Breakfast On The Weekends

FAVORITE: Saturdays breakfast! Probably the most amazing breakfast I had in a little while! Usually in the mornings on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings which are the days I have classes, I usually have a quick breakfast before leaving the house, sometimes cereal and other times I make myself a toasted bread with a bit of jam, and some yoghurt!! & then, it all started the "Rolling Stones"weekend", I had the entire house to myself and the dogs and on Friday night I invited my sister and Nick over for dinner! This was in a way, perfect because we had a really cute dinner on Friday night, then Nick went out with a few friends and my sister and I continued to what we call a "sister date"! We watched some old episodes of Gilmore Girls and ate pop corn and some I've cream together! The morning after, my sister was SOOOO sweet and made the cutest breakfast! She cooked 2 eggs each with a piece of toasted bread and on the side we each had a small bowl of fruits and orange juice for drinks. It was adorable!! Thank you Ale! 
From then on, it became a tradition! Every weekend, after I go for my morning run and get my morning workout done, this is the breakfast I have after I drink my protein shake and I love it!!!
Have an awesome day guys! X

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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