Goodbye January '13

GOODBYE JAN '13I seriously cannot believe it's already the end of January but YAAY for going through such an amazing month! I hope February will be just as amazing or even more! :) I'm ready for new adventures and crazy things to happen! Thank you all so much for all of your support!
Thanks for following me on twitter & for liking my facebook page as well!
Hope you had an amazing month of January! 

A lot of things to look forward to in February.
Goodbye January, thanks for all the amazing memories that happened this month! 

January '13 Outfits

MY JANUARY OUTFITS: Here for you, a post dedicated to all of the different outfits on the blog for the month of January. I love sharing this post with you because I get reminded of how I wore the different outfits and where I took pictures for blog and so on.
It's an awesome way to recap about all of my outfits published on my blog this month.
Enjoy the picture guys! 

My InstaPixels: January

INSTAGRAM-GOODIES: Today's post is dedicated to all of the pictures I put on my Instagram profile this month. I've been posting quite a bit this month.  I love Instagram & posting pictures but since I don't have an iPhone yet, I can usually only do it in the morning or at night. In the weekends, I go crazy with it.
So here you go, all of the pictures I put up this month. 
Enjoy guys!!

Throw Back Thursday: Week 2

MEMORIES: For this week, I chose a picture from my "memories" album. This picture was taken 2 months before I moved to Dubai.
It was actually June 3rd, as you can see, it was my 4th Birthday! :)
Hope you like it guys! ♥

Weekend Song: Rest Of My Life

WEEKEND SONG: I love this song. Nothing else to add. 

Photo Of The Day 126

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another amazing picture, I found this one on Pinterest and I just completely fell in love with it. The picture itself is amazing and so are the different colors on the face.

Out Of Touch

SO COMFY: Today's look is with my super comfortable ombre blue cardigan. I fell in love with it, could not wait to wear it. Can you guys believe it's the end of January. Already an entire month has passed by! Time is flying by too quickly. Don't you think so too?
Today I'm only suppose to have one class but I chose to wear this outfit because i'm obsessed with ombre colored clothes. Do you like this look of mine? I love the first picture ♥
Thank you so much for all your support, comments and emails. You guys are the best!

Look di oggi è con il mio super confortevole cardigan colorato di ombre blu. Mi sono innamorato con questo quando lo visto nel negozio, non vedeva l'ora di indossarlo. Ragazzi, potete crederci che sia la fine di gennaio? Già un mese intero è passato da capodanno! Il tempo sta volando troppo in fretta. Non pensate anche voi?
Oggi dovrei avere solo una classe. Ho scelto di indossare questo outfit perché sono ossessionato con i vestite con i colori ombre. Vi piace questo look? A me piace tantissimo la prima immagine ♥
Grazie mille per tutto il vostro sostegno, i commenti ed e-mail. Voi ragazzi siete i migliori!

Rocking The Flowers

THE PERFECT DRESS: I wore this dress on Thursday night, to go out with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. I absolutely adore it. It was love at first sight when I saw it and after I bought it, I couldn't wait to go home and wear it. I love the flowers on it, and with the leather jacket it makes it look even better. 

Ho indossato questo vestito Giovedi notte, per uscire con il mio ragazzo e un paio di amici. Lo adoro. E 'stato amore a prima vista quando l'ho visto e subito dopo l'ho comprato, non vedevo l'ora di tornare a casa e indossarlo. Io amo i fiori su questo vestito, e con la giacca di pelle lo fa sembrare ancora piu bello. ♥

Fashion Quotes [Week 1]

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” - Coco Chanel

I just like this quote so much - I had to publish it on my blog!

Into The Blue

OBSESSED WITH ROYAL BLUEHave you guys noticed I have this obsession with the color blue. I've been wearing a lot more blue lately! For this outfit I chose to wear something simple, today i'm having one of my favorite classes at Uni! I'm so excited! Do you like what I'm wearing? I love the blue mixed with my black Balenciaga with my Isabel Marant look a likes.
Did you all have a fantastic weekend? I hope you guys did! I was filled with uni work but still had a really good one!
Have an amazing Sunday guys! Speak to you all super soon! :)

Questions Time!

ASK ME ANYTHING: A lot of you ask a lot of questions by posing comments and emails. This is why I decided to dedicate this post to questions: you can ask me here all the ones you want and I’ll answer in the next days with another post to the most asked ones.

For those people who love criticizing: please avoid questions expressed unpolitely, they won’t be answered.
This is a post to make you know me a little bit more, so have fun

Proprio per questo ho deciso di dedicare questo post alle domande: potete chiedermi qui quelle che volete e tra qualche giorno risponderò in un altro post a quelle che mi sono state poste più volte.
Per i criticatori: evitate domande espresse con maleducazione, a cui naturalmente non sarà data risposta.
Questo è un post per farmi conoscere meglio da voi, quindi sbizzaritevi 

Photo Of The Day 125

(Photo Credit: Gianni Zampieri)

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another "Photo Of The Day", but this time, I wanted to share another amazing picture taken by my wonderful Dad's talented photography skills. You can find a few of his awesome pictures ove here♥ Hope you guys love this photo as much as I do.

On Repeat

CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG: Hey guys! :) Did you guys like today's outfit post? I decided to post this song even though it's not Thursday and it's not time for my "Weekend Song" post! haha I've been listening to this song on repeat from ages and today I never actually paused it apart from when I wasn't home! I've been doing research and things for Uni and it's just such a good song to listen to while doing Uni work. Thank you Boo, for making me obsessed with this song.
Have an amazing Saturday guys! :)

Ombre Demin At Marina Walk

AT MARINA WALK WITH THE FAMILY: Hey guys! :) How are you all doing? Are you all having an amazing weekend? I had a great weekend starting by Wednesday which was a relaxed day on the 
computer, except the fact that I was doing research and working on one of my projects for University. Thursday, like I showed you here, I went for a bit of shopping at the Dubai Mall. I only went for my "studying break" because I had the biggest headache in this universe after doing my Uni work. So in this post, I'm showing you one of my purchases, the demin "cardigan" that I bought from H&M. Don't you just love how it's ombre?
I'm in love with ombre, many more things to show you!
Stay tuned guys & enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Playing Tourist

NEXT TO THE BURJ KHALIFA: Another look of the day for you guys, this outfit was the one I wore yesterday for going shopping at Dubai Mall. I went with my sister & nick for a good shopping spree, I bought so many thing which by the way i cannot wait to show you.  We shot these outfit next to Burj Khalifa, it's so much fun playing tourist sometimes! Don't you think? What did you guys do? Are you all having an amazing weekend? I hope you guys have an amazing Friday! Wishing you a fun day spent with the family and your loved ones! ♥

Un altro look del giorno per voi ragazzi, questo outfit è stato quello che ho indossato ieri per andare a fare shopping al centro commerciale Dubai Mall. Sono andata con mia sorella & nick per un po shopping, ho comprato tante cose che tra l'altro io non vedo l'ora di mostrarvi. Abbiamo scattato queste foto vicino al Burj Khalifa, è fare la turisa e così divertente a volte! Non credi? Che cosa avete fatto voi? State tutti passando un magnifico weekend? Spero che voi ragazzi avete un Venerdì incredibile! Vi auguro una giornata di divertimento trascorsa con la famiglia ei vostri cari! ♥

Photo Of The Day 124

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: This picture is completely breathtaking. I want Summer, NOW.....

Throw Back Thursday: Week 1

LONDON MEMORIES: Finally, my first photo of my new session Throw Back Thursday. I've been wanting to introduce it for a bit now but wasn't sure. So yes, here is my first "episode" of my new session Throw Back Thursday! Hope you like it guys! ♥

Weekend Song: Die Young

WEEKEND SONG: AHere for you, another weekend song. This week I chose Die Young by Kesha. I've been listening to it on repeat so its self-explanitory of why it's now this week's weekend song. YAAY! Happy Thursday Everyone! ♥

4 Day Weekend!

LONG WEEKEND AHEAD: Having a long weekend once in a while feels good.Even though this one will be dedicated to finishing all of my work for University (Approx 4 project for each class) and I will have no time to go out, it feels good. I usually have class on Wednesday but I had today's class on Sunday.(YAAY). Tomorrow (Thursday 24th Jan) is an official holiday for everyone.
Today, I spent my day with my mum the only "free-time" was when, in the morning we went for our Coffee-date! After that, I spent the entire morning and day working on Uni things. Tomorrow, I will be working on Uni things from 8am until 1om and then again from 2pm until 7pm...wish my luck. I promise to keep publishing loads of posts!
Anyways If you're in the UAE enjoy your long weekend. 
Have an amazing Wednesday night peoples!
P.S. I love this picture of Alex, Nick & I! 

Pink & Stripes

THE TOUCH OF PINK: Another one of my favorite outfits shot recently. For this one I decided to wear my light blue skinny jeans, a stripy black and white shirt, black flat shoes, my Chanel bag and to complete the outfit I added my pink pashmina (scarf) which makes the outfit look even more awesome and bright. Hope you like this outfit and enjoy the pictures! Stay tuned guys! 

Un altro uno dei miei outfit preferiti che ho scattato recentemente. Per questo outfit ho deciso di indossare i miei jeans chiari, una camicia a righe bianca e nera, scarpe basse nere, la mia borsa Chanel e per completare l'outfit ho aggiunto la mia pashmina rosa (sciarpa) che rende l'outfit più impressionante e luminoso. Spero che vi piacia questo outfit e godetevi le foto! Rimanere sintonizzati ragazzi! ♥

Photo Of The Day 123

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another breathtaking picture to show you. These pictures make me want to travel. I CANNOT WAIT until Summer!

My Awesome Breakfast

BREAKFAST TIME: This is what my breakfast is, usually every morning on the weekend.♥ I love toasted bread with either jam or Nutella on it & ofcourse a cup of milk. (I'm a milk addict)
On Weekdays I don't have breakfast at home because I leave my house at around 6:40 in the morning, so I REALLY do not have time to have a full breakfast. I usually only drink a cup of milk. 

I know this is an off topic post but I just felt like sharing this picture with you, after all I don't only blog about fashion and my outfits.
Wishing you all an amazing day!

New Banner For Pixels Thoughts & Words

NEW BANNER FOR MY BLOG: After a while of having a banner, I think it's about time to design and put up a new one! I made two different ones and put up the second one on this post, as you can see! ♥ Do you like it? Do you think I should change it more often? 

Photo Of The Day 122

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: I just had to post this picture! It's completely the truth! I just love it! 

On The Edge

OMBRE BLUE DENIM: Here for you, another outfit post. Today I chose to wear a few of my newest purchases! My super simple white H&M teeshirt, my ombre blue demin jacket, the new beauties at my feet, my baby Celine bag and my Prada sunnies. I'm loving these pictures! Do you like my outfit? Have a gorgeous day babies! 

Qui per voi, un altro outfit post. Oggi ho scelto di indossare alcuni dei miei nuovi acquisti! La mia super semplice maglietta bianca di H&M teeshirt, la mia ombre blu giacca demin, le nuove bellezze ai miei piedi, la mia borsa Celine, i miei occhiali da sole di Prada. Amo queste foto! 
Vi piace il mio outfit? Vi augero una giornata bellissima! ♥

Photo Of The Day 121

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: I've lived in the desert (Dubai) since I was 4 and a half years old and I've always loved writing on the sand.♥ I've written things on the sand of the desert in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain & a bunch or other places. I've written things on the beach almost everywhere I go. Last Summer I wrote it in Portugal & a while back I wrote it on the beach in Italy too. This is why, I love this picture!
& of course, I LOVE DUBAI! 

Me Being Silly

HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY:  Hey guys! hope you're all having a fantastic day! Did you all have a great weekend? All I did was work. Uni work, and prepared things for this week!
Wishing you a great Sunday! :)

Photo Of The Day 120

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Breathtaking. I love this picture ♥ 

Military Chic

PERFECT OUTFIT: A complete look I would wear anywhere and everywhere. I wore skinny jeans from Topshop, a simple white teeshirt from H&M, bright pink ballerinas and the military shirt on top.C I'm completely obssesed with my new hair also because I think these colours I wear stand out more. Do you like this outfit? Would you wear it too? Anyways, now I need to go! 
Hope you all have an amazing Friday! ♥

Un look completo che vorrei indossare sempre e ovunque. Per questo look ho scelto di metermi i skinny jeans comprati da Topshop, un teeshirt semplice bianco da H&M, scarpe ballerine rosa e la camicia militare. Sono completamente ossesionata con i miei nuovi capelli anche perché penso che questi colori che indosso risaltano di più. Vi piace questo outfit? Lo metterste anche voi? In ogni modo, ora devo scappare.
Spero che avete un bellissimo Venerdi! ♥

La Vie En Rose

FIRST OUTFIT WITH MY NEW HAIR:  Hello gorgeous people! ♥ How are you all doing today? This is the first outfit I wore after I had dyed my hair. (Which I'm so happy about). For this outfit I chose to wear my skinny jeans from Topshop, a simple white teeshirt from H&M, a hot pink blazer which looks amazing and of course my Chanel 2.55. ♥
Hope you all have an amazing Thursday! Finally weekend after today! Thank you so much for your comments and emails! You guys are the best!

Ciao splendide! ♥ Come state oggi? Questo è il primo outfit che ho indossato dopo aver tinto i miei capelli. (Sono super felice del risultato). Per questo outfit ho scelto di indossare i miei skinny jeans compradi da Topshop, un teeshirt semplice bianco da H&M, una giacca rosa shock che sembra incredibile e, naturalmente, la mia Chanel 2.55. ♥
Spero che tutti hanno un incredibile Giovedi! Finalmente fine settimana dopo oggi! Grazie mille per i vostri commenti e tutti i vostri e-mail! Siete i migliori!

Shanuk ♥

MY BEAUTIFUL SHANUK: Another few amazing pictures, I just love them. I can't get over how beautiful Shanuk is! My baby is growing up so much! I adore him! 

Un altro paio di foto stupende del mio cucciolo, io le amo ste foto. Non si puo discrivere in parole i di quanto è belli Shanuk! Il mio bambino sta crescendo così tanto! Lo adoro! ♥

Photo Of The Day 119

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another amazing picture, the way it's made is just truly amazing. I just love it. What do you guys think?

Weekend Song: Pumped Up Kicks

WEEKEND SONG: Yaay!! It's finally Thursday! I usually get really happy writing Weekend Song posts because that means its 1. the weekend 2.Thursday. Have you guys heard of this amazing song? I just can't get over it! Let me know what you guys think! Below i put both the video of the songs and got the lyrics for you too!
Have an amazing Thursday guys!

Take Me Somewhere

THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT: Here for you another outfit post. I'm in complete love and completely obsessed with spikes. So for this outfit I chose to wear skinny jeans, pink shirt & the spiked jeans jacket with my black balenciaga & my short heel boots. I personally love this outfit, I think It's a very awesome one to wear. ♥ Today I'm working on a new project for one of my classes at Uni, when these projects are fully finished & completed I will take pictures and show you. :)
Have an amazing Wednesday guys! & Stay tuned!
P.S. Italian translation coming up this afternoon.

Photo Of The Day 118

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another breath-taking photograph. Enjoy ♥ 

Purple Mood

& SO IT BEGINS!: Another "look of the day" for you guys! This look was shot a couple of days before Saturday which was when I dyed my hair & I showed you guys here ♥, and by the way, thank you so much for your comments and emails! I'm so glad all of you guys liked the the change! Yesterday I woke up at 5am (like everyday) and I arrived at uni at around 8:40am after (Thank God) having coffee with my best friend (Diana). Sad thing was, I left uni at around 4:30pm and only got home at like 20 minutes to 6 pm. So I litteraly didn't do anything but worked on the blog & the new projects I have for Uni (which by the way are SO much work). I cannot believe how much work I have and I'm only in year 1. (wish me Good Luck,haha).
For the outfit, I chose to wear a simple white tee from H&M, Topshop skinny jeans, my Hermes belt, & a purple Jeans jacket. For my shoes I chose short booties bought at Spring and my bag, it had to be my Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

Un altro "look del giorno" per voi ragazzi! Queste foto sono state scattate un paio di giorni prima di Sabato, che è stato quando ho tinto i capelli e vi ho fatto vedere qui ♥, e tra l'altro, grazie mille per i vostri commenti ed e-mail! Sono così felice che tutti a voi è piaciuto il cambiamento! Ieri mi sono svegliato alle 5 del mattino (come tutti i giorni) e sono arrivato all'universita intorno alle 08:40 dopo (Grazie a Dio), un caffè con la mia migliore amica (Diana). La cosa triste è stata, che sono tornata a casa dal'universita verso le 16:30,e sono arrivata a casa 20 minuti alle 6:00. Così non ho potuto fare tanto..solo finire un paio di robe per i proggetti delle mie classi. Non riesco a credere quanto lavoro ho e io sono solo nel primo anno. (mi auguro buona fortuna, haha).
Per il outfit di oggi, ho scelto di indossare una t-shirt bianca semplice comprata da H&M,  skinny jeans di Topshop, la mia cintura Hermes, e una giacca viola di Jeans. Per le scarpe ho scelto stivaletti corti acquistati da Spring e la mia borsa, doveva essere la mia Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

Sisters ♥

ROAD-TRIP:  On Thursday, my family & I went to Abu Dhabi & my sister and I had a little fun with my camera on the way there! Hope you like the pictures guys!

Giovedi, io e la mia famiglia siamo andati ad Abu Dhabi e io e Alex ci siamo divertite un po con la mia macchina fotografica! Spero che vi piaciano le foto raggazi! 

Snoopy On My Tee ♥

MY SNOOPY LOOK: Snoopy shirt, dark skinny jeans, black booties, and leather jacket. I would call this another perfect outfit and a comfy one for the weekend!
Enjoy guys! 

Photo Of The Day 117

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another amazing picture, I just love it. Nothing else to add. 

New Year, New Beginnings

RISE& SHINE :  Here I am again, it's like 5:30 am and I'm actually getting ready to go to Uni. I'm actually super excited about today! I'm suppose to be getting ready now but I hope you all have an amazing day! 
A perfect first day of the week! 
Stay Tuned for an outfit post later today!

New Hair! :)

NEW HAIR FOR ME:  New hair, finally dyed it darker! ♥ I think it looks so much better! Do you like it too?
I'm waiting for your comments! :)
Have an amazing Saturday!

Purple Attitude ♥

CRAZY FRIDAY:  Hello loves, hope you're all having an amazing weekend. Here we are, another look of the day. I've had a really busy week but this one is the last weekend I'm spending a lot of time with the family and my boyfriend since on Sunday I'm going to Uni from 9am and I still don't know what time i'll be done and will be coming home. I'm actually pretty excited about this semester! The fact that my classes sound interesting and all it's just amazing.
For today's outfit I'm wearing a white shirt from H&M, a purple cardigan from H&M, my skinny Topshop jeans, my awesome Hermes belt and of course my black Chanel 2.55. I couldn't resist not wearing my baby (Chanel) for this outfit. On my wrist apart from my Cartier, I added my Rolex watch & my awesome spiky bracelet.

Ciao amori, spero che tutti state passando un bellissimo weekend. Eccoci qui, un altro outfit post. Ho avuto una settimana molto occupata, ma questo è l'ultimo fine settimana che pasero molto tempo con la mia famiglia e il mio ragazzo perche da Domenica ho classi a l'Universita dalle 9 del mattino e ancora non so a che ora finisco le mie classi e andro a casa. In realtà sono molto entusiasta di questo semestre! Il fatto che le mie classi sembrano molto interessanti e tutto ciò che è semplicemente incredibile.
Per il outfit di oggi, ho indossanto una camicia bianca di H&M, un cardigan viola da H&M, i miei jeans di Topshop, la mia cintura di Hermes, e naturalmente, la mia Chanel 2.55 nera. Non ho potuto resistere non indossare la mia bambina (Chanel) per questo outfit. Al Il mio polso, ho addosso il mio bracialetto Cartier, e ho aggiunto il mio orologio di Rolex e il mio braccialetto spiky.

Thank You Guys So Much!

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST:  Hey guys! hope you're all having a fantastic day!
This is just a very short post saying THANK YOU, for ALL of your amazing daily support! I had so many blog views in total it's crazy! There's nothing else to say but love you guys! Can't wait to talk to you about the new projects and all! Hope you like my little note!
I've had a very busy week with Uni and meetings and all! Hope you like today's post!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's newest look of the day!
Enjoy your Friday night!
Love, Giulia