Best Of 2012

ANOTHER AMAZING YEAR: This year was probably one of the best years in my life so far! The end of every year is always the time for me to reflet on the things I've achieved, people I've met, decisions I've made and to start making goals  for the new year ahead.This year has been an absolutely incredible one, I remember the to-do list I wrote at the end of December 2011, I wouldn’t believe any of it would happen, but they did, 9/10 goals (from the blog) happened. My blog grew so much over the last year and it’s still growing and hopefully it will continue to grow even more every day.
From the 1st of January 2012 until today (31st of December 2012) I have loved every single day of this year. 
January was an amazing month because I got to know Maxi more and more, I got to do things I would have never done. June was another amazing month, I had an amazing birthday celebration that lasted a week, first with my family, then my mexican themed dinner at home with my family and boyfriend, then out to dinner with my boyfriend, then out to dinner with my sister and finally a birthday gathering with my closest friends. I received the best birthday presents such as a trip to Portugal with my best friend during the summer, a new phone and so many other things. 
February, Maxi gave me Snuggles as a gift. We went to our friend's surprise Yacht birthday party. February was one of the best months with Maxi, he gave me amazing gifts for Valentine's and the month was just amazing.
In March, my aunt from Italy came for a visit to Dubai, I took a lot of outfit photos, it wasn't such a busy month with University. At the end of March, My sister & I went to the opening of West LA where I also met Huda  (From & Mona Kattan (from over here). They're gorgeous & such awesome sisters! 
In April, my family and I met our baby Shanuk for the first time on the Friday 20th April we went to meet Shanuk who was being sold by one of my friends. For the first time, we fell in love with our baby Shanuk & on Monday 23rd April, my dad and I went to pick up our new family member!  In April I also bought my first pair of Christian Louboutins. Towards the end of April, thanks to Diana & Fadi; Maxi, most of my closest friends and I went to one of my best friend's birthday party that was located on a yacht. It was amazing, thank you so much for everything babygirl Diana!! At the end of April I also worked on a my "mega" project that I had for one of my classes at Uni.
In May, my Summer holiday officially start on the 1st of the month. Another month were I took a lot of outfit photos for the blog. I had the most amazing month since I had no University classes at all.
In June, the 2nd of June to be specific, Maxi & I went to another Yacht party with a lot of our close friends, we had the time of our lives. 
On the 3rd of June, I TURNED 20 years old (I feel old muahahaha!). My birthday celebrations lasted a week, I celebrated first with Maxi and the rest of my family, then only out to dinner with Maxi, then out to dinner with my sister and finally a Birthday gathering with my closest friends who I love the most.
On the 6th of June, I booked my Summer holiday to go visit Portugal.
At the end of June, I left to Portugal and spent 18 days in Barreiro & Lisbon with my best friend Ana.
I spent most of the month of July in Portugal with Ana. Towards the end of July I came back to Dubai from Portugal and spent the rest of the summer with my family and Maxi. 
In August, I worked and collaborated with United Colors Of Benetton. Nick officially moved to Dubai. Silvia came to Dubai for a month, 
In September I started my first year of Fashion Design at Heriot Watt University- Dubai Campus. I bought my first sowing machine her name is Stitchelina Le Pink....♥.
In October, at the beginning of October, I went to Dubai Music Festival, one of the most amazing nights ever. On the 31st of October, I had one of the best Halloween celebrations in a while celebrating both with boo and with other friends too.
In November, Thursday 15th to be exact, my friends and I organized a birthday party for one of my best friends Azeen, It was a night to remember with such amazing friends! Towards the end of November until the day I finished the first semester of Uni it was crazy work but so worth it after all. I made my first skirt from scratch, it was epic. 
December has been an amazing month so far. The blog is growing more and more every day and i couldn't be happier.
I thank you, my lovely readers for all those hits I got this year. Between the first day I started my blog (Saturday 18th September 2010) and today. I hope my blog continues to grow as much as it does today or even more.
I wish you an amazing start to the coming year 2013! Wishing you more happiness & Success from this day onwards.
I think I told you enough about these 12 months :)
I had the luck to share this special year with a lot of people who made every step and goal unique: thanks to Maxi, to all my friends and to my family for being by my side, no matter what. And thanks to you, for always being here, even If behind a screen: when I’m very happy and get emotional some tears get to my cheeks while I smile.

Goodbye December '12

BYE DECEMBER, YOU WERE AMAZING:  The month of December has probably been one of the best this year, so many things happened & I'm just so happy with everything. I'm great full for everything that has been happening to me. I love my family & friends. December you ROCKED! 

♥ Giulia Zampieri

2012 Outfits

MY FAVORITE LOOKS:  Here, in this post, for you..all of my favorite outfits which I wore in 2012. There are SO many I actually love and will probably wear them or something similar to some of them next year! I can't believe how many favorites I have an how many I have worn! It's crazy! From dark colors to bright ones to super neon ones to neutral. I just love them all!
Which one is your favorite? What's your opinion? 

Qui, per voi in questa post...tutti i miei look preferiti che ho indossato nel 2012.
Ci sono tanttissimo che amo e che re-mettero in diverse maniere il prossimo anno!

Quale il vostro prefferito? Cose sono le vostre oppiinioni?

It's Almost Over!

THIS YEAR IS ALMOST OVER:  It feels like a perfect Monday, I woke up with my puppies on my bed at a decent hour, had an amazing breakfast soon I'll go out with my dogs...The happy mood is guranteed for the rest of the day! 
Sad news are, that....It's almost over, we have to say bye to 2012 and hello to the year 2013 super soon! I'm super excited about the year ahead. More excited than ever! I had the most amazing year, stay tuned for my longest and most awesomest post of the entire year! I'll publish it tomorrow in the afternoon.

E un Lunedi perfetto, mi sono svegliata con i miei cani sul mio letto e per fortuna non alle 6 del mattino, ho mangiato una buonnissima collazione e tra un po vado fuori con i cani, Il buon umore è assicurato per il resto della giornata!
Le news tristi sono che, e quasi'anno e quasi terminato. Dobbiamo dire ciao al 2012 e dire Ben arrivato al 2013! Che bello! Sono super eccitata per il nuovo anno! Ho avuto un anno fantastico...propio meraviglioso! Tornate su il mio blog presto, publicero il mio post piu interesante e piu lungo di tutto l'anno domani pommeriggio.

The End Of

LAST DAY OF 2012: Hey guys, hope you all had a gorgeous and fun weekend! It's currently 2am so I will not be writing too much. On Saturday, it was Nick's & Silvia's Mum's birthday so in the afternoon we went to take a walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence then we went home to change, later at night we went to dinner to celebrate her birthday and after that we all went out for a couple of drinks. An amazing day but I must say, Dubai's temperature is decreasing and it's defiantly getting colder. Later today, I will be posting the pictures I took with Instagram this week or maybe I'll write a post showing you guys all of the pictures I took with Instagram. You shall find out soon! 
Any plans for New Years Eve? I think i'm going to end up doing something super special with Maxi! ♥ SO excited! 
For my outfit I chose to wear a white top under my colorful button up colourful shirt from Aeropostale that I received as another Christmas gift then I added my dark jeans bought from Topshop, my neon pink ballerinas bought from Spring and to complete the outfit I added my new Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM that I also received  for Christmas.


Ciao ragazzi, spero che abbiate trascorso un fine settimana meraviglioso e divertente! Sono le 2 di mattina quindi non scriverò troppo. Oggi era il compleanno della mamma di Silvia e Nick, percio nel pomeriggio siamo andati a fare una passeggiata a Jumeirah Beach Residence poi siamo andati a casa a cambiarci, poi la sera siamo andati a cena per festeggiare il suo compleanno e dopo siamo andati tutti fuori per un paio di drinks. Una giornata incredibile, ma devo dire, la temperatura di Dubai sta calando e fa sempre più freddo. Oggi più tardi, Sciro un post con tutte le foto che ho scattato con Instagram. Opure scriverò un post mostrandovi tutte le foto che ho scattato con Instagram.
Qualche progettato per Capodanno? Penso che ho intenzione di fare qualcosa di super speciale con Maxi! ♥ così eccitata! Per il mio outfit ho scelto di indossare un po delle mie robe nuove. Il top bianco sotto e comprato da Zara, la camicetta sopra e Aeropostale poi i jeans scuri sono di Topshop e la borsa nuova di Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM e un altro regalo di natale e anche la mia collana con il mio nome in arabo e un regalo da parte di Alex.


Dr Dre Beats

THANK YOU BABY: Thanks to my amazing boo, I've got beats now!  They're not mine, officially. Maxi's just lending them to me for a while...until I decide to give them back to him! hehehe I'm so excited to listen to music with them! woop woop!
Thank you baby, for lending them to me! You're the best!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

MY NEW BABY LOUIS VUITTON:  Here she is!  Finally a few pictures of her on the blog, she was one of my Christmas presents & it was seriously love at first sight when I took her out of the box! 

Photo Of The Day 114

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME:  & again, here we are, the last "Photo Of The Day" post for this 2012, it makes me sad to say that but I'm also super excited for the new coming year. This picture is just incredible. The love of an animal is priceless. Love this picture ♥ 

Unwrapping The Presents!

THANK YOU SANTA:  Here for you, the pictures we took with my family on Christmas Eve at 12:01am when we opened our presents from another. I got amazing gifts from all of you, I love each and every one of them! In another post I will show you them in detail! =)
Enjoy the pictures! Wishing you an amazing day!

Ecco a voi, le foto che abbiamo scattato con la mia famiglia la Vigiglia di Natale alle 12.01 di mattina quando abbiamo aperto tutti regali insieme. Io ho ricevuto regali stupendi! Gli amo tutti e quanti! Presto in un altro post vi faccio vedere bene tanti dei miei regali in detaglio! =)
Godetevi le foto! Spero che avete una giornata fantastica!

She Wolf

WOLF ON MY TEE:  It's a beautiful day & I can't believe this week is the last one in 2012. It's crazy how fast this year passed by but hey, let's hope 2013 will be as amazing or even more than 2012! For today's outfit i'm wearing a simple look, I adore the shirt i'm wearing in this post, I find it really interesting to wear since I have an obsession with Wolves, they're gorgeous (and I have two little look a like wolves at home called Shanuk & Lilu! hehe J. Well, It's Friday and guess who arrived here last night? Silvia! =) Remember her from this summer? This time, not only Silvia came to visit but her parents too! (YAAY). So now, we have a full house (which is awesome, I love it) and we're spending New Year's Eve together again. It's wonderful.
Now I got to run, I will speak to you super soon!
Love, Giulia

E 'una bella giornata e non posso credere che questa settimana è l'ultima nel 2012. E 'pazzesco quanto velocemente si e trascorso questo anno, ma hey, speriamo che il 2013 sarà come una meraviglia o anche più bello del 2012! Per il outfit di oggi ho scelto un look semplice, adoro la maglia che indosso in questo post, la trovo davvero interessante da indossare dal momento che ho l'ossessione dei lupi, sono stupendi (e ho due si guardano un po 'come i lupi a casa chiamato Shanuk & Lilu! hehe). Beh, è Venerdì e indovinate chi è arrivato qui ieri sera? Silvia! =) Ve la ricordate da questa estate? Pero questa volta, non solo Silvia è venuta a visitare, ma anche i suoi genitori! (Yaay) . Così ora, abbiamo una casa piena (che è impressionante, mi piace da matti), e passiamo Capodanno di nuovo insieme. E 'meraviglioso!
Ora devo scappare, a super-presto!

Rewind Youtube Style 2012

GANGAM STYLE BAYBEH:  I'm just going to say, this video is amazing...♥ Do you agree? 

One Of My Favorite Places In The World ♥

THE BEACH:  I simply adore these pictures I took of the beach. I've always loved the beach since I was a little kid and now a days, i adore it and i just love how its one of the places I always feel relaxed at.  One of my favorite places in the wolrd. 

Io adoro questo foto che ho fatto alla spiaggia. Sono sempre stata inamorate delle spiaggie da quando ero piccole, recentemente, lo adoro e amo che e uno dei posti che mi rillasso di piu. Uno dei miei posti preferiti. 

Weekend Song: Anything Could Happen

WOLF ON MY TEE: So here we are, this time it's the last "Weekend Song" for this year and I cannot believe it!  Can't wait to show you next weeks, or wait the first "weekend song" post next year!! =)
Have a super gorgeous weekend guys & Enjoy the song!

Cartier Winter Tale

Beyond beautiful. Nothing to add.

Christmas Eve Dinner With My Loves!

CHRISTMAS EVE DINNER: Christmas Eve with my loves.
You guys are amazing, the food was super delicious!
I loved every minute of Christmas Eve night!
You guys are the best! Thank you so much for the most awesomest night!

La vigiglia di Natale con i miei amori.
Siete stupendi tutti, la cena era tutto buonnissimo.
Ho amato ogni minuto della serata della Vigiglia di Natale!
Siete i migliori! Grazie mille per la serata stupenda!

See You Next Year!

BYE SANTA:  I hate to say this but Christmas is over!! I can't believe how quickly Christmas passed by! I celebrated an amazing one, with the people I love the most and  got super amazing presents! I love my family! Thanks for making this Christmas one of the most awesomest!
Bye Santa!! See you next year!

My All Time Favorite Christmas Movies

FAVORITES:  These ones are my favorite Christmas movies! I love spending Christmas morning watching a Christmas movie and getting into an even bigger Christmas mood! Which one is your favorite?

Merry Christmas From The Boos! ♥

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE BOOS: Merry Christmas from the boos! :)
I hope you're all having an amazing Christmas with the people you love the most! 
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
Merry Christmas Dolls!

Buon Natale da noi Boo! :)
Spero che state tutti passando un Natale bellissimo con le persone che amate di piu!
Spero che celebrate e passate un giorno bellissimo!
Buon Natale Stelline!

Merry Christmas To All Of My Dolls!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE: Merry Christmas from Pixels Thoughts & Words!
I hope you have the most amazing Christmas with the people you love most in the world.
Wishing you all an amazing Christmas!

Yaay! Santa Arrived!

SANTA PASSED BY DUBAI: Santa came by our house, poor Santa must have been super heavy once again this year! :)
Hope all of you get amazing gifts too!
Merry Christmas guys!

Yaaay! It's Christmas Eve!

It's finally Christmas Eve!!! I've been waiting for today for ages. I'm super excited about today, you guys have no idea! Like I told you here, I will be spending my entire day with my family, including my boyfriend and my amazing 2 babies (Shanuk & Lilu). I wish you all an amazing Christmas Eve! Hope you get lots of amazing Christmas gifts!
Merry Christmas From PixelsThoughts&Words! :)

Yaay For Today!

Hello gorgeous people! Today I will show you another look I recently wore. For this outfit I chose to wear something chic and sophisticated but at the same comfortable. Black shorts, my button up shirt, my Chanel 2.55, my huge purple hat & my Chanel flats. Can this outfit be any perfect?
Today was a gorgeous and such a happy day! I'll be telling you why very soon! 
Wishing you all an amazing last week of December 2012!

Ciao amori! Oggi vi mostro un look che ho messo recentemente. Per questo outfit ho scelto di indossare qualcosa sufisticato ma allo stesso tempo comodo. I miei shorts neri, camicetta bianca, la mia borsa Chanel 2.55, il mio cappello grande viola e le miei flats di Chanel. Potteva essere piu perfetto questo outfit?
Oggi era un giorno splendido e sono super contenta! Vi dico perche molto presto!

Spero che tutti hanno una ultima settimana di Dicembre 2012 bellisima!

Our Beautiful Christmas Tree

Here they are! Finally, the pictures of our Christmas tree, 
Hope you\re all having a gorgeous day!
Enjoy my loves!

My Dream Office

This is exactly how I would want my next office to look like. I love the iMac and the furniture! It's beautiful and it looks so professional. 
What do you guys think?

I Miss Pilot Lessons!

I was just going through my files on my external hard drive and I found my folder of pilot training pictures. I started Pilot lessons when I was 16 and every weekend I use to go to the place and hang out with all of my pilot friends and go for my pilot lessons. here are a few pictures i absolutely love. Enjoy.
Wishing you all an amazing Friday!

Coffee Date With My Mum

My mum & I went for coffee date this morning, We both had a toffee nut latte & I (of course) munched on a sugar doughnut. It was so delicious, I loved it & I loved the Christmas themed cups at Starbucks, they're so cute!

My Christmas Decorations

Today, I'll show you some pictures of the decorations we put up around the house! :)
I hope you all like them! Did you also put up different decorations? Are you excited about Christmas & unwrapping presents?
Wishing you an amazing day my dolls!

Smiling Back

Hello gorgeous people! How are you all doing today? Are you all having an amazing winter break?
I've been taking outfit photos non-stop and I cannot wait to show you the rest!
Are you all excited for Christmas? I cannot wait for Christmas Eve! I'm actually more excited about the event then the actual gifts for the first time..... Okay, no, i lied, I'm a curious little child to know all of my gifts that are under my Christmas tree. There are already like 6 under the Christmas tree that have my name on it. I can’t wait to open all of them. Soon, on another post where I will show you something, I will talk to you guys about my Christmas plans!
Rememberhow many pictures I took last year? I’m planning to take double that amount this year, also because there are so many things to take pictures of, such as my dogs, pictures with Maxi, my sister, Nick, everyone really. I'm just really super excited about the entire day which is going to be spent with the family and so on. We have the entire Christmas day planned out. I will talk to you about it super soon!
For my outfit, I chose to wear something you don’t see a lot of people wearing in cold countries like Europe. I feel lucky wearing shorts in December! I thought flower shorts with this white shirt, an orange satchel and flats would make a good outfit, and it did. I added my Chanel flats, my watch and my spiked bracelet and I was ready to go.

Ciao persone splendide! Come state oggi? State tutti passando una vacanza incredibile?
Ho scattato tantissime foto di outfit non-stop e non vedo l'ora di mostrarvi tutti gli altri!
Siete tutti eccitati per Natale? Non vedo l'ora per la vigilia di Natale! In realtà sono più entusiasti dell'evento che dei regali...... Ok, no, ho mentito, io sono tipo una piccola bambina curiosa di conoscere tutti i miei regali che sono sotto il mio albero di Natale. Ci sono già 6 con il mio nome su di esso. Non vedo l'ora di aprirli tutti. Presto, su un altro post in cui vi mostrerò una roba, vi parlerò dei miei piani di Natale!
Vi ricordate quante foto che ho scattato l'anno scorso? Sto pensando di scattare i doppio quest'anno, anche perché ci sono tante cose da scattare, tipo i miei cani, foto con Maxi, con mia sorella, con Nick, tutti davvero. Sono solo davvero super entusiasta di tutta la giornata che sara di stare tutti insieme con la famiglia. Abbiamo tutta la giornata di Natale pianificata. Vi parlerò dei miei piani super presto!
Per il mio outfit, ho scelto di indossare qualcosa che non si vede tante person che indossano nei paesi freddi come l'Europa. Mi sento fortunata indossare pantaloncini corti a dicembre! Ho pensato pantaloncini con fiori con questo camicia bianca, una borsa arancione e scarpe basse per fare un outfit bello. Ho aggiunto le mie scarpe basse di Chanel, il mio orologio e il mio braccialetto con i spikes ed ero pronto ad andare.

Weekend Song: Castle Walls

(Picture Source)

Here it is. Another weekend song for you people, if you haven't heard it yet. GO! right now! 
Let me know what you think!
Have an amazing Thursday!

Photo Of The Day 113

I'm slightly in love with this photograph, I can't get over how amazing it is. It's perfectly clear, perfect light, it's amazing. I adore it.
What do you guys think about it?
This weekend I'm going to have a surprise for you with some cool photography effects!

Stay tuned!
Wishing you all an amazing Wednesday!

Christmas Day Around The Corner!

I love Christmas season! i love everything about it, I feel like a kid again every Christmas, just because i'm so excited about celebrating my favorite event of the year with the people i love the most.
Are you as excited as I am?? Who loves Christmas as much as I do? I can't wait until Christmas Eve & Day!

My Plans For This Year's Christmas Eve & Day!

My plans for both Christmas Eve & Day are to spend all quality time with my family, my boyfriend & my two amazing babies (Shanuk & Lilu), to have special breakfasts, lunches & dinners, to watch old family movies (such as Home Alone 1 & other Christmas movies) & to take a gazzilion pictures (like always).

The Christmas presents are going to be unwrapped on Christmas Eve, after 12am (I can’t wait). Remember how last year I also asked for this? Well, I got Shanuk on Monday 23rd April 2012 (I love this post) & then Lilu at the beginning of December 2012.
Wishing you an amazing Christmas Day celebrated with your loved one and feel the joy and season of the holidays.

My Relaxed Weekend

So remember that on Thursday, I showed you over here that I was finally done with my exams and University classes until January. Now I'm currently on holiday until the 6th of January. Today I wanted to tell you how I passed my entire weekend. On Thursday I went to an important meeting (I will speak to you about it very soon), then on Thursday night, my boyfriend came over and on Friday morning my family & I went to do a lot of Christmas Shopping all together. At night we came back home, had dinner and then later that night my boyfriend and I went to take a chilled and relaxed walk.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!
I wish you all a fantastic week ahead!
Stay tuned for a new look of the day post tomorrow!
P.S. Enjoy these photos with my babyboy Shanuk & babygirl Lilu! :)
Love, Giulia

Sunday Shoe Love: 'Glitter Sneakers' By Chiara Ferragni

Hey guys! Today it's been a while since i wrote a 'Sunday Shoe Love' and I thought it was about time to write another one of these. I'm currently obsessed with these Glitter Sneakers by Chiara Ferragni (click here to see The Blonde Salad), I have been for a while now, I wish I could order them but like I've told you before, I've always had to try my shoes, so unfortunatly (of fortunatly so I don't buy shoes online) can't buy these beautiful babies.
Wishing you a gorgeous Monday!

My Awesome Christmas Wish List

This year, my Christmas Wish List isn't as long as I thought it would be, again. I always write my Christmas list really early of middle of November but this year I've been writing things I spotted that I didn't purchase from around September.
So, instead of having a really really long Christmas Wish List, I have a little one again this year.
I usually have around 15 to 25 items on my list, this year I only have 6. 
What does your wish list look like?