Christmas Day '14

CHRISTMAS DAY: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Hope you all spend it with your loved ones. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
Today was suppose to be about food and family but instead last night, we didn’t end up unwrapping gifts. So today, after we got got up and got ready, we started unwrapping gifts, and taking photos and celebrating such a gorgeous time.
I don’t know if I ever mentioned how much i ADORE christmas.
Well, here are some pictures from Christmas day! Enjoy them and hope you also had a wonderful christmas!
Lots of Love,  Julez

Italian Translation

BUON NATALE A TUTTI! Spero che tutti spendonete con i vostri più cari. E 'il momento più bello dell'anno.
Oggi doveva essere dedicato al cibo, stare con la famiglia e aprire tutti regali sotto l'albero, ma invece la scorsa notte, non abbiamo avuto il tempo di scartare i regali. Così oggi, dopo che ci siamo alzati e ci siamo preparati, abbiamo iniziato a scartare i regali, e scattare foto e celebrare un momento così meraviglioso.
Non so se ho mai menzionato quanto adoro Natale.
Beh, qui ci sono alcune foto dal giorno di Natale! Spero che tutti voi avete avuto un Natale meraviglioso!
Con tanto amore.

Christmas Eve '14

CHRISTMAS EVE: It’s Christmas Eve, woke up with a giant smile on my face! I love Christmas Eve and day! Best celebration of the year. I spent today mostly with my sister and in the afternoon getting ready for tonight since we’re having a big family dinner eating typical Italian Pandoro & then unwrapping gifts! <3

Italian Translation

E finaalmente la vigiglia di Natale! Mi sono svegliata con un sorriso enorme! Io adoro Natale! La celebrazione più bella dell'anno. Ho trascurato oggi con mia sorella e questo pomeriggio ci vestiamo e prepariamo per stasera. Come ogni Natale, stasera stiamo tutti in famiglia e facciamo una bella cena, poi apriamo i pandoro e panettoni e poi forse apriamo i regali.

Update: What has been happening.

LIL UPDATE: Hi loves! So i decided to make a post on just explaining what’s been happening and why I’ve been gone for so long. WELL, to be completely honest, I’ve been going out a bit too much…A few weekends ago, I went out for milkshake and ended up going swimming with 2 of my friends until like 4am. On the weekends I’ve been clubbing every Thursday / Friday. If not, I’d stay up and go to training at 6am. Okay, maybe i’ve gone a little wild but it has been TONS of fun, honestly. This month, i promised I’d calm down with the going out. Especially because otherwise I feel dead after 3 days of being up without sleep.
So my life has pretty much been, always out, having fun and barely getting sleep.
Today’s finally Friday, we went to training this morning and in the afternoon I’ve invited three of my friends to come to the aeroclub with me! I haven't gone for a flight since this past May. It feels like forever ago!! I’m beyond excited! Soon more articles. Stay tuned babies!

Throw Back

TBT: Sunday 8th June 2014. One of the most fun days of when I was in South Africa, spent with these beautiful people. Touring Johannesburg and taking a million photos of the city. TAKE ME BACK!!!

♥ Giulia Zampieri

My Apologies

I'M BACK AT IT: A post to send out my apologies since I haven't published a post in over a month! I'm back at it! i promise I've started writing and I'm actually going out (again) but bringing my laptop with me so I can continue to write my articles and soon, publish them! I've got TONS to show you guys. Starting from the most recent, HALLOWEEN which was INCREDIBLE!!! I seriously cannot wait to show you! Oh & a bunch of pictures of when me and a few friends went to house parties and stuff. Okay, so just give me a bit of the afternoon and then I'll publish at least one of the articles tonight!!!
Thank you all for being extremely patient with me! I promise It'll be worth the wait!

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Beachin With Le Friends

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: The other day Diana & I had the plan of going to tan at Barasti so we could have a drink aswell, we ended up going there a bit too early so we went to have coffee first, in the meantime we caught up a bit since it was over 3 months since we didn’t see each other, between exams and summer trips and so on. When we went back to Barasti, a few of our friends met up with us. We laid in the sun for a couple of hours while having a drink or two. Then we decided to go for sushi since the rest of us left and there were 3 of us remaining. We went to have sushi (which all 3 of us adore). At night, Mario (who was with us at the beach) invited us to a friend’s house gathering but unfortunately Diana couldn’t make it. It was so much fun doing something different and having different people around you (apart from Diana). I love that gorgeous girl next to me! You make my days worth it!


HAVEN'T BEEN THIS PISSED OFF IN AGES: I don’t think I’ve had such a horrible freaking afternoon in freaking ages. I think months or maybe even a year. Today’s was completely horrible. First I was suppose to go to Dubai Mall to pick up something, there’s like 5 different parkings and like 9 levels in each one, well guess what? ALL OF THEM WAS FULL. There was the que of cars just by going up each level. There wasn’t ONE tiny free parking. Then, I was going towards Jebal Ali, because I had to be somewhere and guess what I was stuck in traffic for like 1 hour 30 minutes. Then since I was in like tears, there was no point of even trying to go anymore so I took the first exit out and ofcourse, more traffic and OFCOURSE i got lost there. So this afternoon has ruined the rest of the day.  Oh and can I just stay people in this country DON’T KNOW HOW TO FUCKING DRIVE!!!!!!! Seriously getting RIDICULOUS!!!!
Although I had such a fun morning!!! I’m going to take a super hot bath with tons of candles and just relax and think about nothing for like an hour. I’m going to cook myself dinner and have some alone time.


THROW BACK: Hey! It's Thursday today, a #TB post to remember this beautiful day in Italy when I went to visit the castle in Trieste, last Summer in Italy with my italian babes.

Italian Translation

Ciao! Oggi siamo Giovedi! Un #TB post per ricordarci quel giorno bellissimo trascorso a Trieste, la scorsa estate in Italia, con i miei cuccioli che abitano in Italia!

Pink Crime

BABY STEPS: This is how I looked like yesterday for uni, I wore my neon pink skirt, my blogger shirt and my white converse adding my baby balenciaga. It’s such a me outfit, simple chic, but still comfortable. It was a perfect outfit to attend class and then spend some quality time with Uni friends. Today’s another busy day. I’ve got a few things to do, then I’ll shoot for the blog as well. Let’s see what happens!
Have a wonderful day loves!
P.S. I can't wait to show you my new hair.

Italian Translation
Questo è come ero vestige ieri per l’universita’, ho indossato la mia gonna rosa neon, la maglietta blogger e le mie All Sta Converse Biance aggiungendo la mia baby Balenciaga. E 'un tale out per me, semplice e chic, ma comunque confortevole. Era un outfit perfetto per frequentare le lezioni e poi trascorrere del tempo con gli amici al’Universita’. Oggi è un'altra giornata intensa. Ho un paio di cose da fare, poi faccio un pail di foto per il blog. Vediamo cosa succede! Avere un giorno meraviglioso amori!
P.S. Non vedo l'ora di farvi vedere i nuovo colore dei miei capelli.

Here We Go Again

CHANGING MY HAIR AGAIN: Today’s title for this post is perfect. I’m talking about my hair. I’m changing it once again. If you guys remember, in January 20123 I changed my hair colour to darker than it was (I showed you guys on this post. I was bored of my original hair colour and I wanted to try something new, so i went to a few shades darker brown. I continued to dye it until June, before I left for Italy in Summer 2013. In December 2013, I decided I should go back to my natural hair colour but the hairdressers in Dubai, really don’t know how to work with hair. I actually can’t find one and i’ve been here for like 17 years. I’ve tried super expensive to medium rate to cheap rate and it’s all the same, I like it at first but then it’s back to “I wish my lady hairdresser from Italy worked in Dubai”. In December when I went to get my hair “fixed”. It turned out orange. and i mean it was brownish-orange but I still wasn’t happy with it. This past summer, I went to South Africa, and Samantha told me there is a really good hairdresser here in town, bla, bla, boa so I said, PERFECT why not try this one. The lady was wonderful and completely took away the orange from my hair and made my roots (natural colour) grow back pretty damn fast and made the ends blonde, just like I wanted. That was back in (end of) June. Now, my friend Nikol, since she does everything herself (colours, cuts, etc) suggested when I mentioned I wanted to do something new to my hair that we should do it sometime soon and together. To be completely honest, i’m BEYOND scared of using Bleach to make it go lighter and that’s the only way really. She’s already done it before and so used to it. I’m freaking out because it would be the first time AT HOME, doing it BY MYSELF. The only reason I’m doing it by myself is because, I’m done with trying with hairdressers in Dubai ofcourse. In Italy, I love my hairdresser.
Anyways, so I have a couple of ideas of what I want to do and how I want to do it so I’ll show you a few of them here.
Let me know what you think, I like opinions unless you have to say bullshit about me then you can shut up!

P.S. This is all happening this afternoon after Uni, hopefully it'll turn out good!
Alright Enjoy the pics guys! :) Have a wonderful Tuesday!

When I Met You In The Summer

HEY THERE MICKEY ;): Hello there! :) Monday today! Today’s quiet a busy day, I’ve got a few things to do and a few new projects to get started with Did you guys like the new outfit post? I found the title PERFECT for that post! hehe. So, now that I’m back to the usual posting an outfit post more often than usual, I sometimes try to plan in advance, like I couldn’t wear this outfit to uni or to the mall but I wore it out to a friend’s house and then out clubbing. I sometimes try to plan outfits a little earlier from when we shoot otherwise things would be less organised and my temp.photographer (my sister) would probably kill me.  So as you know already, I’m in love (always have been and always will be) with Mickey Mouse. When I found these shorts I picked up a few sizes and quickly went to the changing room, tried them on and bought them. I couldn’t resist, they’re too good. The cropped top I wore with them, I bought AGES ago, i just never wore it cuz well, let’s just say I wanted to wear it only when it looked GOOD. and finally.
The shoes were probably one of my best purchases in a while. I bought them ages ago and they literally go with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I love them. So I’ve only revealed my love for Mickey on the blog, not too long ago and when I chose titles for the posts, i want them to actually mean something so here we go. Tomorrow, there’s a super-long-ass post. I hope you like the photos we took for this outfit. As you can see, both the puppies were outside shooting with me while this was happening. I shot good pictures with them though so all good. Enjoy my loves! & I hope you’ll be back soon to read the other new posts which are coming soon.

Italian Translation

Ciao a tutti! :) Lunedi oggi! Oggi e una giornata intensa e occupata. Ho un paio di cose da fare e alcuni nuovi progetti per iniziare. Vi e piaciuto il nuovo outfit post? Ho trovato il perfetto titolo per queell'articolo! hehe. Così, ora che sono tornata a pubblicare il post con gli outfit continuerò così. A volte cerco di pianificare gli outfit in anticipo, come non ho potuto indossare questo outfit per l'università o al centro commerciale, ma ho indossato fuori ad a casa di amici e poi in discoteca. A volte cerco di progettare abiti un po 'prima da quando facciamo le foto altrimenti le cose sarebbero meno organizzata e la mia temp.photographer (mia sorella) probabilmente mi ucciderebbe. Quindi, come sapete già, io sono innamorato (sono sempre stato e sempre saro) con Mickey Mouse. Quando ho trovato questi pantaloncini ho preso un paio di taglie e rapidamente andata in spogliatoio, li provato su e li comprai. Non ho potuto resistere, sono troppo buono. Il top ritagliata ho provato le taglie e comprati.Il crop-top, ho comprato già tempo fa, pero e la prima volta che la indosso perché, diciamo solo che ho voluto indossare solo quando mi stava bene.E infine e arrivato il momento. 
Le scarpe erano probabilmente uno dei miei migliori acquisti in un istante. Li ho comprati tempo fa e hanno letteralmente andare con qualsiasi cosa. Li amo. Così ho rivelato solo il mio amore per Mickey sul blog, non troppo tempo fa e quando ho scelto i titoli per i posti, voglio che in realtà significa qualcosa. Domani, c'è un post super-lungo. Spero che vi piaccia le foto che abbiamo scattato per questo outfit. Come potete vedere, entrambi i cuccioli sono stati fuori quando noi faccievamo le foto, mentre questo stava accadendo. Ho scattato delle belle foto con loro anche percio va tutto bene. Godetevi miei amori! E spero che tornate presto per leggere gli altri nuovi posti che sono in arrivo.

Sunday Random

NEW WEEK: Hello there loves! Hope you're all doing great! Random picture taken with Photo Booth for today's post. I'm currently in the process of writing more articles and working on the other projects too. This weekend was a lot of fun, we had a fun dinner on Thursday, went to the pool and soaked up some more sun on Friday, took some photos for the blog, blogged, worked out and so on. Friday night we also managed to make it exclusive for me and my sister only. We had dinner together, chilled, watched Sex & The City and oh painted our nails. Oh & btw 2 things i wanted to point out. 1) Thank you, for all of you who are here to support me and read my blog on a daily basis. 2) if you don't like it, no problem, then LEAVE.
Same thing applies to Instgram, Facebook page and twitter, Thank you to those who are there to  support me and read my baby every single day but those who are there to criticise and bull shit about my clothes or my bags. I don't need you here. You're more than welcome to leave.

Italian Translation

Ciao amori! Spero che stiate facendo tutti fantastico! Foto casuale scattata con Photo Booth per il post di oggi. Sono attualmente in fase di scrivere più articoli e lavorare su altri progetti. Questo fine settimana è stato molto divertente, abbiamo avuto una cena divertente il Giovedi, andati in piscina e assorbito un po 'più sole il Venerdì, ha preso alcune foto per il blog, bloggato, elaborato e così via. Venerdì sera siamo anche riuscite a renderlo esclusivo per me e solo mia sorella. Abbiamo cenato insieme, guardato Sex & The City e mi sono dipinta le unghie. Oh, e ho pensato ah 2 cose che volevo notare. 1) Grazie, per tutti voi che siete qui a sostenermi e leggere il mio blog su base giornaliera. 2) se non vi piace, non c'è problema, andate via. 
Stessa cosa vale per Instgram, pagina di Facebook e Twitter, grazie a coloro che sono lì per sostenere me e leggere il mio blog ogni singolo giorno, ma quelli che sono qui solo per criticare e parlare male su i miei vestiti o le mie borse. Non ho bisogno di voi qui. Siete più che benvenuti a lasciare.

It's Been A While

I'M BACK FOR REAL: Good Morning loves! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend! So in the past couple of months, as you all know, if you’ve been reading my blog, I haven’t published any “outfit posts”. It’s been a really long while since I did and like I promised the other day, I told you guys I would publish one soon so here it is. A fresh new outfit post with my Celine shirt, shorts and of course my new pineapple shoes which I adore since I first saw them in the store. To be completely honest, I didn’t think I was shooting today but my sister came over and before the sun was completely gone, we managed to take some new fresh photos which i’m super happy about. I missed taking outfit photos. It’s actually fun in my opinion, posing and making silly faces in some of them….okay maybe I don’t publish those but I do have a little sneaky folder with all those silly photos in. Maybe, just maybe one day I might show a few. All i’ve done this summer is traveled, tanned, went shopping, worked out, wrote articles and worked on a million new projects which i cannot wait to show you. Now, it’s back to usual routine. Wake up, go for a run, shower, Uni, come home, eat lunch, study / homework, nap, workout, shower, dinner. But, after all, I’ll definitely manage to fit in shooting for the blog in somewhere in between. Wait for winter to arrive,  I’ll probably over-publish outfit posts. SO exciting!
Anyways, I really hope you like the photos we took! :)
I’ll speak to you super soon with another post! Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! xxx 

Italian Translation

Buongiorno ama! Come state tutti? Spero che state avendo un magnifico weekend! Così negli ultimi due mesi, come tutti sapete, se avete letto il mio blog, non ho pubblicato alcun post dei miei "outfit". E 'stato davvero molto tempo da quando ho pubblicato un "outfit" post. Pero' oggi, ecco qui un nuovo post fresco con abito fresco e nuovo sul blog. Con la mia maglietta Celine, pantaloncini corti bianchi e naturalmente le mie scarpe nuove di ananas che adoro da quando le ho visto nel negozio. Per essere completamente onesta, non pensavo che scattavo le foto oggi, ma mia sorella è venuta a casa per un po', percio prima che e completamente andato via il sola, siamo riuscite a scattare alcune nuove foto fresche, e sono super felice. Amo scattare foto per i miei "outfit" posts. E 'davvero divertente a mio parere, in posa e fare le facce stupide in alcuni di essi ... .okay forse non pubblicho quelle, ma ho una folder con tutte quelle foto stupide. Forse, solo forse un giorno potrei mostrare alcuni. Le robe che ho fatto questa estate e scritto articoli, esercizio, lavorato sul blog, piscina e andata ad abbronzarmi e lavorato su un milione di nuovi progetti che non vedo l'ora di mostrarvi. Ora, si torna alla solita routine. Svegliati, andare a correre, doccia, Universita', tornare a casa, mangiare il pranzo, studio / compiti a casa, pisolino, allenamento, doccia, cena. Ma, dopo tutto, ci tornerò sicuramente riuscirò a stare in tiro per il blog in qualche parte nel mezzo. Non vedo l'ora che arriva l'inverno, disicuro io probabilmente pubblicherò così tanti "outfit". Così eccitante! 
Comunque, spero davvero vi piacciono le foto che abbiamo scattato! :) 
Ci sentiamo super-presto con un altro post! Spero che avete un meraviglioso Sabato! xxx

Nivea Tanning Lotions & Oils

TANNING ACCESSORIES: So I’ve lived in Dubai for like the longest time (It’s been more than 17years), anyways, basically I’ve always loved creams, maybe because I’ve been obsessed with moisturisers so I recently bought new creams for when I go tanning, since this summer (FINALLY) i started tanning - I’m sick of being pale but I also hate tanning in Summer. In Dubai, it’s just better to tan in Winter even though for the rest of the world it doesn't make any sense when I say that. In Winter or just basically from October-ish until like end of April. Those months are perfect to tan, because it’s not too hot but it’s also fun because you don’t die of heat while you’re trying to soak up the sun.
So, since it’s September already and well, already now it isn’t too hot to lay in the sun for a few hours a day, i got myself prepare for the awesome-weather season.

The first one Is Sun Protection SPF 30, which if some people don’t know, it  basically means that you need to apply it every 30*10=300 minutes / 5 hours. The next one is SPF 6, which is basically 6*10=60 / 1 hour. The other one is After Sun Lotion which well, it’s self explanatory, you apply it after being out in the sun for hours. Last but not least, Aloe Vera by Banana Boat is what I call my miracle lotion. That one is basically if you feel or are red which usually happens to me only on my nose and sometimes shoulders, you apply the Aloe Vera cream preferably at night before going to sleep and the redness completely goes away.

Turn It Around

HAPPY TIMES: Good morning guys! It’s a new day! I’ve done my morning workout and I ate my favourite weekend breakfast! Now I’m just about to go tan for a while, exciting times! :) haha I’ll probably pop in just to have some lunch after and then go back to the pool!! I’ve got a big number of articles almost ready to be published! Did you guys like the video for the Birthday post of the blog? I’m busy working on some other projects as well. I can’t wait to show you! Oh! and also! I promise I’ll be taking new fresh outfit photos soon. I KNOW I KNOW! it’s been AGES! It’s a little hard in a) this heat b) when you don't have a photographer c) no exciting outfits. So a bunch of things that made me kind of, let’s just say only blog like i’ve been blogging. Basically only lifestyle, everyday life. Either way, i’ll just say, i’ll be back soon…

Italian Translation

Buongiorno ragazzi! E un nuovo giorno! Ho fatto il mio allenamento questa mattina e ho mangiato la mia colazione preferita del week-end! Ora vado un po' ad abbronzarmi per un po '! :) Haha Io probabilmente vengo a casa per un pochino solo per avere qualcosa di pranzo dopo e poi torno alla piscina !! Ho un gran numero di articoli quasi pronti per essere pubblicati! Vi e piaciuto il video per il post di compleanno del blog? Sto ancora lavorano su i progetti che tra un po' di tempo saranno pronti. Non vedo l'ora di mostrarvi! Oh! e anche! Prometto che scaterò nuove foto dei outfit super presto. Lo so lo so! Sono passati secoli! E 'un po' difficile in a) questo calore b) quando non si dispone di un fotografo c) non abiti eccitanti. Quindi un sacco di cose che mi ha fatto specie di, diciamo che ho scritto gli articoli solamente dei giorni quotidiani.  Fondamentalmente solo stile di vita, la vita di tutti i giorni. In entrambi i casi, mi limiterò a dire, io tornerò presto ...

Happy 4th Birthday PixelsThoughts&Words

PTW TURNS 4: Pixels Thoughts & Words has been my house for four years: most of my life is now told through photos, words, videos, projects and dreams.
For four long years now, I’ve been working on this website everyday, and It’s easy to see how much this blog changed my life. And I changed with it.
I grew up, I pushed myself over my limits, I tried to learn something everyday. And I tried to inspire people who were following my “story”: a story of a 18 years old who opened a blog, created new dreams, and started working with some new rules.
Pixels Thoughts & Words grows with me: there will be a newer version, with more contents, stories and inspirations. Inspiring you to be the best version of yourself, to be open to changes, being loyal to your identity. To travel, discover, enlarge your views. To not be afraid of making mistakes. To write your own story, to make a difference with the smallest actions.
With the hope that the new layout of Pixels Thoughts & Words can keep you company and, hopefully, excite you all.
I made a short video with some exciting moments that i’ve went through the last four years, i hope you really enjoy this video.

Red Velvet Cake: By The Slurps

CONGRATS: I finally know how to make Red Velvet Cake, my favourite ever. I fell in love over Summer, because I've only ever tried okay-ish ones here in Dubai and in South Africa this year for my Summer trip. Samantha made me try the most amazing Red Velvet on earth. So THANK YOU Ana, for teaching me & Thank you Sam, for making me fall in love with it!!!!!
P.S. After I waited for it to be room temperature, I added the frosting and the added the writing at the end!
All this for: Parent's 35th wedding anniversary! I hope you loved it!

Slurps Time In The Pool

SLURPS GO FOR A SPUF: After having my GoPro for the longest time, I finally have decided to bring it with me to the pool! It was AWESOME! Slurps came over so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to experiment and take some underwater pictures and videos. Here I've added some of the awesome ones, i'll add some more in another post soon!

My Mickey Mouse Nails

HEY MICKEY: I’ve always been obsessed with Mickey Mouse, but the place where I go get my nails done there’s a wonderful lady who does nail art and at first I didn’t like the idea of having drawings on my nails but after I told myself I will try at least once, just to try to see if I liked it. So the other day I went to get my Gellish Manicure with Olivia, a dear friend of mine and I got her to do nail art on me, only on four out of ten of my nails of course but ya. I found it so exciting that I had my favourite disney character on my nails, always with me. Do you guys like how they turned out?? I’m in love with them! Thank you so much Marissa!  



THROW BACK BABY: Throw Back to good old memories back in Italy last summer....oh i miss those days, can't wait to go back to Europe super soon! 

Italian Translation

Tiro indietro ai vecchi ricordi tornando in Italia la scorsa estate .... oh mi mancano quei giorni, non vedo l'ora di tornare in Europa super-presto!

Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary

35 LONG AMAZING YEARS TOGETHER: An amazing huge gigantic congratulations to my wonderful parents for being so amazing. I'm so proud of both of you! It's amazing how long it's been since your special day! 

Un bellissimo giorno per voi due, MILLE ENORMI CONGRATULAZIONI a tutti e due!!! Sono super proud di tutti e due!
Vi adoro! Siete i migliori!!! 

In The Process: Red Velvet

BIG TITLE: A quick post just to show you all that we are currently in the process of making Red Velvet Cake :) Slurps is here (Aka Ana) and she's actually the expert of this magical cake. I ADORE Red Velvet. She's currently teaching me, I'm just on my laptop since I was making a playlist for our awesome time spent in the kitchen. Can't wait till it's done! :)
Thank you slurps!

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Slurps Time Soon!

SLURPS TIME SUPER SOON: Today I'm super super duper happy! I've been up for ages now but emm, this morning I woke up and literally cleaned everything in my room, such as my horrible looking desk..hahaha I had a few things on because I didn't have time to clean it last night. Now I'm actually getting ready to go to Dubai Mall & then Slurps (Ana) is coming over. We have some things planned, such as go tanning and take some cool videos and stuff. I think we'll order pizza and watch a movie on the couch tonight and then eat junk food in the middle of the night! haha
Anyways gotta go, or I'll be late! P.S. I'm going to publish my birthday brunch post only today since I've been falling a bit behind with the blog, but I'm slowly catching up!
Thank you so much for your patience!!! Really appreciate it! :)

22nd Birthday Brunch

22ND BIRTHDAY BRUNCH: The birthday Brunch i had in Dubai Let’s just say, it got a little crazy….I don’t remember most of it…I apparently got married, to a guy from SA. We gave each other rings and Nikol (one of my close friends / photographer for the blog) was our priest. It was quite exciting I have to say, oh and they took videos! So ya! I’m only adding a few pictures here…the rest I’ll keep here safe…hahahaha. My brunch ended up being amazing, with less people but AMAZING. No joke. Enjoy the pictures guys!
I love you Nikol & Ana! You girls are the best!

Happy In The Sun

SOAKING UP THE SUN: A quick post to say how happy I am, I've been tanning almost daily since Thursday, it's finally not as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago! 
I'm currently laying by my pool, soaking up the sun while writing this post! I've added some more good music from the 70s and stuff on my iPod so i'm going to go and enjoy the sun while listening to all those and of course chill with my mami-bear! Hope all of you have a wonderful day!

New In: Pineapple Shoes

BIG TITLE: My new pineapple shoes! Aren't they just so COOL! Definition of AWESOME! I love love love love them! 
It would just suck if i didn't do the Awkward Pineapple dance--- Rrring giding giding gidigiding 

Sunday Happiness!

CRAP WEATHER BUT STILL HAPPY: Hello dolls! How are you all doing this Sunday morning? I’ve spent such a fun weekend this past one, Thursday night, had a night in with a friend of mine, we played playstation and watched Tv shows & then decided that we were hungry at like 1am. It was such a fun night, super casual which is what I like now a days. I’m so bored of clubbing, and just drinking loads, probably because it’s not as fun anymore in this city. In South Africa, I tell ya…it’s INSANE. Same with Portugal, and Italy and so many more places…apart from here. Maybe because here all they care about is drinking while in other places it's more about dancing, going crazy having a good time with friends and MAYBE casually having a drink or two. So ya, this weekend was all about tanning, writing more articles & spending quality time with family & some close friends! Oh, and I know it’s early but I’m already doing some research for my next tattoo…I think I’m almost convinced on it by the way…It’s another small one…which in the end it’s probably going to have to wait until next summer when I go for my Summer Trip which by the way I also, already started planning. I know it’s super early and I like, just came back from South Africa but I love planning things like Trips SUPER early! Oh and I spent Friday & Saturday both at the pool, once with my dad - that was the day we stayed like 5 hours in the sun! I had a massive headache afterwards and Saturday, there was all of us, both my parents and my sister! Another 3 hours spent in the sun,  but it was so so so fun but super relaxing at the same time. Just laying in the sun, listening to music and reading a fitness magazine, it’s just perfect!
I’m just about to leave, going out for lunch then shopping! SUPER excited!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!
P.S. Here in Dubai it’s crap-weather, foggy and no sun so I can’t tan! Sad times!
Okay KISSES! Speak super soon!

La Vie Est Belle

THIS ISSSSS THE LIFE: I just came back from the pool and I saw my hair looked a tiny little tiny bit of a beachy wavy sooooo I decided to take some “selfies” with my mac, well - Photo Booth to be specific. Hahahaha I love putting funny effects on, turns out you can look even sexier than ever. Oh and the other reason I wanted to take some pictures is because I get REALLY SUPER excited when I had a nice - tanned - colored skin and I do go a little crazy at times. I know, when I go to Italy on vacation, all my friends keep saying “uff you’re so pale. blablabla” Well, I’m sorry - I don’t only sit in the sun, and in the Summer it’s honestly too hot. When I went to the pool in July / August this summer, I barely stayed out on the beach chair. I was in the pool 3/4 of the time. SO, that’s the main reason of why I’m getting really excited about finally being tanned. But I am going to try and maintain it for longer this time, promise. I’ll see how my schedule looks like when Uni starts. Okay, I’m going to take a quick shower and then it’s time to relax and watch a few episode of the new tv shows I started watching recently! A few of you already asked me which ones so maybe I’ll make a new post on that soon!

Pool With Daddy-Bear

DADDY-DAUGHTER QUALITY TIME: Last night I convinced my dad to come to the pool with me and it actually happened, he came to chill, tan and swim with me. We had so much fun, not only because I like the same music (thanks to his good taste), we chilled, chatted, took some pictures, swam, listened to Pink Floyd & Janis Joplin while we tanned and just spent quality daddy-daughter time. It was the best! From 11 in the morning until like 2:30pm! :)
Here are some of the pictures of us that we took today! :) Love you dad! You're the best! 

Happy Hour At My Favorite Bar

HIIT, MY FAV: I know this post is a bit random in the sense that, I usually post before or after my workout but I'm currently looking for a new gym to attend, because mine was actually changed and they don't do cross fit anymore or actually any HIIT. So I'm thinking of just trying out a few of them and then deciding which one I should get a membership at. It's a tough decision, in Dubai there's some sort of gym in every corner.
Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Craving: Red Velvet Cake

SO YUM: Anddddd yes, an entire post dedicated to my craving. Okay, I know i don't usually do this but like, I don't think i've ever had such a gigantic craving for a specific something. I got the Red Velvet Cake in the picture for my 22nd birthday in South Africa and it was probably the best cake ever. SO YUMM!

♥ Giulia Zampieri

New Plans, New Ideas, New Month

NEW PLANS, NEW MONTH, NEW START: So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on my new layout for the blog and how to make it look more exciting but more professional at the same time. So there has been a change of plans. There will be a whole new layout on the blog, new scroll down menus and a complete new make over. I’ve decided. It’s going to be in celebration of my baby’s fourth year. It’s been 4 long years since I stated this blog, can you believe it??? I hope you’re all excited for the new layout and complete makeover! I think it’s time Pixels Thoughts & Words gets another and new makeover. After all, I liked my theme / layout (the one before this one). It was so much better. I thought I liked this one better but i was wrong.

Hello September '14

SEPTEMBER IS HERE: Good morning! I have absolutely no idea where the last few weeks of August went. Time is flying by WAYYYY to fast its ridiculous. It’s actually even more insane that the year 2014 has gone by so freakin’ quickly!!!!! That said, I also cannot wait until October gets here, one of the main reasons, the beautiful, never switching on the A/C feeling. That perfect weather where all you do is stay outside and always do outdoor activities. But September just started so maybe I should just live day by day. September, September....University routine is back super soon, less tanning and more things to do and work on begins super soon!

Italian Translation

Buongiorno! Non ho assolutamente idea di dove sono andate le ultime settimane di agosto. Il tempo sta volando troppo veloce !! E ridicolo. In realtà è ancora più folle che l'anno 2014 è passato così freakin 'rapidamente !!!!! Detto questo, anche io non vedo l'ora fino ad a ottobre, uno dei motivi principali, la bella, non scendo più l'aria condizionata. Quando c'e' quel tempo perfetto dove tutto ciò che fai è stare fuori e sempre fare attività all'aria aperta. Ma settembre appena iniziato quindi forse dovrei solo vivere giorno per giorno. Settembre Settembre .... Tra poco si inizia dinuovo, routine Univesita, meno tempo per abbronzarsi e più cose da fare e lavorare su progetti nuovi.