Goodbye November '12!

I can't believe November is gone. Tomorrow its a new month! Lets make it even more amazing then November!
Today it rained the entire day so it was such a wonderful goodbye for November!
I wish all of you guys an amazing month of December! My favorite month of the year!

Today In Dubai!

It's Friday & from around 9am it has been raining like crazy! There's crazy weather including some lightning, thunder and SO much rain.
It's amazing. I'm in L O V E with the weather today! I've missed the rain! I love winter in Dubai!!
Wishing you an amazing rainy day!

Weekend Song; Scream & Shout

Another week went by and it's time to find out what my weekend song choice was!
This weekend, I chose the newest song by Will I Am & Britney Spears. It's incredible!
Let me know what you think guys!
Wishing you a gorgeous weekend!

It\s A Beautiful Day!

It's a gorgeous day in Dubai! I hope you guys all have an amazing one!

A Ride With The R8!

A car ride with one of my best friends in the R8! 
One of my favorite cars (My favorite is the Nissan 350Z) & with my best friend, I couldn't ask for more!!!!
It was the best!
I love you so much Diana!

Instagram Pictures; Week 1

 Sisterly love!

Hello guys! If you haven't read my recent posts yet, I wanted to remind you that I'm now using Instagram, and I have been since over a week or so. Well, if you have it to please do follow me. My name on Instagram is PixelsThoughtsandWords.

Enjoy these latest photos!
Have a great week!

What A Cutie! ♥

I just had to blog about this cutie! I couldn't resist.

My Baby...♥

Probably one of the cutest pictures of my boo & I.
I love you so much...

It's Her Birthday! ♥

It's Alex's birthday today, there isn't much to say to you through the blog...
You're the best sister anyone could have asked for. I love you so much!
Happy Birthday CUTIE!

P.S. Thanks for the support & always helping me out & being my photographer & personal assistant for the blog!

Happy Birthday To My BabyGirl; Azeen

See that gorgeous girl in the first picture? It's her birthday today! If you're a frequent PixelsThoughts&Words  reader, please leave a comment on either this post or the one I put up on the facebook page.

Happy Birthday Azeen! You're the best! Don't ever change!

Have a freaking fantastic day!

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Follow Pixelsthoughtsandwords on Instagram!
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Good Morning Loves!

Good Morning Loves! Hope you're all having an amazing Wednesday!
Here for you a fresh picture taken yesterday morning with my instagram!! 
Finally you can start following me by clicking here.
Have a gorgeous day everyone!
Giulia x

Thinking About Christmas!

I'm SO excited about this Christmas, you guys have no idea.
Apart from Christmas being my favorite holiday & celebration, this year I just can't wait for Christmas Eve celebrations with my family, my boyfriend & maybe some friends too.
Ahhhhh, I just can't wait!

Good Night My Loves!

Good Night my lovelies!
Speak to you very soon!

My Infinity Ring!

My babygirl Diana knows how obsessed I am with the infinity sign so the other day she got me a ring with the infinity sign on it. She's the cutest.
Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, taken with Instagram.

'Grand Bal' Christmas Makeup Collection 2012

DIOR: "Grand Bal" Chrsitmas Makeup Collection by Dior. Simply an amazing makeup collection. I love it. 

Azeen's Birthday Weekend!

One of my best friends Azeen and I have been waiting for this day for the longest time. 
Some of my friends from University & I organized a night dedicated for Azeen. We have the music, the booze, the cakes and decorations ready & now, it's time to party!

Have a gorgeous Thursday guys!
P.S. The party starts Thursday at 5 in the afternoon and it doesn't end until Friday around 1pm. :p

Weekend Song: Diamonds

(Picture from here)

For this weekend, I chose the song to be Diamonds by Rihanna.
I'm obsessed with it.
Below are the video that I linked from as well as the lyrics.

Weekend Song: Let Me Love You

No one can blame me, I adore him & this song.
Enjoy your weekend lovelies!


Today I felt like wearing my pink ballerinas. You'll see the full outfit soon!
Soon you'll see this outfit,  It's a simple & playful look.

Couldn't Be Happier

Another outfit post for you. This time, I chose to wear another simple look. Black leggings, a neon pink shirt, Jeans jacket, Chanel 2.55 bag and Prada Sunnies with black flats. For this look I even had wavy hair (usually takes me hours to have). I'm so excited about life. I've been working on so many different projects for Uni soon I'm going to show you a few. 
Do you guys like this outfit? Don't you just love how Shanuk is sitting in the corner? He's such a cutie. Thank you so much for your comments and emails.
P.S. Hopefully this month I'll have much more time for taking my outfit photos and actually writing my outfit posts!
Have an incredible day gorgeous people!

Un altro post del mio look per voi. Questa volta, ho scelto di indossare un look semplice. Leggings neri, una maglietta neon rosa, giacca jeans, Chanel 2.55 e Sunnies Prada con ballerine nere. Per questo look ho anche avuto i capelli mossi (di solito me ne vogliono ore per avereli). Sono così entusiasta della vita. Ho lavorato su progetti così diversi per l'universita, presto ve ne mostro alcuni. 
A voi piacie questo look? Non e bellissimo Shanuk che è seduto in un angolo? È troppo cute. Grazie mille per i vostri commenti ed e-mail. 
P.S. Speriamo che questo mese avrò molto più tempo per scattare le mie foto di outfit e in realtà scrivere i miei post outfit! 
Vi augero una giornata incredibile bellissime!

Photo Of The Day 111

Isn't this photo just amazing? I adore it. The way the leaf is perfectly focused while the background is super blurry. 
Soon I'll show you guys a similar photo I took like this. These photos you take with a tripod so that the camera doesn't move and there isn't a chance the photo will be blurry. ISO approximately 100-400 - the most important thing is the aperture which needs to be as "little" as the camera goes. If the object is close to the camera then the lens should't be zoomed into the object. 

Photo Of The Day 110

I adore this photo. Nothing else to add.

Lace & Louboutins

Good Morning dolls, hope you're all having an amazing day! Like I mentioned in this post, I've been on holiday since after my Tuesday class which finished at 4pm. On Wednesday I went to see some art galleries with some of my friends since we have this mega Uni project. On Thursday I spent my day with my family, mostly with my mom & at night I spent it with Maxi.
For this look I chose to wear more of a comfortable but more classy outfit. For this one I'm wearing my new lace shirt from Forever XXI, black shorts, Chanel bag & my babies; Louboutins.
Do you guys like the outfit I chose to wear? How did you all spend your weekend?
Have a gorgeous day & Thank you so much for all your comments and emails.

Buon giorno bambolloti, spero che state passando una bellissima giornata! Come ho menzionato nel'altro post, ho iniziato la mia vaccanza Martedi' dopo che ho finito la mia classe alle 4pm. Mercoledi sono andata ha vedere diverse gallerie di arte con certe amiche per un mega proggetto che dobbiamo fare per una delle nostre classi. Giovedi sono stata con la famiglia e il piu del tempo con mi madre, alla sera sono stata con Maxi.
Per questo look ho scelto di indosare un outfit un po piu confortevole ma anche un chic e classico. Per questo ho indossato la mia nuova maglietta di lace comprata da Forever XXI, shorts neri, la mia nuova borsa Chanel & i miei amori; Louboutins.

Vi piacie l'outfit che ho scelto?  Come avete passato il vostro weekend?
Auguro a tutti una giornata splendida! Grazie mille per i vostri commenti e email. 

I Feel Like A Leopard!

Hello my gorgeous dolls! How is your weekend going so far? Hope you're all doing great! For this outfit I chose to wear something different, this is the first time I show you my new baby with an outfit on the blog! My new Chanel 2.55 purse. I chose something that would look good and different since it's  "her" first time showed / worn with an outfit on the blog. Leopard print shirt matching it with black shorts & black ballerina flats. Honestly, "she" looks good with any outfit but I feel like this one had to be the first one to show you guys on the blog.
Do you like this outfit? I think I might have a new favourite purse. You're going to be seeing her many many times with different outfits.
Hope all of you have an amazing day!
Thank you so much for following me on Twitter and for clicking "LIKE" on my Facebook Page.

Ciao cari! Come state passando il vostro Weekend? Spero che tutti voi state facciendo bennissimo,Per questo outfit ho scelto di indossare un look un po diverso, questa e la prima volta che vi mostro la mia nuova bambina sul blog. La mia nuova borsa; Chanel 2.55. Ho scelto un look un po diverso che sta bene con "lei". Questo look sembrava perfetto per la sua prima volta sul blog. Una maglietta con il print di leopardo con shorts neri e ballerine anche nere.
Onestamente, "lei" sta bene con qualsiasi outfit pero mi sentivo che questo look era perfetto per farvi vedere la mia bambina per la prima volta sul blog.
Vi piace l'outfit che ho scelto? Penso che "lei" e la mia nuova prefferita. La vedrete tanto tanto da oggi con tanti look diversi.
Spero che avete una giornata splendida!
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Happy Birthday Slurpy BFF!

Today, It's her birthday! My best friend Ana, my slurpy bff & the best friend I went to Portugal this past summer!
Even though I already wished you HAPPY BIRTHDAY on bbm a few times I wanted to make this post to make sure that when you read it, you smile & think about all our beautiful memories together!
I wish you all the best & I hope you had the most amazing birthday!
Party hard like a real slurpy would do! :)

Photo Of The Day 109

How amazing is this photo? I seriously can't get enough of it!
It was shot on a day where Dubai sky was perfectly clear as you can see in the photo. 
Do you like this photo? How gorgeous is Dubai?

Chanel 2.55; My New Baby!

I'm so happy to say this. Here she is. Meet my new baby, my new Chanel 2.55. My dream bag.
It's Black
It's Chanel 2.55.
It's Perfect.
I couldn't ask for more.

Hello November '12

Hello November, welcome back! This year is passing by so quickly, feels like I haven't even had a Summer holiday.
Be good to me November!
This month is full of birthdays & surprises.
Have an amazing month ahead!!