Goodbye August! You Were Definitely My Favorite!

LOVED AUGUST TOO MUCH: Well, I can’t believe I’m already writing this post! It’s actually making me pretty sad…but I do have to say, August could have been better than what it has. My dream internship, new friends, Silvia in Dubai, partying, clubbing, staying out until 8 in the morning, driving around with friends and so on….August,  you were the best and my favorite month. I will tell you the truth, I didn't expect you to be the best, to be completely honest…I didn't think you were going to be number 1!

New In: United Colors Of Benetton Trolley

TAKE ME THERE: Another The United Colors Of Benetton Trolley! Finally mine! I can’t wait to travel with it and show you pictures of it on adventures with me!

Do you guys like it?

Weekend Song: What Is Love

WEEKEND SONG: Another one of my obsession, this song is just one of those you just get up and dance in the club!! I LOVE IT! I get shivers every time.. 

Casa Dei Tori ♥

OUR HOTEL IN ITALY: Our hotel in Italy was probably the best relaxing place in Italy I've ever been to. It was basically a bed and breakfast but, it was a house basically all to ourselves. It had a big entrance, three different houses, for the wonderful family who owned it and a beautiful huge garden.
The house we rented was so beautiful, it was spacious and had a cute kitchen, a living room with a TV and a fire place for the cold winter days in Italy. A gorgeous stair case. Upstairs it had 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms.
It was amazing, I feel lucky having found this place to stay while being in Italy. The best part, apart from being in a great location and beautiful house and garden, was the family that made all this come true. Such an amazing family, everyone was so sweet. Would always say hi & bye and honestly, I feel great having met these people also because the next time I go to Italy, I’m not thinking twice of where to stay.
Now, here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy both the inside of the house as well as the beautiful garden. These are a few of the first pictures we took with my new baby which you've seen here!

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Summer Stripes + My 1st Tattoo

SUMMERTIME BABY: Hey loves, here's another outfit post for you to see. We took these pictures recently at a castle in a town next to ours. When I bought this stripy shirt from Forever XXI in Dubai a couple of weeks ago before leaving, I immediately knew that it was perfect for this summer! Here you have it in it's first outfit with jeans shorts, I added the hat, which we bought in Italy and the shoes too. I chose my pink Longchamp as a purse just because it's such a summer bag, I adore it. This is the first post you can FINALLY see my tattoo's not perfect just yet but it looks good now and I couldn't wait any longer to show you guys!
Thank you so much for your comments! 

A Little Update!

UPDATE TIME: So, as you probably know, I've been working at Shape Magazine Middle East. I'll tell you everything about my internship on another post but for now I just wanted to tell you guys a little update...since I've kinda ditched my blog because i've been so busy. Since the beginning of August, we've been going out from like 9pm until 7:30am every single day of the weekend. I would basically get home on Thursday night, shower, change, quickly have dinner, get ready, leave the house...come back the day after in the morning, sleep for a few hours, go out on Friday afternoon stay until the morning and so on....Silvia & I have been having so much fun with the amazing friends of ours. So yeh, weekdays, every day at work, weekends out until 8 in the morning so I basically had no time for anything but like I said, it's all worth it. I've been having an amazing time. I'm loving every minute and every single second of this month!!!

See you soon with a new post!!
Hope you all have an amazing Monday night!!

P.S. Don't you just adore Shanuk's cute little face in the photo!!
Oh, and I'm in complete love with my new Celine Nano!

P.P.S. I still have a million pictures to show you between Italy, Silvia's stay in Dubai, Partying, Clubbing, working with Benetton & so on....THANK YOU, for being patient!


CLUBBING BABY: A night spent surrounded by amazing friends. First, pre-drinking at a friend's house, then out clubbing, danced the night away. At around 4am, we went to another friend's for the after party. We ended up coming home at 7:30 am....crazy night, amazing people! Cannot wait for this weekend!!

My Pink Gelish Nails

GELISH NAILS BABY: A chilled night, right after work...Silvia & I went to get our nails done... this time we chose to do Gelish. They look so awesome and they never chip or break. It's amazing!

On Our Way Out

CLUBBING TIME BAYBEH: These are pictures I uploaded from my phone, us on our way out, we’re actually in the car right now waiting for other friends to reach here.
Have a fabulous Thursday night everyone! I’ll tell you all about tonight in another post!


Weekend Song: Boombastic

(Picture Source)

WEEKEND SONG: Happy Weekend everyone! Enjoy it to the max! 

Horse Riding In The Country Side

AMAZING TIME IN THE COUNTRY SIDE: Horse riding through the country side was probably the best experience I did in between the 14 days I was in ItalyI've already showed you the first part of our horse riding adventure, which was the “trial” for the actual ride in the country side over here.
Today I’ll tell you all about our adventure going horse riding though the beautiful country side. It was an incredible experience also because in Dubai, when I first tried horse riding, it was kind of weird because I was in the middle of the desert.  So this experience was also perfect because it was in my little town, with my other half (my sister) on the other horse and our instructor on his horse. My sister & I had so much fun. First, we were at the club, we had to wear tight pants, boots but since we didn't bring winter / horse riding clothes because it was an unexpected adventure, we had to wear trainers and a random shirt.
First, we just did small circles to make sure the horse was use to us and our movements and all. Then, we started our adventure, and went around the countryside…basically, green, gardens and trees everywhere, the scenery was incredible.  (As you can see in the picture below). Both Alex’s horse and mine were “hungry” so when as we were ambling, our horses would put the heads lower and eat the grass below us, we would try to pull the halter, but like I said, they were hungry for breakfast. It was incredibly adorable though. I found it so cute.
We went all around and back to the club. I think It took us around 2 hours and again, best 2 hours of my Italian adventures! Amazing and incredible expiericne!  Oh, when we went back to the club, got off our horses, we fed those cuties their favorite treat! Carrots!! They were so happy! Omg, I’m such an animal person!

Cannot wait for the minute I’m back to that town!

I hope you all like the pictures of the before, during and after! I promise I’ll be back soon!

Weekend Song: Livin' La Vida Loca

WEEKEND SONG: Another one of those songs that when you listen to these it bring back memories of me and my sister dancing as little girls ♥ I miss those good old days!

Benetton Styling

STYLING AT BENETTON: The day I went to the Benetton store at Mall Of The Emirates, I basically had the chance to speak to the customers, tell them that I’m a fashion blogger  and give stem suggestions what to buy. All the customers I helped doing this, got 30% off on what they bought. It was great both for me, the customer and Benetton.
I spent the time there from 4 to 6 and then bought myself a few shirts, Benetton headphones and my new trolley, which I can’t wait to wear when I travel.

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Thank you so much everyone!

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Jeffery Campbell; Lita Cap - My New Babies!

TRIP TO WEST L.A: I've been in love with Jeffery Campbells for the longest time ever. I've tried them on a bunch of times and was obssesed with them for ages, I said "them" because it wasn't just one was almost every single type which was ever designed.
Finally, the other day, we had a sister date and went on a trip to West L.A. which opened not too long ago at Sunset Mall, on Beach Road.
Do you remember here, which was the West L,A Bueatique launch and here where they finally introduced Jeffery Campbells.
Well this times, was the time I told myself that's it, the minute I try my correct size and they fit me perfectly, i'm buying them.
Guess what? That was the day maybe because 3 is my lucky number!
It all happened on the 3rd of August! I welcomed these new babies into my wardrobe!
So happy with them, I'm in love.


After The Tattoo

STRIPES AND DEMIN: Hey loves, just got back home, it's late here but I wanted to show you this new outfit. We took these pictures in my hometown, next to an old castle. Do you like my strange shirt, I love the colors I chose. Hope you like the outfit and the pictures we took! Excuse my 1000000 million mosquito bites on my legs. Haha the only thing I hate about Europe, mostly our town and all. UFF.
Hahaha have a gorgeous day guys!

Our Horse Riding Experience!

TRIAL DAY: Right, so after I finally finished choosing the pictures to go up on the blog, & the layout and so on, here's the finished post. Let me start by telling you, horse riding in Italy was one of the most exciting adventures. One of the days I was at my Grandmas' place, my aunt and I went biking to the countryside of this little town to look around and take some pictures of the horses, and with. We also got an appointment for a "TRIAL" day. A day that my aunt, Alex and I went to the place again and we actually went on tthe horse and Mr.Giorgio made sure we knew how to get on the horse and he tought us how to sit straight and how to turn and so on.
Incredible experience.

A speacial thanks to my aunt, for finding out and telling me about the place! & also to Circolo Ippico Palmanova who gave Alex & I the opportunity to go horse riding along the countryside.

Thank you so much, I'm excited for our next horse riding experience next time we're in that town!
Soon the photos we took on the actual day when we went horse riding in the countryside.

Weekend Song: Independent Women

WEEKEND SONG: And yes, you're right if you're thinking that this is one of my favorite songs by Destiny's Child. 

Benetton Style Feature With PixelsThoughts&Words

COME AND GET STYLED BY ME AT MALL OF THE EMIRATES: I'm having a style session at the United Colors Of Benetton at The Dubai Mall. Come get styled by me tonight from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and get 30% off on the items. 

Join Me tonight (Thursday 8th August) at Benetton stores at Mall Of The Emiratesl to get free styling tips and personalized suggestions! And if you choose to buy an outfit suggested by Me, you get a 30% discount on the item!
Don't forget to bring your friends along with you! 

Finally Re-United With My Babies

BEING HOME: & being re-united with my babies that wake me up every morning is the best thing in the world. The same night we got home, they went all hyper and got excited and went crazy. It felt so good to see them jumping around and being all happy. Then morning after I went for a drive with Shanuk while Lilu was getting showered.
ahhhhh I just love being re-united with them! My little balls of fur! SO F***ING CUTE!
Here are some adorable recent pictures I took since we've been back! :)

Happy Kid

SUMMER OUTFIT: Hey loves, here for you another outfit. Fresh new outfit post from here in Italy. I chose to wear this neon pink shirt and jeans shorts with white open shoes for a drink with my aunt, grandma and so on before we head to the "town party". Tonight there are fire works and live music all night long.
Have a great night guys!

Driving Around With Azeen

I'M CRAZY BUT YOU LIKE IT, LOCA LOCA LOCA!: Since I've been back in Dubai, I've been updating the blog, going to uni, getting documents, researching things for my new internship and so on. Yes, I'm a very busy person. but yesterday afternoon, my best friend Azeen was close to my house so I picked her up, went for a drive, had dinner together and then went for a drive again. It was beautiful catching up. 
Isn't she gorgeous with those eyes and her hair too?
Love you my babygirl!

My New Camera; a58

NEW BABY FOR PIXELS THOUGHTS & WORDS: And finally I can show you our brand new baby, the new camera we bought. This one is perfect, small, not heavy and omg the picture quality is unreal.
Love at first sight! 

Happy Times

SUPER CASUAL AND COMFY: Happy Saturday everyone! I'm super duper excited, first of all because I just got home froom a major shopping spree. I went to West LA with my sister & two close friends and well, we went a little crazy with shopping and tried the entire shop...okay not the entire thing, but to be honest i tried so many clothes, shoes and accessories that I was tired of trying after a while. I bought something really awesome that I've been wanting for the longest time. GOSH, I love sales!!!
OH, and the most important of all, I'm SO SO SO SO EXCITED ABOUT MY DREAM INTERNSHIP. Soon, I'll write a post about where I'm doing my internship and so on.
I know it's a tad early but I'm already panicking on what to wear to work tomorrow. ahhhhh!
Can't wait to show you my new purchase and talk to you about the internship!

Get Styled By Me Thursday At Benetton, Mall Of The Emirates

COME AND GET STYLED BY ME AT MALL OF THE EMIRATES: I'm having a style session at the United Colors Of Benetton at The Dubai Mall. Come get styled by me from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and get 30% off on the items

Join Me Thursday 8th August at Benetton stores at Mall Of The Emirates to get free styling tips and personalized suggestions! And if you choose to buy an outfit suggested by Pixelsthoughtsandwords, you get a 30% discount on the item!

What A Feeling

READY FOR AUGUST!: Hey loves,hope you're all having an amazing day! I still have tons more pictures to show you, and only 2 days left to prepare...everything. Then I'll be blogging only after I come home since I'm starting my dream internship this Sunday... which is another thing I'll talk to you guys about soon! <3
Hope you guys are liking the pictures so far!
Thank you so much for your amazing comments.
Enjoy the rest of your night guys!

Weekend Song: Bye Bye Bye

WEEKEND SONG: Another one of those songs, this one reminds me of my childhood, when we first moved to Dubai.....ahhhh good times. 

Hello August '13

NEW MONTH ALREADY: Like I said before, time is passing by too quickly. It's AUGUST which is kind of like saying it's the last month of Summer...then it's University time. Oh my god. I can't believe it's AUGUST!!
Anyways let's try making it an amazing month!