Nobu @ Atlantis The Palm

NOBU: The other day, we were invited to go to Nobu, the amazing restaurant at Atlantis, The Palm. I can't describe how amazing the food is there. They were probably the most incredible dishes I ate in a while. All the good we had, was delicious. We had drinks, food and enjoyed the entire night spent with some really great people.

New in: White All Stars!

I FINALLY FOUND YOU:I had wanted these shoes for ages just because they're such classics and you can wear them with absolutely anything! I tried finding them for ages and the other day in Mall of The Emirates, I was drinking coffee with my mum and the "Converse" shop had JUST opened so I went in and they FINALLY had my size. I'm SO SO glad I bought them! 

Benetton Styling Experience

UNITED BLOGGERS OF BENETTON: Well then, as you all probably know already! On Saturday 5th April I went to Al Ain for the Wadi Adventure Race and a bit after that was finished, I had my styling session at the Benetton store in Mall of The Emirates! It was a great experience because the people I helped pick out clothes were satisfied and got a 30% discount! 
A lot of the customers I helped with the picking out clothes and trying different sizes were satisfied, some added extra things to buy and it was fun helping around! 
I hope next time I get to see some more of my readers there too! It would be lovely to meet more and more each time! 
Hope you like the photos guys! 

Mum's & Dad's Birthday

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: Every year, my parents celebrate their birthday together, my mums birthday is on the 7th and my dad’s on the 9th April. This is the reason I'm not making separate posts for each cake and so on. This year, we got them an Ice cream cake which was DELICIOUS!! Extremely just melt in your mouth delicious.

Auguri Papi '14

DADDY'S BIRTHDAY FESTIVES: Happy birthday dad! 
Thanks for always being my hero! I love you so much! 

Auguri Papi! Grazie per essere sempre il mio eroe! Ti voglio tantissimo bene!

Mum's Birthday '14

MUM'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: For my mummy's birthday we did something different again this year, my sister and I try doing something creative every year....this one we chose to go eat Sushi at this place downtown close by to Dubai Mall! :) oh and we're bringing her out for lunch too! 
We thought of Noodle House for lunch, which has such amazing food! I adore Asian dishes in general! I told my mum to get dressed and ready by 1, drove to my sisters office picked her up and obviously my mum didn't know, and then drove to noodle house!
Lunch was so delicious, I eat loads every time we go there since everything is just so damn yummy! 
For dinner, did something super similar. For the surprise, I told my mum to be ready at 7 and drove her to the place which is in downtown close to Dubai mall and only after we parked and started walking towards the place she found out where we were going!  
We had all these different types of sushi, which were absolutely incredible! Alex and nick officially converted me to being more realistic and trying new dishes when we order or are at a new restaurant. 
I now, adore sushi! 
Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Auguri Mamis

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM: Happy Birthday to the most amazing mum! I love you so much! I hope you're excited for tonight! I love you, happy birthday! 

Tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno alla mamma piu meravigliosa che ci possa essere. Spero che sei curiosa di dove ti portiamo stasera! :) Auguri Mamma, ti voglio bene!

Wadi Adventure Race '14

LE'T DO THIS!: Good morning everyone! Sunday today! I'm so excited to tell you about the run yesterday! I signed up for the Wadi Adventure Run not too long ago after one of my friends convinced me. Guess what? I DID IT! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! I struggled a bit at the beginning, there were a few moments i thought i wasn't going to make it but then i gained courage and motivation and BOOM i did it!!!!! 10 KM with crazy obstacles!
I have added a few pictures which i borrowed from the Wadi Adventure Run Facebook page so enjoy those!
Speak soon & don't forget to like the Wadi Adventure Run facebook page!

Breakfast On The Weekends

FAVORITE: Saturdays breakfast! Probably the most amazing breakfast I had in a little while! Usually in the mornings on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings which are the days I have classes, I usually have a quick breakfast before leaving the house, sometimes cereal and other times I make myself a toasted bread with a bit of jam, and some yoghurt!! & then, it all started the "Rolling Stones"weekend", I had the entire house to myself and the dogs and on Friday night I invited my sister and Nick over for dinner! This was in a way, perfect because we had a really cute dinner on Friday night, then Nick went out with a few friends and my sister and I continued to what we call a "sister date"! We watched some old episodes of Gilmore Girls and ate pop corn and some I've cream together! The morning after, my sister was SOOOO sweet and made the cutest breakfast! She cooked 2 eggs each with a piece of toasted bread and on the side we each had a small bowl of fruits and orange juice for drinks. It was adorable!! Thank you Ale! 
From then on, it became a tradition! Every weekend, after I go for my morning run and get my morning workout done, this is the breakfast I have after I drink my protein shake and I love it!!!
Have an awesome day guys! X


SELFIE-OBSESSED: I don't understand how it can be that fun to take pictures of yourself! Haha I blame the Instagram addiction! Hi btw!!! It's Thursday today, I can barely keep track of the days anymore because of everything going on! Thursdays I remember because it's the day of one of my favorite classes at university! as well as it's the day closest to the weekend which is always exciting!

100 Happy Days Challenge

100 DAYS CHALLENGE: The other day (sort of), my (slurpy) friend Ana, told me about this challenge she was basically doing, it sounded super interesting and a bit challenging to me so I accepted! It's basically posting a picture every single day about one thing that makes you happy! A book, a song, a dish, anything at all, which masked you happy! Let's see how this goes for me! Wish me luck!
(By the way, I've starter the challenge sometime in February and it's going pretty well!
Follow me on Instagram to make sure you see the pictures I post. I usually use the hashtags #happydays #happydayschallenge & #100happydayschallenge

Go to the website and try it yourself!

I Won The Huda Beauty Competition!

HUDA BEAUTY EYELASH WINNER: I couldn’t believe it when the Huda Beauty lashes giveaway winners was announced and I was one of them! I have never really won a competition, I just think it’s luck when I read my name on the “winners list” I just couldn’t believe it also because, when Huda announced these type of eyelashes I was waiting for them to go out on stores so I could go and buy them so ya, really really really happy about winning these!

Hello April '14

ALOHA APRIL: And it's a new month, can't believe how quickly time is flying by...sometimes i feel like it should slow down and other times I feel like it should be May 17th already just so we can be D O N E with Uni!
April is usually a good month though :) Let's see how awesome it can turn out! I'm curious to know!
Hope everyone has an amazing start of the month guys!
I'll be back soon with a new post! :)