Goodbye July!

July was amazing. The month that I came back from an amazing holiday with my best friend in Portugal. It's the month I finally saw my family, my baby Shanuk and ofcourse my babyboo after an amazing 20 days in Portugal! :) & It's the month my sister came back from her amazing holiday in Bali.
Goodbye July! :)

Cartier L⊝VE Bracelet

This is it. My new Cartier Love Bracelet. I A D O R E it & It's ALWAYS on my wrist!
Nothing more to add.

My New Balenciaga

Another baby added to my bag collection. I adore her. I can't wait to show you the first outfit with her! Isn't this Balenciaga colour so beautiful! Trust me, I'm obsessed, If I could I would wear it daily....always!  - It looks like the black one but it's the colour of the second picture.

Sheesha With Pizzers!

Silvia is in town & we've been having fun since the minute I picket her up from the airport! :)
Last night we went out for a chilled night & had shisha until late at night.
Tonight we're also going out to meet some friends. I will post the outfit photos I took with this outfit soon!
Have an amazing day everyone!

New In; Links London Bracelet

I'm obsessed with this bracelet. Another super recent purchase of mine. My newest and probably best wrist candy right now. It's the one that's called: 'Links Of London Bracelet LSbracelet-252 Woven Sweetie Bracelet' I got it in the colour purple because it's one of my favorite colours and also because I'm always going to wear it. It's fantastic for Summer & I can't wait to show it to you the pictures while it's on my wrist!
Wait for outfit photos with this gorgeous purple one!

New Piercing; Tragus

I've always been a big fan of piercings. When I was younger I never wanted to get wholes on my ear lobe, but as I got older and found really cute ear rings I decided I wanted to get my ear pierced. First time only bottom ear lobes, second time 'second' (a little bit above the bottom ear lobe). Then I got my Rim pieced. In November 2009 I got my belly pierced and then in Portugal I finally got my Tragus pierced. I personally really like piercings, I think I have loads now but maybe one or two more won't hurt. 
Sorry for the crap quality pictures. Taken with my phone, an hour after I got it pierced.

Wearing The L⊝VE Bracelet

THE BRACELET:  I wore and photographed for the first time, the bracelet.I’m talking about the “legendary” LVe bracelet by Cartier, that was given to me as a present by a very speacial person, you’ll always see at my wrist. And this time I’m serious: this bracelet is closed with a screwdriver, that has to be kept by the person who always wants to be tied to you..

Ho indossato e fotografato, per la prima volta, il braccialetto.
Sto parlando del “leggendario” LVe Bracelet di Cartier, che mi è stato regalato da una persona molto speciale e che vedrete sempre al mio polso . E questa volta dico davvero: questo bracciale viene chiuso tramite un cacciavite, che deve rigorosamente tenere chi ti vuole per sempre legato a se…

Sunday Shoe Love; 'Glitter Shoes' by Chiara Ferragni

These are the shoes from Chiara Ferragni shoe line. I adore them, I think they're perfect for summer especially with the weather being super warm in most of the countries in the world. I took these pictures from Chiara Ferragni's blog; The Blonde Salad as well as her website that you can see all the list of shops that sell her shoes. 
Perfect flats for summer, I can't wait to go to Italy I will try my best to find them and maybe even buy them if they have my size. Unfortunately, since I have a weird shoe size  and for heels it's completely different to flats and same with sandals I can't order them and so I would only be able to buy them if I actually went to the store and tried the shoes on me. 
Aren't they so gorgeous? J'adore! 

Last Ones From The Zoo

Here are the last set of the pictures we took when we went to visit the Zoo in Lisbon!
Hope you guys love these as much as I do!
Have an amazing day!

Silvia In DXB!

 SILVIA IS IN DUBAI! She just arrived in Dubai and I'm already enjoying my time with her.
If you guys don't remember, she's my Sister's Boyfriend''s sister....She was here in January. Here, where I show you the pictures we took at the beach on the morning of last day in 2011. Then I showed you pictures of the pictures we took before going to the New Year's Eve party. Then the pictures we took by the Atlantis on The Palm early in January and ofcourse another night to remember the second time for me and first for her to meet the amazing Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad as well as Kristina from Kayture; over here.
I'm having an amazing time already and she arrived last night! 
Talk to you soon!

Elephants ♥

So most of you probably know that I A-D-O-R-E elephants. They're my all time favorite animals. One of my trips is definitely going to be to Thailand or somewhere in the East so I can take 2 million pictures of the Elephants, WITH the Elephants and ON the Elephants.

Lisbon Mix

A post dedicated to pictures in Lisbon but there's a bit of a mix on this post! Hope you like what I've done! Enjoy your day!

A Few More From Portugal

Here are another set of photos taken in Lisbon! Remember the pictures I showed you over here. The same day I gave my camera to that little cutie sitting next to me in the first picture called Jessica we also took there pictures! It was an amazing day! I will always remember it! Hope you like these ones too! Thank you so much for your comments!

My Flight Home

My flight home was crazy as in, In Lisbon, I was already at the airport at 3am, we were already boarding at 5:30 am and at 9am we had already landed in Paris. By the time I was done shopping and then actually found my gate it was almost time to depart for Dubai it was about 11:30am. We boarded on the place at 13:00 and we were suppose to leave by 13:30. Something went wrong approximately 5 minutes before we took off, and the Captain & other Staff said sorry and everyone had to get back to the gate and our flight was delayed for more than 8 hours! 
Imagine being between airports and planes from 3am in the morning until 6am the day after.
We left Paris at around 8:30pm and we reached Dubai at around 4:40 am and then by the time I went through passport control and got my luggage it was about 5:30am.
I left Lisbon on Saturday night / Sunday Morning and I arrived in Dubai on Monday!
I officially hate airports.

From Barreiro To Lisbon

Since Ana & her family live in Barreiro. Everytime we went to Lisbon, we would take "The Boat" and go to Lisbon! It's about 20  to 30 minutes from Barreiro to Lisbon & there are many seats with 3 places to buy a drink or coffee inside the boat. It's PERFECT!

Dolphin Show Video #1

This is one of the videos we took while we were at the Dolphin show. It was so good, the dolphins looked like they had SO SO SO much fun!
Here, enjoy the videos guys!

Home Made Pizza In Portugal

Here are the pictures Ana took while I was making home made pizza! hehe, please excuse the shape it turned out...after all the pizza was a success and everyone seemed to have loved it so YAAY for that!

From Lisbon With Love

One of the days we went to Lisbon, I gave my camera to Ana's cousin Jessica...I adore the girl, she's such a cutie & one of the things I love about her is that she takes pictures of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g....and I do mean it. I was like I'm sure she'll take enough pictures by the time we're done visiting this part of Lisbon. She took more than I had ever planned! So, Thank you Jessica! You're the best!
& again thank you to my amazing best friend Ana (My Bitch, Slut, Whore-face / My Slurpy face / my bbm loser!) & everyone else who made my stay in Portugal amazing.
This day in Lisbon was also one of the most amazing days! THANK YOU ALL!

More Pictures From The Zoo!

Here's the second post of the pictures we took the day we went to the Zoo! Incredible pictures & crazy memories with the most amazing creatures out there. I'm such an animal lover.
Don't you just adore these pictures?
I'm in love with them!

Ramadan Kareem ✩ | ✩ رمَضَان كريم

Ramadan Kareem to all of you out there!=)

Hope you all have a blessed month!

✩ رمَضَان كريم 

Lisbon, You're Magical

Lisbon is magical. Here are some more of the pictures!!

First Night In Barreiro

I got to Lisbon at around 9 in the morning on the 27th June, I got my suit case and then finally saw my BFF!! It was so good to see her and being in Portugal! We drove to Barreiro, in her town and that day was a complete relax for me since I had traveled and was a little bit tired since I left Dubai at night.
The first night there some of her family came over to watch the football match (Euro 12). It was an amazing night, chilled with Jessica (Ana's cousin) and of course the rest of the family!
Jessica brought her kitten with her too, she's adorable and super sweet!
First night was just simply perfect! My holiday started in a perfect way!

Last Day In Barreiro

Last day in Barreiro with all of my loves! Apart from my Bestest Friend; Slurpy Ana, & Paula of course, all of you guys made my holiday one that i'll never forget! Every single minute spent in Portugal was amazing and it's all thanks to you all! 
Raquel, Paula, Jessica, Nice, Inês, Wilson, Rafael, Erndsto, Lurdes, Silvina, Graça, Alice, Irina & Dulce.
I love you all so much! ♥
Thank you all for always being amazing with me!
Most of all, Thank you to my best friend; sexy slurpy slurp Ana Raquel! & Paula! You're truly amazing! I'm blessed to have you both in my life.
Ana; I love you my bitch, slut, whore face!
Enjoy the pictures my loves!


Thank you so much for making my holiday in Portugal truly AMAZING! I will never ever forget it!
Amazing from the minute I landed in Lisbon until the minute I left!
You are both amazing! I'm blessed to have you both (& Poppa Veras too) in my life! 


I've had the longest flight ever, I stayed in the airport for more than 26 hours. My flight from Paris to Dubai was delayed for more than 7 hours. I officially hate airports.
I've miss this beautiful city loads!!
I'm so happy to be back home, I've missed everyone so much!!!
I do have a confession though. I'm missing everyone in Portugal so so so much!

Bye Lisbon! I Love You!

Bye Lisbon!!! I promise I'll be back soon!
I had the most amazing time here in Portugal but I'm on my way home now!
I love you Portugal!

Black & Pink In Lisbon

Hello gorgeous people! Hope you're all doing amazing! Here for you I want to show you the outfit I wore the other day to go to Lisbon once again! We visited so many things (I will talk to you about in the next post). For the day I decided to wear my light pair of jeans, a black shirt simple shoes, a pink cardigan and my black Balenciaga! Can you notice my haircut? I promise I will show you my new haircut once I have more time.
In the past days I've have no time for the blog what-so-ever. These two days I'm spending them with Ana, her family & some of her family friends. Now I'm on my way to a restaurant to go eat my last sardines!
So, enjoy the pictures, hope you like what I'm wearing!
Have an amazing day my loves!
Beijos from Barreiro!

Favorite song EVER

Favorite song. EVER.

Jardim Zoológico De Lisboa

Hello sunshines! Hope you're all doing amazing! On Saturday 7th July we went to the Zoo in Lisbon & OMG, it was one of the most beautiful, clean and perfect Zoos I've ever been to! It has all the animals anyone can think of, Horses, Penguins, Lions, White Tigers, Zebras, Turtles, Snakes, Giraffes, Elephants, Chickens, Ducks, Seals, Dolphins and SO many more. 
The most exciting part of my day was to see my favorite animals in real life; Elephants! The other amazing part of my day was to touch an adorable giraffe. YAAAY! 
Such an amazing day, everyone knows I'm an animal lover & spending my entire day in a zoo where they treat animals like a girl treats her shoes is amazing!
I have to thank my best friend and her family for giving me the opportunity for me to go to the amazing Zoo in Lisbon!
&& I also have to thank my family for giving me the opportunity to even come to Portugal to visit my best friend and also all the amazing sites and everything I've done so far in Portugal. I feel consider myself very lucky.
I took more than 900 pictures but of course I'm only going to show you the most amazing ones! I'm probably going to have two posts with the pictures from the Zoo! So here for you the first part with half of the pictures I'm going to show you! 
Hope all of you have an amazing day! Now I need to go because I'm going to visit another part of Lisbon! I'm SO SO excited! I might take more than 900 pictures today! ;)
Kisses from Barreiro!
P.S. Italian translations on previous posts coming soon!

Missing You Lalex!

I miss you lalex! Can't wait to see you my love!

Random Pictures Taken In Portugal

Hey guys, hope all of you are doing great! Today I leave you with a short post because I'm about to leave to go out (it's 8am here) and since we have a full day planned and I'm only going to be back home late at night. 
Here are some random pictures from the first few days of my awesome trips to Portugal! 
Wishing you all an amazing day!
I shall speak to you soon with a long fresh post with today's pictures!
Enjoy! Ciao!

I Miss My Baby Shanuk

As you know, I'm in Portugal at the moment and I'm having the best time ever but I miss my baby Shanuk!
I get photos sent over almost daily from both my mum & my sister!
I love him so much!

Oceanário de Lisboa

Hi dolls! How are you all doing today? On Monday the 2nd of July, we went to a different part of Lisbon. We went to visit the beautiful Oceanarium. It was beautiful, we got to see so many different types of fish, penguins, Sea Otters and so many more. Here are some of the pictures, I think I'm going to need more than one post to show you all of the beautiful creatures. Enjoy the pictures!

A Day In Arrabida (Part 2)

Again, nothing much to say. I showed you A Day In Arrabida (Part 1) & today I show you my second post of our day in Arrabida. Gorgeous day, perfect weather, amazing place, beautiful beach. What more could I ask for?
Hope you love the pictures guys!

Under The Portuguese Sun; Sesimbra

The pictures were taken at the beach. On Tuesday we went to 'Sesimbra' with some of Ana's family friends and other friends too.
I could only take a few pictures but next time we go I'm going to take more.
Hope you like them!

A Day In Arrabida (Part 1)

One word: breathtaking. I have nothing else to say. A beautiful day spent in Arrabida.
I love this place.

Castelo De S Jorge; Lisbon (Part 3)

& finally, here's part 3 of the pictures we took when we went to visit the beautiful Castelo De S Jorge in Lisbon. I showed you Castelo De S Jorge; Lisbon (Part 1) Castelo De S Jorge; Lisbon (Part 2) & now it's time for the next set of pictures!
I hope you love them as much as I do!
Have a fabulous day & Stay tuned for a new post!

Lisbon; Day 1 (Part 2)


Hello gorgeous people! how are you all doing? I'm sorry I didn't publish anything yesterday, I had no time at all. I spent my day between Barreiro & Lisbon but I'll tell you all about it on another post with some of the pictures! (which I cannot wait to show you). Here's another set of pictures for you.
Remember these post where I showed you the pictures I took in Lisbon? The first post was Lisbon (Part 1)Here for you the next post with the the rest of the pictures.
Today I'm spending my entire day at the beach with slurpy (Ana, my bff who I'm here with) and a bunch of her friends!
Hope you have an amazing day! Talk to you soon with a new post!

Castelo De S Jorge; Lisbon (Part 2)

Here for you the part 2 of the pictures we took at the 'Castelo De S Jorge' in Lisbon!
I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!
Now i'm going to Arrabida so I'll talk to you on a new post later tonight!

Castelo De S Jorge; Lisbon (Part 1)

Buon Dia Gorgeous people! Here are the pictures that we took on the first day we went to Lisbon, we went to visit the 'Castelo De S Jorge' and here are the first batch of pictures. As I told you in previous posts I took more than 600 pictures so I'm deviding them into different posts!
Enjoy the first part of pictures and stay tuned for the next batch so you can see all of the pictures from my day at 'Castelo De S Jorge'.
Enjoy your day my loves!

I Miss You My Boo! ♥

Just a quick post to say I miss you, I know we talk daily even if I'm in Portugal but Happy Anniversary  my boo!
I adore you Maxi-Boo!