Goodbye January '14

Another one, just to say goodbye! I'll definitely say one thing, January, really really did shock me!!!! Although, i do think it was in a good way....lets see what February will bring!!!
Peace out Jan! :) 

Weekend Song: Can't Remember To Forget You

This week, is a simple and easy one! I chose the newest song by Shakira & Rihanna - Can't remember to forget you. I've always loved both artists, this song is a "growing one". The first time I listened to it, to be honest, i didn't like it just gets better every time I listen to it.
Let me know what you think & if you guys have already heard it :)

Sad Pancake! :(

Not happy, I was feeling meh yesterday but I took cold and flue just to make sure but I think my body has something against Panadol in general, it just, does NOT do anything to me.
Anyways, I've been in bed all day, I watched an italian movie on my laptop and fell asleep, and to be completely honest, feels good to not go on your phone for such a long time. It was on my desk the entire day, you can really get addicted to that little bugger! 
Anyways I think I'm going to see a doc tomorrow morning, I need loads and loads of drugs. 
Hope next time we speak I feel good again!

123 Days Left Before My Summer Trip

I can't believe how quickly time is passing by, I mean- feels like yesterday that I was planning my Summer Trip and now I've already started counting down until the days I leave.....and I leave in exactly 123 days for my Summer Trip!!! Sooner or later I will reveal the secret...the locations I'm going to this summer! 
I'm super excited!!! I can't wait to tell you all about my trip!
Where do you think I'm traveling to this year? Can you guys guess?

27 Incredible Views

I came across this insane article the other day and decided to re-post about it. I find these pictures gorgeous and insane to look at!. It's a bit insane how beautiful they are, can't get over it! 
I've always loved photographs like these ones, I have a pretty good collections of these type of photos. Maybe I'll share those too one day.
Oh by the way, the way I sorted them out on the blog is a tad different then  where I got the pictures from but the link is at the bottom of the page if you guys want to see.
I hope you're all having an amazing week guys!
Enjoy the rest of it and speak to you soon with a new post!!
Let me know what you guys think!

& It Was All Yellow

What makes you happy? What makes you excited? What can you give that energy makes everything possible? 
It's all about moments, people. songs, images, scents, places and so many other things, If i could write down all the things, moments, and places which make me smile and laugh like an idiot it would probably take a really long time. Honestly, this month has been full of the list above, and above all, full of surprises. I'm very happy indeed. Currently working on something mega. 
For this outfit I chose to wear something very bright and neon which was my yellow neon shirt, matched with my white shorts, jeans jacket, Mulberry Alexa bag, and McQueen flats.
You know that song? 
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

That's exactly how I feel.

Mornings Like These

SUNRISE: Every morning, when I go for my morning run, there's always so many things to take pictures of, the other day, when I went to run on the beach, there was this incredible beautiful sky when it was sun beautiful to watch. I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram you've seen tons of pictures like this one because they're just so beautiful to see.

Sun & Stripes

HAPPY TIMES: That moment where you didn't think that person could make you smile anymore and then it all comes back! Life has been really good these past few days, apart from not feeling well on Sunday night and all of Monday. & It's almost the end of the week again, happy it's almost the weekend but the work load keeps adding up. 
Here for you, another outfit post, happy to share with you guys! This time I chose to wear a pair of white shorts, a black top, bright pink bag, McQueen flats and my never going to stop wearing Prada sunnies.
Well, as you're reading this, i'm probably on my way to Uni, wishing you all a fantastic day!

New In: Stepper

MY NEW BABY: A quick post to show you one of my many new babies. This one is sort of a little early Christmas gift from me to me. I've wanted it for a little while now and the other day I had to go get something from Dubai Mall...and I walked by one of my favorite Sports shops and there it was, so I bought it and here it looks so much better at my house then the shop...hahaha!
Welcome home baby! 
It's amazing to use by the way, I've used it quiet a few times already and it's so good for your body. It basically works your inner thighs, gluten and hips too. I'm in love.
Oh, this is also a bit of a late post! Hey better late than never! ;)

Justin Timberlake Tickets Bought!!

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IN ABU DHABI: I’m so flippin’ excited about this! JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE COMING TO ABU DHABI ON THE 23rd of May!!!!!!!!!!
My sister & I love him so since today was the day the tickets went on sale, at 12 o’clock, my sister bought the tickets as soon as they went on sale online. I was responsible for the sleeping and the activities for the day after.
The concert will be help at Du Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi which is why we have to plan out the activities for the day after the concert.
Usually, what we do is go to Abu Dhabi early, spend our afternoon at the hotel, go to the pool, have a drink and everything and then when it’s almost time for the concert, get ready and go to Du Arena. The morning after we usually get up super early, get ready for the pool, have breakfast all together and then spend the entire day chilling by the pool soaking up the sun.
This time, we’re thinking of going either to Yas Waterworld again or Ferrari world. Either way, I can see it’s going to be so so so so much fun! I can’t wait!

Flower Girl

FLOWER TIME: Another new and fresh outfit post on the blog. A day i chose to wear a simple outfit with white shorts, flowered shirt, Louis Vuitton Neverful and Alexander McQueen flats. I love wearing simple outfits, especially for such casual days hanging out with friends or going out with family.
I've been doing quite a few things in these last few days of my winter holidays, actually today's the last day of holiday, tomorrow we're going back to Uni...bittersweet feeling.
Hope you're all having a great day, make everyday special!
Stay awesome!

Snapshots '14: Week 2

INSTA-PIXELS: Already the second post all about my ''Insta-Pixels''. This week I'll show you most of the pictures I uploaded which were a complete mixture...from memories, to pictures I took and so on!
Please don't forget to follow me on Instagram : search for Pixelsthoughtsandwords and you'll find me ;)
Enjoy the pictures guys and have an amazing Saturday! 

Photo Of The Day 170

(Photo Source: Here)

HAPPY PHOTO OF THE DAY: Another new “Photo Of The Day” post, it makes me excited to be writing so much on my blog these days, I really hope Uni work doesn’t stop me from this in the next few months.

I really hope you’ve been liking these posts!
P.S. I took this photo from The Travel Passion once again! Her photography is incredible.
Enjoy & have a beautiful day!


Credit To Me

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: A post only dedicated to this amazing and beautiful photo taken with my beautiful iPhone 5. Perfect timing and perfect angle. I'm in love!

Photo Of The Day 169

(Photo Source: Here)

BREATHTAKING: Here we go again, I’m back with posting daily and a bunch of posts. I’ve been writing up posts in advance so I can schedule them and make sure they get published on time and everything.
Here we are with a new and fresh “Photo Of The Day” post! Today I chose a picture from The Travel Passion by Marina Di Guardo ( I’ve loved her photos and I read her blog since day 1.
Hope you guys like it!
See you soon with a new post!

Booked My Flight! :)

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY: Anddddd I've booked my flight! It all happened so quickly, I booked with emirates airlines ofcourse. I could not ask for more. I could not be happier! I love traveling and I only really get the chance in Summer because of University and all. This year I'm visiting a new place, completely new adventure and there aren't words to describe my excitement.

Snapshots '14: Week 1

INSTA-PIXELS: A fresh new post all about my ''Insta-pixels'' week. This week I'll show you most of the pictures I uploaded which were mostly about the new year and things like that!
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Enjoy the pictures guys and have an amazing Saturday! 

Limited Edition

OPTIMISTIC: Well, I wasn't able to fix up my blog for the longest time because I currently have no laptop and also because I've been trying to enjoy my Winter holiday as much as  possible. Going out with friends, spending time with my family and my loved ones as well as going shopping with my sister! Let's just say, 2014 has been pretty awesome so far! 
For this outfit I chose to wear my favorite long black dress, black flats, my favorite jeans jacket and to add a bit of color my pink Micheal Kors bag. I think this outfit as a casual but chic one. It can be worn to go to many different places, in fact this one was to go out to lunch with my mum.
Hope you're all having an amazing day!

Italian Translation 

Beh, non ero in grado di risolvere il mio blog da più tempo, perché da un po di tempo non ho il computer portatile e anche perché ho ​​cercato di godere la mia vacanza invernale, per quanto possibile. Uscire con gli amici, passare del tempo con la mia famiglia ei miei cari, così come andare a fare shopping con mia sorella! Diciamo solo 2014 è stato abbastanza impressionante finora!
Per questo outfit ho scelto di indossare il mio vestito preferito lungo nero, ballerine nere, la mia giacca di jeans preferiti e di aggiungere un po 'di colore rosa mia borsa di Micheal Kors. Penso che questo vestito come uno informale ma chic. Può essere indossato per andare in molti posti diversi, in realtà questo era di andare fuori a pranzo con mia mamma.

Spero che siete tutti avendo un giorno fantastico!

Weekend Song: Hey Baby

HEY BABY: A fresh new ''Weekend Song'' post up on my blog! Excited to say this will happen very very often! This time, we're starting with 'Hey Baby'!
This song bring back a bunch of memories!
ENJOY my loves!

Hello January '14

HAPPY: And here we are, It's already the 1st of January and it feels incredible....New Year's Eve was amazing, the celebrations, the champagne, the music and the fireworks were incredible! I can't wait to show you some pictures!
I really hope this month will start of as it's suppose to, bring joy, smiles and happiness to each and every one of you!
I wish you the best month yet to come!