Too Many Things, Too Little Time

EXHAUSTED: I'm exhausted!!!!! I've got TONS of things I'm working on! I just wanna curl into a ball, fall asleep and not wake up until it's time to pack for my Summer trip... Which I still need to talk to you about and actually tell you where I'm going!! Yes, so basically...for each class I've got at least one mega project that I'm working on, if not more..and then there's the blog, which also has more projects then I anticipated! Plus a million things to do throughout the day, such as working out, getting things done, planning things and scheduling for meetings and updating each of the "action plans". Maybe it doesn't seem like a lot but I promise you it is. Can summer please hurry up! This isn't fair!!!! :( I want to eat ice cream, watch a comedy while I curl up in my blankie and get cuddled.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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