Goodbye January!

Such a good start to the month, it's insane it passed by so quickly! Hopefully another amazing month ahead just like this one!
Thanks so much for your support!
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My January Looks

Here they are.. all of the outfit posts I published this month! Enjoy guys!

Simple Friday

Here for you, another outfit post on the outfit I wore for a normal casual day out with my family.
Stay Tuned for many more posts!
Are you excited for February as much as I am? Woop woop!

Have a gorgeous day everyone!

Dubai International Film Festival: Red Carpet & Gala Screening

Hey guys, finally, here are the pictures of the Dubai International Film Festival which I had completely forgotten about and never got this post published....Better late than never I guess right?
The screening we went to was of the movie Geoge Clooney and Shailene Woodley called 'The Descendants'.

Dubai International Film Festival, one of the best events that happens every year, here in Dubai. Every year a special guest comes but this year, one of the best and most amazing from Hollywood came to promote one of the movies he filmed in Dubai. . . . . Tom Cruise!
So amazing to see him in real life and not just on a screen…. :- )
I cannot believe I got to see him live. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a proper picture of him since he was surrounded by body gaurds and VIP people. Including HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum
On that day, my sister’s friend Anika, my sister (who was working at DIFF) & I went to see The Red Carpet Gala Screening and both actress Shailene Woodley & Alexander Payne from the movie  The Descendants  were there in the amazing theater at the Medinat Jumeirah Dubai.

Helen Kay Gifts

Here are the two necklaces I bought the other day. Helen's collection is so gorgeous. Soon i'll show you a look of the day with each one. The coral one is SO perfect for S/S '12. . . I can't wait to wear it. They're both so gorgeous!
Stay tuned for an outfit post with these gorgeous Jewellery peices.
Click HERE to see all the collections & shop!

Midnight Blue

Another outfit post to show you what I wore to an important dinner I went to at the Medinat Jumeirah. A beautiful electric blue dress bought from Forever XXI which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. True love at first sight!
I took the pictures in the early afternoon because I don't really like taking outfit photos at night.
So here you go, enjoy the pictures guys & stay tuned for the next post! :) 

All Wrapped Up

Hi everyone! Here's the new outfit post. I was wearing a comfy & simple outfit made from tights, a jeans skirt, a white top & the comfiest cardigan I own. For my feet I chose to wear my boots which are always comfy. For my bag, i chose my new bag by's her first time to be on the blog! I love this outfit, it's so perfect for cold days like these ones in Dubai!
Hope you had a wonderful day!

So Me

Good morning everyone! Rise & Shine!
As you're reading this, I'm probably on my way to University. My class starts at 11 o'clock in the morning & it finishes at 1pm :)
Not very excited about staying home the entire weekend while doing design work...:/
On the bright side, I'm pretty sure the weekend will fly by & then there's going to be more and more design work for me to do.
Here for you another outfit post!

At The Stables

Here they are. Finally, I can show you the pictures that we took last weekend at the stables. I was only able to go out one day of the weekend with the family because of my design work. The Horses were so gorgeous, so friendly to cuddle and pet! I love horses!
Anyways this morning I leave you with some of the pictures!
Come check the blog or stay tuned with Facebook or Twitter as there might be a new outfit post later today!!

Total Black

It's been a really good but busy week! How's your week going? 
Here for you, another look of the days. A complete black look! I absolutely love it.


This song. makes me wanna dance...all day..all night!
I adore it.

Gotta Be Somebody

A beautiful day spent by the beach, eating lunch with my sister! :)
What a gorgeous day it was! Such an awesome one spent with the most amazing sister in this world!

Best Friend

My best friend came over to the house on Sunday night and spent 2 nights with me. On Tuesday morning she went home & I went to Uni. Here are some pictures we took. . . . we're best friends. . . . . we were being silly.
Enjoy the pictures guys! & Have an amazing Wednesday guys!

Cozy & Basics

Here they are, the pictures I took on Monday! :) This outfit is so comfortable & perfect to wear! I love this dress & of course the heels are one of my favourite ones.
Enjoy the pictures & don't forget to check back soon for new posts!

You Make My Day Brighter!

A wonderful Saturday morning spent at a close friend’s house & the rest of the day spent at the Dubai Mall shopping away.
This was such a comfortable outfit to spend with my day in.

I’m loving the Dubai weather. I’ve spent my days working on Uni projects & my nights out with the friends I love. & this morning I'll leave you with this outfit post!

I was wearing black Forever XXI Leggings, a simple long white shirt from H&M, my wedges from H&M. . . & my pink scarf with my black Tory Burch clutch that I decided to wear as a purse.

Hope you guys have a fabulous day! :)
P.S. Did you guys like last night's post 'Practicing With Pixels' ?

Practicing With Pixels

So as you probably saw on facebook, twitter or the dad & I share a of my favourite ones. . . & it's Photography!
The other day, before taking down the Christmas tree & all the festive decorations, my dad and I did some cool lighting & added different types of filters to the lense. So much fun & so interesting to try out different settings on the camera. . . . .

Flowers & Coral

Starting of my day with a perfect cup of coffee enjoying the beautiful weather outside. My day was just filled with spending time on my working desk getting inspirations for my next Uni Design project. I spent my late afternoon, having some delicious shisha with my sister, Alex. In this post I’ll show you my outfit I wore today. A perfect short flowery dress paired with my coral clutch & my salmon orange shoes.

Burj Al Arab Fireworks

I know it's the 12th of January already but I couldn't help not blogging this picture!!!!
It's breathtaking!!

Vote YES On The Business Sandwhich!

Hey guys! hope you're all having an amazing day!
I need a huge favour from you all! I need you to Vote YES for my sister Alex to start a blog! Please click HERE to see Nick from The Business Sandwhich what a cute post he made for my sister.

The Purple Jeans

Here's another outfit for you all. Since I've only got Uni three times a week. . . . today's another full day at Uni packed with my art journal and other things. I'm in love with design class btw! I'm finding it super interesting & I'm so happy about my design mark! Anyways I leave you with my latest look where I wore there purple jeans and decided to wear a salmon pink top combined with this faux fur leather jacket, black H&M boots, TopShop Sunnies & Black Balenciaga. 
Enjoy the pictures!
Wishing you an amazing day!

Fashion Chalet Balenciaga Give Away: I Want IT!

Another favourite blogger Erika Marie has a give away on her blog. I would LOVEEEEE to win this amazing, beautiful Balenciaga! It would look fantastic in my closet.
Click HERE to enter the give away! Click fast before it's too late!!!

Not A Cloud In The Sky

Good Morning lovelies! Having a splendid morning? I hope so. I woke up to a beautiful weather & I can't wait to take the new outfit photos! Yesterday I had a long day at uni & my projects start again. . . . oh what fun! For today's look I chose to wear black tights, jeans shorts, a simple & plain white tshirt, black ballerina flats & my perfect pink clutch, adding some beautiful bracelets on my writs.

Leopard With A Touch Of Red

Rise & Shine Everyone! It's a new day and as you're reading this, i'm on my way to Uni, i'm not too sure I've told you before but I take an hour and 40 minutes to get to uni so yes, I have to wake up at around 5:40 - 6:00am and be at Uni before 9:00 am - because that's when I've got my first class at. Today's going to be a long day as I have a full day of classes.
Now i'll leave you with these outfit photos, I really adore this outfit, i think it's probably the best one so far! I love the leopard print scarf, it make the outfit stand out so much more.
I wore a total black look and added the leopard print scarf with a touch of red on my lips & a few accessories on my wrists to make it more interesting. On my feet I chose my black high heel boots as I probably told you before, they are extremely comfortable.

Summer On A Winter's Day

Good Afternoon to all of you! Today is a lovely day here in Dubai. The weather for the last few days has been unbelievable! The sun is shining and life is good. Here are the photos for my look of the day. I chose to wear black high wasted shorts with a denim shirt, my black Balenciaga, my salmon pink high heels and a cute over-sized purple hat. I love this outfit, it is simple and so fantastic to wear also because it is so comfortable and at the same time fashionable.

Another Lucky Night: Dinner With Chiara Ferragni

Friday 30th December 2011. . . . I met CHIARA FERRAGNI from 'The Blonde Salad' again!!! While she was in Dubai, we got in touch and my sister and I had the opportunity to go for a wonderful dinner with her & her boyfriend Richi, where we had the most amazing time (you can see pictures of the night by clicking HERE). . .  They are honestly amazing and sweet people and it's wonderful to see how truly passionate Chiara is about her blog and what she does! Richi is also wonderful and always seems to proud when he talks about Chiara and her accomplishments. . . such a lovely couple! 
I also got to meet Kristina Bazan from the blog 'KAYTURE' and she was also incredibly nice and beautiful! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet everyone and chat with such successful bloggers and I hope to one day be like them :-)
Don't forget to check out her post about our first dinner! Click HERE to check it out!
Hope you guys have an amazing day!

Dubai Time Lapse Video

I'm in love with this video.

Atlantis Pictures @ The Palm Jumeirah

Best mood ever, went to sleep late last night but i still managed to be in a perfect good mood today!
Here I leave you with some of t he pictures we took at Atlantis on Palm Jumeirah!
Hope you're having a lovely morning!
Wishing you an amazing day!!

First Of The Year! ♥

Heyy guys! Hope you're all having a fantastic day! Here I leave you with fresh new photos of my look for today! Hope you guys enjoyed them! Wishing you all an amazing rest of the day! I will be spending the rest of my day at Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah!
Enjoying 2012 so far?
Stay tuned for the next post! Talk soon! :)

Burj Khalifa New Year's Eve Fire Works

Here are some beautiful pictures on New Years Eve Night of the gorgeous Burj Khalifa close to the Dubai Mall. Hope you enjoy them! I just had to put them up on the blog, they make me stay speechless!
What do you think? :)

3rd January 2012

Hey guys! How are you all doing? How are you all finding 2012 so far? I've been having an amazing time! Yesterday i had a full day of working and today I've got a few meetings to go to. Soon I'll post my first 2012 look! Stay tuned lovelies!

New Year’s Eve With My Girls

Hello beauties! How are you all doing? Hope you’re having an amazing day!
2012 has been amazing so far. . . . which is perfect! Here are the pictures of my outfit & a few pictures with the girls!
 I had the most perfect night anyone could have! I had the time of my life! I loved New Years Eve!

New Year's Eve Morning At The Beach

Happy New Year lovelies!
A quick post this morning, shot these pictures last day of 2011 at the beautiful Burj Al Arab beach.
Enjoy & Stay tuned for more posts very soon!

Hello 2012

Hope you have the most amazing, unforgettable year this year!
Lets make this year another one full of memories!