Purina Arabia: For Lilu & Shanuk

PURINA ARABIA: A post completely dedicated to Purina Arabia, I have recieved a package full of Doggies treats toys and wondeful notes for both Shanuk & Lilu. Thank you so much for sending me these goodies, Shanuk & Lilu loves them! Especially the treats ;)
Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy the little photoshoot of them when I showed them their gift :)

The Cheetah Walk

DAMN, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! This part was probably the most exciting, because since we had to pay a little bit extra and there weren't many of us, we got to walk with this beautiful cheetah and cuddle it loads more than I thought. My “appointment” with the cheetah was at 4pm, we got to the Lion park, first we did the game drive and saw lions and so many more animals but i’ll tell you about that in a different post. Just before 4pm they came to pick us up and we got to a safari truck, we were following this 4x4 jeep, we went to pick up the cheetah, and we went to this huge area… The best part was the purring, when I was petting it and feeling how soft his fur was, he was purring loads. He was SO SO soft, it was softer than a teddy bear! Anyways, the rest is self-explanatory….the pictures that you will see with me in it are all taken by one of the ladies, the rest are taken by me. I hope you can get a taste of this incredible experience.
It was unreal.

Joburg Red Bus Tour (Part II)

JOBURG PART 2: So, here it is...finally I'm publishing part 2 of our awesome day in Johannesburg! That day, I'm talking about the first time that we were all around Joburg, the 8th June. That was one damn incredible day! Samantha, Diego & I had SO much fun. As you saw from the pictures in the first article I published...Samantha, my best friend AKA my flamingo! She and Diego (my Nutella Hero - i'll tell you more about that soon) made my day in Joburg more incredible than I ever thought it could be.
Well, either way, I really hope you enjoy the pictures. Trust me, I can't remember If i've said this already but if you have the opportunity to go to Johannesburg, South Africa....DON'T SAY NO! GO! It's seriously incredible!
Now, lay back & go enjoy the pictures!

Little Update From South Africa!

A LITTLE UPDATE: Since i've been not publishing my articles here for a while...I thought of giving you a little update with what's been happening since I've been away from Dubai. Good morning from South Africa! I'm having the most amazing time here! While I was still in Dubai and I was skyping with Samantha and doing some research and seeing what places I would have liked to visit, I made this list, I thought I was only going to be able to do a few of those things on the list, well thanks to who I call my South African family & the people I met here, who are truly AMAZING I got to do each and everything on that list. South Africa has been absolutely insanely amazing since the minute that plane landed in Johannesburg! I have taken tons and tons of pictures and cannot wait to be home to upload them all!
Oh, a special thank you to Diego for the amazing videos he's been taking with my iPhone / Camera & GoPro!
They're all so good, I cannot wait to publish them on here and show you guys!
& Samantha for all the fantastic amazing million of photographs you've been taking for me!!
P.S. I also got my second tattoo & I can't wait to show you!
I cannot express myself of how amazing this holiday has been with all of you! <3

Groenkloof Documentary

HAPPY PLACE: This has got to be the best video taken, actually one of the best since thanks to my Nutella hero, he took loads more. I can't thank you enough.

Joburg Red Bus Tour (Part I)

AN AMAZING JOBURG DAY: I don’t really know where to begin, Joburg Red Bus tour was super fun!! Let’s start from the beginning, we left Pretoria a little later than planned, didn’t have breakfast until we got to Joburg which was around 8:40am. We were starting the tour from the Gold Reef City so that’s where we had our breakfast which was absolutely delicious. We took the bus that started at 10am since we got there too late for the 9am one. There isn’t much to write because from what I’ve seen and experienced Joburg is amazing, incredible, and insane. I love it to much for me to describe it in words.  I’ve been to many cities for being a student and Joburg is definitely one of my favorites. Ofcourse there are some dodgy area where you don’t leave the bus, and you only take photos from the bus or when there is a red light at the robots, but that’s in EVERY city I’ve been to. There were more than 20 places where you had the opportunity to get off the bus and go visit, but we had out own person Tour Guide (Die-Rei) and so we decided all together where to go and not go. We stayed 5 hours approx, even had time to get a coffee on one of the times we got off the bus. We took loads and loads of pictures. Thank you guys for making this day this special. I love you both to bits.
Now, enough of me talking, sit back and enjoy the pictures. It’s worth looking at them slowly.
& ofcourse this is only Part 1 of the pictures, there are more parts soon to be published!

Io non so davvero da dove cominciare, Joburg Red Bus tour è stato super divertente! Cominciamo dal principio, siamo partiti da Pretoria un po 'più tardi del previsto, non abbiamo mangiato la colazione fino a quando siamo arrivati ​​a Joburg, che erano circa le 08:40. Abbiamo iniziando il tour dal Gold Reef City, è li e anche dove abbiamo mangiato la nostra colazione che era assolutamente deliziosa. Abbiamo preso l'autobus che è iniziato alle 10:00 da quando siamo arrivati ​​troppo tardi per quello delle 09:00. Non c'è molto da scrivere perché da quello che ho visto e sperimentato Joburg è incredibile e meraviglioso. Mi piace troppo Johannesburg per descriverlo in parole. Sono stata in molte città per essere uno studente e Joburg è sicuramente uno dei miei preferiti. Naturalmente ci sono alcuni zona poco raccomandabile nel senso che sono un po pericolose dove non si deve lasciare il bus, e si prendono solo le foto dal bus o quando c'è una luce rossa ai robot, ma che è in ogni città che sono stata! In tutti posti c'e qualche zona che si deve evitare. C'erano più di 20 luoghi dove si aveva la possibilità di scendere dal bus e andare a visitare, ma abbiamo avuto i nostro Tour Guide personale (Die-Rei) e così abbiamo deciso tutti insieme dove andare e non andare. Siamo stati 5 ore circa, anche avuto il tempo di prendere un caffè in uno dei momenti siamo scesi dal bus. Abbiamo scattato tantissime bellissime fotografie. Grazie ragazzi per rendere questo giorno speciale. Vi voglio bene entrambi.
Ora, abbastanza di me a parlare, sedetevi e godetevi le immagini. Vale la pena guardare lentamente. 

E naturalmente questo è solo parte 1 delle immagini, ci sono più parti e tra pocco le publichero sul blog.

Groenkloof Nature Reserve, Pretoria

MY HAPPY PLACE: One of my "happy places" in Pretoria. Well, as you guys can see from the first photograph on this post, we went to the Groenkloor Nature Reserve in Pretoria and saw wild Zebras. Can you guys even imagine my reaction?? I was so excited and happy, I couldn't even believe my eyes when I saw them. It felt like we were on set for a movie or something. Oh, while I was taking a thousand photos of the Zebras, Diego was filming me and the Zebras ofcourse! I hope you like both the photos and the videos guys!

Giulia Zampieri X United Colors Of Benetton: Look #5

A quick outfit post, one I made for UCB. Hope you like it guys!

Giulia Zampieri X United Colors Of Benetton: Look #4

A simple but pretty chic look, another outfit I chose to wear for my collaboration with United Colors Of Benetton. What do you think? Would you wear this?

Got My Second Tattoo Done

MY SECOND TATTOO:  Here you are, the pictures of my second tattoo! The 7th of June is the day I got my second ink done. It's insane how quickly time goes by. I've already published the post with the pictures of me getting it done. Now it was time to show you of what the tatto actually looks like.I'm in complete love with it! it's insane how some stuff can mean so much to a person. The day that we went to get it done, was one really exciting day! I was excited and nervous at the same time! I wanted to get this tattoo done for the longest time, I think it was even before we went to London in June 2011. Either way, I was super excited. When we got there, I had obviously already showed the tattoo artist the design i wanted,  and as you probably know they usually draw it on a paper with the non permanent ink so that they can place it on the body location when you want your tattoo to be. BOOM! Haha Monique went first because she was getting her first tattoo done, while for me it was the second! Pain, a little more than my infinity just on the wings area though! But geeze I love getting tattoos! I'm already thinking about the next one! But as I said in the other post which I showed the pictures of me getting the tattoo, I would never get a random tattoo...like a meaningless tattoo...what's the point of getting that in your body when it's permanent. Rather get something with a lot of meaning. Anyways, at the end of the day, you're the one whose suppose to like it, it's your body. That's exactly why I've already mentioned I don't give two shits about people not liking my tattoos, either one. Both the ones I got done have a lot of meaning to ME. That's what counts.

Union Buildings, Pretoria

UNION BUILDINGS & MANDELA STATUE: On Wednesday morning at around 11am, Diego came to pick me up and we went to see a few things that were on my To-Do list.one of the many things were the Union Buildings. There is a magical view there, beautiful to watch. We took tons of pictures of the view, the buildings, front and back. As well as the giant Nelson Mandela Statue.
Absolutely a gorgeous view, I couldn't have been happier!
Thank you Diego!

Giulia Zampieri X United Colors Of Benetton: Look #3

FLOWER SHIRT WITH A POP OF PINK: Another article on how I decided to style myself for my Benetton project. I decided to chose a very casual outfit but still chic and exciting! In Summer, I love wearing light colors, sometimes bright & love adding a bit of floral and that's exactly what I did. I chose these pink colored jeans, added the blue floral shirt and tied it a bit up to make the outfit a little more funky.
What do you guys think? Do you like the outfit I chose?

Girl's Night Out: SA

GIRLY GIRKS: A night filled with fun, smiles, laughter. I love you girls. Thank you for another amazing fun night!

After Our Tattoo

IT'S DONE: Anddddddd we got it done! :) Finally got my second tattoo done, I say finally only because I've been wanting to get this one for ageeees! I'm so so so so so so happy with it!! I love it so much, I'm obsessed with it! I still can't believe I actually got it done. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would...which is slightly shocking because this one is bigger and a little bit more detailed then my infinity one.
Here are some pictures of us, but especially the two gorgeous ladies next to me! So much fun with them! Yikes!
Anyways, can't wait to show you what it looks like! Enjoy the pictures guys!!

Getting My Second Tattoo

GETTING INKED: So as I have mentioned in this post, I had been craving a tattoo for a while now so when I got to South Africa for my amazing Summer trip, Monique & I both wanted to get inked so Samantha who knew a place to get it done is the star who got the appointment for us and everything. It was Wednesday when she got the appointment and she got it for Saturday the 7th June. I couldn’t wait for the day and when it was Saturday morning, I couldn’t believe I was getting my second tattoo done. I got something that means a lot to me, I don’t give two shits of who doesn’t like my tattoos. It’s my body and I LOVE both the tattoos I have. I would only get tattoos that ACTUALLY have meaning to me. For my second tattoo, I got it done on my ribs, right ribs to be specific. It was an amazing day, spent with such amazing people and GEEZE getting inked was FABULOUS!
I’m so excited to show you the result! Woop woop! Stay tuned babes!

Birthday Night: In South Africa

THEY KNOW HOW TO PARTY: Let me start by saying, my 22nd Birthday night was probably the most fun night I've had in a while. Honestly, it's because I spent the one in South Africa with such amazing people. After the dinner at that amazing location, we went to Champions. One crazyyyyy bar! hahaha it was so much fun, there was Kareoke night and there was some really good people and some horrible ones. I have tons of videos to show you. I'll try my best in uploading them!
I love you guys! P.S. Thanks for making this night crazy! You South Africans know how to party!

Brrrr! It's So Cold!

SUPER COLD: Woke up with the temperature being 2*C outside, it's now like 11am and it's STILL 2*C - I'm covered in layers and more layers under really warm blankets. Today will be spent in bed, watching movies and eating junk food. Yaay Us!

Birthday Gifts From South Africa

MY SOUTH AFRICAN GIFTS: I wanted to show you, only some of the gifts I received for my birthday in South Africa. The morning of my birthday I woke up to my South African family singing happy birthday to me, chocolate, red velvet cake and balloons everywhere in the house.
At night, when Samantha arrived home, she gave me the Africa shaped necklace, the bracelet and Monique gave the beautiful box that looks like a stamp of Africa. 
I love you guys so much.

My Tattoo Plans!

NEW TATTOO: I've always been in love with tattoos, I don't like big tattoos or tattoos which are random and without a meaning but every year I would want to get one and last year, in Italy when I finally went and got it done. I fell in love. The other day, okay maybe a few weeks ago, Samantha and I were talking and she told me how she REALLY wanted to get her first one done. So I convinced her and she called the tattoo artist for her appointment, she FINALY did and got the appointment and after a few days, she sent me the pictures of her tattoo and it looks amazing.

My Birthday Dinner In South Africa

BIRTHDAY DINNER WITH THESE SA BEAUTIES: A birthday dinner to remember! Thanks to Nadine who knew about this beautiful restaurant, and ofcourse thanks to Samantha & Monique for being there. These three girls made my birthday dinner incredible! We ate delicious food, drank amazing typical South African drinks, took a lot of silly and awesome pictures and I just had the most amazing time ever. My South African birthday definitely kicked ass.
i love you girls to bits. Thank you so much for everything!

 Una cena di compleanno da ricordare! Grazie a Nadine che conosceva questo splendido ristorante, e naturalmente grazie a Samantha & Monique per essere lì. Queste tre ragazze hanno reso la mia cena di compleanno incredibile! Abbiamo mangiato cibo delizioso, bevuto sorprendenti bevande tipiche del Sud Africa, abbiamo scattato mille di foto stupide e impressionanti e stato una serata incredibile. Il mio compleanno in Sud Africa e stato sicuramente splendido.

Vi voglio bene. Grazie mille per tutto!

So Happy To Be With My Darlings!

SMILES & KISSES: Ahhhhhhh I can't even explain it in words, how amazing it is to see these two beautiful ladies after such a long time. It honestly feels like forever since I last saw them! & at the same time, it feels like she never moved.
It still feels so unreal, honestly such an amazing feeling.

My 22nd Birthday In South Africa!

BIRTHDAY WITH MY SOUTH AFRICAN FAMILY: My birthday this year was spent a little different than usual! This year I spent it with my South African Family! I woke up with 8*C outside, everyone singing happy birthday, they got my Red Velvet cake and balloons! 
Thank you so so so much my loves! I feel even more special than ever!
Ek Is Lief Vir Jou!

Pre-Birthday Drinks!

WITH MY SA LADIES: A quick post to say how happy I am, we just came home from the bar, one of the many close to home. South Africa has been awesome so far! So cold, but SO good! We had pre-Birthday drinks tonight, with my beautiful South African Ladies & ofcourse this little cutie! My little furry SA Lover!
Hope you guys are having a wonderful night!
Enjoy, lots of kisses all the way from South Africa!

First Hours In South Africa

FIRST FEW: After we got to the house, on the same day I landed in South Africa. We took a little walk around the neighbourhood and also went to the store next to Sam's house to buy some snacks and things. Even the water taste different. Everything is SO delish!
OH OH & they made me Irish Coffee, it was super yumm!
P.S. Yes, I do take pictures of everything!

Finally Re-United!

BFFEFEFEFEFEF: Ahhhhhhh the wait is finally over! Samantha & I met in Dubai in 2008. Last time we saw each other before today was 3 years, 3 months & 2 weeks ago. Feels so good to be re-united again! I'm SO SO SO happy to be here!!! damnnn!

Giulia Zampieri X United Colors Of Benetton: Look #2

BENETTON OUTFIT #2Here it is! Look #2 on how I styled myself with United Colors Of Benetton. I chose a fresh looking bright pink dress since it's now summer time and it's a perfect outfit for this season. I styled it with white converse just because they can look good with any outfit.  The summer / beachy theme is to make the outfit a bit more free. To match the summery & casual look, I decided to let my hair down, flowy and free so it wouldn't take away so much attention from the outfit - yes, the way your hair is styled can have a great input on your outfit. I love this outfit because it looks so simple but yet is so funky. I can't wait to show you the rest of the outfits which we shot for the project. Stay tuned and you shall soon see them on the blog.
For now, don't forget to click like on the United Colors Of Benetton UAE page on facebook, follow UCB on twitter, as well as Instagram!
Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful day!

Just Landed In Johannesburg

JOBURG BABY: I literally just landed here, I was sitting on my suit case / trolley waiting for Sam to come pick me up a little while ago, this is so surreal! I feel like I’m in a dream. Let this adventure begin! I’m ready for you South Africa!!!!

On My Way To Joburg

FLYING HIGH: Ahhh here they are, pictures I took while I was up up in the sky, waiting to land in Johannesburg! Loads of selfies, and different random pictures I took, it made time pass by quicker...oh and I slept a lot as well! SO HAPPY!

Bitter Sweet Feeling

AIRPORT UPDATE: Super duper excited about leaving! I have so many things to do and to see! And I'm so excited about seeing my bestie! Being away from home for a while has always felt good, but knowing you’re not going to be home in a REALLY long time compared to my other travels feels a bit different. When you're out of Dubai it does feel a little weird, not seeing the stuff your so used to seeing on a daily basis. I’m staying away for quite a while so it’s such a weird mixed feeling. I miss my family and my children so much already!
Well this is one of the last posts from Dubai, I shall talk to you super soon!

New Month [June '14]

THE MONTH OF JUNE: This year I'll be spending this month a little different from usual, since I'm home away from home and currently on my summer trip! Life will be a little crazy for a while now! I can't believe i'm in South Africa guys!! I litterally went from +42*C to 1*C - feels UNREAL!
 This is INSANE! My official birthday is in 2 days!!! I'll be celebrating the rest of the week with my South African Familila. This is the lifeeeeee!