Pixels Thoughts & Words For Marks & Spencer

PIXELS THOUGHTS AND WORDS FOR MARKS AND SPENCER: An entire post dedicated to a new project. I recently collaborated with MARKS & SPENCER UAE to create several looks from their latest spring/summer 2014 collection.
Ofcourse I took this wonderful opportunity and could not reject. I have to confess, I don't usually shop at the store before because i always figured nothing would really nothing would suit my style
I was wrong. big time. i have always said this, my blog is very personal to me and i will only feature things i love & work with brands I can feature that will look good on here. When i checked out the collection to see if i could make the collaboration work…my smile was basically the answer to my question. I can officially say, my love affair with Marks & Spencer has officially kicked in. 
I haven't looked at what they had in a really long time because like I said, I didn't think anything would suit my style. The store is definitely packed with a ton of items from clothes, bags, shoes and accessories – and i was amazed at how many pieces i actually fell inlove with and this makes the collaboration more exciting as I can create tons of looks.

Marks & Spencer actually have some gorgeous classic and trendy pieces that can work up a great wardrobe. If you only try to look inside and seriously browse those racks.

I wanted my personal style to stand out in this collaboration. casually laid back. with a clean and simple silhouette. yet powerful with color, texture and prints.

The Marks & Spencer stores around town to get hold of the fabulous collection featured.
Stay tuned for my first look with the fabulous new collection from Marks & Spencer.

Don't forget to like their facebook page, just click here.

Closet Day

CLEANING UP & RE-ORGANIZING: It's Monday and my class at Uni was cancelled, I went all the way there for NOTHING because I only got notified that it was cancelled 10 minutes before the class was meant to start! Such a waste! So I came home and I don't really know the reason but I got into this "cleaning up everything" mood. I EMPTIED my entire closet, both and re hanged and folded every piece of clothing I own. Let's just say, it took forever but in the end it was really worth it! Let's see how long this lasts!

Valentine's Day '14

V-DAY: Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there! HIIIII by the way! This year, I’m spending today a bit differently compared to the times I wasn’t single. Well, this morning, I started my day with an awesome morning run, followed a quick workout session and then breakfast at starbucks. Just after noon, I went to lunch with le madre, spending time with my family always makes me happy!

Eyes On You

Crazy in love with this outfit, it has some of my favorite items from my wardrobe. Starting from the boy bag, both the McQueen scarf and flats, the sunnies and the jeans jacket...okay so pretty much the entire outfit. That day was a perfect one to wear shorts, I miss those days - now it's too cold and I wear tights or leggings with like almost everything...okay I exaggerated but still.
What do you guys think?
Ahhhh I have some very exciting news for you guys that I hope I can share with you soon!
Wishing you a wonderful day!
Lots of love!

I'm Blue

Well well well, the outfit posts are multiplying, did you guys notice? I'm trying to take outfit photo every single day so I have a few more to show you every time. I feel like this outfit is very me, basic, casual and it shows the main item of the outfit well ;)....you know who I'm talking about right?
This time I was wearing the shirt from Zara, shorts from H&M, McQueen flats, Parada sunnies and Chanel Boy bag which I'm currently obsessed with.
Wishing you a gorgeous day!

Motivation Pics

A post dedicated to motivation. A post of only motivational pictures taken from Tumblr and other similar sites. Now tell me if this makes you want to get up your ass and go work out or go to the gym!
So, stop what you're doing, get up put on some runniing shoes and go....JUST GO!

Céline Girl

Andddd I still don't feel good, still have tthe ugly syntoms, but i think i'm on the road to recovery. I really hope i get better a bit faster now, I'm so sick of being sick. Today's actually my day off, but this week was a "short one" because we only had Sunday & Monday at Uni. Tuesday is our day off, Wednesday there is an event for the Scottish Highland games or something and Thursday's class was moved to Monday.
Anyways, let's talk about this post, for this outfit, it was taken a while ago...I decided to wear some of the gifts I received for Christmas which were: the "Celine shirt" i'm wearing, the McQueen flats and the Chanel Boy bag which was probably the best Christmas gift I've received. (Don't get me wrong, I love each and every gift I received.)
So, what do you say? Do you like the outfit?
I'm seriously in love with the boy ;), I've been wearing it a bit too much since Christmas night, maybe It's time to change purse now.
Hope you like the photos! :)
Enjoy your day guys!

I'm Still Sick!

I went to Uni yesterday, but left class early because I felt / still feel like a zombie.
A non stop coughing zombie! Last night, I got driven to the doctors again, I needed stronger medicines...the first ones they gave me obviously didn't work! 
So this time they gave me anti biotics, papain killers, cough sirup and so on.

I have some really good news though!!! Although I can't tell you details just yet! There are some really exciting things and projects I'm working with and things coming soon!  

It's been a bit difficult trying to manage both the blog and Uni work but I guess it's normal. I'm going to have to manage my time better if I want to keep a good balance!
Anyways I'm going to watch a show before I go have breakfast and overdose with my medicines! 
Speak soon! CIAO!

Nick's New Mini!

So the other day, nick was telling me how he adores the Mini Cooper and how we have to go see it in the show room and so on. So a few days later, nick and I went to see it, it was beautiful, completely fell in love with it all over again.,.(it's my favorite car ever.) and BOOM, 3 days later he was done with the documents and paper work...Nick's new baby is home!!! I'm so excited for him & to be completely honest, I'm excited for my test drive soon!

Hello Feb '14

Hello there! I'm actually really excited it's Feb already! Firstly, days are decreasing for my Summer Trip, second it's getting closer to the date Uni ends, third it's getting closer to actually a bunch of events such as: Valentine's Day, Rolling Stones concert, both my Mum's and Dad's birthday and then my 22nd birthday!!!! :( :( such a bitter sweet feeling.
Anyways I think you get the point! 
Wishing you all a fantastic month!