Best Of 2011

2011: Probably one of the best years in my life so far. I remember the to-do list I wrote at the end of December 2010, most of my goals were about my blog which was only 4 months old at that time. Every time I read the list, I wouldn’t believe any of it would happen, but they did, 9/10 goals (from the blog) happened. My blog grew so much over the last year and it’s still growing and hopefully it will continue to grow even more every day. All the things that happened to me this year are thanks to my blog. The blog grew bigger every single day. 2011 was also an amazing year because: I graduated from high school, I went to Prom, I had an amazing birthday with the most amazing family I could ever ask for, I went to Doha to see my family friends, My sister graduated from University.  I went to Myfashdiary Sephora event, I met Tala Samman in person again, I went to different trips, I went to Inverness & London for the first time, I basically lived with my best friend in Italy (in Summer), I went out with friends almost every day in summer, Dubai became a magical place. I attended my first fashion shows, I blogged more than 500 times, my blog had its’ first birthday, I started my Fashion DEP foundation year in Dubai Campus at Heriot Watt University. I went to Britney Spears Concert in Abu Dhabi and saw Britney live for the first but not last time! I bought my Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis & my black Balenciaga, I bought my first & second blackberry. I got my iPhone back! J I bought my first Chanel & got an iPad.
I thank you, my lovely readers for all those hits I got this year. Between the first day I started my blog ( Saturday 18th September 2010) and today. I hope my blog continues to grow as much as it does today or even more.
Best thing of this year, I met my favourite Fashion Blogger, Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad! && for a last minute plan both Nick & Silvia (Nick's sister) came to DUBAI! (YAAAAAY)
I wish you an amazing start to the coming year 2012! Wishing you more happiness & Success from this day onwards.

Last Post For 2011

Last post I will write this year, sad but so excited about this coming year!
2012 is going to be another magical year! I hope you all agree with me. I can’t wait to share with you all the projects I’ve been working on for my blog & all the exciting things that will happen this year. I hope you guys keep reading my blog & make sure you tell your friends & family about it!

Favorite outfits in 2011

A post dedicated to all my favorite outfits in 2011.
Which one is your favorite? Do you like more than one?
Let me know what you think ;)

Nick & Silvia in Dubai!

Hello guys!
How are you all celebrating the last weekend for this year?
I spent my morning cleaning up my entire house because my sister’s boyfriend Nick & his little sister are coming to Dubai & staying with us obviously.
Here's a beautiful picture of them two!


Last 2011 Outfit

Super short look of the day, most probably the last one this year (SHOCKED). You're probably going to see all my Alexander McQueen scarves a lot on the blog. I hope you like the super simple outfit.

I Met Chiara Ferragni ♥

Most exciting post of this year! I can't believe i'm writing this: I MET CHIARA from The Blonde Salad! Can you believe it?? She's kinda been my inspiration since the first time I read her blog. Since the first day, which was  (early) Summer 2010, everytime i read a post. . . it was kinda just a dream to meet her one day at Milano. I would have never thought of going to dinner with my favourite fashion blogger in Dubai!!!

Last night was amazing! My sister & I organized to bring out Chiara & Richi from ‘The Blonde Salad’! We met the awesome, beautiful & oh so tall Chiara Ferragni & her boyfriend Richi! She’s such a sweetheart; she’s such an interesting person to talk to even if you’ve never met her before. She’s so lovely & has such an amazing personality with the best sense of humor.

It was actually an amazing day, I spent my morning cleaning up and finishing my room, my afternoon at a friends house & my night (from dinner time) with Chiara & Richi!
What more could I have asked for??

Champagne Time!

Christmas Eve & Day spent with family, friends & loved ones eating loads and loads!
& finally, after dinner! CHAMPAGNE!

Family Christmas Dinner!

Our family Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve was actually fantastic, blasting Christmas songs while eating lots and lots of food, & a little bit too much wine ;)

My Sandy Christmas Day

My Christmas day was spent at the Burj Al Arab beach with some champagne and a few snacks before coming home for Christmas dinner.
Spending time with my family & my sister at the beach was beautiful.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world.

Time To Unwrap the Presents!

Time to unwrap the Christmas presents!
Merry Christmas! 

★ Santa came to town ;)

Merry Christmas my lovelies! I'm having such an amazing holiday! I never want it to end! Lovin' it ;)
Hope you guys all have a fantastic Christmas! 

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers!
I hope you're all having a marvelous Christmas & spending time with your close friends, family & loved ones!

Merry Christmas from PixelsThoughts&Words!

Merry Christmas to all of you out there! My wonderful blog readers, my followers on twitter, all of you who like my page on Facebook. To my family, friends and to all my loved ones! Hope you all have the most amazing Christmas this year.
Merry Christmas from Dubai!

It's Christmas Eve!!

Woke up in the happiest mood I could ever be in. It’s Christmas Eve & the celebrations begin!

Spending the entire day cooking Christmas food, baking Christmas cookies, listening & dancing to Christmas Carrols and some lovely Christmas songs.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Celebrate Well!

My Christmas Decorations

It’s been a really good month so far, I’ve been so excited about everything that’s been happening. Moving houses was the best one until now. Celebrating Christmas in the new house is so exciting. Since we moved house, we only had the time to set up the Christmas and decorate the house on Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd December. The same day (on Thursday the 22nd ) I went to a party with friends that was really fun, we all danced like crazy.
The house looks amazing; it’s so big and spacious. The Christmas decorations make it even more special than it really is.
Like I told you in the previous posts, I haven’t had any time to take any pictures until today. So here, enjoy the pictures

All I Want For Christmas Is You....♥

I convinced my family, we're most likely getting 2 baby huskies! I CANNOT WAIT!

My Little Christmas Wish List

My Little Christmas Wish List isn’t as long as I thought it would be. I always write my Christmas list in the middle of the month of November but this year, things are different.
So what I wanted to talk to you about was that this year instead of having a really really long Christmas Wish List, I have a little one this time.
I usually have around 15 to 25 items on my list, this year I only have 5. 
What does your wish list look like?

My plans for Christmas Eve & Day

My plans for both Christmas Eve & Day are to spend all quality time with my family, to have special breakfasts, lunches & dinners, to watch old family movies (such as Home Alone 1 & 2) & to take a gazzilion pictures.

Christmas Spirit!

Hey Dolls! Are you all having great holidays? This year past by so fast, it's insane. December flew by! I can't believe it's the 22nd of December already!!!! 

Lost Dog In Jumeirah!

Please Help Me Find Cassidy!

Cassidy went missing on Friday night, 25/11/11, after getting hit by ongoing traffic. Lost in Jumeira 3. 

He is about 7 year’s old, male and probably in desperate need of a vet. He has been micro chipped and should have a black studded collar on him if found could you please contact me immediately. 

He is part of a family and extremely missed, any information of his whereabouts or sightings would be greatly appreciated. 

Happy Holidays from PixelsThoughts&Words ♥

Hello guys! This is just a short post to say Happy Holidays from PixelsThoughts&Words! I've been having a really good holiday since I've been off from Uni. Like I told you in this post, I've been holidaying since Sunday 11th December :)
Hope you dolls have the best holidays & stay close to your loved ones!

My Awesome Fridge Door!

Random post. I just wanted to show you my awesome fridge door! Love it loads!
Can't wait to collect more magnets!

This Piece Is Insane

This song is insane. I first hear it on this ad for Hyundai commercial for this year. Its so amazing, It gives me goose bumps everytime i hear it.

Good Morning Dubai!

Hope everyone has a glamorous day! I’m writing from the new house for the first time.
This picture was taken this morning, as soon as i woke up this was the view from my room window! How beautiful is it? Breathtaking right? 

Christmas Around The Corner

I love Christmas season! i love everything about it, this morning when i went to a mall here in Dubai i saw this beauty in front of me and i just had to take a few pictures.

Sunday Shoe Love: Steve Madden

Hey guys, remember last Sunday Shoe Love that I posted? It was for loving Kandee Shoes!
Well guess what? Today will be the last Sunday Shoe love for 2011. . . . This month I’m loving Steve Madden. So here are all of the platforms I absolutely love by Steve Madden.

Boxes & More Boxes!

I’m just so super excited about moving I wanted to share this exciting moment with you!

Moving To Our New House

Hello beauties! If you read my blog, follow me on twitter or facebook then you definatly know that i'm in the process of moving houses. So my days have been waking up in the old house, packing things, going to the new house, unpacking and repeating everything again. for almost a week!

Some Of The New House

Again, a very short post! Still super busy moving houses!
Speak soon! & Stay tuned for new posts!

Busy Moving Houses

Busy moving houses! Sorry for the lack of posts! I have loads of things to pack so I've been super busy!
Promise a super & proper post super soon!

Enjoy the pics guys! :) 


Hello lovelies, how are you all doing? Today is the first day of bringing all of the boxes with our house stuff inside in the new house, this will be a very short post. 
I've been excited to tell you that i am now on holiday, hence the title of this post.
My holiday started on Sunday after my last exam at 11am. GUESS WHAT, I don't have Uni classes until Sunday 8th Jan 2012! YAAAY
Today i will be busy with replying to your emails, moving boxes from house to house and preparing a post for you guys for tomorrow! I'm going to go start by replying to your emails and then I need to go and help out with moving into the new house. Speak soon!

Excited About Moving

So I have to start this post by saying I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog in two days its just that like I told you on this post, I’ve been busy with my business and English exam. As well as finishing my design work which I showed you here and ofcourse packing all of my stuff for moving to the new house. These past couple of days was just about studying for my exams. Today is another day that I have to spend packing for the new house, working on some new designs as well as working on all of the new features for PixelsThoughts&Words in 2012. I’m trying to prepare a new post for tomorrow & the day after since I won’t be having a lot of time for the blog these days!

Sunday Inspirations

I Need Your Help: Vote for LovelyPepa



I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise

Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna - Fly

This song has been top on my playlist for the past week, I can barely stop listening to it.
Hope you guys like it.

I ♥ Christmas Lights

I love this time of the year. I've been waiting to move into the new house and decorate my house with Chrismas-sy stuff and to put on some Christmas carols for ages now. Since this weekend is probably the last one in this house, i'm planning to decorate the new house with so many decorations, very soon & cannot wait to show you all of them!
Here are some very inspiring pictures i found.
Enjoy the photos! && Happy Holidays lovelies!

Good Night Beautiful Dubai

In this post i show you the pictures I took after my business exam, on my way home from Uni, in the Dubai Metro. Burj Khalifa is stunning & so are the Emirates towers...& so is all of Dubai.
I really felt like writing another good night post like this one, so i did. This is another post just to say Good Night. Now i'm off to watch another amazing episode of Desperate Housewives while sipping on my glass of milk, I love you Dubai! Speak to you tomorrow! 

Perfect Weather

Hello beauties, hope you’re all doing amazing.  Here are the pictures of a day i spent with my mummy at one of my favourite places to just relax. I'm in love with the weather in Dubai these days, most of the days the temperature is around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. It's amazing & last night (7th December) it was raining a lot. Man, I love this city.

My Re-Design Project in pictures

Hello my lovelies! In this post I wanted to show you the entire project I've been working on. My Re-Design project that I told you about in one of the Friday posts.
So here are the pictures of my project. Hope you guys like what I've done. Comment below and tell me what you think. I'll be glad to know what you guys think!

I Need Your Help

Hello everyone, I need your precious help for something.
You just by clicking twice would be really much appreciated!
Emily is one of my really really close friends. Sister of Livia...Remember THIS? Well, now this is the part that I need you guys to help me with, Please get all of your friends and family to do the same if possible.
Emily needs to win this competition there is here in Dubai, so I need all of you to go on THIS POST and click LIKE on the 5th comment: her comment: Emily Samantha Keogh 

Get Inspired. Everyday.

I saved these pictures just to get inspired, so I thought I should share them with you guys!
Enjoy! x

Busy With My Re-Design Project

A few pictures of before my Re-Design Project was finished.
Remember I also showed you HERE I was working on this project?
Enjoy & Stay tuned for the next post where I will show you my entire project. 

National Day Celebrations

Happy 40th Birthday, UAE.

Friday 2nd December 2011.
A night I will never forget.

La Gente Esta Muy Loca

National Day Celebrations in the car with a bunch of my local friends was absolutely unbelievable!

Holiday Inspirations

I love these photographs. They inspire me so much.


So here they are. A lot of the pictures we took on Thursday 1st of December at the 'Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding' ! I learnt so many beautiful things. A lot about Islam as well as the Arab culture. I was amazed and loved those hours so much. Everything I learnt was so interesting. I'm super happy I had this opportunity. Hope you guys like the pictures!

Now I really need to go shower, get ready and leave with some of my local friends to celebrate the U.A.E. National Day!

Happy National Day!

One of the best countries i've been to! I love living in the UAE!
Dubai, you\re the best!

Just To Say Good Night


Tomorrow I will publish two very important posts. One for the big 40 & one telling you all about what I went to visit today. It's super interesting! 

In Love With My Boots!

So this is the outfit i chose to wear. First of all, if you guys haven't noticed, i'm in love with skinny jeans. I'm the type of person that will wear the jeans or these unbelievably comfortable heels until they rip apart (hopefully only the jeans will). I love to wear skinny jeans. I love to wear them with basically anything. Yesterday i chose to wear the skinny jeans with a long aqua colour shirt and the boots, which like I said are unbelievably comfortable and I could probably last an entire day because they're just amazing!

Hello December! =)

A new month already, and as the early morning air is wonderfully crisp, mid-afternoons are spent working in my study, mornings spent blogging and studying for these crazy exams.
These unbelievably beautiful sunny days drenched in the warmest light, and I have discovered a new found love for winter, so still and beautiful in this city. I feel like everyday the temperature gets better here in Dubai.