Ready For Bed

SLEEPY PANCAKE: A quick post before heading to bed, I'm super tired. Today was a pretty busy and long day compared to some other ones. I went running in the morning, then after my shower had a huge breakfast and then was out until like 5 in the afternoon. Had dinner at 7 and then quickly got ready again and then went out and got home like 15 minutes ago. It's like 3:30am....I don't know how I'm still up. I'm off to bed, tomorrow I'll publish some more posts for you guys to see swell! I have something exciting coming up that i'm still working on.
Good night dolls! 

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Weird Pancake

WEIRD MOOD: I've been thinking about it for a while now,  I think i'm going to change the layout of my blog again! I love this one and I worked on it so hard but I want some change but maybe I'll work on the new one for longer and do something big for my baby's (my blog's) 4th birthday! Oh, HIIII by the way! I'm in a weird-crazy mood today! I was super hyper/crazy this morning and just after lunch I got super sleepy! I don't know what's  going on. I think the weather is changing or some crap. Or maybe i'm just weird.
P.S. I’m going to be fixing the dates of the articles as well so I think the blog will be a bit messy! I just think it’s better to do it now rather then in the middle of September before it’s 4th Birthday! Also, it’ll look so much neater if all the dates are correct and so are the amount of articles per month and all the posts from South Africa are in correct order.

I'll write to you super soooooon!! 

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Running With The Babies

CAN'T WAIT FOR WINTER: So, as you probably know..Dubai is crazy hot right now since it's Summer. Since my dogs are both huskies, and yes, they were both born here and raised and they go out in the sun. I don't bring them out for LONG walks / runs like we use to in Winter time. I still go of course, sometimes they want to go home early and sometimes it seems like they don't get tired. They're SO cute.

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Wavy Hair Selfies

HAPPY SELFIES: A few selfie pics I found that I took when my hair had waves, my hair looks like it’s beens straightened on a daily basis because thats how it is…so the rare times I get waves, i love it! 
Do you guys like it?

Surprise Video

 MY LOVE BIRDS: The other day, I was playing around with iMovie, and I was looking through my videos which i took in South Africa and well, I managed to make it using all the effects I wanted to!
So here it is! Hope you guys like it! let me know!
email me on ;)

♥ Giulia Zampieri

New Workout Playlist [Summer '14]

NEW TRACKS FOR MY WORKOUTS: AI've been obsessed with a bunch of songs all summer but for my workouts, I like fast / dance / electro / house makes me want to do more..yes, i'm weird like that!!
hope you guys like this link! it's like an hour should try working out listening to this!

These Happy Days

HAPPY PANCAKE: These past couple of days, I would consider them as happy dayssssss! I've been doing all the favourite things and hobbies such as cleaning up old pictures, printing pictures for my new frames in my room, working on new events, working on timetables, working out and so on. I love days like these.
What have you guys been up to? How are you holidays going? Are you already back at work / University / school?

In The Middle Of Nowhere

DADDY-DAUGHTER TIME: Hey guys, my dad and I got to the place a little while ago, it’s literally deserted and it’s so hot. I’m sitting in the car at the moment just to write this post then I’ll go back out and chill with dad. I'm actually really surprised my 3G works out here. I was going to publish this article tonight when I got home but If it works on my phone then why not right? hehehehe! Either way, here are some pictures we took throughout the day, Aren’t the camels SO cute, they’re skin colour and features are very different to the camels I see in Dubai….so interesting.
Alright, you guys enjoy the photos and I’ll go enjoy daddy-daughter time.

Because Running Makes Me Happy

RUN, LIKE YOU STOLE SOMETHING: So since last year October, my passion for running re-grew on me. It was that weekend...the day before Rihanna's concert was when I realised I wanted to start running again. We came back to Dubai on the Sunday afternoon and I told myself I was going running tomorrow morning sooooo the next morning, on Monday 21st October I got up at 5:30am, did some stretching, got my iPod ready and went for my run. I wasn't looking at the time, or the kilometres I was doing but the fact that I got up from the super-duper-comfy bed I own and went for my morning run....and I tell ya, it felt AMAZING. Seriously, if you don't run, or you've never tried...theres a big chance you won't believe me. You should definitely try it. One day just tell yourself you'll wake up and go for a run, don't focus on time or distance but only the fact of getting up and going.
After that day, I use to go 3 to 5 times a week...
Here in Dubai, I like going in "winter" of course...because in the month from October onwards, you can actually breath when you're outdoors. From then on, i fall in love with running more and more every time. In Summer time, it is literally disgusting weather, the other day, i got ready for my run at night, I went outdoors for 120 seconds and I was MELTING. I still went, just because running makes me happy, smile and it clears my mind!  
Hope you guys try it out, at least once....if you don't like me! haha I would REALLY like to know one person who "regretted" a run. I think that is seriously something impossible.
Here are a few of my best runs, and remember...I don't run for distance or time...I run because running makes me happy.
Best way to think it, if you want to run faster.
An old man chasing you, a hot guy at the finish line.

Magic Hair Product

HAIR AFTER-CARE: Ever since dyed my hair closer to what my natural hair colour is suppose to look like, back in Dcember, to be completely hair wasn't as soft as it use to be, because the hairdresser ruined my hair by putting too much bleach. In May, just before leaving to South Africa, I went to get a haircut (yes, such a big risk here in Dubai). Anyways, so I got a nice haircut and the hairdresser told me my hair was a little weak and of course not as soft as it should be. She suggested for me to buy this oil-cream for my hair. After having washed my hair, I basically take 3 drops, depending of a person's hair length and rub it at the ends of my hair making my hair messy and making sure it soaks it up.
This product has now fixed my hair, I call it my baby after every shower because it does a little bit of magic every time after I wash my hair.

South African Kisses

LOVE YOU GUYS: I didn't say goodbye, I said see you later. The last few minutes before driving to Johannesburg. Saying to you later and giving kisses to these 4 beautiful people. My South African family. I consider them family, yes because for these 5 weeks in South Africa they made me feel at home. Obviously I missed my family in Dubai and my dogs but hey I had the most amazing trip in South Africa thanks to these guys. I love you guys so much!
Stay warm while it's still winter & i'll see you again SUPER soon! :) I'm already planning my next trip ;)
EK Is Lief Vir Jou &&&& Dankee Baie Lakker! 

Last Braai In South Africa

SAD PANCAKES: A day spent with my favourite South African family on this planet. Okay, i might sound cheesy or gay but seriously, they're the best!!!! We chilled at this wonderful park place, had a delicious to-die-for- braai with everyone, took a few pictures of us for my last full day in this beautiful country. It was actually the one i hated the most but it was amazing to spend time with these beautiful and such amazong people.
I can't thank each one of you enough for all the fun I've had with everyone of you from Day 1 of my trip.
Now, sit back, scroll threw the pictures, and just get a little taste and feel of this wonderful day with me. I wish I could go back RIGHT NOW!
I miss you all so much! :(
Until we meet again! 

The Lion Park, Johannesburg

TOP TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: One of the tourist attractions I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was really young and fell in love with South Africa. Going to Johannesburg was a dream come true. No joke. I’ve been dreaming to go to Joburg for the longest time. The fact that I could go to The Lion Park was INSANE. First we decided all the activities we wanted to do. We decided to first go on the Game Drive which is basically going around the park and seeing all the beautiful animals such as Springbucks, Lions, Cheetas, Giraffes, and many many more. You guys have no idea how amazing it is to go around the park to see these amazing animals so close yet so far and just see them chill or eat or run around. It’s incredible. Honestly, I loved it. In the time that I was busy taking 1,000 photos of the animals. I had Samantha, Diego & Nicole take 1,000 videos of what was happening. The videos are even more amazing. Diego has got to be the best commentary and Ufft, Samantha, I just love you. I know you’re reading this. Do you remember all those funny comments. I can’t wait to be able to upload them on the blog for all you beautiful people to see them.
I hope you all enjoy the pictures, hopefully you’ve been loving the ones I’ve published already!
Thank you for your support & comments.

New Hair: Results

BBBBBLONDE: So, this is how it turned out...I'm not even going to start explaining why or how...I finally like my hair. NO MORE DUBAI HAIRDRESSERS! 

Buenos Dias Chicos!

Y CHICAS!: A fresh new post just to show you these adorable pictures I took this morning with my fur ball! She's so cute isn't she??
Anyways Good Morning everyone! Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Le Beach Pictures

BEACHIN': The other day, everyone had a few days off thanks to Eid, and so me and a couple of my friends spent a wonderful day at the beach. Soaking up the sun, playing games and drinking super cold drinks...oh and of course taking photos. I'm probably the only person here who takes as many photos as i do! :p but I love it, so why not?
Oh, and in these photos you can finally see my newest tattoo clearly...was about time!