Getting My GoPro Ready For SA!

ALMOST OVER: Ahhhhhh!! I can't believe I'm ready to go! I've got my suit cases packed, my cameras ready, everything is now ready for my holiday and I think i'm physically prepared, not so sure about mentally prepared about staying away from home for SO long but It's going to be a great adventure! I love it! 
I shall talk to you guys when I arrive!

Because I'm Happy

HAPPIER THAN EVER: This picture just makes me want to get up and dance, because I'm happy! I'm just super duper happy! SO many beautiful things are happening. I cannot even describe the excitement. I told you guys about me winning the competition with Grazia Middle East, I'm traveling super soon, I have a few secret projects i'm working on and I just love this, thankful for so many great things.
I have to go now, but I have schedueled some new articles for you guys so don't forget to check back for new posts soon.
Enjoy the pictures guys and stay tuned for new posts super soon!

Packing For My SA Trip

PACKING FOR MY TRIP: Packing packing packing! I'm staying away for over a month so I've been trying to get only the most important things with me! I always over pack but hopefully i won't make my suit cases too heavy! I do want to bring back Souvenirs so it'll be good to pack light.
Hope you all have an incredible day loves!

My Birthday Week Began!!

BIRTHDAY WEEK BEGAN: And it is that time of the year again, I LOVE this time of the year! As you know, I celebrate my birthday for a week, this'll be in two different countries! I'm beyond excited! So so so so so so so SUPER excited!
Last night we had our usual birthday family tradition & celebrated with Cake & some drinks! Today, the celebrations continue & they will until probably end of next weekend!
Can't wait to update you guys! Don't forget to stay tuned on my social medias! I'll be updating daily and I'll be excited with the amount of pictures I have to show you!
Kisses guys!
P.s. Can't believe I'm turning 22 this year!!! It's crazy how quickly time is passing by!

2 Sleeps Left Until SA!!!

ALMOST OVER: Ahhhhhh the wait is almost over, After 3 years, 2 months & 14 days of waiting, I finally get to see my beautiful best friend & her family! I'm BEYOND excited!!!!

My Stay At Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi

YAS VICEROY, YAS ISLAND, AD: When we went to Abu Dhabi for the Justin Timberlake concert and omg, the hotel was incredible. It was the Yas Viceroy, 5 star hotel on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Our room was huge, had an incredible view both in the day time and at night. The bed was incredibly comfortable, really hard to get up from it in the morning and the service was really great too. We had so much fun staying at the Yas Viceroy Hotel. Thank you for such an awesome stay! I cannot wait to be back!

Pink Vespa

PINK BEAUTY: Good Morning loves, hope you're having a wonderful Friday! Here's a short post to show you the pictures I took with and of this beauty! The owner brought it here from Italy, an Italian artist who drives around in his Vespa! I think it's beautiful! 
Wishing you guys an amazing weekend!

Giulia Zampieri X United Colors Of Benetton: Look #1

UCB: LOOK #1: I really lost count on how many times I've apologized for the lack of posts, but here's a fresh new one - I've been super busy with everything, along with work that I had absolutely no time to blog. But I'm back now and in the little free time I had in the mornings before work, I've managed to write a few articles and prepare the post to publish automatically so I don't physically have to be here.A few posts back, I've mentioned how I did the Benetton Styling-in Store. The next project was the photoshoot we take and we have to chose a couple of outfits, style ourselves and then publish them....I'm really excited to show you guys the first one.

For the photoshoots what we had to do was to create looks from the UCB store and basically style ourselves. I compiled 5 looks that will be published from now onwards.
This is the first look I created from UCB: a baby yellow colored jumpsuit which I thought was perfect for the summer season! Note that I shot all the 5 looks with the help of Nikol (my official photographer - woohoo!) on one of the days; yet the only thing I would change about all the looks was if I brought in the piles of accessories I have to make the look more lively than it is.
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Selfie Before Work!

SELFIES WITH LILU: A quick post before work! I've been taking selfies with Lilu and I just had to update my blog with it! Okay now I REALLY need to go to work!
Have an amazing day everyone!

Work: Day 5, 6 & 7

ACTIMEL LADIES: I worked with all these beautiful ladies for almost two full weeks! I'm so happy I've met them all! Such amazing people! I loved working with you guys!
Here are some other pictures to show you a little bit more of how work was like!

What I've Been Up To

PROMOTING ACTIMEL: A super quick post just for updating you guys of why I haven't been posting my articles on the blog for a while now. I finished the semester and I had a few interviews and soon after I started work. I'm now promoting Actimel at Arabian Ranches, giving away free samples. I've met some really great people along the way. I can't wait to tell you more and show you some cool pictures I've been taking with my work friends. 
Wishing you all a very awesome day! I'm off to work!

Work: Day 3&4

PROMOTING ACTIMEL: So happy I've met this babe in the first picture! Such a great person, it was awesome working with you & getting to know you!
Work has been great! More pictures on a new post super soon!

Work: Day 1&2

ACTIMEL ADDICTS: The title of the post pretty much explains it! I'm excited about this job! Promotion jobs are awesome when it comes to trying some of your favorite daily drinks! haha Enjoy the pictures guys!
P.S. I met some really great people working so I'm really glad I accepted!

Sneek Peak: United Colors Of Benetton Photoshoot

PREVIEW: A quick post just to show you a quick preview of what's about to be seen with the photoshoots I took with Benetton. So excited to show you!
The wait is almost over....

London College Of Fashion: Dubai

FASHION DESIGN SHORT COURSE: The other day, I was going through facebook and I saw a post on Grazie Middle East – it was about a competition, and from the many times I tried, I was almost ready to ignore it…but something told me I should give it a shot. I emailed the answer which I thought was correct and a few hours BOOM – an reply to the same email saying I was the lucky winner!!! I was incredibly shocked, also because the course started Friday and that day was Wednesday.

First of all Thank you Grazia Middle East, I have had an incredible time for the short course at the LCF-Dubai.

Well now you get to read about my experience…First of all, let me just start out as to say how organized everything was. The location of the short course was at the Vida Hotel, Downtown Burj Khalifa. So like I said, beautiful location, the valet parking of the hotel was excellent service, the max I waited was probably 2 minutes.

Friday the 16th May, was the first class of the course, I reached and went to the “reception desk” there was two wonderful ladies who would help you out with where the classes was. They offered a huge quantity of different breakfast foods and drinks. There was a huge table with coffee, tea, orange juice, water, different types of cakes and so on. Then, I went to class and everyone ofcourse had to introduce themselves, and then Mr.Richard started with the first lecture, which by the way was the most fun because we got to see a bit of the different side to Fashion Design. The first day was all a huge introduction, felt like first year in Uni all over again - except in a day. We had to get our research done, start printing, start sticking and making our mood boards.
Next day, was all about drawing, we had a presentation about silhouette, different shapes and so on and then we had to draw out minimum 30 drawings by the next day. Our deadline was at 11am. At this point, I started working quicker so I could reach my target which was higher than 30, I wanted to work hard so I could have more done and have more choices for my collection.
Third day, was all about color, we learnt different techniques of colors, how to use the different types and so on. The rest of the class was to experiment with our color palette. Second half of day 3, and day 4 (which unfortunately was the last day of the short course) was to start and finish our Capsule Collection. We had to chose ten of our best fashion drawings that we had designed, and make them "match" with our moodboards ofcourse. The capsule collection pretty much had to make sense with all our previous work we had done.
The fourth day we got our Attendance Certificate and I took some pictures of the entire class to post up on the blog.
I would like to Thank Grazia Middle East so much for this amazing opportunity and for giving me this incredible experience I had at London Fashion College in Dubai.
Thank you so much for letting me win, it was an incredible experience and looking forward to attending a few more of these incredible short courses with London Fashion College in Dubai.
Thanks so much again.
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Zero Gravity Dubai

SISTERS: A picture of us one of the nights we went to Zero Gravity next to Sky Dive Dubai, it was really great. Super awesome bar, has really cool staff, and the coolest tunnel as you can see from the picture!
What an amazing night it was!
P.S. Don't forget to like their page on Facebook by click here!

Birthday Plans '14

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION PLANS: This year, the fact that I'm not here for the day of my actual birthday confuses me. hahaha okay no, but I like celebrating my birthday. I've always been obsessed with celebrating it for a week every year. Usually I celebrate with family then with friends then there's a night where I celebrate with my sister. I love my birthday week, I love spending time with the people I love the most, unfortunately my two best friends don't live here in Dubai. So with 1 I'll celebrate it in South Africa with her this year and with Giulia, well..hopefully I'll see her later this year! 
For Dubai, I'm planning a good night out with my closest friends, a night of laughter, fun, lights and drinks! A night to remember (hopefully) with my closest friends! 
With my family, probably one night out and then one at home ending the night with gifts and pop corn!

My Summer Trip This Year!!

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: I still haven't talked to you about my Summer plans because I wanted it to be a surprise! Today, I finally want to reveal the secret to you and tell you all about it! 
I've read comments of all the readers that tried guessing! Well, guess what! Some of you got it right!
In 2010, ahhh that was ages ago. I'll start with the summer after! 
In 2011, we went to the UK, visited Glasgow, Inverness, All of the Scottish highlands, London, Amsterdam, and Italy ofcourse.
Year after, in 2012, I went to Portugal to visit Ana, her family to explore Lisbon and as many other places as possible.
In 2013, I went to Italy, first alone- spending quality time with Giulia, her family and mutual friends and then my family joined me.
This year I've decided to go visit Samantha, my extended family and the beautiful South Africa! 
Before booking my ticket, I made a list of the places I want to visit there, the list got slightly longer every time I did more research. The other day, skyping with Samantha, my list became more realistic for the amount of time I'm there! 
I'm going to SOUTH AFRICA!!!!
I actually booked my ticket in January, so I've had to wait AGES, to tell you all. It was slightly killing me, as I'm super excited about my trip!! 

Summer Holidays '14

SUMMER HOLIDAYS HAVE STARTED: I am the kind of girl who wakes up early, even if I have nothing to do. I set the alarm clock at 6 am on the days I have been out the night before and I want to go running in the morning but If I have a night in- I just always end up waking up at 7.
My friends always wonder why I send them whatsapps at dawn during the week. 
I'm actually a very productive person early in the morning and in the late afternoon. 
I don't really understand why. The way my body system functions I guess..
The truth is..I love mornings. Waking up too late equals to wasting time for me. There's so much stuff you can do in 2 hours. Why waste them by staying in bed if you've already got all the energy you need to start your day?
I know..I'm weird.
Lots of love.

Done With My Exam!

EXAMS ARE OVER: This is going to be a short post! Just wanted to put out there clearly that I'm done and it's now SUMMER for me!!! The picture above is exactly how I feel at the moment, just because everything is DONE for a while at least. There are so many things to look forward to, such as Justin Timberlake concert is next weekend and I leave in 15 days which makes life even more interesting. Life always gets more interesting during Summer!
Ahhhh this is the life! Hope you like the pictures! haha I LOVE SUMMER TIME! 

Tuesday Top Ten: [May 2014]

TUESDAY TOP TEN: The fact that I haven't written an article for this session kind of motivates me a little more because now I can have a huge list and prepare this post and even the next one. If you have never read one of the 'Tuesday Top Ten' articles, It's basically a list of ten things, for example favorite day this month, favorite picture taken or favorite outfit post. Basically anything I chose to be my favorite that month.
For the month of May, these are the "Favorites" I have chosen:

Competition With Grazia Middle East!

I'M THE LUCKY WINNER: There was this competition with Grazia Middle East and if you answer the question correctly, you would get the chance to win a short course with London College of Fashion- which will be taking place in Dubai! So I gave it a shot and emailed with the answer and BOOM, I won! How freaking LUCKY was I?
I'm so excited!!! I get to do these classes of fashion design with such a cool lecturer! It's awesome! My summer could not have started in a better way! 
Don't forget to click "like" on their Facebook Page and Follow @grazia_me on Instagram!
Also, I'll be writing an article all about my short course classes with London College of Fashion so stay tuned!
Don't forget for all you girls who want to book a place you can read all the details over here which are taking place here in Dubai. 

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Nike Running App

iPHONES & NIKE: iPhones are amazing, there's an app for everything! Since I love running and working out, one of the apps I love the most are Nike Running. 
I simply adore how with this app, you can track your run, it will even tell you the pace, the time, the kilometers for your run. You can then add a photo and share if with your social networks and so on.

Mummy's Day! '14 [Auguri Mami]

MUMMY'S DAY: Today's Mother's Day, a day dedicated and spent with my mum!  We spent the entire day together, had quality time together and enjoyed a day a bit different and more special to the others. Later when my sister was done with work we surprised her with gifts and flowers! I love spending quality time with my mum. I love her so much. 
Oh btw I think I've got a new favorite type of flower: hydrangeas.
They smell amazing and they're so gorgeous.

Another Day At My Aeroclub

FLYING HIGH: Everyone by now, at the aeroclub knows how to add a bigger smile on my face. Everyone there is like a big, extended family. On Friday, I decided to go just for a few hours, i stopped to grab some lunch, drove to Ras Al Khaimah while listening to loud music all the way there. I took pictures while on my way there, and ofcourse videos while flying high. Next time I go, i'll try take a video with my GoPro.
For now, enjoy all of the pictures and videos!

A New Look For Pixels Thoughts & Words

A MAKEOVER FOR PTW: As the new layout, template and everything is now live on my blog, I want to tell you why I have made this change. 
First of all I've had this blog for almost 3 years now, i chance the layout a few times but I wanted a complete change this time. I added new pages, I put the main sessions in the categories page and then I made everything look more clean, neat and tidy. 
Since most of my life is now told through photos, words, projects and dreams, I thought the blog should get a makeover and start up with a fresh look.
For these three years I've been working on this website every single day and it's easy to see how much this blog has changed my life and of course I changed with it.
I grew up, I pushed myself to do things I wouldn't have imagined myself doing and I learn something new everyday. I try to inspire people who are following me along this journey.
I started writing this blog when I was 18 and it has taught me so many things.
This is a newer version with more contents, stories and inspirations, and I WILL publish new articles every single day.
I hope my blog inspires you to be the best version of yourself, to open yourself to new opportunities, think outside the box. Travel, discover and explore new things and enlarge your views. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, make a difference with the smallest actions.
The posts I will try write early in case I'm busy for that week for example but apart from that, I'm going to try my best and update everyday. I've been writing a few extra articles so I can "schedule post" and I don't physically need to be there to publish so that these days when I'm drowning in books and studying for my exams you still get to read the newest post! 
The lack of posts probably won't happen again, if I can't be on my laptop, I'll do it through my phone.
It was time for a change for Pixels Thoughts & Words, especially with the amount of new articles I have to write and have been writing. I'm loving the new look. Do you like it too?
I feel like it's way easier to navigate and it's just so much easier to go from one page to another. Whatever it is you're looking, it'll be so easy and simple to find.

New In: GoPro Camera

GO PRO HERO+3: I can't describe my happiness to have received this Go Pro camera! I'm SO excited!  I'm actually going to try take a video while running, see how it looks! Haha I've been wanting this camera for a really long time, finally received it! I'm going to be bringing it to my summer trip and try filming a bunch of things so I can share them with you on the blog! Exciting moments like these defiantly make me super happy!
Wishing you all an amazing day!

My Workouts Continue

EVERY DAMN DAY: I've been training less these days as I'm super busy and tired from Uni work, projects, meetings and studying for my final exams. Nevertheless, working out is important, it's super important to keep fit and make time for even a short workout every single day! 
As soon as my final exams are over, I'll be filling up more time for my runs and workouts in the morning and in the evening which I'm really excited about.
May is a hectic month as so much is happening both on the blog, some secret activities I'll talk to you about soon, Justin TImberlake concert in Abu Dhabi, and then packing for my summer trip which I also need to speak to you about soon!
Wishing you an amazing day! 
Get your running shoes on and just GO! 

Sunday Shoe Love: 'Nike Air Max'

RUNNING SHOES: It's been absolutely ages since I have written a "Sunday Shoe Love" article! I think it's about time to write and publish one! So I did some research on what shoes I'm in love with, and well this post will be a little different considering the other ones were either heels or flats. This time I'm in love with trainers. As you know my obsession and passion for running is increasing every single day so it makes sense if I write an article on this topic. 
The shoes I'm in love with this week and have been for a while now are the Nike Air Max. There are tons of different models to chose from but these ones were completely love at first sight. 

Missing Home

BEEN A WHILE: I've had a really strange couple of days, I've been looking at some pictures taken in Italy last Summer and in Portugal the year before, and when I talk to my friends in Italy and they show me the pictures they took before I left and had never seen just makes me miss Italy and home even more. The family, my friends, gelato, Pizza, and all the other delicious food, the weather and the road trips. Ahhhhh, I miss you, Italia!

Night Run At The Beach

NIGHT RUN: Happy happy happy! The other night, I wanted to do something different for a change just because sometimes you need it and it feels good not always doing the same thing. So, I took myself forward, drove to the beach and went for a night run at the beach, which was absolutely beautiful, so relaxing running listening to the sound of the water and in the other ear listening to the background music coming from your ipod.
A night run, a cold shower when I got home & then went out with friends.... a perfect Thursday night!
i loved it! I need to go again! Maybe i'll go tonight aswell!
Enjoy your day guys! :)

New Month [May '14]

HAPPY MAY: This is usually the most exciting month, minus the exams! Haha in May, usually there's a few things to look forward to! Firstly, I'm looking forward at Justin Timberlake's concert in Abu Dhabi. Then my birthday celebration in Dubai with my closest friends and then my summer trip and later on my birthday celebration in...., you'll find out soon!