ImPress Stick On Nails

ImPress: ImPRESS Stick on nails! I love having nail polish on my nails, I usually chose pink or very neon and bright colors when I get my nails done and recently I've been getting gellish nail polish so could last longer. The problem is, last time I went to the saloon to get them done, I chose purple nail polish (not gellish) and they lasted 2 days...and on the 2nd day they started chippin and looking horrible basically. What I did? The next day, I got my beautiful bottle of nail polish remover and got rid of the color. I went to buy my beloved stick on nails! I was really excited to try, also because they have so many colors!!! I tried bright orange, then leopard, and now Barbie pink. I'm seriously in love with the fact that they are so easy and simple to stick on, easy to handle and they look good on my nails, all I need to do is file / cut my nails a tiny bit shorter when they grow under the stick on ones. It's easy, simple and perfect! Oh and they last a week and sometimes more!!!! Which ones do you guys like best?? Can you guess my favorite one and which color I'm choosing next? Have an amazing day guys!!! Xoxo

Style Feature With Pixels Thoughts & Words

COME AND GET STYLED BY ME: I'm having a style session at the United Colors Of Benetton at Mall Of The Emirates. Come get styled by me on Saturday 5th April from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and get 30% off on the items

Join Me Saturday 5th April at Benetton stores at Mall Of The Emirates to get free styling tips and personalized suggestions! And if you choose to buy an outfit suggested by Pixelsthoughtsandwords, you get a 30% discount on the item!

Too Many Things, Too Little Time

EXHAUSTED: I'm exhausted!!!!! I've got TONS of things I'm working on! I just wanna curl into a ball, fall asleep and not wake up until it's time to pack for my Summer trip... Which I still need to talk to you about and actually tell you where I'm going!! Yes, so basically...for each class I've got at least one mega project that I'm working on, if not more..and then there's the blog, which also has more projects then I anticipated! Plus a million things to do throughout the day, such as working out, getting things done, planning things and scheduling for meetings and updating each of the "action plans". Maybe it doesn't seem like a lot but I promise you it is. Can summer please hurry up! This isn't fair!!!! :( I want to eat ice cream, watch a comedy while I curl up in my blankie and get cuddled.

Early Morning Run

SO FREAKIN EARLY: It's like 5am, I have absolutely no idea why I'm awake at the moment, just am! I'm going to go for a quick morning run and then maybe I'll do my new workouts from the new list, then shower and then I have to go get ready for today and finish all of the remaining work. Running and working out is not an option for me, it clears my mind and I sometimes feel "weird" if I don't workout. I think I just love it too much!
Anyways I'm off now - c ya!
Talk soon with a new post!

It's The Weekend!

FINALLY, WEEKEND: It's the weekend, I went for a run this morning and then i did my usual morning workout. I have finished tons of work these couple of days and weeks but this weekend I need to finish more of the remaining projects. I will be working these two days, basically non-stop. I call my self a workaholic these days that I'm full of work...Hopefully soon, that will end! In the meantime, I have received a few comments on the new Pixels Thoughts & Words look! A lot of comments which made me smile a lot! THANK YOU! Moving on: I have finally decided on my next tattoo, I know what I want, where I want it and in which location I will get the tattoo done! I'm super excited!
I can't wait until the days where It'll be time to pack for my trip.
I'm going to do some more uni work and will be back for a second post of the day!
Have an amazing Friday my loves!

Fixing It Up

FIXING TIME: Andd it's Thursday, there's no class because we are currently working on our project for today's class due next week. I just wanted to write a little update, I'm sorry about the blog not being updated often and the fact that it hasn't been active but my team is currently fixing that at the moment so it should be done soon.
As you saw, there is a completely new look, I wanted my blog to have a fresh new makeover and it happened!
Soon, everything will be finished and it will look how it's suppose to!
I will be publishing a lot more posts during April (since I'll be on holiday)
For now, including this post, I have "scheduled" them so I don't need to be on the laptop typing the article, but i just put the date & time and they will publish at that moment.
Anways, stay tuned because soon there's a new post!!
Hope you like the new look guys!

I See In Color

OH BOY!: A fresh (sort of) new outfit post to show you guys, as you have probably already seen, the blog hasn't been so active lately which i'm really sorry about. Day by day, i'm re-sorting it all out and publishing the new articles I have ready which I just need to add the pictures and what not to then publish them.
Hi by the way! Thursday today!, sometimes I lose track of which day it is from the amount of stuff i do each day. 
In less than 2 weeks it's "Spring-Break" which means, making sure all of my projects are perfect before dead lines as well as working on the blog (I'm trying to do everything I can to fix it) and maybe working on my skin color too (i feel like a zombie).
On Friday 4th April 2014, we are going to see Avicii live at Atlantis which i'm really excited about!!
Spring break is all about "fixing" things as well as maybe updating my action plan for all of the projects i'm working on. Just after spring break there are the final exams and a tiny bit after that there is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CONCERT & then my Summer Trip which I have been looking forward to since I booked my ticket (2nd January 2014).

Italian Translation 

Finalmente, un nuovo (circa) outfit post da mostrarvi! Come probabilmente avete già visto, il blog non è stato così attivo ultimamente e mi dispiace davvero . Giorno dopo giorno , sto ri- medendo apposto e organizando tutto, dal layout a tutti i nuovi articoli che ho pronti che ho solo bisogno di aggiungere le foto e poi pubblicarli .
Ciao a proposito! Giovedi oggi! Avolte perdo traccia di quale giorno è dalla quantità di cose che faccio ogni giorno .
In meno di due settimane è "Spring-Break " c'e' una piccola vacanza di primavera / pascqua, che significa , assicurarmi che tutti i miei progetti sono  perfetti prima delle scadenze e poi lavorare sul blog (io sto cercando di fare tutto il possibile per risolvere il problema) e magari lavorare su il mio colore di pelle un pocchino vistro che un  po' troppo  pallido ( mi sento come uno zombie ) .
Venerdì 4 aprile 2014, andiamo a vedere Avicii a Atlantis in cui sono davvero entusiasta!

Spring Break è tutto "fissare" le cose così come forse aggiornare il mio piano d'azione per tutti i progetti su cui sto lavorando . Subito dopo le vacanze di primavera ci sono gli esami finali e un pochino dopo c'è JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CONCERT e poi il mio viaggio estivo che ho aspettato con ansia da quando ho prenotato il mio biglietto ( 2 gennaio 2014 ) .

No Day Off This Week

NO TIME TO RELAX: The last few weeks and days before any of the holidays, we always get a gazzilion submissions. Well, this week there's like most of my submissions due and same with next week. This is why, as you're reading this, I'm most likely sitting on a desk in Uni working on one of the submissions, fixing them and all. I'm quite excited for the "spring-break" that's coming up, although there is still tons to do and there it's our final exam.
Anyways I'm going to but i'll be back later with another post! :)

TV Show Addict

TV SHOW UPDATES: I watch a ton of TV shows, you guys might already know that, but due to the amount of uni work and dedicated time for other things such as workout and photography and my other hobbies, I kinda fell back and I wasn't up to date with most of the ones I watch.
I downloaded this app on my iPhone and it’s basically one where you can tick off the episode once you've watched it. It’s very handy when you watch loads of tv shows.
The best part about watching so many shows is that recently, even with the amount of University work we have, I try to watch one episode per day and every day a different show. The shows which are still “going” and haven’t stopped yet and I watch are basically, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Suits, 2 Broke Girls, and the Games Of Thrones. The ones which are not showing anymore and I am re-watching are The O.C, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, and The Client List.
The TV-show “timetable” I’ve created is pretty much one tv show each day and limited to one episode of that show and sometimes one episode of Grey’s Anatomy since I’m not updated (Season 10 is showing but I’m on season 7).
Oh, and thanks to Ana, who’s the one who got me addicted to most of these tv shows. The O.C. never gets old though – I’ve been obsessed and addicted since it first aired.
Anyways, I’m off for now, need to go finish some Uni work.
Adios gorgeous people!

Sunday Class Got Cancelled!

Happy mood due to my class being cancelled although it's a good course and I love the teacher so also a tad sad there's no class.
Due to that though, it means another one of those days full of work! Uni work and fixing my blog time!
I'm going to start right now! So I'll come back here for a new post pretty soon!
Ciao! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday To My Little Wolves!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABIES!: Happy Birthday To My Puppies! Nick & Alex left last night for holiday so we had to celebrate yesterday before me and my family had dinner! It was my Babyboys 2nd Birthday!!! I can't believe he's two!!!! My mum and I went to buy the "cake ingredients" and after we came home we prepared everything! We made a small cake for Shanuk & one for Lilu. Obviously and unfortunately we don't know exactly how old Lilu is but she's around the same age as Shanuk. Do you guys like the cake we made them? Speak soon! Kisses

Missing Summer

SUMMER DAYS: It’s raining like hell today! I went to get some stuff that I needed from the store and later on when I went out for a run I was soaking wet. I really think I should get a spray tan so that I don't look pale in my pictures. Anyways, I miss summer a lot today and it’s sure not far away. Actually it's very close since it's summer weather already here in Dubai! I travel in exactly 69 days! BEYOND excited!!!!
Looking at these pictures makes me miss the Portugal beach soo so much! I WANNA GO BACK!