Goodbye March

Goodbye March! It has been an amazing month and it's mostly thanks to you all! 
Sorry I didn't post as much as all the previous months, as I told you, I was super busy with my Design journal and then my final design project. 
April is going to be better, I've got a bit more free time to publish posts and so on.
Hopefully, April is just another amazing month, just like this one!
Thanks so much for your support!

West LA Boutique Launch!

Saturday 24th March 2012, what an amazing way to end that night. My sister & I went to the West LA Boutique Launch in Sunset Mall, Jumeirah. We got to meet so many other bloggers based in Dubai & a few other Dubai stars such as Huda Beauty & her sister Mona who also has a blog! SO SO happy we got to meet both. It was so exciting to meet them!
Here are the best pictures my sister & I took from that night!

Black & White

Hello my loves, I just came back from work so I had no time to publish the post until now!
So here are another set of pictures taken on this past weekend, my dad was going a little insane with the camera, so we all have a photoshoot of black & white pictures now! Fun & Interesting!
P.S. Don't you just love the one the last one? I think it's extremely cool! I adore the bunny years & the black and white effect!

Now & Neon

Good Morning lovelies, like I said in yesterday's outfit post, here's another look of the day for you all. We shot these photos in the park close by to my house, it was a really pretty setting to shoot for the blog. I decided to wear jeans, my new neon pink top bought from Bershka, flats and the New Look bag. It's a very simple look but perfect and so comfortable. 

Purple Leopard

Hey guys, hope you're all having an amazing weekend! Here for you, one fresh and new outfit post! I chose to wear knee length jeans, a simple white short sleeve shirt from H&M, the scarf, my awesome Neon Satchel bag from New Look and a pair of normal black ballerinas. 
Hope you guys have a fabulous day!

New In: 'Neon Friendship Bracelet'

This is the Neon Friendship Bracelet I fell in love at first sight! I'm in love with it! Don't you just love the bracelets??
Let me know what you think!

Day Out In Dubai

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Hope you had a fantastic week so far! It's finally Wednesday, my second day off from Uni. Tomorrow my weekend finally begins! (YAAY). I cannot believe next week is my official last week of Uni classes and then I only have 4 hours (2 days) of exams left. TIME FLIES!
I honestly, can't believe it.
Here are some pictures of the same day I showed you the outfit photos from here.
A day we brought my Aunt to see around Dubai and how beautiful it really is. My sister & I even got filmed and interviewed by NIVEA Middle East.
It was a good day because even the sky was clear and perfect to take some photos.
So, enjoy the pictures and I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.

My Design Journal In Pictures

So you all know I've been busy working on my Journal for my design class at Uni for the past few weeks due to the lack of posting on the blog. So here they are, the pictures I took of the journal before handing it into the Student Office at Uni.
Hope you like it!
P.S. I just LOVE how Chiara Ferragni from 'The Blonde Salad' got to be in my Inspiration page! YAAY!

Have an amazing day my loves & Thank YOU all for all of your support!

A Little Bit Of Spring

Hello lovelies, hope you're all having a fantastic day so far! Here for you, fresh new outfit photos. These were taken on Friday, when we went around Dubai, again to show my aunt how lovely it is.
I chose to wear, a v-cut green shirt, black pants, a white cardigan, pale pink ballerinas and my beautiful Chanel purse.
On Friday night, my sister & I had another "Sister-Date", similar to this one it was perfect! We had dinner, then we took some silly pictures with photobooth and then we watched "One For The Money" with my favourite actress Kathrine Heighl. I LOVE her! 
Okay, now I'm off to the pool to soak up some Dubai Sun!
I'll speak to you soon with a new post!
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Have an amazing day my lovelies!

GIVE AWAY: 'Splash Fashion Paradise Tickets'

This is so exciting for me to say but guess what this is Pixels Thoughts & Words 's FIRST giveaway! 
Are you as excited as I am? 
Well, let me tell you I've got 2 tickets for the Splash 'Fashion Paradise' Fashion show which will take place on Friday 23rd March at Festival Park, Dubai Festival City and I'm giving them to one of you, the lucky winner who will win these two tickets to the show. The giveaway TERMINATES on WEDNESDAY 22nd MARCH.

Obsessed With This Hair-Do

I'm obsessed with this hair do! I can't wait to show you how it looks on me! YAAY
Watch this video and let me know what you think! 
God Night lovelies!

Photobooth Fun With Sister!

Photobooth fun with Alex. . . . . . =)
Enjoy the beautiful silly pictures of us!
Have an amazing Friday night guys!

Make KONY Famous

Watch the video & Share it!
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Walking On A Perfect Dream

It's been a while since I last published my last post on the blog. Yesterday's post was another Sunday Shoe Love, which a lot of you liked! On Monday I showed you the newest look of the day I shot. From Tuesday, I haven’t had any time to take pictures as I’ve been working on my Design Journal for my Uni and also a huge project that is like a gazillion percent in our Design course. So, today I finish Uni in like, ages. Then going home and working on my journal.

Sunday Shoe Love: 'Beautey' by Steve Madden

These Steve Madden beauties, I adore them. It was love at first sight when I first saw them. They have a selection of colours too. You can find them by clicking here. I honestly think they're just perfect in all ways! They're so beautiful & they would fit perfectly in most of you girls out there. I think they're stunning!
Do you guys love them as much as I do? 
Make sure to tell me what you guys think! I love reading your comments!


Good morning people! Today's a lovely day, woke up in the best mood obviously because my best friend stayed over at mine and we're having such a good time being home alone and going insane with the music this loud! I LOVE IT!!!! The weather in Dubai is back to "normal", usual +25*C. For this look I chose to wear jeans shorts, a bright pink shirt, Primark clutch, my H&M wedges, and to add-on my Balenciaga bracelet. Don't you guys just love my new Smurf Blackberry phone cover? I think it's adorable!

Soft Shades Of Spring

Good afternoon everyone! Here for you a new outfit post! For this look I chose to wear something spring-inspired and although it's not your usual pastel colours or floral prints I thought these earthy-colours with a touch of brightness worked well together! 

Pop Of Pink

Hey beauties! Happy Friday! How are you all doing? Yesterday was a good day, finished Uni early and then went to see my boyfriend :) Today I spent my day with my family & then had Dad-daughter time! Awesme Friday so far!
Here I leave you with a new outfit post! Remember this post about Jumpsuits, I could never find a perfect one and finally here it is. I hope you really like this one! I think it's one of my favourites! :)

My February Looks

Remember this post where I showed you all of my January Looks, today is the 1st of March and it's time to show you all of the different outfits I wore in February! So enjoy the looks! 
Which one do you like the most?

Happy Anniversary Boo!

 Freaking adorable babies kissing! :) 
Happy Anniversary my Boo!

Exhausted From Uni Work

Good Morning guys! how are you all doing? I'm so tired, all I did yesterday was get up and finish working on both my final English Essay which was over 1,500 words as well as my Exhibition E-Portfolio Report which was over 2,400 words. 

I'm actually on my way upstairs to go and get ready to go to Uni! What are your plans for today!
As I've told you before I've been super busy these past two weeks so I'm really sorry i havent updated the blog.
Today after I finish my class at Uni I'll be going out with a few friends & i might be able to see my boyfriend too! I'll keep you posted!