Lisbon; Day 1 (Part 1)

On Thursday it was my first time to visit the beautiful Lisbon! First we walked around the streets of Lisbon,  we took so many pictures of the streets, of us and everything that could be captured. We went to some shops and I bought souvenirs for my mum and my sister & then we went to see this mega amazing castle (which I'll show you the pictures on another post). 
I'm speechless because the city is so beautiful! It's amazing! I hope you're going to love the pictures you see up on here as much as I love them. It's only been 2 days since I've been here and I'm in love and never want to leave! :(
Confession and honest truth, I miss Dubai, my baby Shanuk, My family & my babyboo so so so much!
But then again, I'm having the most amazing time here in Portugal with my slurpy bff so I'm not complaining!
I'm going to be separeting all of the pictures into different posts because otherwise i'll be a very long post with more than 600 pictures. 
So here for you, some of the pictures I took on my first day in Lisbon!!
Have a gorgeous day my loves!

Neon Yellow In Lisbon

Hello from Portugal! Hope you're all having an amazing day! Well, this is the first outfit I wore when we went to visit the beautiful city of Lisbon. I was wearing a simple neon yellow shirt, demin jean shorts, black sandals / open shoes & my black Balenciaga. Perfect & simple for a beautiful day spent in Lisbon.
Soon, all of the first pictures I took in Barreiro.
All of these pictures were taken by my best friend Ana (aka. Slurpy BFF).
Enjoy the photographs!

Casa Do Hugo; Barreiro

"Casa Do Hugo" is an incredible restaurant in Barreiro where you can eat so many things and one of the things I got suggested from my Ana & her family who's Portuguese is the fish. I died. The fish looked so fresh and perfect to eat. I ordered Sardines because it's one of my favorites and it was just so incredible. Probably the best sardines I've ever had in a long long time.

So If any of you go to Lisbon make sure you go to Barreiro and try the resteurant "Casa Do Hugo" it's worth it & you won't regret it!

In Barreiro ♥

Good Morning from Barreiro! How are you all doing today? The day I arrived in Portugal was a day of full relaxation with my best friend & the family. At night we watched the football match Spain vs Portugal and later on that night we went out to a bar and had a drink with some friends. On Thursday 28th, we all got ready, went to eat lunch at this amazing resteurant called "Casa Do Hugo" (i'll show you all the pictures in the next post) & then after lunch we went to Lisbon and spent the entire day there. (Pictures coming soon).
Here are the first pictures we took in Barreiro!
Enjoy them!
& soon there will be a new post!

Keep Calm & Forza Azzuri! :)

Nothing to add!

Just Arrived In Portugal

Just landed in Lisbon... Let this adventure begin!

Welcome To Portugal

Just got here & I'm already in love with this place!

Portugal, Here I Come!

I'm going to Portugal! You have no idea how excited I am!
Can't wait to show you all the first pictures I take over there!

Bonjour Paris!

Hello Paris! You look absolutely stunning today, as always!
Unfortunately, I'm only here for a couple of hours so hopefully, I'll see you soon!

Bye Dubai, See You Soon!

Bye Dubai, I'll be back soon! Promise! I'll only be gone for less then a month and then I get to see your beautiful self again!
Bye Bye!

Ready To Go!

Hello dolls!

Check list:
Suit case packed.
Ipod + charger - got
Camera + charger - got
All traveling documents - got
I'm ready to go!
I just can't wait to see my slurpy Best Friend & ofcourse Portugal! 

Can't Wait To See You, Lisbon!

I can't put down in words how excited I am about my trip to Portugal!
10 things I cannot wait for!   

1) Ana, My slurpy BFF
2) The beach
3) Summer air
4) Portuguese Air
5) Portuguese Food
6) Portuguese Streets 
6) Portuguese Night life
7) Portuguese Sun
8) Portuguese Beach
9) Portuguese Sea

Good Morning Sunshines!

Just thought I'd write a post this morning since I'm not going to have any more time today.
Preparing the last few things and charging my iPod, camera, and the rest of the technology that needs to be charged. I have prepared some posts for you during the time I won't be able to make new ones and upload my pictures!
I hope you all have a splendid day!
P.S. Wouldn't you just love waking up to that gorgeous puppy face??
I wake up to my baby Shanuk every morning & I'm gna miss it so much even though its not for that long.
Next post will be one from Portugal!
Adios amigos! 

England vs Italia

Tonight is the night!
England vs Italy!
I wonder who's going to win this one!?!?!
Who are you all supporting?

Too Cute ♥

No words. I'm speechless & in love.

Have A Gorgeous Weekend!

Hey dolls! Hope you're all doing well! It's finally the WEEKEND! Woop Woop! On Tuesday it was actually a very exciting day, I went to a very important meeting & that was the day I showed you this post. Wednesday was a good day & now it's time for the weekend! :)
Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!
Stay tuned for a new outfit post!

Make It Count

This video is insane, full of power. So much motivation in it. It inspired me a lot.
Watch it, tell me what you think & if you agree with me. . . . Make It Count!

All Of My Birthday Posts

Here for you all of the posts I showed you for my birthday!
The first one, over here where I showed you guys what I found on my birthday in the morning. The next one, the outfit I wore to my Pre-Birthday Dinner with my family! Then, the cake I want for my 21st birthday. Then, ofcourse, the Birthday Breakfast they made me find on the morning of my birthday! Then, I showed you the outfit I wore to go out to dinner with my babyboo. The Birthday Cake, my aunt made me and sent me the picture. My awesome Mexican Themed Dinner with both my family & my babyboo! My Birthday Presents that I got, thanks to the best parents in the entire world and finally, My 20th Birthday Party. & the outfit I wore to a Birthday Dinner with My Sister.

My 20th Birthday Party

On Friday night I celebrated my 20th birthday with some of my closest friends at my place. 
What I wore? Forever XXI neon green shirt, black Zara shorts & black ballerinas from New Look.
Outfit photos of this look up on the blog very soon!

Wigle Wigle Wigle

I just HAD to blog about this, It was a MUST!
I ADORE IT! It's too good!

Birthday Dinner With My Sister ♥

Here for you another outfit post! This is another outfit I wore to another one of the many Birthday celebrations I had! A very simple outfit but the flowery short dress makes the entire outfit stand out. I wore it with my black balenciaga, and blue open-toe heels.
Hope you like these outfit photos!
P.S. A new, fresh and long post tomorrow! 
& soon the pictures from my 20th Birthday Party with my closest friends!
Keep checking back! :)

Working On My Designs

Working on my designs today & cleaning up my closet before I leave for my trip. Maybe I'll publish a new outfit post!
I've been cleaning up my entire closet, including shoes. I need to start thinking of what to bring to Portugal! YEEEY! It's so exciting to write that!
Today I'll continue my closet clean up and then prepare celebrations and everything for another one of my birthday nights, this time with friends!
Stay tuned for a new outfit post,soon!

Happy 24th Birthday, Nick!

I'm so happy to be writing this post! Not only because it's your 24th Birthday & SECOND birthday post on my blog but because you're moving back to Dubai in not too long and you have no idea how excited I am!
You've been like an older brother to me since I was like 11 years old (which was ages ago, I'm so old). So this is also a tiny bit of a Thank you post! :)
I Love You Nicky Poo! (brotherly way)


Travel Inspiration: Thailand

Thailand, I can't wait to go visit this breath-taking country. Just by looking and finding these pictures make me want to book a ticket and go to Thailand tomorrow morning!
I feel like it's a P E R F E C T place to go on a romantic holiday with your boyfriend or husband.

Here's a bit of information I got from different websites & forums.

Thailand truly offers the perfect holiday destination for any visitor…Learn about the fascinating culture of the Hilltribe villages in Northern Thailand, where you will experience friendly people, visit ancient temples, secluded hillsides and jungles. Marvel at the rich traditions, or test your fitness on a trek. Visit the centre of the renowned "Golden Triangle".
Shop for handicrafts and great bargains in Bangkok - the buzzing capital home to the Grand Palace, Floating Market, and other sightseeing activities such as Thai Boxing… discover this exciting city!
Head to the Islands in the South to indulge in a beach escape… the pristine beaches of Phuket, Samui, Krabi, Khao Lak, Phi Phi and Chang are stunning and relaxing. These escapes are a great add-on to your Thailand or Asian itinerary, and are also a fantastic winter getaway or romance destination. Whatever your experience in Thailand, you'll likely want to return!

My Little Shanuk

How can I not adore him?

My Trip To Portugal!

Remember my best friend Ana? I mentioned her many times on the blog, like HERE, where I made an entire post to wish her a Happy Birthday! Over HERE, where we took crazy best friend pictures, we like being silly! & finally over HERE...that's the post that SLURP first happened! 
Well, you all know that she's Portuguese and that she goes back to Portugal mostly in summer. Her & her amazing family have invited me to go to Portugal & I'm SO excited to finally share the news with you! I'll be staying 18 days with her and I can't wait to tell you more and show you how beautiful Portugal is!
Since my summer started on the 1st of May, like I told you over here, I have the longest Summer Holiday anyone could ask for, so since I'll be in Dubai for the entire summer this year, I decided to take a bit of time to go visit Portugal & there are no words to explain how excited I am!
I'm leaving in less than 20 days! 

Birthday Presents!

Thanks to the most amazing parents in the world, they gave me the best presents ever. 
One of the most amazing one is my ticket to PORTUGAL! I get to go see my best friend in Portugal & visit the beautiful city of Lisbon! I CAN'T WAIT! You have no idea how excited I am about my trip this summer!
P.S. & apart from a ticket to Portugal, I also got a new laptop, perfumes, jewellery, dresses, shoes, shirts, jeans, & well Shanuk was a little bit of a birthday gift too since I've wanned a puppy for the longest time!
So yes, BEST birthday presents EVER!

Mexican Themed Birthday Dinner!

So every year, my birthday lasts about a week and that's because I always want so many different types of cakes and celebrations with different people. On Saturday, we had a family dinner, where I showed you my outfit over here. Then, the other day, we had a Mexican Themed dinner with both my family & my amazing boyfriend. In the next few days, I'll be celebrating again with my boo & then again with some of my friends.
I'm excited for this post, here are some of the pictures that we took in our awesome 'Mexican Themed Birthday Dinner'
Soon a new outfit post!Stay tuned my dolls!
Thanks for all your support! I love reading your emails & comments! You guys ROCK!

Ogni anno, le celebrazioni per il mio compleanno durano circa una settimana e questo perché voglio sempre tanti diversi tipi di torte e feste con persone diverse. Sabato scorso, abbiamo avuto una cena di famiglia, dove vi ho mostrato il mio outfit qui. Poi, l'altro giorno, abbiamo avuto una cena messicana sia con la mia famiglia e il mio ragazzo incredibile. Nei prossimi giorni, sarò festeggiare di nuovo con il mio amore, e poi di nuovo con alcuni dei miei amici. Sono eccitata per questo post, qui sono alcune delle foto che abbiamo scattato nel nostro fantastico 'Cena Messicana di Compleanno'. Presto un nuovo outfit post! 
Restate con me, miei amori! Grazie per il vostro supporto! Mi piace leggere le vostre email e commenti! Continuate cosi' ragazzi!

Auguri Giulia

This is a short post to say thank you. I received many many emails from a lot of my readers and they're all really sweet!
This birthday cake picture was sent to me by my lovely aunt & it says 'Happy Birthday Giulia' in Italian. It's SO SO SO sweet that she made me cake! It's actually really sad I can only look at this beauty but can't taste it. It looks absolutely delicious and I'm certain it is!
Thank you so much Zia! 

Birthday Girl

This is the outfit I wore the other day to go out to dinner with my babyboo. I can't believe I turned 20. It's crazy. I had the most amazing birthday & the celebrations haven't ended yet! On Saturday I showed you the outfit I wore to the Pre-Birthday Dinner! On Sunday, they made me find the amazing Birthday Breakfast ready to munch! On Sunday, the same night of my birthday we had a family dinner with a Mexican Theme, and my boyfriend was there too & on Monday night I went out to dinner with my boo to continue the celebrations and this is the outfit I chose! Many of you already know, my birthday celebrations usually last a week! That is because I always want to celebrate it with so many different people and have so many different types of cake! So my 20th Birthday celebrations will probably end this weekend...around Friday. . . . unfortunately.
For the outfit, I chose to the beautiful dress I bought and kept for a special occasion like this one, my salmon pink heels and my grey Tory Burch clutch. It felt completely right to wear such a beautiful dress on my 20th Birthday!
I hope you like the pictures!

My Birthday Breakfast!

Birthday Breakfast! They made me find amazing looking pancakes, with nutella and jam ready to be eaten with some milk! Ahhhh! Such a good breakfast!!
Hope you all like the pictures!

Chocolate & Neon Birthday Cake! ♥

How amazing does this cake look?
I want it! I wish I could have this one for my next birthday! It's such a cute & colourful one! I love it!

Pre-Birthday Dinner

Saturday night, My early birthday dinner with family, a simple but an outfit perfect for a birthday dinner.
Had a wonderful time with the family over dinner, then celebrated when the clock ticked 12 o'clock. Champagne and birthday cake were simply perfect to start my birthday celebrations after an amazing night with my family.

Happy Birthday To Moi!

Happy Birthday to meeee!!!!
A day spent with my loved ones!

Another Yacht Partey!!

So yes, another yacht party! Rassa & Hamood, two of our close friends organized a yacht party on Thursday night, it was epic fun! An unforgettable and amazing night! Loved every bit of it!
& ofcourse I'm not going to put every picture, some are a little too crazy ;)
but here are some from Thursday night! Enjoy!

Hello June!

I can feel that this month is going to more amazing than ever!
Please be fantastic to me!
P.S. 2 days left!!!! :) :) :) 

My May Looks

Can you guys believe the month of May is OVER? It passed by SO SO SO quickly! I have a feeling June is going to be incredible! Do you guys think so too or is it just me?
Well, here they are, all of my May outfits! 
Below each picture there is a link to each outfit post If you would like to see more of that specific outfit!
Which one is your favourite outfit?

Can you guess mine?

Hope everyone has a gorgeous day!