!

Have a good Thursday!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been updating the blog often, I've been super busy, always been out with friends, or out the entire day. I've got a lot of things to tell you guys! Things I've bought, places I've recently been to and tell you all about our trip with the sailing boat! :)
Stay tuned, tomorrow i'll tell you all about my boat trip and soon a new look of the day!
Enjoy your Thursday!
& Enjoy the last few days of SUMMER 2011!!! 
Have an amazing weekend guys!

We're going on the Sailing Boat!

We're going on the BOAT!
Today we're going on our friend's awesome boat! Anika, Pema, Alex, Wren,  Nick I!
So freaking awesome! I CAN'T WAIT!

Kimi & I Photobooth Pics!

 Here are the pictures we took a few days ago with my best friend Kimi!
Enjoy & Have a great Monday!

I Want You In My Closet! Chiara Ferragni Shoes

 These shoes were Love at first sight for me! On the first post, when Chiara first put them up on her blog, from that moment I've been wanting them and I think now in a few months they should be in my closet! & I'll be waiting for that moment for it to happen!
Which one is your favourite? 

I'm a Sony girl!

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having an amazing weekend! I had the best Thursday two nights ago,we went to the beach in the late afternoon then we went to the Dubai mall and then we came back home quickly showered and got ready and went to "pre-drink" at a friend's hotel room first we went to a bar / club and after that we went to one of my close friend's house and just chilled with drinks, chatting away and having fun! I ended up coming home at 6:30 and going to bed a few minutes before 7 am! I had a great night! Super fun!

Shisha Night With Friends!

Here's a few pictures we took the other day at the shisha place we went to with my sister's old school friends, Patty, Tara, Husam, Nick, Alex, & I.
We had a great night!
Enjoy the pictures!

Late Nights!

So last week & this week passed by so quickly it was crazy. My weekend was simply amazing, I really enjoy spending time with my sister & Nick these days, also because believe it or not, we didn't fight or have an argument for more than 5 days! So as you know, he is like a brother to me, so it’s perfectly normal that we fight like brother and sister, or more like cats and dogs!
Anyways I wanted to tell you more about my fantastic weekend! Let’s start with Wednesday, my sister, nick & I went to the beach for a couple of hours, laying in the sun, splashing with the sea water and making sand castles is defiantly my favourite!! On 
Thursday we first went out with my family, then a small stop at a shopping mall, quickly came home to have dinner, then got dressed again and went out to a bar with some close friends. After the bar we quickly got a cab and went to a friend’s house as he was having a house party. We had a lot of fun that night. We got home at around 5:30 am and I only fell asleep at 6:00 ish…

On Wednesday

The other day we went to a mall in Dubai and it was a good opportunity to take some pictures of my look of the day, so here they are. I also went to have a coffee with my mum at Starbucks and i also had the delicious Strawberry Cheesecake! =) 
For my look of the day i was wearing a simple outfit of Jeans shorts, i feel like shorts are perfect for this insane hot weather! a simple white spaghetti top with a purple cardigan & flats! This summer has been one of the warmest, it is a freaking oven in Dubai!
Anyways, hope you have an amazing week! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Lost & Found

A video i took this year in my Summer trip when i was in Italy!
I love the sound of the rain! I love this video!
I really miss Italy, a lot!!!
Hope you guys like it!

Food Diary: Summer Holiday

 Chocolate Croissant & Hot chocolate for another breakfast! {in London!} =)

So here they are, all the pictures i took of almost every meal i ate on my holiday or thought that it looked delicious. If you see the meals with meat they're my dad's meal...because i am a vegetarian!
Later on i will write down each location and name of restaurant of each dish. 
Enjoy the pictures my loves!

Pixels On The Balcony! ★

Third post of the recent photoshoot Kimiya & I took the other day. Nothing else to say, just enjoy the pictures! have a great week ahead and let me know what you think!!

Pixels In The Garden ♛

Hey guys, how are you all doing? 
& How was your weekend? Mine was just great! hope you all had an amazing one! What did you all do?  Well here are the pictures for the next set! Please let me know if you guys like the first set and second set that i showed you! I would love feedback! 
Anyways hope you all have an amazing week ahead!

I Want You In My Closet: Giuseppe Zanotti Electric Blue Pumps!

Giuseppe Zanotti Electric Blue Pumps! How can you not fall in love with these amazing heels?
They are simply BREATH-TAKING!

Kimiya's Photoshoot! ✔

Here's a few pictures that i took of one of my best friends, Kimiya! Photography credit to moi =)
I didn't add too many but here are some of the ones i really like!
enjoy & Have an amazing Saturday!

Pixels Indoors

Hey lovely people, so you saw the first set of  'Pixels by the pool' correct? Well today I wanted to show you guys the next set, this time shot on the balcony. So here are the pictures! Enjoy!
Have an amazing Friday! & Wishing you the best weekend full of happiness!!
Reminder: This photoshoot was a fun one between me and a friend, not a proffecional one or anything i just mentioned the pictures were taken with my professional camera. All of the pictures were uploaded on the blog as taken, no Adobe Photo shop used.

Pixels By The Pool ✩

Hey guys! Remember here where I told you i was going for a photoshoot. Well, here they are, some of the pictures we took that day with the professional camera! It was an awesome day! We had a lot of fun shooting for the photoshoot! 
I'm going to divide the pictures in locations so here are the first set!
Enjoy & have an amazing day!

Happy Birthday Eva! ♥

Finally, you're turning 4 years old!
All grown up now! =)
Love this little cutie!!

Dubai Lovin' ♥

Hello people, how are you all doing?? Hope you're all great! My summer has been awesome until now & I've been having a great week so far! Going to the pool, going to friends houses, tanning, going shopping, taking pictures, and being silly with my sister basically a daily thing! for today's look of the day i wore a summery beach dress and shorts! These pictures were shot before jumping in the pool. Hope you like them! Enjoy! Wishing you Wishing you a day full of laughter!
p.s. Today i have a photoshoot & i will get the pictures instantly, i will upload them on the blog as soon as i get them from tomorrow!

I Wanna Go! ♥

Lately I've Been Stuck Imaginin'
What I Wanna Do and What I Really Think, Time To Flow Out
Be A Little Inappropriate Cause I Know That Everybody’s Thinkin' It When The Lights Out

Shame On Me
To Need Release

I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay
Takin' Out My Freak Tonight
I I I Wanna Show ow ow
All The Dirt ir irt
I Got Running Through My Mind (Repeat)

Introducing.....My Tumblr Page!

If you don’t follow me on twitter, you might have no clue about this – I've had a Tumblr page for a while now, but it didn't feel right publishing my look of the day or anything fashion related...but I've realised that my tumblr page is going to be about all the things i love including Fashion, different types of foods, traveling tips, things i publish on the minute. I feel like i'm a very curious child in this world and i'm always interested in trying out and learning about different things.

I Want You In My Closet: YSL Electric Blue Suede Pumps

I started this "Shoe Love" feature on my blog because my blog is about fashion but i haven't shown you guys anything related recently apart from the look of the day from here. This is officially a new feature of Pixelsthoughtsandwords! I really hope all of you readers out there like it! I want these Yves Saint Laurent (YSLPalais-Suede-Platform-Pumps [$720] for a while, & hopefully soon they'll be in my closet!! 

New Hair Straightener!

My new hair straightener! It's amazing, does an amazing job! I simply adore it!! 
It's the best one I've ever had so far! I bought it in Amsterdam, the brand "Amika" is a really good one for hair straighteners so it's perfect! I'm super happy about this purchase!!

Happy Weekend!

Hey you lovely people out there, Here are the two pictures i took today before going out! Hope you're all having an amazing and relaxing Friday! I spent my day tanning and the the rest of the day walking around the mall, shopping & then quickly came back home and now going out again!
Have a wonderful weekend people!

J'adore Camden Town! ♥

These are the pictures when we took the underground to arrive at Camden Town, I think this is one of my favourite place in London! =)  Not too many people, full of shops, bars & restaurants. Everyone super friendly! The town seems just so perfect & amazing! We got a lot of photos taken, especially my sister & I! =)
We bought such awesome stuff, & pretty things, can't wait to show you!

The Perfect Shorts!

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend & an even better Summer! This is actually the first outfit post since I've been back in Dubai and thinking about it now, while looking back at the pictures my family & I took, I had one of the best holiday trips! I absolutely loved the Scottish Highlands & can't get over how beautiful London is! & I also loved Glasgow & Inverness!! They were all such amazing places! 

✩ رمَضَان كريم

Ramadan Kareem to all of you out there!=)

Hope you all have a blessed month!

✩ رمَضَان كريم

I'm in Love with London!

Here are a few more picture from London! Sorry about the many posts but i thought if i put all of the pictures we took from London in one post, you guys might get bored of scrolling down the page!! So the best solution was to put something like 15 to 25 pictures in each post!
Hope you're liking the pictures so far!! 
Have an amazing Tuesday!

The London Eye!

The day that we went on the beautiful London Eye, i fell even more in love with this city! We spent about 2 hours and 45 minutes in the queue and finally, when we got in the ferris wheel we took these pictures, it was beautiful seeing London from up there! It was really worth it, & worth waiting for all that time to go on the ferris wheel!!

Westminster Abbey!

The beautiful church in London where Prince William & C\atherine Middleton got married on the 29th April 2011! It was lovely to see it in real life, and to wake pictures with it as a background! It's one of the most beautiful churches I've been to! That day i took a lot of pictures of the Church & with us in front of it and things, but i will only put a few pictures otherwise i will not be able to show you pictures from everywhere i went this summer!!
Enjoy the pictures, wishing you all a great day!

The Buckingham Palace!

Here are a few pictures of Us & the Buckingham Palace! =)
Have an amazing day full of joy & laughter!