Not A Cloud In The Sky

Good Morning lovelies! Having a splendid morning? I hope so. I woke up to a beautiful weather & I can't wait to take the new outfit photos! Yesterday I had a long day at uni & my projects start again. . . . oh what fun! For today's look I chose to wear black tights, jeans shorts, a simple & plain white tshirt, black ballerina flats & my perfect pink clutch, adding some beautiful bracelets on my writs.

Hope you guys are liking my outfits for 2012 so far!
What are your plans for today?
I'm at home relaxing & soon soaking up some Dubai sun!
Enjoy lovelies!

I Was Wearing:
| Shirt: H&M | Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters| Clutch: Italy | Bracelets: Hermes &  | Waatch: Chanel | Sunnies: London | Shoes: New Look |


  1. BEST look on your blog so far! So simple but so pretty . . . i loooove it!!!!!!!
    You're really pretty btw! :-D

  2. You look GORGEOUS little sis!!! xxxx

  3. Thank you Celine! That's really sweet!
    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks alex!!
    You're the best photographer ever! Love you!

  4. Hahahaha is that my tshirt that alex stole from me!!! Well if it is, your wearing it much better than i ever did haha! You look amazing giulia!!! :-)

  5. THANKS NICK! I can't believe I just saw your comment!