Goodbye April

April, a pretty good month, I can't complain.
Best day of April: Monday 23rd April 2012 - I got my puppy on that day & you can see it on this post.
Although it was a really good month, it was hectic & SO you saw...I couldn't blog for ages because I just didn't have the time.

Yacht Party: Phone Pictures

Hello gorgeous people! Hope you're all having a fabulous day so far!
Here for you the pictures I took on the party we went to on Friday. Remember I showed you the Yacht over here?
Well, these are the pictures I took with my blackberry. Soon I'll show you the ones we took.
Hope you like them!
Have an amazing day!
Soon I'll show you on another post, what I decided to wear on the yacht. & on another one I'll show you my new bikini! :)
Stay tuned for a new outfit post soon too!
P.S. 2 days left & I'm EXAM-FREE!

Partey On A Yacht Baybeh!

When: Friday 27th April 2012: Start 12:30pm  - Finish 5:30
Who: Babygirl Diana's Birthday Party
Just simply AMAZING!
I had the most amazing time anyone could ever have!
There was everything we needed all there! - simply FANTASTIC!

Thanks for amazing service by Xclusive Yachts

My New Christian Louboutin Babies

New babies in my closet. I'm in love! These 'Christian Louboutin' are now my favourite, you're going to be seeing them a lot on the blog! So stay tuned for an outfit post with these babies on my feet!
What do you guys think about them?

Song Obssesion This month

Turn up the music by Chris Brown & Rihanna

The New Love Of My Life ♥

So for the longest time, we've been looking around for a perfect and new Siberian Husky puppy. We've look in several different countries. Well, I'm excited to share the news with you because we've finally found the perfect little puppy. 
The puppy is a male, he is now 2 months old, he is a full breed, Siberian Husky..
I'd like to welcome to you, the new love of my life, Shanuk
On Friday 20th April, my family and I went to Abu Dhabi to meet the puppy & I seriously believe in love at first sight.
The moment I first met him, and held him in between my arms I knew he needed to be mine. He's the cutest puppy on this Earth!

Ana, My BFF ♥

Some really silly pictures taken with my best friend on one of our recent sleep overs!
TAT my bitch, slut, whore-face! ♥♥

Working On The Mega Design Project

As you're currently reading this I'm on my way to Uni for my 1st and second last exam! :)
Wish me luck! After the exam I'm going somewhere super special but I can't share anything with you just yet...if everything goes well...I will make a post today in the afternoon or tonight & share the amazing news with you!

As you know, I haven't been blogging, as I literally had no time at all. First I had to finish my Mega Design Project, then I decided to work for 2 weeks as I showed you here & after I finished working all I did was study!

Dubai Is Breath Taking ♥

I couldn't not blog about these two breath taking pictures! AHHHHH I just adore Dubai so much!
I'm currently chilling in my family room, watching one of my favourite movies 'The Proposal' & sipping on my glass of milk...not a better way to end the night before my exam! 
What are you all up to tonight?

Hope you're having a gorgeous night!

Enjoy the rest of it & stay tuned for a new post tomorrow morning & afternoon & maybe a surprise one at night! ;)

I'm BACK! ♥

I'm officially back! I have a huge apology to make! I'm really sorry i completely ditched my blog & didn't post for the longest time. It's completely the fault of exams existing & being prepared.
I still have 9 days of night mares & full time studying but from the 1st of May - I'm D O N E................
C O M P L E T E L Y   D O N E  with Uni. The best part 4 months of Summer Holidays begins on Tuesday 1st May 2012 at 1 pm
You guys have no idea how excited I am.
I will make much more time for the blog, I do have a plan & if it all works out It'll be really good so stay tuned!
Have a gorgeous day lovelies!

I Heart This Movie

I watched one of my favourite movies last night, I'm pretty sure a lot of you know it, it's called 'A Walk To Remember' with Mandy Moore & SHANE WEST! & every time I watch it I fall even more in love with here are a few of the soundtracks that when you listen to, you can feel your heart beat faster and get goose bumps on your skin.


I am proud to show you guys who Snuggles is. He is my one & only! It was a gift from my boyfriend but I don't only love him because of that's the fact that he is SO incredibly soft & cuddly! He is simply the best! Man, he's SO cute!

Good Morning Dolls

Good Morning my dolls! How are you all doing today? I woke up extremely early today and now i'm at work so this is just a quick post!
I have work both today and tomorrow and after the weekend I'm going to be locked up to study...again..I took a small break for a few days due to all the birthday celebrations & Easter ofcourse!
Have a gorgeous days my loves!
Thanks for all your support!

My Office Desk!

Hello lovelies, hope you're all having a wonderful you're reading this post I'm at my office desk sipping on my coffee and finishing off more work!
I hope you all have a freakin' gorgeous day!
I'll speak to you soon with a fresh new post!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing dad in this universe!
There's nothing to say except from THANK YOU, for everything!
I love you daddy, thank you for always being the best!

Happy Easter My Bunnies!


Happy Birthday Mummy!

Happy Birthday to the best mummy in the universe! I love you so so so so much!
Thanks for everything, I don't know what I would do without a mum like YOU!


My Pinkberry Addiction

Obviously this is not a fashion related post but my blog is not only about fashion so it's all good!
A full post about one of my addictions! I have a confession to make, and a lot of you know this already but, I have an addiction for Pinkberry! I'm in love with it! I would actually eat it every single day! That's how much I love it!

Good Night Dubai, I Love You!

This picture I took from Nick's blog, I just wanted to show you a before & after picture of Dubai!
I cannot believe how much it changed! I've been living here since 1997 and OMG has it changed since I've first arrived! 
I just love this city so much! I can't get over how beautiful it is!
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your night!

Another Summer Look

Hey lovelies!
Here's another Summery look for you!

Yesterday I went to work and then two of my best friends came over so I had no time at all for the blog!
One of my best friends slept over and is sleeping over again tonight! SO EXCITED!

We're going crazy with the music but having so much fun!
Tonight after dinner we're going to have shisha and then we're planning to go for a swim at 2am! LOVE IT! - Can't wait!

Summer Mood

Good Morning Dolls! Here's a fresh new look! First outfit post for the month of April! I honestly cannot believe it's April already! Time is passing by way too fast.
Alright here are the pictures we took of the outfit, hope you enjoy. 
I'm on my way to work now but stay tuned for another post very soon!
Have you guys seen the pictures I took for the 'West LA Boutique Launch? I think they're pretty awesome! What do you think about them?
For this outfit I wore, a short pink dress from Forever XXI, nude heels, a jeans jacket & my black Balenciaga!
This dress looks a bit like the one I wore over here back in November!

My March Looks

Here are all of the outfits that I wore in March!
Below each picture there is a link to each outfit post If you would like to see more of that specific outfit!
Which one is your favourite outfit?
Can you guess mine?

Hello April

Hello April! Happy beginning of the month everyone!
I hope you all have a gorgeous day & a fantastic month ahead!
Let's make this month kick some ass!