Bye September '13

Damn, i seriously can't believe it's October tomorrow, I mean, it feels like I was doing my internship and University was about to start soon....
But, after all, I'm very excited about the coming month! So many good things happening! YAAY

Bye September, you were really awesome!

Happy Kid Smiling

CAN'T STOP SMILING: Hello loves! Hope you're all doing great! While you're reading this, I'm probably driving to Uni! Did you guys see and read yesterday's post?I was thinking about it while writing the post...and wow, Summer 2013 you really did surprise me! I had an incredible one! 

Summer '13, you were incredible

MIXED SUMMER HOLIDAY POST: This summer, I've had the longest summer ever. Usually, it lasts 3 months when you’re a student either in school or University…but this year, since I studied Fashion Design as a course, I didn't have any exams at the end of the year (usually they’re in May). For me, on Thursday 28th of March 2013, it was goodbye Uni, hello Summer 2013! I remember that day as if it was yesterday…From that Thursday I’ve been tanning, sleeping, working out, being lazy, going out for coffee in the morning, going out to parties, going clubbing, blogging, researching and so on.

I had the best 5 months of summer, I couldn't have asked for better months. Seriously, I spent an amazing summer holiday this year.
Let's start with the end of April, that was when Silvia was in Dubai.All of the days in May, a bunch of them was just completely relax and chill. Towards the end of May, my best friend (from when I was really tiny) came to Dubai with her older brother. They're not in the "friend" category anymore...i mean i consider Andrea as an older brother and Giulia as a lil sister. Here I showed you the pictures of them when they first got to Dubai. The last week of May, I started "doing my Driver's License". I also celebrated my 21st birthday with my closest friends, at Spice Island, in Crown Plaza and then went to Rock Bottom which was awesome!

Beginning of June, celebrated my 21st birthday with my family (you guys know my birthday always lasts a week). The celebrations went on, I got amazing presents from my family, friends and so on. After mine, celebrated Nick's birthday...which was also really freakin' awesome. The celebrations went on for a while. June was almost coming to an end. That was when I booked my ticket to Italy and which I was soooooooo excited about!

Then in July, the beggining of July...atually on the 4th of the day I had my driving license exam and got my Driver's License on that day! Which I was so happy about! 
On July 15th, I left to Italy and that was just an incredible holiday. Getting away from everyone and everything for a while was perfect. The first few days, I stayed with my best friends (who came to Dubai in May). At night went out, went drinking, went out with my cousin, friends and so on. Later the same week, I went to stay with my Grandma! A couple of days later, my family arrived too, I changed towns a couple of times, it was actually a lot of fun moving from place to place. I partied at night, went shopping in the morning and ate a lot of pizza for dinner, oh and a lot of Italian goodies too! In Italy, i went on a few new adventures, such as horse riding with my sister, biking with my lovely aunt, spending quality time with my best friends, went to Slovenia which was CRAZY beautiful & also spent quality time with my Granma♥, When it was our last few days, I took my appointment to get a tattoo, after two days, I finally got my tattoo done. Italy was incredible. I had tons of fun catching up and going out with everyone.

Coming back to Dubai,was a bitter sweet feeling. Happy to be back to see my loves, my dogs and so on, but sad to leave my Grandma and the other loved ones there.
August started out being average to freaking AMAZING. Silvia got to town, I started my internship and everything fell back into place. My life was back after I took certain decisions. When Silvia was in Dubai, the week I had to make a few decisions, we went pre-drinking then clubbing, then after party and ended up coming back home at 8:30 in the morning every day of the weekend.  Italians know how to party ;)

So, now that it's September and i'm thinking back, all of my summer months were absolutely amazing.
I've added some pictures to show you a bit if any of you missed out! :)

Photo Of The Day 167

(Picture Source: The Travel Passion)

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: And it never ends, here's another breathtaking photo, taken from The Travel Passion which has been my number 1 inspiration for a really long time now. I absolutely love the blog and the phographs are stunning. 
When I saw this picture i thought "hey, perfect location and perfect house for me, in the middle of no where".♥

Weekend Song: Wrecking Ball

WEEKEND SONG: Oh, this song was a MUST to add to my "Weekend Song" session on the blog, I support Miley as if nothing ever happened. All you haters out there....shut up.

Sun Kissed

BRIGHT AND SUMMERY COLORS: Hi dolls, hope you're all doing amazing! For this look we chose one of the best locations to shoot, with our new Sony a58. A location in a town in Italy where there is a castle and it's open to visit at all hours, but there are also little houses where people live in. Speaking about my outfit. I wore these bright pink shorts, the "Love Is Blind" shirt, my new jeans shirt, black Tory Burch clutch, white sandals and black sunnies.

It's Time

DRIVING WITH MY LOVED ONE!: So as you probably know, since i mentioned it quite a few times....i love driving. When there's something missing in the house, or when me, my sister or Nick have a craving for brownies, i'm the first one who says i'll go! I just love it. So anyways the other day, i went to pick up a really close friend and in between driving around, listening to loud music and messing around here are the few pictures he took with my baby of me driving.
Thanks love! ♥

Bebe Fall 2013 Launch!

 ON GRAZIA MIDDLE EAST: The other day, Azeen and I attended the Autuom/Winter collection launch at The Dubai Mall. We saw many other Dubai based bloggers, one of them was from Dubai Desert Twins. We also got our pictures taken by quiet a few photographers, and surprise surprise, one of them was Grazia Middle East! 
The picture above is just taken with my phone, I'll scan the article soon so you guys can see it properly! :)

Have an amazing day everyone! 

Photo Of The Day 166

(Picture Source: The Travel Passion)

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another breathtaking photo, taken from The Travel Passion. Absolutely stunning photo, i feel like it's a completly perfect photograph, starting from the lighting...and then how the picture was taken...perfect place, perfect timing.It's beautiful.♥

Behind These Castle Walls

SUMMER IN THE AIR: Hello from Italy, well, technically it's a hello from Dubai because I'm back but...only publishing this post today! Anyways! How are you all doing? This is actually one of the first outfit posts where you can see my tattoo clearly. I've been really excited to show you guys this post! I'm in love with the ttattoo and so happy with it.
Anyways, for this outfit I decided to wear neon pink shorts with the blue striped Benetton shirt, white sandals and white Prada sunnies. What do you guys think of this outfit? Do you like it? I miss shooting outfits for the blog and not melting in my clothes! I miss Italy! 

Bebe A/W'13 Collection Event

BEBE A/W 13 LAUNCH: An event Azeen & I attended to the other day at The Dubai Mall for the BEBE A/W '13 Collection Launch event. The picture above shows what we wore to the event, 

Ready For My Workout!

WORKOUT CLASS: Just a few pictures of me before my workout class the other day! Have you guys been liking my newest posts? Do you all workout too? Which exercises do you do? ♥
Have an incredible night you guys! x

Photo Of The Day 165

(Picture Source: The Travel Passion)

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: Another breathtaking photo, taken from The Travel Passion. Absolutely stunning photo. It's too beautiful to be true.♥

Weekend Song: We Can't Stop

WEEKEND SONG: A new-ish one, everyone's talking about how slutty she was at the VMAs and how she was performing and bla bla bla...WHO CARES! Let her be!! Honestly, she's young and having fun! I love it! 

Pixels Thoughts & Words Turns 3!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY: PHEW, I don't think I can express how incredibly emotional, happy and grateful I feel to be able to say that today 3 years ago, PIXELS THOUGHTS & WORDS was born... 
Today is the second anniversary of “my baby”: I feel very flattered and proud to be writing to you from the same blog, and I perfectly know that without this would have never been possible.
Not even in my wildest dreams, would I have ever imagined how much my life was going to change the moment I sat there and wrote my first post. I don't think anybody around me imagined the impact this would have in my life a few years later and if somebody would have told me, I would have thought they were crazy.

All the people that have crossed my path because of this, all the incredible opportunities and yes, I am going to get all cheesy here, but above all, the numerous amount of dreams that came true in the past 3 years. 
It makes me incredibly emotional to even think about it and how can it not, this blog changed my life, and its all because of you, I know this and I will be FOREVER grateful.


“First year: The beginning, a passion that became more. Second year: The realization of a dream. Third year: Still here between fashion, travel, laughter and reality…thank you so much to all of you who have made all of this possible!”
Remember to say happy birthday to Pixels Thoughts & Words :)

New In: Céline Nano

MY NEW BABY: So, as you know, my mummy loves me so much, when I ask for something she just HAS to say yes, this is the story of how I convinced her to get me my beautiful Céline Nano bag. Silvia was still in Dubai back then and it was a weekend, we were walking around at Mall Of The Emirates and well, then I casually went inside the Céline store, and well….I looked at the bag and other things too...eventually she said yes and it was only the week after I found her at home waiting for me. So now, SHE’S MINE! I’m so excited to have her; I’ve wanted her since the beginning of the year, when I first saw her.
Anyways so now she’s been my baby since Saturday 17th August 2013. – Did I mention I adore her? 

Photo Of The Day 164

(Picture Source: The Travel Passion)

PHOTO FABULOUS TIME: This photo is just breathtaking! All of you know Chiara Ferragni, one of my favorite bloggers, well her mum has an amazing blog about Traveling and this photo is from her blog, if you click here, it'll take you directly there. I just had to add it to my "Photo Of The Day" session on the blog. It's too beautiful to be true.♥

Back After Our Summer Holiday!

BACK IN UNI AFTER 5 MONTHS OF SUMMER HOLIDAY: Feels bitter being back in this place after 5 long crazy months of Summer! There's a lot of mixed feelings.. Happy, excited and not so happy about all the coming up work but excited about choosing our classes and timings for our classes!! 

Here are a few pics we took the other day with my girls! 

Have a wonderful Sunday guys! X

New In: Benetton Shirt

BLACK&WHITE SHIRT FROM BENETTON: Another one, this time the shirt is black & white...When I saw it, it was a MUST buy for next season, I HAD to buy it to add it to my wardrobe…It belongs in there and now it’s happy! ♥

Back To Uni! :)

SMILING: Hello loves! Hope you're all doing great, I'm actually on my way Uni right now as you're reading this! It's a really weird mixture of feelings. Happy it's a new year, i'm super excited about year 2 of Fashion Marketing & Retailing. Happy to see everyone, not so happy about all the work load we're going to have but oh well, I have a feeling it's going to be a great year.

What I'm Reading

READING: Hello loves! a quick post about the book i'm currently reading. It's an amazing book by my favorite Italian Author. His name is Federico Moccia, I read all of his novels and basically love all of them 
Italian readers, I definitely recommend it to you! 

Friday Night: Ready To Leave

FRIDAY THE 13TH!: Hello loves! Quick post before I head out! This is my last weekend of Summer '13! And second last day of Summer Holidays! I'm beyond excited about going out tonight! First to a bar next to Burj Khalifa and then most probably Rock Bottom since I always end up there on the weekends! 
Hope all of you have a great Friday night! 
Gotta run! Take care loves! X

New in: Louis Vuitton Bandouliere

MY NEW BABY: This purchase was a tiny bit different because, my mum adores Louis Vuitton, so, for this bag to be mine, was a slightly bit easier. So, we went into the Louis Vuitton store, this time in Dubai Mall…when we were at there one day randomly, so we went inside and I asked to see the bag, in 2 different sizes. To be honest, it had felt so little ago that I asked her, which size would you get? And she had told me, either 25 or 30, but still weren't sure. So when we were at the store, I asked her again, and when they lady brought both of the sizes for us to see, she looked at me and pointed at that one and said this one is perfect.
So that’s how It went, and we decided we want it that one that style and the size we chose. A few days later, came home from work and she had bought it! YAAAY
So here are some pictures taken with our new camera that I showed you over here….of my new baby! I can’t wait to show you an outfit with her!

Throw Back Thursday: Week 14

TBT: And here we are again, with another Throw Back Thursday, This one was taken in between one of the outfit photos sessions. Little one wanted to join so when he jumped on me, my photographer took a picture! YAAAY 
Ahhhhh I love you Shanuk.

Weekend Song: Crazy Kids

WEEKEND SONG: A crazy song i love listening to while i drive! I love it! 

New In: Benetton Shirt

WHITE SHIRT FROM BENETTON: Another shirt I saw and just, HAD to buy it to add it to my wardrobe…It belongs in there and now it’s happy! ♥

Tonight's Work Out!!

WORK OUT TIME: Everyday is a perfect day to workout! Agreed 100%! The list below is the workout I did tonight and i've been doing for a while, usually in the morning.
Have a great evening guys!

105 Squats
55 Walk down and push up
25 Scissor abs
55 Push ups
45 Side to side touch down
35 side Crunches
35 Lounges
25 Mountain climbers
25 Leg kicks
15 Burpees
35 Butt ups
10 Planks 
25 Butt lifts from lying down
45 Oblique twists 
35 Walk down and push up

Rocky B's With My Loves!

DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY: Well, last weekend, Azeen came over to my house (so normal now). Obviously, she slept over, we went a little crazy and went clubbing and O M G, I had so much fun….i was dancing like crazy (yes, I go clubbing for the dancing…not to drink). The music was perfect to dance to and the people I was with were amazing company and so much fun to be with…so it was literally perfect! I lost the number of times I said, “No, thanks, I’m dancing with him” …either way, my night was incredible, we got home in the morning and then went swimming right after. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!
Here are some of the pictures from that night, the shirt I wore, was the one I showed you guys over here.
I hope you have a fabulous week everyone!
Love you all! Thank you, always for your support!

Off To The Gym!

GYM TIME: Hey guys! hope you're all having a great day! I just came drove back from Abu Dhabi and even though I'm not feeling too well I'm so excited about tonight's workout! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday evening!  I need to run, i'm on my way to the gym! ♥
See you guys! Talk super soon! x

My Bubu & I

BUBULICIOUS TIME: Love these pictures I haven’t got much to say really, we met 2 years ago, been through a lot but yet, I’m still proud to call her my best friend. I love you my bubu!!
Enjoy these pictures from the weekend everyone!

P.S. all pictures taken with my iPhone 5.

My Dream Internship

ALL ABOUT MY DREAM INTERNSHIP AT ITP: It all began in the middle of July, Nick was talking to me about his job and I don’t know how it came up but he started telling me, you should totally apply for an internship. There I was thinking to myself, I don’t know if there’s enough time, I’m going to Italy blab la bla…..but then, one day, I was like…I will give it a shot, if they need an internt it would be perfect for me when I come back from Italy! So I emailed and applied and went to an Interview..and guess what? THEY ACCEPTED ME!
After not even a 3 working days I received an email saying that they’d be happy to have me as an intern and basically.
I had applied at ITP, the most amazing publishing group in the middle east, well…to be more specific, in Dubai! Ever since I was interested in the publishing world, I always said ITP was my dream building. As I never would have thought to get an internship IN THAT BUILDING. So I obviously accepted and I started my internship with SHAPE Middle East on the 4th of August. This is one of the reasons August was the most incredible month if I had to chose one to repeat, I’d say August, without thinking twice.
My month at Shape, started with first day knowing a bit about the magazine, reading all of my tasks that I had to get done with throughout the month.
First day, I went to a photoshoot and guess who the model was? Maz Fade! Our cover gal for September! First, we shot the cover photos, in the studio, then we went to GLORY gym and shot the rest of the photoshoot, which you can now find in the SHAPE September issue. Make sure you grab a copy!!

Every day I’d get up in the morning and think, oh my gosh, I’m so excited for work, what should I wear today? The days passed by way too quickly, but every day was a new adventure. Being behind the scenes of SHAPE Middle East was incredible! It’s actually so amazing, I might actually think about this job for the future, although who knows where I’ll end up.

I’ve added a few of the pictures I took while I was working at Shape, hope you like them and get a taste of what it was like to get this incredible experience.
I hope to be back soon!
P.S. The pictures are a mixture throughout the month of my internship.
A few of the magazines, behind the scenes at the photoshoots and so on!


Having A Beer!

HAVE A GOOD SATURDAY: We're at Irish village having a beer! I'm actually blogging from my iphone! Ahhhhh I'm loving this life! I have a feeling September will be amazing! 
Have a beautiful Saturday guys! 

Ready For My Workout Class

EXERCISE TIME: So as I showed you guys in this post, you already know I love doing sports and exercise. When it comes to sports, such as has to be with a good team and challenging! With workouts like the normal exercises I do in the morning and in the evening too.
Anyways, so my point is, I've always loved sports clothes...Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma & so on. This is an outfit I wore to one of my exercising class which you will soon find out which one! ♥

Weekend Song: All That She Wants

WEEKEND SONG: Another one of my obsession, this song. Every time i hear it, it reminds me of my favorite Italian romance movie. I kinda get shivers. I love it! 

New In: Benetton Shirt

B&W SHIRT FROM BENETTON: When I was working at Benetton for my Styling session, I saw so many beautiful funky shirts and some of the just had to come home with me.

Here’s one of them that in now happily in my closet!

Happy 21st Birthday Bestest Friend!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST AWESOMEST BEST FRIEND: l know, usually I would have a recent picture of the beautiful person's birthday but unfortunately, this beautiful lady doesn't live in the same country as me! It all started in school, we were in grade 10 and me and her were the only "europeans" or should I say "not from an arab-country".
When it was lunch time, we started talking and "bonded" imidiately, soon after we were taking down eachother's number and went from strangers to friends. Soon later, we didn't spend a day without talking. I would always be at her house and she would always come over. Yes, we did have a lot of ups and downs. This is how i see our friendship is so strong, because even if we had our fights and our moments were we didn't talk to one another. Deep down, I knew we would be the same sooner or later.
I really hope you have an incredible birthday, I hope all your wishes come true!
I can't wait to see you my love!
Always & Forever!

Ek Is Lief Vir Jou!

Yas WaterWorld Weekend

YAS WATERWORLD ABU DHABI: Road trip to Abu Dhabi, listening to music in the car, dancing like idiots and having fun. We got to the waterpark, met up with everyone, got into our bikinis and went crazy on the slides. The most favorite  was the ‘Slip n Slide’. It was basically 6 different slides, and it was a race. You had a little mat, which looked like the one we have for yoga or working out, but this one had 2 handles which you had to hold on to. Then you had to put your tummy facing the mat, basically lie on it. It was scary at first, but so worth it. We had like 10 different races because we kept climbing back up the stairs, standing in que and going again and again. SO MUCH FUN!
Oh and who were we with? It was a bunch of us! Alex, Nick, Silvia, Sophia, Minhal, Yousef, Mario, Katrina, Karina, and a few more.
The other ones were similar to the other waterparks in dubai. Such a fun day!
On the way back, I decided to drive and after we got home, showered, we went out to have shisha! :)

Hello September '13

NEW MONTH, NEW ADVENTURES: Hello September! Hello new month, new adventures, new start, new day! & Happy Sunday everyone!

hope you’re having a fantastic day so far, mine’s going great, unfortunately, this week is my last at the internship. I really do not want it to end….it was the best internship ever.

I can’t wait for my next holiday! 
Well, I’m ready for a fresh and new start! Let’s kick some ass!

September please be good!