Obsessed With Candles

YUMM YUMM: A post dedicated to my obsession with candles. The other day, went to Bath & Body Works and let's just say there was a sale. the rest is self explanatory.. So I'm basically filled with candles in my room and body lotion...so basically anything that smells delicious.

Curls ♥

CURLER: One of the gifts I got this past Christmas was a new hair curler. BEST CURLER EVER. Usually, with every single curler I tried, due to my hair being so straight, it would take ages to curl, it would only stay curly for like 2-3 hours and it looked NOTHING like the photo above. With this little magic one, It take less than an hour to finish curling everything. It stays curly for 1.5 days and it looks a lot better than the other curlers and another amazing point about it is that it has a clicker and shows you when 10 seconds are over so you know how long to hold it on your hair. SO SO glad I got this one! What do you guys think of these curls? 

Timmies ♥

TIM HORTONS: Another recent obsession of mine. Hot Chocolate from Tim Hortons. Almost every night of the week, either with friends or alone, unless I've got other plans, I end up going to get myself a hot chocolate. It's just so delish. I can never get enough.

Bar With Friends

CRAZY FUN NIGHT: A Thursday night spent with really awesome friends and a lot of booze. Such a fun night, it was so good seeing everyone. I love unplanned out nights with such crazy and amazing friends.

Beach With This One

SUN, SAND & SUNNIESThe pictures pretty much explains the situation here. Went to the beach, chilled and soaked up the sun! Was a really fun and chilled day!

Dinner & After Party

HUGE DINNER: Hello dolls! Today was a very busy day, my mum and I went to the mall to finish buying a couple of things for tonight’s mega dinner. We invited family as well as some friends over, i even prepared my portable speakers so that we could have a bit of background music. I was helping out with the food and the table too so I quickly wrote this because I really wanted to show you a photo of the table and outdoors setup and of course the food and dessert. Lauraaaaa bear was here too tonight! Enjoy the pictures! 
P.s. After the family went back home, I had a couple more friends over to continue the party haha. We played a bunch of games and consumed a lot of the alcohol we owned. hahahaha such a good night!


HELLO 2015: Today was well, firstly, let me just mention it’s like 1am because I didn’t have any time to update the blog today. We woke up at like 3pm after going to sleep at 7am, I showered and got ready and we went to have a drink at Bab Al Shams Hotel and Resorts.We got there at around 5 after everyone took a while to get ready and go, we took some really nice photos and chilled a bit with the family while we had a drink or two. Headed home around 7pm and then my dad started preparing for dinner. We had home made pizza! SO yumm! Anyways I’m off to bed now, I have some friends over and tomorrow we’re having a nice big dinner with family and a couple of friends so i definitely need to get some sleep. OH AND I cannot wait to tell you all about my NYE night and all! Soon, soon…Good night guys!

Italian Translation

Oggi era bello, adesso sono le 1:00 di mattina perché non ho avuto alcun tempo per aggiornare il blog e di scrivere il post di oggi. Ci siamo svegliati alle 3:00 di pomeriggio, dopo essere andati a dormire alle 7 del mattino. Io ho fatto la doccia e mi sono preparata e siamo andati a bere un drink a Bab Al Shams Hotel e Resorts. Siamo arrivati verso le 5 dopo che tutti ci sono stati un po 'per prepararsi e andare, abbiamo bevuto un drink, scattato alcune foto davvero belle e stati un po' con la famiglia. Diretti a casa intorno alle 7 e poi mio padre ha iniziato la preparazione per la cena. Avevamo fatto la pizza in casa! SUPER BUONE! In ogni modo io sono a letto ora, domani e il giorno della cena grande con la famiglia e un paio di amici.quindi ho sicuramente bisogno di dormire un po '. OH e io non vedo l'ora di dire a tutti voi la mia notte di fine del anno e inizio...! Presto , presto ... Buona notte ragazzi!