Goodbye April '13

END OF APRIL: Another month has come to an kinda makes me sad April is over...but at the same time, I'm excited about May & from today I still have 4 months left of holiday so I won't complain too much! 
Hope everyone has an amazing end of April

Photo Of The Day 145

 The Beautiful Harbour of Mykonos, Greece

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: A place like this, It's beathtaking. I want to take a similar photograph to add to my section "Photo Of The Day". How beautiful.♥

Tuesday Top Ten: April

Photo Of The Day 144

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: A place like this, at this beautiful beach in Mexico to add to my section "Photo Of The Day". How beautiful.♥

'On My Plate' Is Back!

BACK TO NORMAL: So I haven't published a food post in really the longest time & since I'm super busy with new projects for the blog, here for you a new post to tell you that 'On My Plate' is FINALLY back! :) I'm SO happy to announce it to you guys!
The information & pictures will be from different sites on the internet and will be linked at the end of each post.
I'll be posting recipes about starters, main dishes, desserts and many more. If you try make any of them, I'll be happy to read your comments.

Thank you always for your support!

Working On New Projects

BUSY WORKING: A short post, just to say, it's almost the end of April and I'm filled with new projects i'm working on.
YAAY, I'm so excited!! :)

Latest Obsession

NEWEST OBSESSION: How gorgeous are these nail polishes? I'm obssesed with them all.

Rain In Dubai In April

WEEKEND: It's Saturday  and it hasnt stopped raining, it's still raining and it's likke 7 in the evening. The entire day full of rain, thunder and lightning!

Photo Of The Day 143

Lisbon, Portugal (Summer 2012)

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: It was a must, a photo taken of Lisbon, I took this one last Summer when I was there with my best friend Ana.I just HAD to add to my section "Photo Of The Day". How beautiful is Lisbon? I want to go back! ♥

Practicing For My Signal Test!

THIS WEEKEND: This weekend has been super busy for me. Thursday, was a full day out and about with my mum and then shopping. At night, my boyfriend came over and we spent the rest of the night together. Friday was hectic. I started getting ready at around 10:30 in the morning, showered, ate, and as soon as I was ready, we RAN to the Fashion Forward event at Medinat Jumeirah. After we were done with the event, we went to get one of our friends and together went to get my boyfriend and her's new phone! 
Finally, for today, we went to get lunch with my mom and my boyfriend and soon after we watch movies. Then, my boyfriend did his homework (for work - soon I'll tell you why) and I practiced for my Signal test!

Photo Of The Day 142

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Simply perfect. 

In Love With Aztec

AZTEC LOVE: Did I mention i'm obsessed with AZTEC patterns. As I showed you earlier, this outfit & this outfit as well. Here's another one for you with the Aztec pattern. I hope you like this dress on me! I personally think it''s perfect for summer time! What do you guys think? Yaay or Naay? 

Ho mai menzionato che sono un pocchino ossesionata con i pattern di "aztec"? Come vi ho mostrato un po di tempo fa con questo outfit e anche con questo outfit. Ecco qui per voi un altro con il pattern aztec! Io personalmente penso che sia perfetto per l'estate! Cosa ne pensate voi? Yaay opure Naay? 

Photo Of The Day 141

Turquoise Paradise, Indonesia

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: I want to travel to a place like this & then add it to my section "Photo Of The Day". How beautiful and motivating would it be to my readers? I just love it.♥

Weekend Song: Wish You Were Here

WEEKEND SONG: An oldie, but a classic that is what I call success! Pink Floyd, one of my old time favorites.
P.s. This is partly dedicated to my dad, a true Pink Floyd lover.

Photo Of The Day 140

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: A place like this, in the mountains to add to my section "Photo Of The Day". How beautiful.♥

Have A Good Wednesday

KISSES: Have a gorgeous Wednesday everyone! I'm still sick in bed but hopefully I'll get rid of this flu before the weekend! 

Le Holiday

DREAMING TIME: It's that time of the year again, April and May is when everyone starts planning their summer holiday and as every year, I start going all crazy about possible locations to go to; Bali, The Maldives, Bora Bora, Paris, the list is endless.
This is, this year I want exotic so I have been doing some research and I bumped into this resort in Bora Bora, except it's too damn far, and too expensive, but I can always day dream myself there until I pick a place.

Not Feeling Well :(

SICK & IN BED: I spent my entire day between the bed and my couch. I only get up if  I need to eat something before I take my medicines and if I really need to go pee.
I hate feeling like this, and i hate not being able to take outfit photos. All I do is watch my series, eat take medicines, sleep and then repeat. Hopefully I'll be fine before Thursday!
I'm preparing some posts for tomorrow, i  brought my work in bed next to me.
Can't wait to show you tomorrow's post! Stay tuned guys!

Pink Perfection

IN PINK WE TRUST: AThe other day I was going through the perspectous of the university and while flipping the pages I see an entire A4 page with this picture on it. I decided it was quite a good picture so I scanned it and now I'm publishing it on the blog. I'm waiting for your comments on what you think!

Photo Of The Day 139

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: FI've always had this thing for clouds and the sky. Sometimes, usually in Italy...and usually in Summer I would lay on the grass with my dogs and just look at the clouds and try to see the different shapes of the clouds. It was amazing, and finally I found this gorgeous photo of pinterest and had to add it to my "Photo Of The Day" section. ♥

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

SO MUCH TO DO: A tiny little post saying I'm busy working with new different projects & taking outfit photos for tomorrow's post! Do you like this picture? Tomorrow there's a new outfit post on the blog and some other ones I forgot to post!
Talk to you gorgeous people!

Photo Of The Day 138

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another breathtaking picture! One like these I could stare and not get bored of! Man, some people are just too good at taking pictures for this world. Or maybe nature is just too gorgeous! 

A Wild Thursday Night

WILD NIGHT: We spent such an amazing night, it was INCREDIBLE! Including Kellz, ABD, and 25 girls from the Emirates cabin crew! It was an amazing, wild, crazy night! I had an incredible time!
Thank you so much for all my beautiful friends that came with us!
Love you all!

Time To Shine

AZTEC: Hello my dolls! Hope you're all doing great! Here you go, another look for you all.I hope you're all having an incredible Saturday! Tonight I'll show you guys the pictures we took on Thursday night when we went out with some friends. On Thursday morning & afternoon we shot this pictures in my garden. I'm on my way out now but I will definately be back later for another post! Love you guys!
Have an amazing Saturday! 

Ciao raggazi! spero che tutti stiate bene! Eccovi un altro look del giorno per tutti voi. Spero che state passando un Sabato incredibile! Stasera vi faccio vedere le foto che abbiamo fatto con i nostri amici Giovedi sera. Giovedi mattina e anche nel pomeriggio abbiamo scatato questo foto. Adesso sto andando fuori, pero stasera vi mostro le foto di sicuro! Grazie mille per i vostri commenti! 
Vi augero un Sabato incredibile! 

All I Have To Do Is Dream

IT'S ONLY APRIL: As you're reading this I'm probably on my way to work. These outfit photos were taken two days ago, thanks to my mummy, whose becoming a pro ;). Anyways I decided to wear something really simple and chilled as the weather in Dubai has gotten RIDICULOUS. It's only April and it's like 38*C. CRAZY.
Anyways I hope you all like the photos! Have a gorgeous day everyone! Oh! & HAPPY THURSDAY!
Love you all so much!
Julez xx

Weekend Song: Teenage Dirtbag

WEEKEND SONG: Old, classic but still beautiful & an amazing song!

Photo Of The Day 137

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: This time, a photo of a French village, one day, I want to visit this one too & add it to my "Photo Of The Day" posts. ♥

My Daily Work Out Routine

WORKING OUT, I LIKE THAT SHIT: Good Morning loves! Today I'm going to talk to you about my work out sessions. 
In high school, I didn't love all the sports they made us do, when it came to our gym sessions, I would love it! Here I am, after a while since the blog opened, a lot of you have asked me how do I keep fit and what workouts I do. So here it is, a post dedicated to tell you all about my daily routines.

First of all, the day you start working out, don't stop. It doesn't take long, you don't have to work out for 8 hours. You can give yourself an hour every day and you will immediately feel so much better afterwards.

When I have Uni (now I'm on my Summer-Vacation), I don't work out for an hour, lately it was like 10 minutes IF i had the energy since I had so much work. Every time I have holidays or no projects for uni, and weekends too, I give it 1 hour.

So now, for 1 hour, every single day I put on my "Workout Music Playlist", and I've made a list which is currently stuck up on my wall of all the workouts I need to do in that hour.
I feel 1,000 times better after that hour of working out. It's one of the best feelings!

Let me know what you think guys! Have a great day!

Photo Of The Day 136

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Firenze, or for a lot of you Florence. I seriously CANNOT wait to visit it. I want to take more than 1,000 photos that I can add to my section "Photo Of The Day". ♥

Give Me A Reason

BREAK-TIME: Good Day my loves! I'm currently super busy planning so many things and working on a few new projects which I cannot wait to tell you about! Here's a new outfit post for you! I hope you all like it! Have a great day my loves! Thank you so much for all your comments.

Buon giorno amori! Sono super occupata pianificando un po di robe e lavorando su un po di nuovo progetti che non vedo l'ora di dirvi di tutti progetti nuovi. Ecco a voi un outfit nuovo! Spero che vi piacie! Vi augero un giorno stupendo amori! Grazie mille per i vostri commenti! 

Photo Of The Day 135

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another amazing picture, I don't have a lot to add. It's truly amazing though.

Pink Attitude ♥

IN PINK WE TRUSTToday's look is a simple one, but definitely one I love for summer! I'm going to be wearing shorts a lot more, Dubai's temperature reached 38*C. How awesome! ♥

Il look di oggi e uno semplice, pero di sicuro uno che adoro per questa estate! Indossero i shorts molto piu spesso adesso, la temperatura di Dubai ha raggiunto 38*C. Che stupendo! 

Photo Of The Day 134

(Photo Source)

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another amazing & breathtaking photograph! I truly love it!

Un altra meravigliora fotografia che rimani senza parole! La amo veramente!

Tche Tche Cafe

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: And today, I want to show you the pictures I took last Saturday at Tche Tche Cafe. Before, during and after lunch & shisha! A casual Saturday spent at JBR with my family including Silvia, Alessandra, Alex (my sis), Nick, Maxi (my boyfriend) and so on.
After we left Tche Tche, there was a pit stop at Starbucks, for our afternoon coffee!
Enjoy these pictures guys! Thank you so much for your comments!

Make It Easy

IT'S TIME: Hello gorgeous people, hope you're all having a wonderful day! Today I want to show you this fresh new look. A simple outfit but one that stands out. Today's look consists of black shorts, white shirt, pink flats, white Prada sunnies & Chanel bag. My dad & I are spending today together & having a "daddy-daughter" day, I wonder where we're going. I promise I'll take photos and publish them on Instagram and all! ♥
Have an amazing day my loves!

Ciao meravigle, spero che tutti state passando una giornata bellissima! Oggi voglio mostrarvi questo look scattato ieri. Un look semplice ma che resulta tanto. Oggi ho scelto shorts neri, maglietta biancha, ballerina rosa shock, I Prada bianchi e la mia Chanel. Il mio pappi e io oggi passiamo la giornata insieme, oggi e uno di quei giorni "daddy-daughter" day. Non so nianche dove mi porta, comunque publico foto su il mio Instagram ecc. 
Spero che avete una giornata bellissima raggazzi! 

Weekend Song: Time

WEEKEND SONG: Have I ever mentioned I ADORE workout music? Today was one of those days, spent almost the entire day listening to my favorite songs. Usually I work out either really early in the morning or at night, just before my dinner. Today one of my favorite work out songs was TIME by Benny Benassi!

Vi ho mai detto che ADORO la musica veloce e perfetta per fare workout? Oggi era uno di quei giorni, spesso quasi tutta la mia giornata ascoltando le mie canzoni preferite. Di solito quando faccio gli essercizi li faccio o di mattina presto opure di sera prima di cena. Oggi ero uno di quei giorni che la mia canzone preferita mentre faccievo gli essercizi era TIME di Benny Benassi.

B&W Love

B&W: I have been in love with black & white pictures from the longest time. Even when I was a little girl I would sometimes tell my dad make them black & white. 
So, here are the recent ones, shot by my amazing dad (his photography is amazing). 
Enjoy you guys! Tell me what you think!

Good News Coming Soon!

OLD DAYS & GOOD NEWS: Okay I know this is a completely random photo & not too recent, but I couldn't wait any longer to tell you that....I have so many new projects lined up and I cannot wait to share them with you guys!
First one will probably be ready by next week! :) Stay tuned y'all!
P.S. look how tanned my sister & I are in that picture!!!! I MISS IT!

Happy Birthday To My Amazing Dad! ♥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Happy birthday to my amazing dad. The best and most amazing dad in the universe. I love you so so so so so so so much.

White Prada Sunnies

WHITE: Okay so I'm certain you got the point of my obsession with the Prada Baroque Sunglasses. I simply adore them and now is the highest "phase", maybe because it's summer time. You're going to see me wearing them A LOT on the blog.

My Baby Mulberry!

MRS.MULBERRY: Another baby for my bag collection. She's the most recent bag I bought.  She's perfect for Spring/Summer colours. I'm in love.

Happy Birthday To The Best Mummy In The World!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Another post dedicated to the most amazing and bestest mummy in the world. ♥ I love you so much mummy! Hope you like all your gifts & have an amazing birthday!

Be Bright

PINK FLUO: And here it is, one of my favourite look shot recently before going out with friends. I was wearing a bright pink shirt bought from H&M, mint colored cardigan, dark jeans, my Prada sunneies and my black Chanel.

Eccolo qui, uno dei miei look preferito scattate queste foto laltro giorno prima di uscire con i miei amici. Ho scelto di mettere la maglietta rosa shock comprata da H&M, i cardigan colorato di menta, jeans scuri, i miei occhiali bianchi di Prada e la mia Chanel.

New Hermes Bangle!

HERMES TIME: Another bangle to my gorgeous collection. A black bangle with gold sounded perfect. Thank you mum.

Un altro bangle per la mia collezione. Uno nero con oro sembrava perfetto. Grazie mamma.

Photo Of The Day 133

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Today's "photo of the day" is a little different. I've always wanted to try to have a photoshoot like this, i like the idea of both "Low Key Photography" as well as "High Key Photography". The fact that it's so different to the normal photos we take every single day is exciting. I adore this picture!

Summer Memories!

I LOVE SUMMER TIME: Another Photos taken in summer are always my favourite ones. Looking at them makes me feel the same emotions and it looks like I still am in those places. These are some of my favourite ones of Summer 2009, 2011 and 2012, shot in Dubai, Lisbon, Barreiro, Venice, Trieste, Amsterdam, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and in the Scottish Highlands.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do everytime I look at them.

Le foto scattate in estate sono le mie preferite di sempre. Anche solo riguardarle mi fa immedesimare nei diversi posti e provare le stesse emozioni. Queste sono alcune delle più belle dell’estate 2009, 2011 e 2012, scattate a Dubai, Lisbona, Barreiro, Venezia, Trieste, Amsterdam, Londra, Glasgow, Edinburgho e nelle High lands della Scozzia.
Spero che vi godete queste foto tanto come quando le guardo io.

Prada Obsessed! ♥

PRADA BAROQUE SUNGLASSES: My mum bought me the first pair, my black ones back in October, do you remember I showed them to you over here?
Then I showed them to you in this outfit in November and this one in February. After I wore them with almost all my outfits, I had found the black and white ones, which I bought for my sister in November for her birthday & stole a couple of times. Recently, I saw the white ones and I completely fell in love with them. So here's the post dedicated to my beloved Prada Baroque Sunglasses! I adore them all & i'm so so happy I have all the three pairs. Happy Friday everyone! Stay tuned with the next post!

Weekend Song: Destination Calabria

WEEKEND SONG: Today was one of those day where this song was on my playlist and I change it only twice and for the rest of the day it was on repeat. How can anyone not just adore it!

She Stole My Prada Sunnies

PRADA SUNNIES: Lilu, my babygirl while I was getting ready stole my white Prada Sunglasses but she looks so fucking adorable! Love her with them!