My Special Shampoo

SHAMPOO LOVE: Ever since I’ve bleached my hair (after going darker than my original color) I could never really find my perfect shampoo. After I did my hair in South Africa, Nadine (who has blonde hair & has a degree in beauty) told me about this product called Silver Shampoo, it basically has something to do with the color of your hair pigments or something. Both ways, this Silver Shampoo is purple and it basically brings out the blonde, and makes it super duper shiny!

Heading To The Beach!

BEACH TIME: I have to be super fast since I was just getting ready for the beach, Harriet & I and a couple of other friends are off to soak up some sun! Let's hope we get tanned and not sunburnt! I really don't want to look like a tomato tomorrow.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
& to all the people in Dubai or Middle East in general a wonderful Eid as well!

Diego: My Nutella Hero

MY NUTELLA HERO: Well, I wouldn't usually (anymore) make an entire post on just one person, but for this one, it's worth it. The other day, well actually, the second night I was in South Africa...I met Diego. My best-friend's a best friend, i needed to approve...and I didn't even have to think twice. Diego is a sweetheart and treats her like a princess...and more. They are the cutest couple on earth. I love them!
Anyways, you're asking yourself why is he "my nut ella hero"? Well, after I met him, we became friends on some of the social medias (because, well, If you know me well enough-you know how many photos I upload in a day). On a random day that I was home alone, I was watching a tv series and it was FREEZING outside, so I wrote a status on my Facebook saying "Nutella and a glass of milk would be perfect in this freezing weather" and BOOM there he was, the day after with a jar of Nutella. So since that day, he has been my Nutella Hero. A very well deserved one though. In other posts you'll see more pictures of my flamingo & Diego.
Did I mention they're ADORABLE? 
love you guysssssssss!!!!

New Hair, Finally

FINALLY NEW HAIR: Okay, as you probably know already. I can’t trust hairdressers. Especially in Dubai, I’ve tried spending A LOT, medium prices and little prices. It doesn’t work. They all do their own thing. Even if you show them a picture of the EXACT haircut and you tell them exactly what color you would like your hair to be…there’s no chance. So, I decided to experiment in Italy (last Summer – and they know how to do their job. They have to go to a school unlike in Dubai where one day they wake up and decide that they are a  hairdresser. So this Summer, I went to South Africa to see my gorgeous best friend who I hadn’t seen in AGES. Either way, both her & Monique (another gorgeous one – friend of Sammi) go to this lady called Jessica and she did the hair for a bunch of girls who I met there, so I gave it a shot. Well, it worked! I got a haircut and my hair colored because the second last hairdresser I went to was an idiot and she added too much bleach and my hair turned orange and it looked like crap. In South Africa, they obviously know how to mix colors and make it the exact shade we ask for. So I got everything done with Jessica & I finally like my hair!!!!! HAPPY TIMES! After having a big fat mess for more than a year and a half.
When I got home, I expected it to be a tiny bit different but that’s only because it was JUST done. So after a couple of hours it looked even better.

Sexy Much?

BUG ME: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA isn't this picture SO sexy? I was (obviously) just being silly with Photo Booth! Can you tell I'm loving Mac! It's easy to use, everything is quick and well, I just love it!

My New MacBook Air 13"

MY NEW BABY: An entire post dedicated to my new baby, my new MacBook Air that is. I wanted to buy myself a Macbook for a while now, and since I worked some Promotion Jobs in May I decided that I would buy myself the laptop I've been dying to have for months and months. The MacBook I recently purchased is worth every penny. Honestly, one of the best purchases I've made.
Now that i've converted to Mac, I don't think I'll ever want to go back.
P.S. I also bought her a new case, even the case was worth it!
Enjoy the pics, haha I'll be taking many many more. This baby is just too awesome!

Pool With Nikki

TANNNNING WITH NIKOL: Nikol came over the other day, we spent most of our day at the pool, tanning, taking funny pictures and tanning more...we had loads to catch up on! ;)
Always have so much fun with this babe!

My Adventure In South Africa: The Trailer

THE TRAILER: A video I've recently been working on, after I got my Macbook! This is a sneek peak of what to expect on the actual movie I'm currently working on. I hope you guys all love this trailer I've made!!!! - oh and I hope you're as excited as I am to see the actual movie I've made of my trip in South Africa! 

Back In The 971

LANDED IN THE SANDPIT: Andddddddd I'm back in Dubai! In this beautiful city with horrible weather! - it is soo hot this summer! I don't know how I'm going to go running these days! Anyways, I'm on my way back home! Landed and found my suit cases! Hopefully I'll get used to the heat! Speak to you all soon with a new post!!
Love you guys! 

Last Few Hours In South Africa!

LAST DAY: The last lunch I had with my beautiful and amazing South African Family! It was a sad day, I'm not even kidding..Got up at like 5am...started writing a list of all the things I had to do / buy. Showered, got ready, went to the shops, bought everything, came home finished packing, showered, started cooking lunch, ate and had delicious wine and could only hang out with everyone for the last hour and then we had to get in the car and drive to Johannesburg!!! I hate goodbyes...but.....

En Route Home

EN ROUTE: A Last few pictures taken in South Africa...okay, if you haven't already notices...I fell in love with the place!!!!!
I don't wanna leave!

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Not So Happy....


♥ Giulia Zampieri