Goodbye July '13

CASA: Okay, time is passing by, wayyyyyyyyy to quickly. It's already the end of July. Feels like I was done with Uni the day before yesterday. Mannnnn!

Back In The Sand Box

CASA DOLCE CASA: Okay, so there's no point repeating myself with this, Italy is my real home, I was born there and well it feels good being home when I'm there...but Dubai is where I lived most of my when I come back home and see the rest of the people I love and my two babies (my dogs). It changes again. Italy you're my real home but Dubai is always going to be in my heart. 

Goodbye Venice!

TIME TO GO BACK TO DXB: Okay,Venice and spending those 2 weeks at home was more than amazing. Going out with my amazing friends, having drinks, having an amazing time, laughing, playing games, staying up until 9 in the morning was incredible.Oh and ofcourse eating like a little pig, from Pizza Al Prosciutto, to merendine, to Tronkey, to Fronzies and so on...everyone was amazing and I'm so happy I got to spend time with the friends I love the most.
I feel like this holiday was one I REALLY needed after a crazy not so happy month of June.
I had the most incredible time.
I'll be back soon, Italy. Love you!

With My Amazing Family; In Italy

FAMILY TIME: Another couple of amazing pictures...I love my family. These pictures are amazing memories we took recently back home in Italy.

Beautiful Day Out!

I LOVE THESE HORSES: Hey loves, here for you the photos me and my aunt took when the other day we went to a place where they do horse riding and so on. I took these random pictures next to the stables because after a few days we went horse riding as a "trial" and then the day before leaving Italy we went for an actual walk in the middle of the fields...and basically in the middle of green and nature. it was beautiful. All of the pictures up super soon!

Weekend Song: Original Prankster

WEEKEND SONG: Another one which bring back SO many memories. I love it! 

Getting My First Tattoo

GETTING INKED: Getting a tattoo is not everyone's cup of tea. Since it's permanent you have to be sure of what and where you want the tattoo to be.
The first time I thought of getting one was when I was like 14, and my mum was definitely not happy with it. Second, I am terrified of needles. Other thing is, I wasn't completely sure of what I wanted to get and there was NO CHANCE I would permanently tattoo something on my body without being 100% certain of what I wanted. 

As the years went by, my desire of getting one grew and I was finally narrowing it down. I finally have decided what I wanted, a design on my left wrist and this thing is not just a design, it's very important and powerful to me that I was 100% convinced.
I have been lingering on this though for years and for the last few months it only grew stronger. Yesterday, I finally grew some .... and got it done, FINALLY!

Overcoming a fear is something so incredibly powerful and its not only the happiness of finally getting what I wanted on my body, but the fact that I was brave enough to go through with it.

The location of my body which I got my tattoo done is on the side of my wrist. I'm so happy I got my tattoo done at 3lena Tattoo because the studio was perfectly clean and sterilized the fact that she explained everything step by step was really good and since I was scared as it was my first tattoo it got more relaxing and I was more tranquil. 

After she prepared everything and got her gloves and everything ready, to be completly honest freaking out a little but the moment she started, I was ready for huge and major pain, as a lot of my friends told me it'll hurt a lot and so on. She started and honestly I was shocked because it didn't hurt at all. I think the reason is not only because of the location of where I got the tattoo done but because of how good Elena was with the needle and all.

I cant wait to show you! 

Don't forget to check out her page on facebook, E Di 3lena Tattoo

Summertime Happiness

OPTIMISTIC: Hey loves, hope you're all having an amazing day! Here's another outfit post that we took the other day! I adore this yellow shirt. I love everything about it. It's such a perfect shirt for a summer outfit, I love it.
Thanks for all your awesome comments. ♥

The Three Of Us!

CRAZY PICTURE TIME: A girlies night out, just Alex, my cousin Desy and I. A night aall to ourselves going completely crazy with the pictures. The facial expressions are unique. Such a fun night! ahhhh loved it.

Summer Smile

HAPPY WHERE I AM: I love this location. The location itself and also it's perfect for outfit photos for the blog. It seems like I was really lucky this summer. I can't wait to show you more.
Hope you like the photos and the outfit. Thank you for your comments. ♥

Like A Sir

CAN'T STOP SMILING: Good morning from Italy, hope you're all doing great today, before I show you all the other pictures, here's a new and fresh outfit post! I hope you like what I chose to wear, it is now my favorite shirt especially for this summer. Another perfect summer outfit to wear. Have a great day guys. I'm on my way out but stay tuned for new posts.

A Little Update From Italy!

LOVIN' ITALY, NEVER WANT TO LEAVE: GOOD AFTERNOON GUYS!!! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, as you guys know I've been in Italy for almost two weeks now and I've been going out every single day and night
If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen my pictures but if you haven't, I wanted to also announce the birth of my new baby, also known as my new amera, yep guys I'm talking about the beautiful little creature that is in the first picture, the Sony Alpha 58. Soon an entire post about my new baby.
& also, I've got something exciting to show you guys!
ahhh I'm so excited!
I'm on my way out now but either this week or when I get back to Dubai I will publish all of the hundreds or pictures I took at home, here in Italy and around Slovenia and all.Thanks for being are a few pictures I had uploaded a little while ago!
Have an amazing Monday & start of the week if you're here in Europe! ♥

Castello Di Miramare

BEAUTIFUL THING: I've always loved visiting castles, becuase when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess...and wear those long dresses with a corset at the begging and so on... so the day after we went to Slovenia, my best friend's mum was talking about Trieste, and she asked if I had ever visited the castle of Mira Mare...and to be honest, I did...probably more than 10 times but I was too young and small to remember. So we decided we had to go visit it. The day after, in the afternoon, we got ready, got in the car and went to visit this beautiful castle. Here are the pictures. I hope you like them guys!
Thank you so much for your comments.♥

P.S. Don't forget to read below, a little bit about the castle!

Weekend Song: Rollin'

WEEKEND SONG: This song has an incredible amount of memories, Too many to mention...not a song I would listen to daily...but a million memories come back when i do listen to it.

Grotte Di Postumia, Slovenia

POSTOJNA CAVE: Another amazing day, this time spent it in Slovienia. We went to visit the Postojna Caves which were so beautiful. I would stay in Slovenia all day if I could, I love everything there, so green, beautiful blue skies and omg the weather was incredible.
Thank you so much for your comments.♥

Photo Of The Day 163

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Mr.Elephant, well you guys all know that I'm obsessed with elephants, so when I found this picture while getting inspired and looking through Pinterest, i fell in love with it and ofcourse I had to add it to my "Photo Of The Day" session on the blog. This picture is beautiful.♥


FINALLY TOGETHER AGAIN: Finally reunited again with my lovely bfefefefe!!! So happy to be here & to spend time with you! I've missed you loads! 

Photo Of The Day 162

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: I saw this photo on one of my best friend's cover page on facebook once and thought to myself omg, that is beautiful, i wonder where it is.
I researched and well found out it's a place in South Africa. I just had to add it to my "Photo Of The Day" session on the blog. It's too beautiful to be true.♥

Summer Makes Me Crazy

CRAZY GIGI: Good morning gorge pus people! I'm in Italy right now, I couldn't be happier being home, in my little town with my best friend, her family, other friends and close family friends. 
I have to go, I'm going to have breakfast then quickly getting ready and then we're going out!! 
I'll speak to you guys super soon!
Kisses from Italy!

Photo Of The Day 161

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: This photo is just unbelivable, they all say Santorini has the best sunset, this pictures says it all.
Maybe i'll end up going to Santorini soon.♥
Greece is beautiful.

I Can't Describe It

SIMPLE & CHIC: By the time you gorgeous people in Dubai wake up & read this blog post, I think I'll be in Italy already! These pictures were shot the other day, another time that Azeen was over at my house. Hope you enjoy the pictures babes. ♥ Love you bubu!

Ti Amo Italia

BENVENUTI IN ITALIA: Today is Sunday and I'm quickly publishing this post before leaving the house, today we're going to Slovia!! I love that place! I'm so excited about the pictures, cannot wait to tell you about it and publish the pictures.

Snapshots Of Week 6

INSTA-PIXELS: Another week and a bunch of new pictures taken with my iPhone 5. Please don't forget to follow me on Instagram : search for Pixelsthoughtsandwords and you'll find me ;)
Enjoy the pictures guys and have an amazing Saturday!

Just Arrived In Venice!

ARRIVED IN ITALY: When I get home, I'll be quickly getting ready, having a bite and then going out with some friends for an awesome Gelato..♥ & later tonight for dinner a REAL ITALIAN PIZZA! ahhhhh I love you Italia!

Europe, Here I Am! ♥

FLYING TO EUROPE: And it's that time again. time to fly. 
Bye bye Dubai, Hello Europe!

See You In A While, Dubai! ♥

I'LL MISS YOU, DUBAI: And it's time to say bye, but only for a little while... I'm going on holiday & i'll be back home soon. 
Peace out Dubai!

On My Way To Italy!

BYE DUBAI, SEE YOU SOON: And here we are, time to depart for my holiday which I'm so happy about! I'll write soon after I get to Italy! Stay tuned for new posts!Have a great Saturday! ♥

Ready To Go! ❤

TIME TO GO: It's time to go on VACATION! Feels so awesome! I'm going to Italy and I'm so excited for everything, such as seeing the rest of my family, seeing my old friends, going to beach clubs, going to the beach, taking pictures, taking outfit photos where the background is GREEN and so much more.

I like packing, but I always tend to do it last minute...which sucks because then i have to hurry. I'm certain I'm bringing my laptop with me, not only I have to do work and continue working on the new projects but I also don't think it's possible for me not to blog while I'm in Europe.

I promise to show you fantastic locations for my looks of the days and awesome scenery pictures.

Please stay tuned with all my social networks as I will have more time to post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter before I prepare the post to be published on my blog.

I'm going away for 16 days.
Have an amazing day guys!!

Throw Back Thursday: Week 13

TBT: And here we are again, with another Throw Back Thursday, I'm leaving soon and I'm going to miss my little pumpkin. Adore this guy so much. P.S. remember the good old times when I could pick him up whenever I wanted to and he was 3 months old. ♥
Ahhhhh I love you Shanuk.

Weekend Song: Wake Me Up

WEEKEND SONG: I know I usually publish a song which is usually old or has been already been listened to for AGES, but my sister told me about this song the other day and now I'm officially obssesed with it. I was finishing packing my suit case yesterday and just WOW, I'm crazy about it. Please listen to it, and read the lyrics, usually thats the best part of the song.
Hope you enjoy the song & hope you have the best weekend ever! 

Day N' Night

DON'T STOP ME NOW: It's been a week since I got the wonderful Driver's License and I can't stop. The same day I got my license I went home by metro only because I had no other transport, got home, showered, changed, DROVE to a meeting, drove back home, changed, drove me and my mum to have coffee.... and so on, since then I haven't stopped. I have been going to pick up my sister almost everyday! ♥ I LOVE it!!!
Here are a few pictures I couldn't wait any longer to show you!

Photo Of The Day 160

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: How freakin beautiful is this photo? I just had to add it to my "Photo Of The Day" session on the blog. It's too beautiful to be true.♥

Meeting With Benetton Bloggers!

UNITED BLOGGERS OF BENETTON: Do you guys remember when I first started working with United Colors Of Benetton? This was one of the posts that I showed you guys how I styled the mannequin and here I showed you the outfits I chose for me to wear and here too remember?
Well, this season there are so many new ideas that came across the table when all of the United Bloggers of Benetton met up for a meeting over coffee this past Sunday.

I can't say anything about the projects yet, but soon I will be able to talk to you about it!
All I want to say is, you guys are going to love it!
Always, stay tuned!!! :)

Don't forget to click here to 'LIKE' their Facebook Fan Page & click here to follow United Colors Of Benetton in the UAE and ofcourse don't forget to check out their official website at:

Packing My Suit Case

PACKING: It's that time of the year again, where all I want to do is leave. Leave this horrible heat and go back home for a little while. I'm packing my suit case to go back home. I'm so excited to see everyone! I can't wait to hug and spent an amazing summer with some of closest friends.

Soaking Up The Sun At 44*C

TANNING: The other day I decided to go to the pool and soak up some sun, i kind of died but it was just so much fun and i loved going to the water and back to my tanning bed.♥ This was all the same day the temperature reached 44*C I

My Summer Plans! =)

EUROPE, HERE I COME: Hello gorgeous people!! Hope you're all having a fantastic day!! :)
This year, was a bit difficult to decide weather to go only to Italy to spend time with family and old friends or to go to another place before or after Italy.
After having a few meetings with my family, we decided to go to Italy.
I'm leaving very soon and they leave after a little longer.
I cannot wait to be in Europe!!!
& ofcourse I cannot wait to be with my family and old friends!!!

Bye Dubai! See you in a while!!!

Photo Of The Day 159

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: TWhen I look at photos of animals like the one I chose for today's "Photo Of The Day" session I fall in love even more than I already am with my dogs. This is how I wake up in the morning, myself with one dog on one side and the other dog on the other side. I couldn't be happier. I ADORE this photograph.♥

One Step Closer

AZTEC CRAZY: The other day, one of my best friends Azeen came over and she brought me her late birthday gifts which I'm completely in love with, almost everyone knows my obsession with AZTEC pattern so that's why she bought me this aztec top i'm wearing in these pictures and then she bought me a few neon bracelets for a perfect fit.
Thank you so much my love, you're awesome

P.S. Random but I ADORE this quote:"Life is like a camera lens, focus only on what's important and you will capture it perfectly."

I Got My Driver's License!

OFFICIALLY PASSED MY FINAL TEST: I finally got my driver's license. I've been very excited to get it for so many different reasons and main one just because I love driving.♥ It's all thanks for my parents, thanks to them who made it possible for me to get it, Thank you mum & thank you dadm
You guys are the best and that's never going to change.

Weekend Song: Rock This Party

WEEKEND SONG: Here I am, with another weekend song, I've been so busy I barely have time for anything. This week I chose the song "Rock This Party" by Bob Sinclar! It's such a cute and woop woop song!! haha ENJOY! 

Azeen Cuddles Are The Best!

AZEEN CUDDLES: And did I ever mention i just adore Azeen coming over, okay, it's normal for her to just open the fridge and pig out in my house haha, she's like family and she has been for a really long time now. All those sleepless nights doing projects and all. 

Hello July '13

(Picture Source)

ALREADY 3 MONTHS OF SUMMER PASSED: Ahhhhhh! I cannot believe i'm writting this post! It's I N C R E D I B L E how fast time is passing by, it feels like yesterday I started saying "omg babes, in a few days our summer starts!! so excited!" and now 3 months since my Summer vocation started has already passed and gone by. I can't really complain but wow, time is FLYING & it's almost time for me to leave for my summer holiday ♥. I'm BEYOND excited.