Update: What has been happening.

LIL UPDATE: Hi loves! So i decided to make a post on just explaining what’s been happening and why I’ve been gone for so long. WELL, to be completely honest, I’ve been going out a bit too much…A few weekends ago, I went out for milkshake and ended up going swimming with 2 of my friends until like 4am. On the weekends I’ve been clubbing every Thursday / Friday. If not, I’d stay up and go to training at 6am. Okay, maybe i’ve gone a little wild but it has been TONS of fun, honestly. This month, i promised I’d calm down with the going out. Especially because otherwise I feel dead after 3 days of being up without sleep.
So my life has pretty much been, always out, having fun and barely getting sleep.
Today’s finally Friday, we went to training this morning and in the afternoon I’ve invited three of my friends to come to the aeroclub with me! I haven't gone for a flight since this past May. It feels like forever ago!! I’m beyond excited! Soon more articles. Stay tuned babies!

Throw Back

TBT: Sunday 8th June 2014. One of the most fun days of when I was in South Africa, spent with these beautiful people. Touring Johannesburg and taking a million photos of the city. TAKE ME BACK!!!

♥ Giulia Zampieri

My Apologies

I'M BACK AT IT: A post to send out my apologies since I haven't published a post in over a month! I'm back at it! i promise I've started writing and I'm actually going out (again) but bringing my laptop with me so I can continue to write my articles and soon, publish them! I've got TONS to show you guys. Starting from the most recent, HALLOWEEN which was INCREDIBLE!!! I seriously cannot wait to show you! Oh & a bunch of pictures of when me and a few friends went to house parties and stuff. Okay, so just give me a bit of the afternoon and then I'll publish at least one of the articles tonight!!!
Thank you all for being extremely patient with me! I promise It'll be worth the wait!

♥ Giulia Zampieri