Goodnight Dolls!

*sorry about the shit quality, taken with my blackberry.

NIGHTY NIGHT: Just to say good night!
Good night everyone, hope you all have an amazing sleep! Love you all, thank you so much for your comments!!

Solo per dirvi buona notte!
Buona notte a tutti, spero che tutti dormite bennissimo. Vi adoro! Grazue per tutti i vostri commenti!

Goodbye March 2013

GOODBYE MARCH 2013: See you next year. Hope April is much more amazing then this  past month. I want new and unexpected adventures to come up like never before.

Happy Easter Sunday Everyone!

EASTER TIME: Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Celebrate well guys! 

Auguri di Buona Pascqua a tutti voi! Celebrate bene ragazzi! 

Saturday At The Beach With My Loves!

BEACH TIME: I just came back from the beach, I spent the entire day at the beach with my loves. Tanning, eating snacks, taking photos, enjoying the beach, sun and having an amazing day.

Sono apena tornata dal mare, ho speso tutto il giorno al mare con i miei amori. Prendendo il sole, mangiando snacks, scattando foto, godendomi la spiaggia, sole e spendere una giornata bellissima.

My Sellotape Shoe!

I HAD TO SHOW YOU: The Other day I was shopping and I found this gorgeous shoe for the purpose of sellotape. It's basically a sellotape shoe. Personally, I think it's awesome!

Laltro giorno ero a fare shopping e ho trovato questa scarpetta magica per lo scotch. E fortissimo! Personalmente, io penso che e bellissimo!

Bubble Nail Polish by Pupa

PUPA; MILANO: Hey guys, today for my first post I will show you a product that a friend brought me from Italy. It’s a nail polish where you put the first layer on your nails and then you put the bubbles. The result should look like a normal nail polish with bubbles on top, so in the end it should be 3D.
I can't wait to show you the result!

Ciao raggazi, oggi per il mio primo post, vi mostro un prodotto che un amica mi ha portato dal Italia. E un smalto per le unghie che dopo che hai messo il primo strato, dopo meti le "bolle". Il risultato dovrebbe essere come la prima foto. Alla fine dovvrebbe essere 3D.
Non vedo l'ora di farvi vedere il risultato!

Photo Of The Day 132

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another amazing picture, I don't have much to say. It's just beautiful! ♥

Un altra photografia stupenda, non ho molto da dire. E bellissima. 

Happy Birthday Nikki!

GORGEOUS NIKKI: Today, it's my gorgeous Nikki's birthday! It's super depressing that I can't be there to celebrate with her and her family and friends. ♥ This girl is amazing and when you read this, I want you to know, I hope you have THE most amazing birthday ever! Hope you get TONS of presents & have an amazing celebration.
Missing you & love you TONS!

Weekend Song: I Need Your Love

THROW BACK THURSDAY: Today and for the past week, I've been obsessing over this song. I'm in L O V E.

Throw Back Thursday; Week 5

THROW BACK THURSDAY: Today I'm in the mood to show you this "old picture" of my baby Shanuk & I. It's not as "old" of a picture but I felt in the mood of sharing it this Thursday! :)

Quick Apology!

(Photo taken by Heena)

I'M OFFICIALLY BACK: Hi my loves! Quick apology for the absent days! I'm back and ready to go. I'm definitely inspired and full of new ideas that I can't wait to share with you guys. At the moment,  I'm working on new designs and new projects which I cannot wait to tell you about... so stay tuned! It's worth it!
In the meantime, Enjoy today to the max and stay tuned with Pixels Thoughts & Words because from now I'll be publishing posts like a crazy person.

5 Days Left

COUNTING DOWN: And...the countdown has began. It's officially 5 days left until I finish university & start Summer. I've already started making plans with my best friend back in Italy about which places we want to visit. I cannot wait to tell you guys. ♥
Hope everyone is having an amazing week. Love you!

Happy Daddy's Day

HAPPY DADDY'S DAY TO MY AMAZING DAD: Happy Daddy's day to the best and most amazing dad in the universe. I love you so so so so so so so much.

Shanuk Turns 1! ♥

MY BABY TURNS 1: This post is completely dedicated to my most beautiful baby / my son, my one and only true love Shanuk. I adore him, he's amazing, I hope he's enjoyed today with me who kept feeding him biscuits and had fun together in the dog pool! Haha Shanuk is the best. Soon, I'll show you the picture of the dog cake! 
I love you Shanuk! Always & Forever my baby! 

Boolicious! ♥

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: A few new pictures of my baby & I. These pictures were taken two Saturdays ago (2nd March). I just hate not showing you the most recent pictures so I had to put these up! I adore the first picture. ♥

Throw Back Thursday; Week 4

THROW BACK THURSDAY: Today I'm in the mood to show you this old picture of our family trip / my amazing senior trip back in 2011. This picture was shot in the Scottish highlands. I loved the horse, he was such a cutie.

Weekend Song: Balada

(Picture Source)

WEEKEND SONG: This weekend song reminds me of my Summer 2012 back in Portugal! I miss Portugal so much & I wish to go back super soon! Enjoy the song you guys! & have a splendid weekend!

I Adore Them!

MY BABIES: You guys have already seen both my babies a bunch of times on the blog, but here are some recent pictures taken with my blackberry or with the iPhone 5. I cannot get over how cute they are. Shanuk is adorable, and he's such a good doggie and Lilu now knows how to sit and give paw. A few weekends ago my dad bought them a house (small) pool to play now, every Friday & Saturday, they go for a swim before and after their morning walk... it's adorable. ♥
Have a gorgeous day guys! Kisses!

At The Top!

SISTER LOVE: You guys already saw the outfit pictures taken at this location. Another amazing weekend it was. My sister, mum and Nick went for a chill-out session on the roof of a hotel, by the pool and it was so gorgeous taking the picture from up! Chilling with shisha by the gorgeous view and sitting by the pool...what more can i ask for?  Here are some of my beautiful sister & I. Enjoy people

Photo Of The Day 131

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: This picture is simply breathtaking. The colors, the reflection of the water, how the picture was taken, the perfect lighting and so on. I just love it. I love this picture ♥

Exciting News

SHE'S OFFICIALLY OURS: OMG!!! I literally jumped when I heard my family agree to keeping Lilu!!! It’s official my loves, she's officially part of us. You all know how myself & my family are all crazy about dogs & to be more specific huskies. Well, we've had Lilu since the 5th of December and well, there is no way to give her up. She's ours & we've been in love with her since the minute she walked into our house. Lilu we love you, always have, always will! 

Take A Chance

RELAXING WITH SHISHA: Here I am, with this new look, we took these pictures not to long ago. For this look I decided to wear something casual again. I like wearing jeans, almost always. ♥ Hope you guys like my outfit.

Miss Prada Perfect

MY PERFECT PRADA WALLET: I've been trying to find a perfect wallet that doesn't weigh 1000kg in my bag & it's comfortable to take my credit cards out. Finally, here it is. I'm so happy with it.

Weekend Song: Thrift Shop

WEEKEND SONG: Another weekend song for you guys, this time it's a really weird one. I find it a really catchy tune.What do you guys think? Lyrics & Video clip after you click "read more".

P.s. have a gorgeous weekend.

Throw Back Thursday; Week 3

THROW BACK THURSDAY: Another gorgeous picture we took in Italy in Summer 2011. I miss it so much! It was one of the most fun nights!

Photo Of The Day 131

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another gorgeous animal, this time a tiger. breathtaking and nothing else to say.

It's Official!

CONFIRMED: My best friend Giulia just whats apped me saying it's official and the tickets are booked. Giulia & her brother Andrea are officially coming to Dubai to visit us! I'm beyond excited, no words can describe it.
The official countdown begins now!

Photo Of The Day 130

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another amazing picture and it's a wolf. It's gorgeous & breathtaking.

Photo Of The Day 129

(Photo Source)

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another amazing picture, I just love it. Nothing else to say. I love animal + photography...when you mix the two and it turns out this breathtaking I have no comments.

La Vie Est Fantastic

WOOP WOOP: Heyy guys, it's been a while since I've been on here. Again, I'll apologize for my absence from the blog. Like I've told you before, I've been super busy with this giant project of mine, which by the way was super interesting to work on. When I get it back I'll put some of the pictures on here to show you guys! :)
Today's Friday & it's going to be one relaxed weekend. I'm most probably going to Ras Al Khaiman for a road trip with my dad! I will take pictures of my adventure & soon put them on the blog. I hope you enjoy the pictures and like the outfit I chose to wear.
Have an amazing Friday everyone & Enjoy your weekend! :)

Hello March '13

HELLO MARCH 2013:  Hello March '13! I've been waiting for you for the longest time. March is usually my second last and sometimes like this year, my last month of University & I'm super excited! :)
This  month, I'll try to prepare all my posts on the weekend after I finished all of my work and then schedule them throughout the week. I've got some pretty exciting projects and things to tell you about this month so keep checking back and stay tuned for exciting news!