Goodbye June '13

GOODBYE JUNE, HELLO JULY: This month was a little bit fucked up, but apart from those couple of days, it was a really freakin good month. I'm happy it's the end and tomorrow's JULY! REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THAT! 

Snapshots Of Week 4

INSTA-PIXELS: Here they are, the photos that I've been taking with my iPhone 5. Since I got my new baby (3rd June) and after I got my service (June 4th) I can't stop taking pictures, of everything. So as I told you in the first or second week, I'll be showing you my highlights on the blog, but you can see all of my instagram pictures if you follow me: @pixelsthoughtsandwords    - enjoyyy 

Happy 10 Years Anniversary Nalex! ❤

10 YEARS TODAY: It all started on the 28th June 2003, today, 10 years ago. My sister was tiny and so was Nick but they were a couple from the 28th, they had their ups and downs but they are probably the most inspiring couple, not only I've seen them from day 1 but also after a few months of getting to know nick, he was part of the family! 
I'm so happy for you guys, you have no idea.
On May 11th 2013, Nick popped the question when they were in Sri Lanka. 
Anyways, I could go on for a really long time if I keep up like this but all I wanted to do is dedicate this post to them and say HAPPY 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY my loves! You deserve only the best!
I adore you guys so much! ❤

Throw Back Thursday: Week 12

TBT: This photo is just....I just LOVE it. Shanuk was such a baby and my hair was super light shades of brown....missing those days.

Steal My Sunshine

SUMMER VIBES: This week was all about spending time with my girl friends. One of my best friends from Uni, Azeen came over on Sunday & spent 3 entire days with me, watched scary movies, ate junk food, took pictures, went tanning, listened to music, danced, went training and complained of how much our body hurt. Third day we spend half at my house and then we went to anther one of my best friends from Uni, Diana's house! It was probably the best 3 days I spent in a really long time and I needed it...a lot.

Today I want to show you this outfit, took these pictures the other day but I had no time to publish them. So, here they are, for this outfit I decided to wear summer colors with gold accessories. A salmon-colored shirt, white pants, and a cream colored bag. Another perfect outfit for summer.
So, what do you think of it? Do you like it? Would you wear it?
Thank you so much for all your support, it means the world to me.

Questa settimana lo dedicata completamente a spendere tempo con le mie amiche. Una delle mie migliore amiche che ho incontrato al'Universita, Azeen e venuta a casa mia questa Domenica ed de stata con me per 3 giorni. Abbiamo guadato film di paura / thriller, mangiato patatine, nutella e biscotti alle 2 di mattina, scatato un bel po di foto, siamo andata a abronzarsi, ascoltato a musica con un volume da pazzi, ballato come matte, andate a un taining e lamentate di quando ci fa male i nostro corpo. Il terzo giorno la'bbiamo speso meta a casa mia e poi siamo andati a casa di un'altra nostra amicha Diana. Penso che erano i miglior 3 giorni spesi in tantissimo tempo e mi serviva veramente.

Oggi, voglio mostrarvi questo outfit, abbiamo scattato queste foto poco giorni fa pero' non ho avuto nianche un minuto per publicarle. Per questo outfit ho deciso di indossare colori del'estate con accessori oro. Una maglietta colore salmone, pantaloni bianchi e una borsa di colore crema. Un altro outfit perfetto per l'estate.
Percio, cosa pensate? Vi piace? 
Grazie mille per il vostro supporto e tutti comenti! Mi fa tantissimo piacere.

Snapshots Of Week 3

INSTA-PIXELS: Week 3...I won't even tell you how many pictures i've taken so far. This is incredible.

It's A Summer Thing ;)

COLORS MAKE ME HAPPY: It's the weekend, I've had a horrible  week, not happy about it at all but hopefully i'll get better. I took these pictures the other day, Alex is becoming better as my photographer with every shoot we take. I'm excited for this weekend, I've been planning so many things and I really need to publish all the non-published post due to my horrible week, I do apologize for being absent on the blog. I've missed blogging like crazy. I've got exciting news to tell you quite soon. Oh & soon I'll confirm the dates I'm traveling too!! YAAAY SO FREAKIN EXCITED OF LEAVING THIS HORRIBLE HEAT.
Kisses! x

E finalmente il weekend, ho avuto una settimana oribile. Non sono affatto contenta della settimana passata pero spero che tra un po finira tutto. Abbiamo scatato questo foto l'altro giorno, Alex sta diventanto meglio ogni volta che abbiamo un shoot per il blog. Sono super excited per questo weekend, ho organizata un sacco di robe e devo anche publicare le posts che non sono state publicate perche della mia settimana orribile.
Ho anche delle news super exciting che vi parlero abastanza presto. E presto vi confirmo le date essate che parto!!! YAAAY SUPER FELICE DI ANDARE VIA DA QUESTO CALDO!
Baci! x

Throw Back Thursday: Week 11

TBT: This photo brings back an amazing memory of when my sister finished her degree and graduated from University. Amazing memories & beautiful photograph.

Photo Of The Day 158

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: This photo was taken by one of my friends, his name is Scott, his photography is breathtaking. It was a MUST. I had to add it to my "Photo Of The Day" session on the blog. It's beautiful.♥

The Kiss

THE CUTEST: A post dedicated to these pictures, of my boo & I. I love you beyond words.You're the best! I LOVE YOU BOO CAKES! 
P.S. Happy Birthday my lovely! 

Snapshots Of Week 2

INSTA-PIXELS: Like every single week, here are the pictures that I took with my iPhone, birthday celebrations, parties, my girls and my two babies....I couldn't ask for anything better.

Stay tuned for the new posts! :) & have an amazing day!!! x

Wishing You A Happy Weekend

WEEKEND: AJust wanted to wish everyone a great weekend! I hope you guys are liking the posts this month! :) Oh, AND all of my pictures on Instagram!
I ADORE my iPhone 5. Can't ever get enough.

Summer Vibes

BABY CELINE: Today is all about one special and main character featured in this post. My baby Celiine that I received as one of my birthday presents from my amazing boyfriend.
We took these pictures the other day and I really hope you like them!!
Have an amazing day guys, I'll be spending it with my boyfriend before he catches his next flight! xx

Weekend Song: Breathless

WEEKEND SONG: Here I am, finally with another weekend song, I've been so busy I barely have time for anything. So, as I was saying, here for you a fresh and new weekend song. This week I chose to bring back memories. Breathless by The Corrs, this song brings back so many memories of when my family and I first moved to Dubai. Crazy days, missing them tons though. 

Weekend Song: Steal My Sunshine

(Photo Source)

WEEKEND SONG: Another one of my obsession, this song. Every time i hear it, it just brings back a million memories when I was younger and the first few years i lived in Dubai....

Day Dreamer

IT'S A SUMMER THING: Another outfit to show you guys, we shot these pictures not too long ago! I've been and still am obsessed with shorts and dresses these past few weeks. I think it might be a Summer thing but it's been insane. For this outfit I chose to wear something that would stand out but still make it a casual and simple look. The main character of this outfit? My beautiful Celine bag.

I Finally Found You!

COLLIER DE CHIEN: After I looked for it for ages, one of my dream bracelets had to become mine. I went to the Hermes store, and after some hours it was on my wrist. Now I want wear it even while I sleep!
A perfect birthday present to myself!!

Dopo averlo cercato per tantissimo, uno dei bracciali dei miei sogni è arrivato sono andata nella boutique di Hermes, qualche ora dopo era al mio polso. Ora voglio indossarlo anche mentre dormo!
Un regalo di compleanno da me a me perfetto!!

Pop Goes My Heart

PINKY: Good morning everyone! I shot these pictures just a day before getting my haircut!I couldn't wait to show you them but with all of my birthday posts it just kept getting delayed! ♥ A casual but sporty look with my favorite sunnies! Hope you like the pictures guys! :)
Have an amazing Monday!

21st Birthday Dinner With Friends

BIRTHDAY GIRL: ADon't have much to say, thanks for attending my dinner my loves! It meant a lot to me!! Love you guys so much! 
& mostly, I adore you Maxi-Boo! You're the best!!!

Snapshots Of Week 1

INSTA-PIXELS: These pictures are the first ones I took with my new iPhone 5 which I received for my 21st birthday. From this week onwards I'll be showing you the pictures I take with my iPhone every week. I had to add a "Snapshots Of The Week" to my blog just because I've always loved your feedback and I love sharing my crazy moments and experiences with you. I hope you like all the photos.♥

Queste foto sono quelle che ho fatto la prima settimana da quando ho ricevuto il mio nuovo iPhone 5 per il mio compleanno. Da questa settimana vi mostrero tante delle foto che scatto con l'iPhone ogni settimana. Dovevo aguingere una sezzione nel blog per le foto che scatto con l'iPhone - chiamata "Snapshots Of Week" anche perche amo i vostri commenti e email e amo condividere i miei momenti simpatici e le mie esperienze con voi. Spero che vi piaciano tutte le foto. 

Photo Of The Day 157

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: This photo is just, I have an obsession with wolves. They're just unbelievably gorgeous ....I just had to add it to my "Photo Of The Day" session on the blog. It's too beautiful to be true.♥

21st Birthday: Some Of The Presents

BIRTHDAY PRESIES: Here they are, finally. The pictures of my birthday gifts.
amazing people on this planet, my family & my boyfriend 
My birthday presents include: My Driving License, My iPhone 5, the beautiful white gold Cartier Love Ring, my new Mini Celine bag, my Hermes Collier De Chien, and a few new pairs of shoes!.

Family Birthday Dinner ♥

BIRTHDAY WEEK: The pictures taken the night of my birthday, with the most amazing people on this planet, my family & my boyfriend. ♥ It was an amazing day & night, beautiful decorations, amazing dinner and everything was just perfect.
After dinner, they brought me the cake and I opened the birthday presents.
Soon, I'll talk to you all about the presents I got.

Enjoy the pictures guys! :)

My 21st Birthday Cake!

DELICIOUS BIRTHDAY CAKE: Remember last year, for my 20th birthday? I show you my birthday cake over here? Well here's the delicious cake I got this year, another amazing and delicious birthday cake, chosen by my boocakes....;) It was DELICIOUS, no words can describe it.

I'm Finally 21!

BIRTHDAY GIRL: Finally, I'm 21. I cannot believe how quickly time is passing by. I've been waiting for this day for ages just for the face of being legal in this country. Either way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! i'm loving my birthday!!! Can't wait to show you more pictures! 
Stay tuned!! xxx

Birthday Girl!

TIME TO CELEBRATE: Drum roll please… Today It’s my 21st birthday! I've started celebrating my birthday last weekend, but the celebrations don't end for a while. Today I'm celebrating with my family & ofcourse Maxi. Dinner, champagne, a million of pictures, laughs and memories to remember!
I cannot wait for tonight! Follow me on Instagram for every step I take! :)

Now I have to go, need to get a few things ready including myself, which might take longer than I imagined.
Let's do this!
P.S. Very soon all the pictures of my first celebration with my closest friends.

It's My Birthday!

I'M THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!: A day completly MINE, It's my birthday & I'm loving it! ♥
Tonight we're going to celebrate again & soon a bunch of pictures!
Stay Tuned!


Summer Doll

BIRTHDAY WEEK: An today I want to show you an outfit I haven't shown you yet here on the blog yet. We took these outfit photos the day before I dyed my hair and cut my bangs. I'm in love with these shorts, it was a random gift from my beloved and most amazing sister in the universe.
Either way, I hope you like the pictures! Thank you so much for all of your support!

I'm Ready For My Birthday!

BIRTHDAY WEEK: Anddd.... I'm READY FOR MY 21st BIRTHDAY, it's crazy how fast time is going. felt like yesterday when I was writing a post for my 19th birthday! Either way, I'm ready to continue my celebrations and for the next couple of days I'm going to go insane.
On Saturday, I went to Dubai Mall with my sister, Nick and some of their friends and well, I was going a little crazy with all the amazing things I bought and saw around the shops....
A few things I'll show you on the blog pretty soon :)

Last Day Of Being 20

BIRTHDAY WEEK: Today is my last day of being 20, I've always started celebrating last week but we\re not going to be done celebrating until maybe the end  of the weekend.
I''m crazy excited for tomorrow! I'm really freakin curious of what my gifts will be!
Soon, I'll tell you guys what my gift was to myself for my 21st.♥

I've wanted it for AGES and I FINALLY found it.


New Hair Again

NEW ME: Had an urge to show you my new haircut, unless you've already seen it on my Instagram & so on. Hope you like it! ♥

Sisters Soaking Up The Sun ♥

SOAKING UP THE SUN TIME: Nothing better than soaking up the sun on a Saturday morning / afternoon before heading out again! I love you alex!! 

Hello June '13

HELLO JUNE!: YAAAY, It's my favorite month of the year, the month I was born, the month I celebrate the most, the month I go a little crazy for my birthday and the month I celebrate my birthday for a WEEK or sometimes more!