Roadtrippppp To Jebal Hafeet

ROAD TRIP WITH THESE LOVES: A day very different from the usual. On Fridays which is usually when my friends and i go to the beach and bring snacks was spent completely different this weekend. On Thursday night we went to one of my friend's house and then to the bar we always go to on weekends and they were planning to go to Jebal Hafeet the day after towards 11:30am to leave Dubai. On Friday we ended up waking up at 11:30 and by the time we had breakfast and showered and got ready we ended up leaving at around 1:30 in the afternoon. The road trip was really fun, listening to awesome music while taking a gazzilion pictures and videos! When we reached the place, we stopped at a few points so that we could take some friends know me well. We were all pretty excited to climb the mountain. We parked our cars and walked all the way to the top of the mountain, it was extremely fun with these guys! When we were at the top, we took tons of pictures and videos and chilled for a bit and then went back down to get some water. By the time we got down it was 5:30pm. We drove to this one point to watch the INCREDIBLE view of the sunset. So gorgeous. 
After watching the sunset we went to Wadi Adventure but we got there a bit late to do any of the activities so we ended up going back home and getting ready. Then went out, again. Went to get food and ate it next to the beach and after that we went back home at around 5:30am.
Hope you guys enjoy the photographs!
It was a wonderful day to spend my Friday 13th Feb.
I love you all to bits.

Ele ♥

VDAY: A Valentine's gift from Me to Me. Another Elephant soft toy, because I won't ever have enough of them. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

The Forgotten Watermelon Outfit

FORGOTTEN: Anddddddd I had completely lost these photos and the other day I was looking through my photos and went through like each folder and I had completely forgotten about these existing, So here you go, a outfit post...a tad late but hey better late than never!
It's always a good idea to publish an outfit post on my blog! It's almost Valentine's Day! Are you guys excited? Any really cute exciting plans with your loved ones?
P.S. I miss my blonde hair! 

Morning Goodness

GLORY: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! That doesn't mean you can't make it interesting once in a while!
Nutella on toast while drinking green tea!.......


SUPER EXCITED PANCAKE: A totally unplanned and unexpected post! As you guys already know, my sister and Nick have been engaged sing May 2013, in Sri Lanka when they were there for the first time on a holiday. Well, in less than a year, the wedding is happening. I'm not going to say when, where and why just yet but at least one thing i've been waiting for SO long is now OFFICIAL! I'm my sister's Maid Of Honor, which makes my heart race, skin with goose bumps and gets me the biggest smile. I'm BEYOND happy right now. NOTHING can describe how excited i am about this title and the wedding of course.
Thank you soon much Alex & Nick, you guys made my entire year.

I Want It All

IT'S BEEN A WHILE: I'm actually shocked myself that I have an outfit post. Okay maybe it's been a while, but lemme tell ya, I"M BACK. & I'm not planning to go anywhere, anytime soon, or EVER. I've been absent from the blog for a while but doesn't mean I wouldn't have come back! I've been going a little crazy and been going out way to much. I've made new plans, and timings now so time management should look okay now. Things will just have to be more organised. 
Hi by the way! It's a new day and this post...i must admit is pretty special. As you may have noticed on Instagram and stuff, I'm slightly in love with the curls that I manage to get done. It takes so little time, I LOVE IT! The outfit I chose today was a casual and simple one. I love wearing casual and being comfortable.
So hope you're having a wonderful day babies!

Le Happy Place

BEACH: Monday, last week (3-3-2015), I went to lunch with Laura bear after Uni..but we made it into a date at my Happy Place, the beach. It was a gorgeous day!

♥ Giulia Zampieri

MY L.O.V.E.S ♥

LITTLE FURBALLS: As you can see, from my Instagram posts and me always talking about it and of course if you're my close friends you'd know even know. These two little furballs mean the world to me, they're my everything. These photos were worth publishing on the blog because they're jus TO CUTE to resist! I LOVE THEM!

After Work Out Feeling

ADDICT: I was scrolling threw the usual websites & I just had to blog about it. I'm seriously in love with the feeling after a long hard workout. It's one of the best feelings ever. Anyone with me?

♥ Giulia Zampieri

Getting Inked, Again

INKED: Why am I not surprised. I fell in love with tattoos when I was like 14 or something, then fell even more in love back when I got my first one (23rd July 2013) in Italy & then I went to South Africa and my best friends convinced me to get my second one (June 7th 2014) which was the one I wanted since like June 2011, when I was about to get it done with my sister but then plans changed and there wasn't enough time for everything. On the 1st of February, that's when this event happened. I'll show you soon!
P.S. Just a reminder- all the tattoos I have on my body have a meaning to me, i don't care if people don't like them or say shit about them. It's my body and I'm in love with each and  every tattoo I got done.

Always The Thought That Counts!

MY SLURPS: A small post but it's one dedicated mostly to Slurps. The gift is a bit late, but who cares. I love how we can each other late gifts, and even if it's the randomest thing out there, i wouldn't mind...I LOVE people who actually put thought into it and it might sound weird since this is going to be published but since I love taking longgggg relaxing bubble baths, she thought of the perfect gift. Result: I LOVE IT!

Weekend With My Family

FAMILY IS EVERYTHING: A Friday afternoon spent at the beach for a few hours & then at the Ripe Market in Zabeel Park. So fun & relaxing at the same time. I love Family time.

Every Morning

BEST METHOD: To be completely honest, it hasn't been long but this method is spectacular. Waking up early everyday thinking about the workout your about to do. I made a little scheduele a while ago and now I made a new one, I wrote down the workouts I'm going to be doing and so on. I find it so motivating! An amazing workout before your shower and your day will be brighter and better! Trust me! Good Morning by the way! As you're reading this I've probably already left home since it's a timed post.
Later today, in the afternoon I'll show you a new fresh outfit post! Super excited about that. lol
Before I go, I would really recommend for each and every one of you to try it out. Even if you can't repeat it 3-4 times, do it once and if you still have enough time before Class or Work, do it once again! Trust me, it helps! And working out ALWAYS puts me in an amazing mood.

Date With Pookie Boo

POOKIE-BOO: Nikol & I had a date the other day! It was fantastic spending good quality with this one. Listened to good old music, took pictures and more. Had an awesome day! Thanks Pookie! 

Throw Back: Elephant Sanctuary In South Africa ♥

THROW BACK: Probably my highlight of this holiday! This was definitely another incredible day! I cannot believe how amazing elephants are! Thank you Simba, for being our awesome tour guide! I got kissed by my favorite animal on this planet! Touched it, went for a walk with it and rode it! 
Thank you Sammi & Diego for making such an incredible experience! I adore you guys! 

Hi Feb 2015

NEW WEEK, NEW MONTH, NEW PLANS: Photos from this past weekend! Spent Thursday in Abu dhabi and that night having a lazy one with dinner and then movies and Friday spent it on the beach and then at the Ripe Market. After dropping my sister off, I went home, showered, changed and went out with a couple of friends, first to dinner and shisha and then to a bar...yes - you know how that turned out. It was a really fun one though. By the way: Hello Feb! So excited about this month! New plans, new ideas, new week! Don't you just love how clear the water is in the first picture.
Have a wonderful day my loves.