ImPress Stick On Nails

ImPress: ImPRESS Stick on nails! I love having nail polish on my nails, I usually chose pink or very neon and bright colors when I get my nails done and recently I've been getting gellish nail polish so could last longer. The problem is, last time I went to the saloon to get them done, I chose purple nail polish (not gellish) and they lasted 2 days...and on the 2nd day they started chippin and looking horrible basically. What I did? The next day, I got my beautiful bottle of nail polish remover and got rid of the color. I went to buy my beloved stick on nails! I was really excited to try, also because they have so many colors!!! I tried bright orange, then leopard, and now Barbie pink. I'm seriously in love with the fact that they are so easy and simple to stick on, easy to handle and they look good on my nails, all I need to do is file / cut my nails a tiny bit shorter when they grow under the stick on ones. It's easy, simple and perfect! Oh and they last a week and sometimes more!!!! Which ones do you guys like best?? Can you guess my favorite one and which color I'm choosing next? Have an amazing day guys!!! Xoxo

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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