Best Of 2013

A year which changed me, made me understand so many things. A year which made me understand, to never quit your passions. To make them from passions and make them into reality, work hard and never give up. As I always say and # these days, Take Your Passion & Make It Happen.
This year was probably one of the best years in my life so far! The end of every year is always the time for me to reflect on the things I've achieved, people I've met, decisions I've made and to start making goals for the New Year ahead. This year has been an absolutely incredible one, I remember the to-do list I wrote at the end of December 2012, I wouldn’t believe any of it would happen, but they did, 9/10 goals (from the blog) happened. My blog grew so much over the last year and it’s still growing and hopefully it will continue to grow even more every day.
From the 1st of January 2013 until today (31st of December 2013) I have loved every single day of this year. From laughter, to sadness, to crying to more laughter…at the end of the day, I have really learnt a lot. It was a year full of emotions.

On the 28th of March was when my summer holidays officially began, this was because in year one of university I was in the course “fashion design” so all of my exams were projects and no written exams all due before the end of March. From April until September 11th were the best months any one could have asked for and so much happened.
April, was just a casual fantastic month, went out with friends, met new people, had fun and I also loved relaxing and spending quality time with my family and my two fluffy babies (my dogs).
May, my best friend from Italy(Giulia) came to visit me in Dubai with her brother. I had so much fun playing tourist with them, going around Dubai showing them places, going on the Desert Safari, going clubbing and so on. End of
May, I started my driver’s license (finally!!) haha. It took ages, also because I could only have limited lessons per day.
June, celebrated a couple ofbirthdays, had fun going out with my friends and made a million memories.
July, this was the month I went toItaly, to visit my family (Grandma, Aunts, Cousins) and ofcourse my best friend Giulia. Went out with friends, went to visit my favorite castle in Trieste, happily got my first tattoo (finally), took loads of outfit photos in different locations in Italy (not just my balcony haha) and made more amazing memories.
August, the month I started my Internship with Shape Magazine Middle East. That was an incredible experience I told you guys about over here.
September was the month where we went back to University, new course…as you all know I changed my course from Fashion Design to Fashion Marketing & Retailing, new classes and new friends. My blog turned 3 years old and thanks to all of you, you made it even more special. I’m proud of my baby. September was also the month I started training, working out and eating healthy. I completely changed my lifestyle.
October, was a very busy month, but made It through. Focusing on new projects which hopefully I will be able to talk to you about in the new year. Worked for Dubai Vogue Fashion Night Out, wasable to meet my gorgeous Italian babes Chiara Ferragni again from The BlondeSalad, saw Rihanna live in Abu Dhabi. Went on road trips with my family, went camping with friends and ofcourse made new amazing memories.
November, celebrated more birthdays, regretted having stopped my passion for flying (microlights). Spent quality time with both my family and my friends, caught up with old friends, worked at Rugby7s, met new people.
December, a month full of happiness, joy, laughter and spent with the most amazing family and friends anyone could ever ask for. I’m grateful for every day of my life.

My passions became reality, some for the second time, and some naturally. One of them was running which not only became a hobby and a passion but it became a lifestyle, working out became a daily need, which I'm in love with and thankful for.

I really hope 2014 will be as amazing as this past year or even more, I don’t regret not one single minute of this year. I hope you all have a wonderful year, full of memories, laughter, happiness, joy and success.

I think I told you enough about these 12 months....
I had the luck to share this special year with a lot of people who made every step and goal unique, thanks to all my friends and to my family for being by my side, no matter what. And thanks to you, for always being here, even If behind a screen: when I’m very happy and get emotional some tears get to my cheeks while I smile.

Bye December '13

GOODBYE DECEMBER: And so as you know, this became a tradition, saying ''bye'' to every month. December has been, yet an incredible month! Let's not mention this year, stay tuned with the new ''Best Of 2013'' post!!!
Have an amazing last full day & night of this year, enjoy!

Before Going To Work!

HAPPY GIRL: A quick post to before heading to work! I'm working everyday except the 31st December so I'm only free to see friends and family at night when I'm done. I'm trying my best to schedule posts on the blog but there are just so many pictures and a lot of articles to write aswell.
I hope you all have a wonderful day my loves!
I'll speak to you soon with a new post!

Insta-Pixels 2013

INSTA-SUMMERY: Let me just say, my last "insta-update" was AGES ago, it was actually before I left to Italy for my summer holidays and well, after that I basically completely forgot about it all. August I was doing my Internship and then Uni started and so on, but this post is a huge one, a huge "Insta-Summery" for all the most amazing pictures I uploaded on instagram - one of the apps i'm addicted to, more than facebook, twitter and so on.
I have to say, it was an amazing year, even if my first few pictures were taken with an ipod (which was crap quality), then I finally got my iPhone 5 for my 21st birthday and so my pictures turned from crap to amazing quality. I love each and every picture i uploaded on my instagram and I hope you guys do too!
From January 2014, I will make sure to update every week, I'll make sure to update my blog alot more often.

Some Of My Christmas Presents '13

HAPPY: A Eventually, I'll show you one by one, but I just wanted to show you a little bit of summery of some of the gifts I got for Christmas this year! :)

I got "The Blonde Salad book by Chiara Ferragni, Nike Air Max Running Shoes, Victoria's Secret sports bra, Nike Pro Sports bra, Victoria's Secret iPhone 5 case, Chanel Boy bag, a "going out" clutch (which is gorgeous), a really cool necklace, a pull up bar (to add to my workouts), Victoria's Secret blanket, high boots from Spring, Celine shirt, Micheal Kors Wallet, Alexander Mcqueen shoes, Victoria's Secret sweater, earings in the shape of infinity (my obsession), and a Victoria's Secret Make Up Case. 
Sounds like I didn't miss to mention any. I loved each and every gift...I love them all.
What did you guys get for Christmas? Did you love your presents too?

Christmas Day Dinner!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE: Today, we celebrated Christmas with family, friends and my loved ones. During Christmas day we cooked and watched Christmas movies while making food and at night, we had my family, Nick and his family, and Katrina over for dinner. We ended up opening presents when everyone got to the house, which was around 8:30pm but let me tell ya, it was SO worth the wait.
In this post I show you pictures of me, my sister and the food we ate at dinner time, which was duck, chicken and turkey. 
It was a good and special Christmas! :)
My presents are amazing! Cannot wait to show you!

Merry Christmas From PixelsThoughts&Words!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE: A very very happy Merry Christmas from PixelsThoughts&Words! 
Hope you're all having an amazing Christmas!!!
Lots of Love!

Loving My New Hair

NEW HAIR FOR THE NEW YEAR: Hello lovelies! So here I am! With my new hair color! :) I'm extremely happy with it and even more happy I finally found a really really good hairdresser and stylist!!!! Soon I'll show you more pictures, and soon outfit photos as well! 
Now I need to continue preparing for our Christmas Eve dinner...
Oh, presents are going to have to wait to be opened until tomorrow mid day.... So not happy about that..but oh well.
So what do you guys think of my new hair color? Like it as much as I do? 
Let me know what you guys think!
I hope you all have an amazing Christmas Eve and spend time with your family and loved ones!
Lots of love!

A New Me For The New year!

A LITTLE CHANGE: The reason I uploaded these pictures on today's post, is because I'm having a little makeover, a complete change.
Last year in January, I decided to dye my hair, to a darker shade, I ended up loving the change and kept coloring my hair until July. Then when I got my new haircut in Italy, I decided to go back to my "original" hair color. 
At the beginning of December, I changed my mind, so the other day I went to a saloon and got an appointment with the hairdresser. 
It's actually happening! And I cannot believe it!
I can't wait to show you the result! 
You guys might have to wait a while though! 

See you guys soon with a new post!!! :)

Our Gorgeous Christmas Tree

HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS: And here it is...our gorgeous Christmas tree!! :) I love christmas time, makes me even happier and i love celebrations with my family!
I can't wait for Christmas Eve (which I can't believe it's in 2 days) and time to open presents!!! ahhhh Santa had to get help carrying all of them this year! :) Good times!

Italian Translation 

Eccolo qui... il nostro albero di Natale stupendo! :) Io amo il tempo di Natale, mi fa ancora più felice e amo festeggiare con la mia famiglia!
Non vedo l'ora per la vigilia di Natale (che non posso credere che sia in 2 giorni) e il momento che si possono aprire i regali! ahhhh di Babbo Natale ha dovuto ottenere aiuto portando tutti i regali quest'anno! :) Bei tempi!

Play It Loud

EYES ON YOU: A fresh new outfit post, taken yesterday with my baby (Sony a57) by my dad. First of all, he's amazing at taking my photos...the lighting and the colors of my outfit photos are just the definition of perfect.
As you can see, for this outfit I chose a few new items from my closet. Starting from the leather pants bought not too long ago, my Jeffery Campbells bought from West L.A. Boutique then I added my black Chanel 2.55 and ofcourse my Prada Baroque Sunglasses which I'm still obsessed with.
The last outfit I published on the blog was at the end of October, when I had first bought my pink Micheal Kors bag, I had shot the pictures on our road trip to Fujeirah!

So, what do you think of this outfit? Do you guys like it as much as I do? I hope so!

Hope you all have an amazing Saturday!

Italian Translation 

Finalmente un nuovo outfit post... foto scattate ieri con la mia bambina (Sony A57) da mio papa'. Prima di tutto, lui è incredibile a scattare fotografie ... l'illuminazione ei colori delle mie foto di outfit sono solo la definizione di perfette.

Come si può vedere, per questo outfit ho scelto un paio di nuovi elementi dal mio armadio. Partendo dai pantaloni di pelle che ho comprato non molto tempo fa, i miei Jeffery Campbell acquistati dal West LA Boutique, poi ho aggiunto la mia Chanel 2.55 nera e naturalmente i miei occhiali da sole Prada, che sono ancora ossesionato con se.
L'ultimo outfit post che ho pubblicato sul blog è stato alla fine di Ottobre, quando avevo comprato la mia prima borsa rosa di Micheal Kors, avevo scattato le fotografie a Fujeirah!
Allora, cosa ne pensate di questo outfit? A voi ragazzi piace tanto come mi piacie a me? Spero di sì!
Spero che tutti voi avete un Sabato incredibile!

Snapshots Of Week Are Back!

INSTA-PIXELS: Amd yes! that's right! I'm finally back with the Snapshots of the week!
The year is coming to an end, soon there will be the last post of "Snapshots of the week" for you guys to see.
Please don't forget to follow me on 
Instagram : search for Pixelsthoughtsandwords and you'll find me ;)

Only 5 Days Left!

I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS: Can you guys actually believe this? Only 5 days to go and it's Christmas day?
This is actually insane, honestly, this is unbelievable. I cannot believe it's already Christmas.
It's crazy how freakin quickly time is passing by. I mean, it feels like yesterday I was in Italy for the summer and there was like a week left until I got back to Dubai and now it's the 20th of December!!! O M G.

Biking Days

WITH DAD: AOn the weekends, really early in the morning (that's when I usually exercise if it's outdoors), my Dad & I like to go biking (after my morning run that is). My dad's always liked doing some sort of sport, when I was younger he always use to bring me to my basketball to "shoot some hoops". So, here are some of the pictures we took one of the days we went biking. :)
Hope you enjoy them!

Dubai Marina Walk

WEEKENDS AT MARINA WALK: Okay, maybe these aren't the most recent photos, but the other day, a few days before my family and I have this awesome "traddition" which happens every winter, Marina Walk is our place on the weekends.
My dad and I usually go biking there in the morning and in the late afternoon, we love going back to chill and have a snack with some shisha. Enjoy the beautiful pictures my dad took of the buildings and all!!
Have an amazing day!

Coffee Date With My Spanish Babe!

HOLIDAYS DAY 2: Today's my second day of being on my winter holiday, and I spent it in an amazing way! I spent it with my lovely Spanish babe Melissa! We went to the mall and had a good long coffee date and did a little shopping! :) 
I just love how we understand eachother so well and I can tell her anything and everything! There aren't many people you can call real friends but she's definitely one of those! 

Have fun in Spain babes!!! :) love you loads!
Besa mi chica! :)

New In: Gellish Nails

HAPPY TIMES!: Here it is! Today I'm starting to update my blog since I'm officially on holiday! 
As a treat, I got my nails done! 
Later this week, I'm getting a little new look! But I'll keep that as a surprise, I wanted ombré, then I wanted light brown,, then I changed my mind and didn't want to color my hair and only get a haircut. Soo, you'll see the result after I get it done. I'll keep it a secret until then! 

Hope all of you are having an amazing day! 

Stay tuned with loads of new posts!!!
Lots of love! xxx

Winter Holiday Is Finally Here!

H O L I D A Y: Hiiiiii my loves!!!! Here's a quick post to tell you guys that I'm officially done with this semester.
From today, I'm on holiday until mid-January!
I'm so excited about sharing so many posts, articles, news and pictures with you! I've got tons to tell you!

Ahhhh! Okay! I'm going out with my mum again now! So I'll publish more posts later tonight!

Hope you guys are having an amazing day!!! xxx

Finally Done With Exams

E X A M S : I despite this time of the year. Both in school and Uni, the end of each semester is usually the definition of hell. This year, I had 4 exams. One of them was a project, one was an essay and two of them were written exams in the exams hall in Uni.
Ofcourse, the essay was my "favorite exam", because our awesome teacher told us about it in advance, so we had all the time to research, plan, write, edit and edit some more and then finally submit. The project, i don't even want to talk about. The two written exams, to be completely honest, I thought i was going to hate my life after I came out from the exam room but it turns out it was much much better than I thought. ESPECIALLY, the last exam, that we wrote on FRIDAY 13TH DECEMBER. It was indeed a very very good day! :)
After spending a week of all nighters with lots and lots of coffee, water, chocolate and candy....I survived..
I'm SO SO SO glad exams are over!

Friday The 13th

LAST & FINAL EXAM TIME: Well, just a quick post, even though I'm not suppose to be on the computer updating my blog, a quick post before my last final exam...which is funny because of today's date! Today was actually a really awesome day apart from the part where I had to study my butt was a very good day!
Now all of you loves wish me luck! I shall write on here super soon!
Oh, & hope you like the awesome picture of my little slut Azeen & that hoe.

Beh, basta un post veloce, anche se non dovrei essere sul computer scrivendo un nuovo post per il mio blog, un post veloce prima del mio ultimo esame finale ... che è divertente perché in data di oggi! Oggi è stata davvero una giornata impressionante tranne la parte in cui ho dovuto studiare tanto .... è stata una giornata molto bella!
Ora tutti voi amoris mi dovete fare il bocca al lupo! Scriverò qui super presto!
Oh, e spero vi piaccia la foto di me e della mia piccola Azeen.

Dubai Air Show '13 Diary

DUBAI AIR SHOW 2013: I’ve been much been, every time there is an air show which is every 2 years, and it’s always been in November when the weather is good in Dubai and it’s not cold but not hot either.
Every time I go, my dad & I just take a bunch of pictures with all the planes and helicopters I like, ofcourse it’ll look like I’m obsessed if I upload all of the pictures so here are some of them!
Enjoy loves, oh and a really deep apology for how late this post is being published.
My apologies.

4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship 2013

DUBAI INTERNATIONAL PARACHUTING CHAMPIONSHIP: A dedicated to the photos we took at the Dubai International Parachuting Championship. A beautiful experience to see all those professionals jump off a plane and land with such a beautiful background! I'm very glad I went this year, looking forward to going next year too. 
I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

Rugby 7s 2013

WORKING AT RUGBY 7s: Andddd yes, that's right, this year I got offered to work at the event and my reply was hell ya. It was basically promoting alcohol, selling coupons to get food and drinks. Half the time it was running back and forth to get more coupons because they would sell so quickly. I had so much fun, and the best past was that Olivia, also known as my beast was also working there. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Hello December '13

HELLO DECEMBER '13: A very happy and warm welcome to my favorite month of the year.
Let's make it a month to remember ;)

Miss.Sleepy Head!

IT HAPPENS, SOMETIMES: Let me just mention, I might be addicted to my workouts and to running but I can easily be the laziest only happens sometimes. Most of the time, it's either becuause I don't feel well, or because like the other day (21st, 22nd, ect) when the weather sucked...(loved it) and it was raining like crazy outside.
The days I get lazy, i do it properly, stay in bed almost all day watching Grey's Anatomy or movies & drinking hot chocolate and / or tea.
Oh, or it happens the days where I'm dead-tired from Uni :(

A Very Very Happy Pancake!

HAPPY PANCAKE: The title you may ask? Well, one of my really close friends uses the word pancake loads these days. When I'm upset about something she always says to me "don't be a sad pancake" and so on so basically, that's where the title came from....these days, basically from ages, I can say I've been a very very happy Pancake! :) Very proud to say. 
My sister's birthday went well, on Thursday 21st, it was a very gloomy and rainy day, a perfect day of relaxation, watching Grey's Anatomy and getting cuddled. I love days like those.
Apart from that, I'm looking forward to a very awesome couple of days and ofcourse my favorite month is very very soon.
As you probably saw if you follow me on Instagram, I usually post some pictures from when I go running. I love going for my run on the beach on the weekends, and anywhere in the morning on the week days. 
Have a fabulous days loves!

Sister's 25th Birthday Dinner With The Family

SHE TURNS 25: We are currently at Belgian Beer Cafe for my sister's 25th Birthday celebration. As you can see, we are having that awesome beer, I'm probably going to be drunk by the time I finish that (If i can finish it). 
I love you so much, no words can describe it! Don't ever change! I love you Ala
& tomorrow the celebrations continue!

My Two Fur Balls

MY LITTLE FUR BALLS: And here are a few pictures of my two little fur balls. Aren't they so adorable. I adore them! 

Be Healthy & Fit

EAT CLEAN & BE FIT: Since I started to have a healthier lifestyle, exercising daily and eating “healthy food” I’m feeling much better! Life is completely different, in a good way. I feel so much better, more active and I cannot stop smiling. I'm happier than ever.
I feel much more willingness during the day and on my weekend I don’t feel guilty to eat a little bit more ;) The best of all are the running workouts that made me lose weight and actually tone up. I'm a lot more toned than before.
You will need courage to start, and you might need a bit of motivation but once you start and get used to your workout routine, the results will encourage you even more and you will not want to stop. Ever.

I've always been quite in good shape, apart from moments when I was really stressed and so i gained weight and so on, but apart from that my body has always had a good shape, thanks to my fast metabolism and my height.

Now a days, thanks to my number one motivation Melissa (my Spanish babe), I have continued and ate even more healthy than when I first started and my workout routines have been better and better every day. It's hard work, but like I said, once you start, it'll be easier to continue. Living healthy is so much better, having that amazing body and being fit is the most amazing feeling for your body.

& She's Finally Back!

GET READY FOR A MILLION POSTS: A quick post to say that I am back! I've been extremely busy with a million things, I will update the blog day by day, I apologize for being absent for such a long time.
I have SO SO SO many things to show you! Starting from today with this shot post and tomorrow, I'll be publishing so many posts, like I said, I've got so many things to share with you! STAY TUNED MY LOVES!

The Slurps!

SLURPY SLURP: A little post to share this wonderful picture with you guys. Remember Ana, one of my best friends that I went to Portugal with? That's her! :)
This picture was taken just before driving for the Khloe Kardashian meet & great!
I always have so much fun with her, we had so much to catch up about. You know, girly stuff....haha!
Enjoy guys!

Park Inn Hotel, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

PARK INN HOTEL: I took pictures of every corner of the hotel room, as  you can see, and I took them only to show you! We stayed at Park Inn by Radisson blu Hotel. I found it really perfect. The hotel room was cozy but also had a desk and a TV. It was pretty spacious and it had everything we needed. The service was really good and so was the parking, easy access and just, i just really liked the hotel.

At Rihanna's Concert - Abu Dhabi

RIHANNA LIVE IN ABU DHABI: Here they are, only a few of the pictures we took at Rihanna's concert, If I even try adding all of them, It'll take me less time to upload them then for you to look at them.
I loved Rihanna, I really didn't care about her not changing outfits, her music and her voice are just wow. I had so much fun dancing to all of the songs she sang.
God, love her.

Before RiRi

JUST BEFORE RIRI: A super quick update from my iPhone, We shot these pictures as we were on our way to the car to bring us to the concert. Hehe, enjoy and if you were there, hope you liked Riri as much as we did.

Outfit for Rihanna's Concert

OUTFIT TO RIRI'S CONCERT: A post dedicated to the outfit I wore to Rihanna's concert in Abu Dhabi.  I love wearing simple clothes such as shorts and plain shirt and adding a touch of color with a pink clutch. Hope you have a lovely day everyone!

Chilin By The Pool At The Hotel

AT THE POOL WITH MY BUBU: A super quick post, we're currently at the pool chilliin having shisha and some drinks before we go get ready for Rihanna's concert.
Enjoy loves.

In Our Hotel Room!

CHILLIN': Hello from Abu Dhabi, we reached here not too long ago. Now, we're quickly going to get ready, put our bikinis on and we're off to the pool.

A Little More About My Pilot Lessons

CAPTAIN GIULIA IS BACK: Okay, so a few of you guys asked me a bunch of questions regarding my pilot lessons. How I started, where, when, and the list goes on.
Let me start from the real beginning. I started my pilot lessons back when I was 16 years old, I was at my aviation club, every single Friday and sometimes even both days of the weekend. I started because, i've always had a passion for flying. my first flight with a microlight was when I was 4 years old and well, after that, when I turned 16, my dad encouraged me to try and so I tried once then twice and eventually i prepared all my papers and every weekend, or more like everytime I had free time, I would be at the aviation club having a pilot lesson.
Later on I started getting tons of homework and I would work, all week and still had tons of work and projects that i had to work on in the weekend. Unfortunately, I skipped some weekends and eventually, it was time to start my IB course which was in other words, HELL. So it was goodbye pilot lessons, hello IB. Right after IB, i started DEP, then went to first year and now here we are again.
As you saw in my post on the 2nd November, that's how I spent my day. A road trip with my dad to my aviation club, now I just need to finish all the documents and soon I can finally re-start my pilot lessons and this time, i will not quit. I will find the time every weekend to go and take a few hours for pilot lessons.
I have to go now, but I hope you can get a little taste of what it feels like to be up there and to control the microlight. I'll upload the video on another post so you guys can see.
Enjoy the pictures for now! Have a great day!

Ok, quindi alcuni di voi ragazzi mi avete chiesto un sacco di domande riguardo le mie lezioni di pilota . Come ho iniziato, dove, quando , e l'elenco potrebbe continuare.
Vorrei iniziare dal vero inizio . Ho iniziato le mie lezioni pilota indietro quando avevo 16 anni , ero al mio club di aviazione , ogni Venerdì e talvolta anche entrambi i giorni del fine settimana . Ho iniziato perché , ho sempre avuto una passione per il volo . il mio primo volo con un ultraleggero è stato quando avevo 4 anni e bene, dopo di che, quando ho compiuto 16 anni , mio padre mi ha incoraggiato a provare e così ho provato una volta poi due volte e alla fine ho preparato tutte le mie carte e ogni fine settimana , o più come ogni volta che ho avuto il tempo libero , sarei al club aviazione avere una lezione di pilota .
Più tardi ho cominciato a ricevere tonnellate di compiti a casa e vorrei lavorare , per tutta la settimana e aveva ancora tonnellate di lavoro e progetti che ho dovuto lavorare su nel weekend. Purtroppo , ho saltato alcuni fine settimana e alla fine, era il momento di iniziare il mio corso IB che era , in altre parole , l'inferno . Così è stato lezioni pilota addio , ciao IB . Subito dopo IB , ho iniziato a DEP , poi è andato al primo anno e ora siamo di nuovo qui .
Come si è visto nel mio post sul 2 novembre , è così che ho trascorso la mia giornata . Un viaggio in macchina con mio padre al mio club aviazione , ora ho solo bisogno di finire tutti i documenti e presto potrò finalmente ricominciare le mie lezioni pilota e questa volta , non voglio smettere. Troverò il tempo tutti i fine settimana per andare a prendere un paio di ore per lezioni pilota .
Devo andare ora, ma spero che si può ottenere un piccolo assaggio di quello che ci si sente ad essere lassù e per controllare l' ultraleggero . Io caricare il video su un altro post così voi potete vedere.
Godetevi le foto! Vi auguro un giorno fantastico!