Halloween '13

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: An exciting day for most of the world, I usually LOVE halloween and this year is going to be priceless...actually, since it's Thursday, it's more like this WEEKEND. I have 3 places to go for Halloween celebrations. I can't wait to tell you more about it! 
What are you guys going dressed as? I can't wait to hear.


PIZZERS TIME: A quick post to say how happy I am this little cutie is here, I love her visits here in Dubai! We've been having fun together, driving, going out and so on. Oh, and soon HALLOWEEN TOGETHER for the first time.

My Babes & I

MY BABES: A little post just to "publish" this picture with my girls! :) I'm working on a few new things, hopefully i'll launch them from December, I still need to fix and edit a few things.
Hope you're all having an amazing day! All excited about Halloween? I can't wait for that night, oh and I can't wait to show you what I"m going as and where...
I shall tell you next month..muahahah

Working Out Time: Never Quit

WORKOUT TIME: A pair of shorts, a shirt and boom, I'm ready to workout. LET'S DO THIS! ♥

Sunrise Runs

RUNNING IN THE MORNING IS THE BEST: Lately, I've been waking up early in the morning, and going out around my park for a morning run. Watching the sunrise while running is such an amazing thing. I have to admit, it's breathtaking and the weather in the morning is unreal. I love this new me.

Same But Different

POSITIVE: Lately I have been feeling different, I am the same person, but I somehow feel different, in a very good way.

Some Of My Exercise Equipment

WORK IT: I decided I'm not going to make a different post for each workout equipment I buy. I would, but I don't have the time these weeks, I've been trying to blog regularly and things get in between, so I have to prepare most of my posts at night after i'm done doing my University work. (I wish blogging was first)
So here they are, things I recently added to my workout equipment pile.
I started being properly back on track. I get up every morning at around 5:30 - get ready and go run for 30 to 40 minutes every day (6 out of 7 days). I give myself one day off from running. Other than that I do squats, many leg exercises and arm ones too.
If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw I posted a picture of "my list" of exercises I do each time I work out.
So, like I said, a run around my park in the morning and then at night i follow the list below.
After my workout, i take a really cold shower and it feels amazing.
What workout do you do? Which exercise if your favorite?

Day Together With The Spanish Babe

SPANISH BABE: A day spent with my Spanish babe Melissa, she just moved to Dubai and so we've been hanging out since. She's so much fun to be with, so we spent our day at the gym, the we went to the pool to soak up some sun, after that we went to her house, got showered and changed and then off to do some errands together. It was a really fun day spent together.

Daddy Kisses In Fujairah

DADDY-KISSES: There isn't much to say, I love my family & I'm such a daddy's girl! <3
I adore daddy kisses!
It's a tradition, every little place we go, there's a daddy kiss.


PHOTOSHOOT IN FUJAIRAH: An entire day spent in Fujairah with the family.Packed our stuff, bought drinks and food and we went. Fujairah is a bit desserted, there is basically nothing compared to Dubai, but beautiful to see and to take pictures. I found a perfect location to take a photoshoot for the blog. We passed by this big old english bus, and it was just perfect for the blog.
The reason I think this location was perfect to shoot for the blog because I'm wearing casual modern clothes while the bus is the complete opposite, it's old dirty and all.
This location in Fujairah was a perfect find. So happy I found it! YAAY US!
What do you guys think? Do you like the location and the idea of the scene? 
P.S. After the big old red English bus, we found another pretty awesome location basically again in the middle of no where.
Enjoy the pictures guys!

Italian Translation 

Un'intera giornata trascorsa in Fujairah con la familia.Messo in borsa un paio di robe, comprato cibo e da bere e siamo partiti. Fujairah è un po vuota, non c'è praticamente nulla in confronto a Dubai, ma molto bello da vedere e da fotografare. Ho trovato un luogo ideale per fare un servizio fotografico per il blog. Siamo passati davanti questo grande vecchio bus inglese, ed è stato semplicemente perfetto per il blog.
La ragione per cui credo che questa posizione era perfetta per il photoshoot per il blog perché sto indossando abiti moderni casuali mentre il bus è l'esatto contrario, è vecchio, sporco e non casuale.
Questa posizione a Fujairah è stato un perfetto. Sono troppo felice che lo ho trovato! YAAY US!
Cosa ne pensate voi ragazzi? Vi piace la posizione e l'idea della scena? ♥
P.S. Dopo il grande vecchio bus rosso inglese, abbiamo trovato un altro posto abbastanza impressionante fondamentalmente nuovo nel mezzo di nessun dove.
Godetevi le immagini ragazzi!

I ♥ This Family Photo

FAMILY LOVE IN FUJAIRAH: Family photo taken in Fujairah! 
I love us!
Soon, the outfit photos!

My Michael Kors Pink Baby

MICHAEL KORS: Ahhhhhhh!!! I'm smiling so much right now! Today I wanted to show you my brand new baby, bought on the 14th October 2013. It's bright pink, it's large, and it's by Michael Kors. It was love at first sight, i just had to. It's so beautiful. You're going to see an outfit post with her very soon! Stay tuned guys! 

Hatta Camping Days

HATTA : One night and two days spent in Hatta with some friends.
Here are a few pictures we took those days at the camping trip and if you follow me on Instagram, I posted a fun video on the way there. I love road-trips.
Enjoy the pictures guys!

My Baby Shanuk & I

DEFINITION OF ADORABLE: And again, it's Shanu & I, I find my dogs so adorable, when they're around me, I'm always snapping pictures. Here are two of my favorite recent ones! ENJOY! 

& dinuovo, Io e Shanuk. Io trovo i miei cani adorabili, quando sono con me, io sono sempre li con il telefono opure la macchina fotografica che scatto foto. Qui sono le mie due foto piu recenti, e anche le mie preferite.

Weekend Song: R U Crazy

WEEKEND SONG: Another one of my obsession, this song. My playlist has been awesome, can't wait to share with you some more songs!

In Hatta With Friends

HATTA CAMPING WITH FRIENDS: As you're reading this, i'm probably driving to Hatta with some lovely people! I'm super excited! I'll be back soon....not in too long then I'll show you all of the pictures.
Enjoy your day guys! 

Chiara Ferragni At S*uce

VOGUE FASHION EXPERIENCE - S*UCE EVENT: As you know, the day of the Vogue Fashion Experience, Thursday 10th October, Chiara Ferragni was a special guest at Sa*ce. So, since i ADORE her, like I showed you the first (also showen on THE BLONDE SALAD) and second time I met her & went to dinner with her.♥ 
Well, my dream came true again, she's always a sweet heart and I got to meet her again! it was amazing! You're the best!

Shooting For The Blog In Fujairah

SHOOTING IN FUJAIRAH: As you're reading this, I'm getting my photos taken from my awesome photographer (my dad). I've told you before he's amazing at taking photographs and today, while in Fujairah we found a prefect location so here's a little sneak peek.
Hope you're having a great day!

I ♥ Holidays

LE HOLIDAY: Thursday 10th after 11:59am, was when my holiday officially began. I'm super excited about it! I have many plans which I will tell you about on different posts.
Some things involved in this holiday: shopping, tanning, working out, swimming, going to the beach, going to the gym, road trips, going clubbing with friends, blogging and much more.
Stay tuned for new pictures, new stories, new posts!
Hasta Luego! :)

Working At Vogue Fashion Night 2013

VOGUE FASHION EXPERIENCE: And it ended up being a super busy day. My day started out by submitting my work at Uni as one of my projects were due. Later on I drove to the office, signed in and then there was transportation provided to go to work, which for that day / night was Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa. The most awesome part about working there was going through the security gates and doors to get from Burj Khalifa to Dubai Mall, it took us like 2 minutes, which was awesome. Apart from that, work wasn't that exciting. Below I added a few pictures of the "uniform" or more like "outfit" i had to wear for the night! 
Enjoy the photos guys! Thanks for coming to say hi, for those of you who did!

Night Time Workouts!

NIGHT TIME EXERCISES: There are two types of night workouts for me, both of them involve really loud music, with no interruptions. Before starting with my workout at all, stretch. I stretch for at least 10 mins.
After stretching, I usually start with a 15 minute jog / run around a park or a compound. 
The workout is not something to rush, take your time and do it right or not at all.
This is the workout I do, usually at night, and I go up by 10 every 2-3 workouts.
So if one day I'm tired If i had a long day at uni / work, I try to workout for less time.

There two types are indoors (at home / gym ) or outdoors.

Hand slides 150
Squats 100 
Scissors 90 
Ab Roller Wheel 10 minutes
Jumping jacks 80
Arm lifts 80 each arm 
Side to side touch down 80 
Ab Roller Wheel 10 minutes
Frogs 80 
Knee ups 70
Squat jumps 60
Ab Roller Wheel 10 minutes
Push ups 70 
In and outs 60 
Bicycles 50
Lunges 50 each leg
Ab Roller Wheel 10 minutes

Take a short beak in between the workouts, breath in and breath out, stretch then get ready and repeat another 3 times.

Year 2 - CCS: Color Theory, Project 1

MY CCS PROJECT 1: Okay, so it might look easy because it's so pretty and colorful....but OH MY GOODNESS, it took me FOREVER to mix the colors and all. This was one tiny part of my CCS Project...I'll show you the list of what I had to do. For the celebration of being COMPLETELY DONE with this first CCS project....Yes, correct I am now blogging about it! You can see the boring list and then all the pretty color full things below.

Keep Calm & Work Out

MY AWESOME 4am WORKOUT: This morning or more like last night, we went out then had a chilled night in and watched a movie and I found myself working out at 4 in the morning. Very casual. Hey, it was fun okay so why not? 

Photo Of The Day 168

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: And it never ends, here's another breathtaking photo. How cute is this picture? Have an incredible day my loves! 

Excited about tonight!!

ON MY WAY: I'm writing to from the transportation, on my way to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. Tonight is the night we've all been waiting for! The big fashion event hosted by Vogue Italia and Dubai Mall (Emaar)! I can't believe it's happening! 

Alright! For those of you in Dubai, come visit Dubai Mall from 6pm. There will be fashion shows and fashion events going on around the mall. It's going to be amazing! Don't miss it!

Hope to see you all there! 

Weekend Song: Freestyler

WEEKEND SONG: This one is an oldie. I love it! 
Happy Weekend guys!

Happy Holidays From Us!

HOLIDAY-ING: Today's the last day of Uni, at exactly 11:59 am, we're officially on holiday...apart from the fact of starting work, but apart from that, BRING ON THE PARTYING!
I'm so excited, there are so many things happening this month, so many things already happened. Soon I can tell you all about that magical phone call!
Hope you guys have a fantastic holiday! :)
P.S. What are your plans for this holiday?
I have some awesome one which I will share with you soon! :) For now, enjoy your Thursday!
Speak super soon!

Selfies With Best Friend At Uni

BUBU TIME AT UNI: Times like these in Uni, are almost the best! I have the most awesomest best friends anyone could ask for!!!
Love you wifey! 

New In: Exercise Wheel

YORK FITNESS: Okay, so you all know I've been addicted to workout lately, I've read tons of articles about exercising and workout out, how many times a week and so on. Recently I was reading about some fun workouts you can even do at home and I read about the "Abs-roller wheel" so i researched about it and so on, and then after seeing some videos on how it can make a huge change with perfect abs if you use it properly, I went to my favorite sports shop here in Dubai, and went to buy it. So this is what I call my new baby.

Barasti Birthday Celebrations

ALL THE CRAZY SHIT I DID TONIGHT!: An amazing Friday spent with amazing people. Listening to music, dancing, celebrating Katrina's birthday, laughing like crazy and just having fun! My weekends have been amazing! 
Enjoy the pictures guys! Hope you all get a taste of what my Friday was like!

Safe & Sound

WEATHER LOVIN': Another look I chose to wear the other day! I'm in love with the skirt, as you know, Dubai doesn't really have proper seasons, so now that the weather is getting better, I'll be wearing skirts and shorts a lot more. If it gets too "cold", then I'll add tights to make myself a little bit more warm. I love how it's just after the first 2 weeks of September and the weather is so much better and you don't have to change 300 times in a day. I love winter in Dubai! 

Vogue Fashion Experience Dubai '13

VOGUE FASHION EXPERIENCE DUBAIUnder the patronage of H.E. Mr. Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties and Mrs. Franca Sozzani, Editor in chief of Vogue Italia. Vogue presents the first event of its kind to take place in the Middle East. With an exclusive partnership between The Dubai Mall and Vogue Italia, Dubai is joining the league of global fashion capitals!

The Vogue Fashion Experience Dubai will involve over 220 Haute Couture and High Street brands in The Dubai Mall. Fashion shows from Regional and International Emerging Fashion Designers, celebrity appearances from the fashion, music and art industries, dignitaries and VIPs from royalty and retail tycoons plus a fabulous fund raising gala dinner and sales of branded merchandise for Dubai Cares!

The event will also be screened across the mall's multimedia displays to an expected audience of over 400,000 visitors and media from five different continents will be covering the event.

I am BEYOND excited! It's going to be an incredible experience. 

5 days left guys! ONLY 5 until this amazing night to remember! ♥

Read all about it by clicking here or over here at vogue.it.

Because The Night

L.O.V.E.: This is the outfit I decided to wear on Friday night to go out for birthday drinks! 
My new denim shorts, my new simple shirt, and one of my favorite pink clutches I own...oh and ofcourse black sandals! 
I had an amazing time! Good music, perfect for dancing and ofcourse, beautiful drinking!
I love weekends! 

Try & Stop Me

NOW IS GOOD: A fresh new outfit post, okay these photos as you can see were taken with my iPhone 5, just before leaving the house. I chose to wear something casual... Something chic but simple. Also, the demon jacket you guys can see in these pictures...it's the new one I bought the other day! I'm in love with it! What do you guys think? Like it?
Hope you all had an amazing week! 

Weekend Song: Die Young

WEEKEND SONG: Oh, this one's another one i love to listen to while i'm driving! HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYONE! IT'S WEEKEND!

Lunch Date Outfit ;)

THURSDAY'S LOOK: A very simple outfit that I decided to wear on Thursday to go on a lunch date and then go shopping! Shorts, purple top and my stripy cardigan. On another post I'll show you how my day went! 

Hello October '13

HELLO OCTOBER, I'M READY FOR YOU!: Hello October! September was absolutely amazing, and I have a feeling October will be very similar.

Hope you’re having a fantastic day so far, mine’s going great! There are so many amazing things happening this month! :)
So, Happy new month everyone! Happy October!