Night Time Workouts!

NIGHT TIME EXERCISES: There are two types of night workouts for me, both of them involve really loud music, with no interruptions. Before starting with my workout at all, stretch. I stretch for at least 10 mins.
After stretching, I usually start with a 15 minute jog / run around a park or a compound. 
The workout is not something to rush, take your time and do it right or not at all.
This is the workout I do, usually at night, and I go up by 10 every 2-3 workouts.
So if one day I'm tired If i had a long day at uni / work, I try to workout for less time.

There two types are indoors (at home / gym ) or outdoors.

Hand slides 150
Squats 100 
Scissors 90 
Ab Roller Wheel 10 minutes
Jumping jacks 80
Arm lifts 80 each arm 
Side to side touch down 80 
Ab Roller Wheel 10 minutes
Frogs 80 
Knee ups 70
Squat jumps 60
Ab Roller Wheel 10 minutes
Push ups 70 
In and outs 60 
Bicycles 50
Lunges 50 each leg
Ab Roller Wheel 10 minutes

Take a short beak in between the workouts, breath in and breath out, stretch then get ready and repeat another 3 times.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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