Splash A/W '12 Fashion Show Part 4

Fourth post on the Splash A/W '12 Fashion Show. Do you guys like the pictures so far. May I remind all of you I do not edit any of my pictures & If / when I do, I say this picture has been edited.
I'm waiting for your comments guys!

Splash A/W12 Fashion Show; Part 3

& here for you part 3 of the Splash A/W12 Fashion Show.

Gucci Women's S/S '13 Collection

The complete collection for Spring/Summer 2013 Gucci Collection. For the season Frida Giannini (Creative Director for Gucci) made the season very colour blocking. From pink, white, salmon, blue, aqua, green, silver, yellow, prints, black and white again.
I love how the season is all colour blocking with bright colors and prints.
What do you guys think?
Which color will be your favorite?

Splash A/W12 Fashion Show; Part 2

So like I showed you the other day my first pictures of the Splash Fashion Show, here for you the second part of the Fashion show.
Hope you guys like the pictures!
Have a fantastic day my loves!

Weekend Song: Gangnam Style

This weekend song had to be gangnam style, there was no choice. It has been playing everywhere, it's always playing in my room / on my laptop because it's such an awesome song! I wanna be his best friend.
For this song, it is actually useless adding the lyrics to the post. The song is not in English but its such a catchy song and that's why everyone loves it.
Have a gorgeous weekend!

Happy Weekend Babies!

Wednesday & it's WEEKEND!
Enjoy it you guys!

Lil Cuties! ♥

This is a post dedicated to amazing and adorable animals. I'm in love with all these pictures!
Hope these pictures make your day brighter! 
Talk to you soon!

Weekend Song: Turn Up The Love

This weekend song is another one of my favorites. I cannot stop listening to it. It's actually on repeat right now!
Listen and tell me what you think!
Have a gorgeous Thursday & beginning to your weekend!

Hermes; Le Ttemps Avec Soi -Time On Your Side

I decided to blog about this photoshoot by Hermes with the name ''Le temps avec soi -Time On Your Side'' because these pictures are so inspiring. This month has been very inpiring because I've been in Uni working on different projects including fashion since I'm a Fashion Design student & I've been addicted to Hermes for a while now.
I mentioned the source of where I got the pictures from at the end of the post.

Working On The Blog

Please be patient & stay tuned for new posts. I'm working on the blog & all the new posts coming in the next few days but I've also got a lot of Uni work so bare with me.
Have a gorgeous Wednesday & for me It's WEEKEND! YAAY

What I've Been Up To

Hey guys it's been ages! Hope you're all doing amazing and having a gorgeous Wednesday! As you're reading this I'm probably busy designing something or maybe experimenting with something... I'm in my favorite design class at Uni basically.

Sorry I haven't updated...well firstly, I've been busy with Uni work. I've been drawing and designing stuff and working on all my projects since day 1 but from now I'm gonna make more time for the blog.
I can't believe September is almost over. It was the second week of this month that I got a bit sick for a week so I didn't feel like doing anything really. For the rest of the days I've been working on my projects, spending quality time with my babies (both Maxi, my boyfriend & My baby Shanuk, my puppy). I honestly CANNOT believe it that the year 2012 is almost over.
Stay tuned with a new post guys!

Photo Of The Day 104

This picture is insane. The quality is fantastic. The fact that it's a real someone's hand holding the lady bug is just incredible. I love it.

On My Plate: Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

So I haven't published a food post in really the longest time & since I'm super busy with my Uni projects, here for you a scheduled post on my one and only, my favorite: 'Spaghetti Alla Carbonara'.
The information & pictures are from different sites on the internet (linked at the end of the post).
Try make the Spaghetti one day and let me know if you like it. I'll be happy to read your comments.

Splash A/W12 Fashion Show; Part 1

(First pic; Source)

So here they are. The first set of my pictures from the Splash AW12 Fashion Show. The fashion show itself was really really awesome. The location was in Medinat Jumeirah & it seemed like a perfect location for a fashion show like this. It seemed like a perfect venue. The event itself was spectacular. The clothes were different and very unique but the past part about almost every outfit were the shoes. The shoes were gorgeous!
I took a ton of pictures so I divided them into different posts. 
Hope you like Splash AW12 Fashion Show part 1!
Enjoy folks!

Pixels Thoughts & Words Turns 2!

I don't think I can express how incredibly emotional, happy and grateful I feel to be able to say that today 2 years ago, PIXELS THOUGHTS & WORDS was born... 
I cannot believe today is the second anniversary of “my baby”: I feel very flattered and proud to be writing to you from the same blog, and I perfectly know that without this would have never been possible.

Not even in my wildest dreams, would I have ever imagined how much my life was going to change the moment I sat there and wrote my first post.


Remember to say happy birthday to Pixels Thoughts & Words

The iPhone 5 Is Finally Here!

We've all been waiting for this and it's now finally here. The iPhone 5. Do I need to say more?

Weekend Song: Coming Back For You One Day

Another post for a weekend song. This week it's example ft Calvin Harris and the song name is: coming back for you one day. I adore it. Hope you guys also love it as much as I do.
Enjoy your WEEKEND!

Photo Of The Day 101

Here for you, a new ''Photo Of The Day'' post. I find this photo incredibly amazing. Firstly what the subject. ...Elephants are my favorite animals. The photographer took a picture at the Elephant walking with her baby and I also like how they aimed the camera... it doesn't look like a profile / portrait. It looks so perfect and natural.

I love Elephants & Photography.
Hope you like this week's ''Photo Of The Day Post''!!!
Stay tuned!!!

Happy 33 Year Anniversary To My Amazing Parents! ♥

Happy 33 year anniversary to my amazing parents!! :-) ♥
33 Years - 396 months - 12,054 days together! I envy you both!
Hope you guys spent a fabulous day together!
I love you both so so so much!

Say It With A Smile

Good Morning dolls! How are you all doing? Having a good week? On Sunday I started my course at University & I've got so much to tell you about it. Did you have fun the past weekend? I took these photos the other day when we went to drink a coffee and bring Shanuk for a walk.
For my outfit I chose to wear, dark blue Jeggings, a black and white shirt from Forever XXI, a pink cardigan, my Balenciaga for a bag & I also added my green Hermes Bangle & my purple Links bracelet.
Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!
Talk to you soon gorgeous people! Thank you so much for all of your comments!

Dubaiii ♥

(Picture from Facebook.)

I had to blog about this! This picture is incredible!

Fearless Marat Dupri sits on the edge of a skyscraper in Dubai Marina. The 19-year-old student with his friends travelled from his native Russia to Dubai after being enticed by the spectacular high-rise buildings and scaled them without safety harnesses to produce these stomach-churning images... Photograph by © Marat Dupri. Disclaimer: do NOT try this yourself!!!

All Weekend At The Pool

It's the WEEKEND! Finally Friday! Okay I cannot be complaining... I've had such an amazing week.
I went to 3 different parties, 2 events & then spent Boo quality time everyday from Monday! I spent Thursday morning at the pool and I will spend the next two days of my last weekend (before I start Uni) at the pool. I need to get some colour! 
P.s. Like my bag from Bali? I adore it.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Weekend Song: Hangover Mash Up

Love this song!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Officially A Fashion Design Student!

I can finally announce it. I'm officially a 'Fashion Design' student at my university. I'm starting classes on Sunday 9th September and I couldn't be more excited!
Are you guys all excited about starting school and Uni and some of you work?
By the way, would you guys like to see my fashion sketches? Would you be interested in seeing them?
Hope you have a fabulous day!

Welcome Home: Stitchelina Le Pink

Stitchelina Le Pink....♥...My new baby.
I think I might be addicted to her already. She was bought on the 3rd September 2012 and I've already set her up and started stitching a few things. She's my everything.

Click here to see this product on the website.
here to see more.

Green & Pink

Good Morning gorgeous people! Having an amazing Monday already? Well, It's been a couple of wonderful days for me & I've been really excited for University. Starting year 1 of Fashion Design, just thinking about it is crazy! I can't believe it. 
I'm actually on my way out, I'm going shopping with my mum and to buy something I've wanted to buy for a while now. I'm SO excited! Can't wait to show you all!

Thank you so much for your comments. You guys are wonderful!
Hope you all have a gorgeous Monday lovelies! 

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Happy Birthday to the one and only Samantha. My fuckle for life. I love you so much. Hope you have the most amazing birthday! Party hard my love.
Missing you tons!

Thank You To Mr.Rajeev

A simple post just to say THANK YOU to Mr.Rajeev & to all of the United Colors Of Benetton team. You guys are the best! It's been such an honor working with United Colors Of Benetton.
Thank you all so much!

Hello September '12

Hello September! It's been a while huh? Since this year passed extremely quickly can you please slow down and pass at a normal speed.
Let's try make it an AMAZING month full of gorgeous surprises!
Happy September everyone!
P.S. I start my first year of Fashion Design at uni in 9 days! The countdown started!!! :)